Bigg Boss OTT Akshara uncontrollable screaming on Zeeshan — woman card — Who is right?

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Bigg Boss OTT New Drama: Akshara Singh plays woman card

Who is right? Akshara or Zeeshan?

I am a girl but justice is above gender. My senior citizen mother was watching the 21 Aug Bigg Boss episode with me. Even SHE (who just silently watches Bigg Boss, hates fights, is a retired professor) immediately pointed out, "Zeeshan never said anything wrong! Why is she bringing this woman thing?"

Are you seriously kidding me at this point? Some people are just beyond reason. I was genuinely liking Akshara Singh.

  • Akshara Singh's first outburst was extremely weird to me. Absolutely uncalled for. The only good thing this serves is, that,
    • If you're watching with your parents like I am, the next time they try to tone down your outburst thinking YOU are on bad behaviour, they've an Akshara Singh as example in front of them.

What Actually Happened?

The full Akshara rage on Zeeshan Update

This is actually Taish. The new word we all learnt in webseries world, meaning:

absolute uncontrollable rage

What did Zeeshan do? Was there any instigation?

Cause Akshara was being told by several people to collect her clothes, her things and keep in one place.

  • Everyone (all Ghar ke sadasya) had taken their stuff and kept it away in place
  • Everytime someone came to tell Akshara, she said she doesn't feel like doing it now (she didn't say she won't do it. But she didn't do it)
  • Divya even said she will help Akshara in doing it
  • Divya had a clear arguement that there was no task, or household work going on. So, everyone was cleaning their own stuff
  • Zeeshan had a logical arguement : he wasn't asking her to do HIS work. He was asking Akshara to put her own clothes to one side. There was no space to walk
Zeeshan came again and asked Akshara to put her stuff aside. Akshara immediately flipped and said, "You'd throw my stuff?"

Zeeshan clarified, "I didn't say I'd throw. I said I'd keep it for you. Just tell me where to keep".

She didn't even tell him where she wants it kept. So, Zeeshan took her stuff, kept it in corner with other people's stuff. He said he "threw" it there, angry on her use of the word "throw" (phenkna).

That's it.

Akshara's Reaction

Akshara ran to show him what she can do. She actually THREW her own stuff spreading it even worse everywhere on the ground.

Who reacts like that?

  • After throwing her OWN clothes everywhere eon the floor, Akshara kept screaming so high that her voice was breaking, her nerves were tight, her eyes were popping out, (as her dear friend Milind Gaba rightfully pointed out), she IS HURTING herself!
  • Akshara became physical with Zeeshan
  • Pushed Zeeshan
  • Yelled at him "Kitne ke ho?" (What's your rate? What's your aukaad?)
  • Snapped her own fake nail (I hope it was fake), & accused Zeeshan of hitting a woman
  • Akshara kept yelling "Don't you've mother and sisters in your house? (Maa behan?)
  • Zeeshan kept repeating his mother, sisters don't behave this way
If Zeeshan needs tameez, what on earth does Akshara need? Like, seriously are you kidding me? It was absolute hell & torture to go through such a long screaming episode. Not just for us viewers but for the Bigg Boss OTT house connections.

If that (or anything is bad behaviour), what IS THIS? Akshara Singh is filled with such horrible bad behaviour, she doesn't have any right to throw a tantrum or call out anyone for "bad behaviour". If anything Akshara Singh even tops the launch show Pratik Sehajpal at picking a fight for no apparent reason.

The woman card

All the Bigg Boss OTT house women agreed Akshara was wrong in repeatedly playing the woman card: that BECAUSE she is a woman, she can be excused from everything & somehow being asked to do her duty is torture, harassment on a "woman". And even my mother was shocked at this. What lady would do such a thing?

As a girl, I am always in love with chivalry. I'd love a man to do extra for a woman. I believe the man should always pay on a date. The man should open the door. The man should treat the fairer sex, as the fairer sex. I definitely believe that we aren't equal. Women should be treated with love.

But even I think Akshara played dirty politics.

Sorry to say, even a girl like me doesn't think that getting a better treatment somehow magically includes not doing her chores.

If everyone did it, Akshara Singh should also do it, whether or not she is used to it!

Women like Akshara Singh make it impossible for us women to genuinely call out REAL torture, harassment

Like how entitled are you, Akshara Singh? Akshara is the living equivalent of a white man. She thinks every discrimination is directed AT HER. When she HERSELF is asking what is Zeeshan's worth, when NO ONE has even once said anything about her calibre or her Bhojpuri industry. Nobody looks down upon Akshara. Akshara looks down upon everyone.

The reaction Omg. The drama that came after that was pure cringe. 

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