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About dOVERanalyst Rj Mrunmayee

Since you searched for dOVERanalyst, looks like you could read a line or two. By one or two, I mean a thousand😅. ( There's an audio podcast in dOVERanalyst Rj Mrunmayee's voice if you're lazy).
As an MBA 🏅, EMDP XLRI, it just made sense. #dOVERanalyst is easy to find, it's unique & creative. From twitch to youtube, snapchat to instagram, brand consistency, ahem. 

dOVERanalyst readers often come up with the most frequently asked question:

What does dOVERanalyst mean?

Rj Mrunmayee's face lights up with that childlike smile. Quite a conversation starter; dOVERanalyst. It gets you intrigued. In today's internet world, where you can happily be your 'mad, crazy self', that the society stopped you from bringing out of the closet, being #over, #extra is the new cool. And, definitely accepted as mainstream, I tell you! And, I couldn't be happier.
dOVERanalyst, is someone who analyzes, a lot. A little over-analysis never hurt nobody. dOVERanalyst is home to all those who like to delve a little deeper. Those not willing to settle. Those that can't just do with the surface of things. You know those people who talk after a movie like Gone Girl?

dOVERanalyst meaning

Why don't you click on the audio? Go ahead. It's free, much like everything else on this site.

Yeah, and that face on the thumbnail? (Yours truly dOVERanalyst)


1. a cute shortform the internet prefers for "the" when you're too lazy to type or too desperate to get the shortest internet username possible to be common knowledge.
"the over analyst"2.the ultimate example, epitome; superlative of things.


1.moving directly upwards and from top of something; such as the head."The teacher's teaching went OHT (over the head transmission)."
above, on top of, higher than, higher up than, atop"there will be cloud over most of the country"2. at a higher level or layer than."her analysis was over the general meaning of analysis."


noun: analyst; plural noun: analysts a person who conducts analysis.a psychoanalyst. dOVERanalystOrigin mid 17th century: from French analyste, from the verb analyser (see analyse).

How to listen to dOVERanalyst Rj Mrunmayee radio shows?

Rj Mrunmayee is a famous prime time radio jockey in Mumbai

  1. Tune in live to 107.1 Mhz FM Rainbow Mumbai if in Mumbai, or you can tune in from anywhere in the world during the live show as per IST(Indian Standard Time). Download the app bit.ly/newsonair-app to download All India Radio's official app News on AIR. Go to the Live Radio Section and Search for FM Rainbow Mumbai. Show updates are shared on fb, insta & twitter
  2. Click here for dOVERanalyst Rj Mrunmayee's HINDI radio shows onFM Gold Mumbai
  3. Good Morning Mumbai radio show playlist is here.

The first Odia to host prime time in Hindi & English radio in Mumbai : Rj Mrunmayee (Mrunmayee Manaja)

dOVERanalyst is an Odia girl, from Bhubaneswar, Odisha who is a radio jockey in Mumbai. She hosts radio shows in Hindi and English on 107.1 FM Rainbow Mumbai, previously on 100.1 FM Gold Mumbai.

What does the name Mrunmayee mean?

Mrunmayee means Durga. The pandals are the soul of Durga Puja celebration in the East Coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal. Pandals of Goddess Durga beautifully crafted with intricate artistry, real Silver and gold medhas, symbolizing the aura bring Durga Puja alive. This avatar of Goddess Durga, mostly Mahisasurmardhini avatar (in Odisha), made into stunning larger than life idols, filled with grace, poise and fierce feminine power, is called Maa Mrunmayee. 

During the Durga Puja festival, that lasts over a week, there are two types of Puja. One that happens at home. And the tithi, etc. are different for Maa Mrunmayee's puja in the pandals, in Hindu pānji.

What does Mrunmayee Manaja mean?

Mrunmayee Manaja means born due to the wish of Goddess Durga. As Rj Mrunmayee was born during Dussehra, the Durga Puja festive fervour, she was named after Maa Mrunmayee. Manaja means मन से जात। Born out of the wish of the heart, mind, aka Mann that cannot be exactly translated to English. In Hindi, the correct way to spell Mrunmayee Manaja is मृन्मई मनजा. In classical language Odia, Mrunmayee Manaja is written as ମୃଣ୍ମୟୀ ମନଜା।

Who is Mrunmayee Manaja?

Mrunmayee Manaja is an on-air radio personality broadcasted worldwide from Mumbai on the largest radio network of the world. She was born and raised in the capital city of Odisha on the East Coast of India. She has been in Mumbai on the West Coast of India since 11 years. An MBA gold medalist, topped in every paper in her B-school including extra papers. She got highest in both Marketing and HR, in her dual credit specialisation in B-school. 

