Akshara Lies! Double Elimination: Gabba & Akshara EVICTED —Bigg Boss OTT Sunday Ka Vaar

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I've a serious problem of being logical & fair. How can you unsee obvious deliberate manipulation on camera? 

Milind Gabba & Akshara Singh evicted on Sunday ka Vaar

Akshara Singh parda phaash

Why Akshara Singh was wrong?

Karan Johar bashing Akshara Singh (for the worst lies she's said on camera) was such a delight! Akshara Singh slut shamed Neha Bhasin (being a woman, it was disgusting to see such regressive mentality). Karan Johar rightfully said:

"In moments of rage & emotional outbursts, the true mentality comes out"

  1. Akshara does not own up to anything she says!
  2. Akshara slut shamed Neha Bhasin. Didn't accept she said those things. Karan Johar kept repeating Bigg Boss OTT is 24*7 live. You HAVE SAID. It's on record.
  3. Akshara yelled she didn't lie. She never said Pratik used Neha Bhasin name to rise to fame, (Karan Johar proved in Sunday ka Vaar she said all of that)
  4. Akshara was the mastermind saying the words "Body feel karne aayi ho" FIRST. Milind Gabba simply repeated what she said.
  5. Akshara falsely accused Zeeshan of misbehaving playing the woman card, while ripping her own fake finger nail off. Read more here.

What did Akshara Singh say on camera for Neha Bhasin?

  1. Taang kholne aayi hai (टांग खोलने आई है)
  2. Body feel karne aayi hai (जिस्म महसूस करने आई है)
  3. Mard churane aayi hai (मर्द चुराने आई है)
Taang kholne aayi hai, is literally calling a woman fast, slut, characterless, who is here to spread her legs. 

How many times will Akshara Singh claim to be "misunderstood"?

Akshara Singh caught red handed

Karan Johar even tried to hint. It's ok to make mistakes and then own up to it. But Akshara Singh was just constantly digging her own grave. How can one do more damage? By trying to justify, defend with the worst of excuses & justifications so lame, literally everyone can see through to the dark soul of Akshara Singh. Deep down Akshara is extremely insecure, takes everything personally, constantly feels attacked, while clearly lying!

Pratik Sehajpal had confronted Akshara Singh - Neha Bhasin tum se bada naam hai. Reality show se aaye ho. Neha Bhasin ka naam use kar rahe ho

Neha Bhasin had told Pratik Sehajpal that Akshara Singh came to apologize. Akshara said that Pratik is just using Neha Bhasin, because she's a bigger name. When Pratik acted mature & confronted Akshara, she started her old style of shouting & then saying she won't take it if someone shouts to her (when she was the one to start shouting like a tantrum throwing baby when caught lying). Akshara REPEATEDLY said she never said such a thing and that Neha Bhasin is lying.

Karan Johar reveals Divya Agarwal had sent Akshara Singh to lie

Divya Agarwal had sent Akshara Singh in her planning & plotting to be fake & give a fake apology to Neha Bhasin. Pratik Sehajpal & Neha Bhasin did not know about Divya Agarwal's ulterior motive. Naturally, Neha is now hurt that all of that apology was a lie.

But above all, Akshara was screaming that day that she's innocent. And that she never ever said that Pratik is from a reality show using Neha Bhasin for more fame! But Karan Johar revealed it infront of everyone that Akshara Singh did say all of that verbatim!

Even after Karan Johar reveals everything, Akshara Singh is still adamant. She won't listen! She won't own up AT ALL. 

What does own up to your shit mean in Hindi?

Own up to your shit mean अपनी गलतियों को स्वीकार करो। जब कैमरा में दिख रहा है, बोले हो सबके सामने, मानो।
Despite Pratik repeatedly saying "Own up to your shit!" Akshara Singh did not accept a single vile thing she said.

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