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What is #AyeshaDiaries all about?

A part of my fiction section is called Ayesha Diaries. The adventures of a young girl Ayesha, her family and career drama, her coming of age, and many encounters that make her process life.

Though it is meant to be excerpts of a novel, it is put forth as some really interesting episodes of romcom for you. The follow-up episodes are all linked in the posts. Should you find any link broken, do not hesitate to contact me! (Follow the author at j.mp/Dcontact. You can find more about the author at j.mp/Dabout).
©This work is copyrighted. Copying or deriving characters from this story or any derivative work based on the theme of the book, Ayesha Diaries, or the characters mentioned in this book, is a legal offense.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The author has tried to recreate locales and popular destinations from her memories of them and woven stories around them."

How Ayesha Diaries started?🧐

I have always written in third person, all my life. But, as it is a diaries style, I'm doing a first person.

To quote my protagonist from an excerpt –

There's a tantalizing charm about secret diaries. Everyone wants to know about someone else's real life. Like sneak in. Somehow. Somehow get to be a third eye and watch their life from up above like an angel or a ghost who can't be seen but can see everything. Diaries, are what where one writes their heart out completely. No matter how stupid or embarrassing, the things maybe. Which is why, it is extremely difficult to control the temptation to pick up someone's diary when she's not around. Also, why we all guard our diaries.

Tell me about how difficult it is to imagine to write a diary entry! Phew. Hope you like it! Please click on the below links to go to individual chapters. Hope you love them! I've recently made some changes to my blog and some links or pics might be broken. Do let me know,  awesomeness! And don't forget to comment! LIKE & I won't say 'Subscribe'. (;

No, seriously I do understand what a pain it is with a daily email killing your life with subscriptions! But a lazy ass as I'm, and as my lazier intern won't work much, I'm left to providing you with an email update once in a blue moon. (Sleepy grin) (Big yawn) (Pout face). 
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A little background of Ayesha Diaries plot

for you to understand if you are new to joining this

Character Sketch:


The protagonist and the recurring character across all chapters.

Ayesha is a 5 feet 9 inches tall, voluptuous, sophisticated young woman. She is the laziest person alive and can be famously seen quoting Bill Gates, on how he loves lazy people. She loves working smartly. To create time for leisure, later. She is smart, stylish, nervous & extremely vulnerable. She is spiritual, but reserves her philosophical talks only to those who share the same wavelength. Usually, she is seen as someone who loves wearing heels, colors her hair red, or purple at times, with a tiny new temp tattoo or someone drinking tons of green tea. Ayesha is edgy, leads a thug life. Or pretends to. She loves to rap but is very shy at times. Often the life of the party, she's like Kesha from TikTok, the party won't start without her. Her extroversion and seclusion are such contrasts, that we wonder if she has a split personality disorder.

On a usual day, she will pretend she is not as tall, be herself, (which is being fun, chilled out, and EXTREMELY lazy), and every time she thought God was now not going to do anything new, life surprises her. She chronicles her date diaries that add all the fun to this serious and light-hearted drama.

Most of the series characters are introduced in the introductory chapters of the series.

The continuity is not overwhelming and I'm told you can understand every chapter on its own.Back to ðŸ—‚️ or🔝

Let's get the episodes rolling!

As of now,  we have for you below the sections. Click on each to reach there directly.

All #AyeshaDiaries post can be found here.

In my Head series

Chapter 1: In my Head A man always Knows

Our relationship is so intense, I could nearly die. It’s weird. We just hugged each other so hard and tight as if we wanted to get inside each other’s soul and the bodies were just obstructing us. Not how you usually picture adults, right? It’s crazy. You know you’re breaking each other but you’re stubborn like kids. Why would you want to lock someone so bad? I wonder if I ever damaged him this bad! But, boy, he does love him some damage! He’s into all that. I don’t even know what’s normal anymore.

Everything stops. The extent of peace, just cannot be imagined. For a second, you could feel the souls touch. You want to protect him. Shelter him. Just give him all the love there is. The connect is surreal. And, you pay a price. I’m not even kidding. My neck hurts so bad I just can’t move. The neck muscles are literally screeching for help. My head hurts. I am PMSing but he snaps at me. 

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Chapter 2: In my Head Choosing Magic Over Pride

“You delete chats with Menaka also”

“That’s cuz I don’t wana hurt you.”

I give him my “what the” face.

“She’d written last time I want to hug you, kiss you, and you were upset. Ashram people are a little loving…”

“So, you went from my apartment when you were so tired you couldn’t lift me and you’d all the energy to video call this college girl?”


“I don’t know what’s up with these girls. You told Menaka you’ve a girlfriend. You spoke to me for 3 hours while you went to drop her, while you were with her, you were constantly on call with me, yet she texted such….and this girl…! I wrote you’re with your girlfriend, yet she said ok and later took off her T-shirt. What world are we living in?”

“I don’t know. Honestly, Aiy. When I wanted women, I literally ran after them and couldn’t get. And now when I don’t, they’re…”

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3. Ayesha & Lovish series 

Teri Meriiiiiiiiiii Kahaniyaan :
Episode 1.Cheesy day date in a hospital break
Episode 2.Jaw aching apple smiles with love, from tea
Episode 3.Save me from this date wala date!
(bookmark & visit again. Links coming soon!)
Episode 4 Beginning of the Charging


Icy cold breeze of that night had haunted Ayesha to death. You know the kind that tears through the bones to the jaws? Of pain. Of indifference. But move on, she did. In hours, tinder life moved fast. Ayesha finally told Lovish about it in their late-night 'walk you home' moment as he won't take no for sharing torment. Men came and went. No, seriously. Even Lovish. Their first date was awesome. But somehow it was a month. And in just one week it was jaws aching-this time of laughter every minute she was with him.
Find me everywhere as @doveranalyst #AyeshaDiaries Ayesha and Lovish series Back to ðŸ—‚️ or🔝

4. 12 bajke 36 (Barah bajke Chhatis minute) series

The interesting event in which Ayesha is asked out for coffee by Him. Should she expect it to be a date? What does he want from her? Can he be serious about being friends? How would the evening be like?

S02E12 12 bajke Chhatis minute
S02E13 12 Bajke Chhatis | A date is supposed to be special
S02E14 Meeting Protein Shake | Prelude to the backstage preparation

Previously on Ayesha Diaries....
Ayesha suddenly gets a call from him and before she knows she's fixed everything and enthralled everyone in her team with suspense on who that celeb is. They have to cover up for her. But sudden entry of her CEO had made her escape to meet Protein Shake next to impossible when she risked everything and fled.Will she be able to meet 'Him'? What are 'His' plans? Is he really the good guy or ......

S02E15 Meeting Protein Shake | When it happened

Ayesha had met 'Him' and he had said he'd a great time. But they never met again for months and he had been busy. Recently after her many encounters she had thought why not him. They had talked over phone. Would anything really happen between Him and Her?

S02E16 : The DREAM: Ayesha Diaries - Velvety Dark Reverie

Sequel to Ayesha and Protein Shake series:

It was velvety dark all around. Dark brown velvet curtains slightly swaying in the chilling cold breeze.

A slight incandescent warm light shone on our faces. Taking a deep breath of the sensuous aquatic and red roses fragrance that still lingered on I chanced upon the rain smothered mirror. I had never looked more beautiful even in candle light. I looked like a completely different person.
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5. The Friday night series

Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night Part1

'Hey Sexy Lady! Ooh come dance with me!' chimes loudly out of nowhere banging my ears.

Late in a Friday evening what had I expected anyways. There are some people who go out and party or maybe just go out to a bar and chill. Others like me sit and watch How I met your mother.
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Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night-Part 2

Previously on Ayesha Diaries.....

An engrossing dance tune makes lazy Ayesha get adventurous and get out of her apartment. A chance encounter makes her meet Mr.Picked you up on his birthday. Would the party go exactly as expected? Would this date be her best date?

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It's not who you spend Friday night with but who you spend all day Saturday with. (Part 3 of series)

D: S04E03 | Friday Night at HIS place

Ritwik only called Rohan and me, the only latecomers of the evening(read night) to the grand dining table on the other end of the hall that I'd (God knows how), missed.

Surprisingly both men offered me the presiding chair.

Woww. A faint smile, a twinkle in the eye before the eyelashes go down. Only that they are not that thick. But we Indian women have a class at blushing.

The food was anything that can be hashtagged #BeyondImagination.

S04E02 | Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night | BIRTHDAY DANCE ... A night Iffle tower stares at me in pink on the wall, streets and outlines of a city ...

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6. The Valentine's Day series

So what happened on Valentine’s Day?

The Astrological Transit has begun.

Since three days. You are very well aware that these three days have already changed a lot in your life. This is the phase of the biggest turning points that will change your life for forever in the next 69 days.

S01E01 Day 1: Pre-Valentine's Day with Flamboyance and massage.Getting lifted in the darkest corners of South Bombay behind trees more...

S01E02 | Where do you take her out on Valentine’s Day?

For Ayesha, it was becoming a dream come true. A chance date.

Getting lifted in the darkest corners of South Bombay behind trees more than the cops you would also expect the guy to be expecting a kiss. But if he lifts you all the way to the restaurant because you are sick, would you doubt something fishy when he keeps going out on calls? What could it be?

S01E03 | The Valentine's Day kiss

Read the previous two episodes (if you think it's a Web series) / chapters (if you fancy a book), here.
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7. Ayesha and Raj series

Mumbai Diaries -Chapter 1 Bhubaneswar to Nariman Point Uncut

There was no time for butterflies in stomach. There was no time to be afraid of entering the big bad city('Similar to NewYork' is what Ayesha had told her American friend,  Pete to give some metaphor for the huge city. NarimanPoint is the Manhattan of India).

There was no time to think anything. Time was running by. The clock hands were ticking faster than ever. Well, there wasn't time to check that either. