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Hi. Name's Doveranalyst. Boley to..(D=The) Over analyst.(short form ;) !).

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A pure heart with lots of love! And well that many opinions! 

Here's the meaning of doveranalyst in my own voice.

Welcome to the world of D - It's all about happiness!!

Please keep coming back. I love to see you back and do comment! It's one of the best feelings in the world. ( Just go down every post. Just type n hit enter). Have kept it simple without any text verification, knowing how lazy head I'm. Lol. I love talking. I'll certainly reply!

A picture speaks a thousand words. And so you will know me by my choices. 

I hope you will love these stunning pictures. And when you do, don't forget to follow me for more! 

 I'm generally a Miss “I've an opinion about everything”

So, in my blogs are found varied opinions on well, just about everything that my fat fingers moved themselves to jot down!
I just love color, graphics.....fonts....& having my way in it...:P
And of course expressing my views!!!!!!!!!

I value honesty & integrity. Humanity comes first for me.
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I'm one original piece, anyone who's met me says that- friendly, super sweet n very frank, My life’s always been on extremes... I can be maha excited or super gloomy; I can be frivolous n fun loving, yet at times, you would find I’m pondering over life... I can be vivacious n full of life, yet serious, mature yet kiddish..intellectual yet silly..all are my shades.... somehow I’m a blend of it all... ;D
I know I am difficult at times, that's what makes me just one of a kind. Yes, that one mistake God chose not to repeat. Lol.

Slice of Life?

I call this blog Slice Of Life as that's what it is. I've met so many people and touched so many lives, known so many real stories which evolved me as a person and top it up with the wildly rampant imagination I've, I can frame it in 3D with music and breathe in the love in the air. The unstoppable imagination takes me places, bringing to life real relatable characters, in each you would find a piece of your own.

You ain't alive, you are just breathing if you haven't lived your life. Like really lived it!
This particular site was meant to be dedicated more to love....so lots of stories as well......;)There was a time the background was red falling hearts for like ages. Had to change it to black as mobile version doesn't adapt the transparency and fonts look weird in red that are meant to be on black! Blame Blogger.(Pls excuse the earlier posts that have overtly contrasted color fonts as they were meant to be on a dark red and not black).

Journey from blogging to vlogging

Blogging for me is an expression of your thoughts, emotions, opinions that you can no longer afford to keep to just yourself, feel an urge to share it with everyone …but again…as you look back at what you have blogged so far…you get an idea of how your thought process & outlooks change with changing times.
What we used to feel when we were kids has definitely changed. Not just that , the biggest advantage is, you can keep track of the songs & movies you had once admired so much…that you’ve now forgotten…its like keeping your memories safe….n people really cherish memories, cuz that is something that is confined to our heart  & mind & doesn’t change…!!
Coming back to me…I like satire… & help yourself reads….write ups …that actually talk to the reader….that's sweet & it helps you connect with your audience…the ‘you’ factor, hehe.

Things you should know about doveranalyst:

  • I'm lazy & I believe there's always a smarter way to do things. I hate long processes. Always loved & thus created shortcuts at doing things. It's always cool to use the extra time saved for refreshment or making our life more awesome! 
  • Music is the backbone of my life. The more I stay away from it,  the crankier I get. Lyrical just sweeps me away.
  • The biggest thing in life is to make it worth lived. To be loved, cherished, remembered &  to have grown as a human & a soul.
  • I love food but eat very less if we are not talking about desserts. Healthy is not only in but also indispensable. I'm trying to make up for my malnutrition &  wrong food decisions. Lol. But being a rebel at everything unreal or illogical I do step in for an occasional break at times. 
  • I like rediscovering myself. Recently I discovered how much a little bit of everything is better than repeating British rule history in two grades. Knowing about new things,  religions,  cultures,  relationships &  beliefs in every culture will always keep exciting me. 

Things I drool on

P.S: With over 166 posts and nearly 5 lac views, some older posts may not have pics as due to a disaster of pics being deleted from my Picasa.

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You have no idea what it could mean to me if you just share my link. Thanks a ton for all the love! And if you have managed to read till now,  please give an opportunity to thank you! Please get in touch with me! 

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