Mrunmayee Manaja was also 2nd in her University. (on which the Abhay Deol starrer Bollywood movie The Junge Cry was made). She did further specialisation with another Masters degree in Marketing — Digital and Social Media Management PGDM degree from XLRI. She did a course in XIC, Mumbai where she has been the face of their radio jockey course, all these years. A certified dubbing, voice over artist, Mrunmayee Manaja is the English voice of Bhumi Pednekar in Bollywood movie Badhaai Do (English) and in the Bal Ganesh animated cartoon movies as the lead voice, Bal Ganesh. She had also acted on Colors TV Hindi. Here's her profile on bookmyshow.

Welcome to the world of D - It's all about happiness!!

Nice to see you. Join me in my quest for happiness, staying healthy and well, even

maintaining this thought. dOVERanalyst houses quite an editorial on HOW TO BE HAPPY

dOVERanalyst Bollywood Song Analysis Meaning Translations

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil LYRICS | English and Hindi Translation | Line by Line Often there's so much that's lost in translation, but on dOVERanalyst.com

Meri Zidd Hai Jeene Ki | Bangistan | Riteish Deshmukh Pulkit Samrat | English Translation No one would have even thought this song was so powerful, but well, who needs a new motivational song in the gym? You.

Special Analysis of Kolaveri D Care to look back, really deep into the past, where Bschools in India taught the term, viral videos. (I'm still trying!)

Bavra (Bawra) Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna English Translation My best post so far, that is undoubtedly Google's first choice on the search result. For a reason.

Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon
Jiya Jiya re Jiya re jiya | Jab Tak Hai Jaan | Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

Hollywood: Begin Again #LostStars | What do the lyrics mean?

A picture speaks a thousand words. 

And so you will know me by my choice


dOVERanalyst is Marketing MBA gold medalist, also topped in SAP, Business By Design, two extra papers. (doesn't remember anything by now. Damn, them grey cells). Executive Management Development Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing from XLRI. For starters, dOVERanalyst is qualified. For desserts, she's incredibly fun and insane. And, 5 feet 8 inches tall. Height matters. 

Generally a Miss “I've an opinion about everything”

I love expressing my views. Could you tell?

Moving versions of the expression queen dOVERanalyst, can be found here.

Watch dOVERanalyst in live streams, videos

Check out the video playlists here.

dOVERanalyst values honesty & integrity. Humanity comes first.

(Go click the Diaries and Fiction section in top tabs that have excerpts from the novel that I'm currently writing.)

dOVERanalyst is one original piece, friendly, super sweet and very frank.
Life’s always been on extremes. dOVERanalyst just never settles for mediocre.
Somehow I seem to be a blend of some oxymoron.

I called this blog Slice Of Life at first, as that's what it is. I've met so many people and touched so many lives, known so many real stories which evolved me as a person. Top it up with the wildly rampant imagination I've, I can frame it in 3D with music and breathe in the love in the air. The unstoppable imagination takes me places, bringing to life real relatable characters, in each you would find a piece of your own.

You ain't alive, you are just breathing if you haven't lived your life. Like really lived it!

Journey from blogging to vlogging

Blogging for me is an expression of your thoughts, emotions, opinions that you can no longer afford to keep to just yourself, feel an urge to share it with everyone …but again…as you look back at what you have blogged so far…you get an idea of how your thought process & outlooks change with changing times. Yes, a hardcore Before Sunrise trilogy fan. Could you tell?

Things you should know about dOVERanalyst:

  • I'm lazy & I believe there's always a smarter way to do things. I hate long processes. Always loved & thus created shortcuts of doing things. It's always cool to use the extra time saved for refreshment or making our life more awesome! 
  • Music is the backbone of my life. The more I stay away from it,  the crankier I get. Lyrical just sweeps me away.
  • The biggest thing in life is to make it worth lived. To be loved, cherished, remembered &  to have grown as a human & a soul.
  • I love food but eat very less if we are not talking desserts. Healthy is not only in but also indispensable. I'm trying to make up for my malnutrition &  wrong food decisions. Lol. But being a rebel at everything unreal or illogical I do step in for an occasional break at times. 
  • I like rediscovering myself. Recently I discovered how much a little bit of everything is better than repeating British rule history. For some reason, my school had it both in 8th board and the 10th board exams.
  •  Knowing about new things,  religions,  cultures,  relationships &  beliefs in every culture will always keep exciting me.

    Things I drool on

    DISCLAIMER: dOVERanalyst.com creates most of its social media graphic art, to which we own the copyright. I own nor claim any copyright on Google images. If you like my content, you are welcome to share on your blog or website by giving me due credit to dOVERanalyst.com and giving a link back with all social media follow links :)
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    Thanks a ton for all the love! And if you have managed to read till now,  please give an opportunity to thank you! Please get in touch with me! 

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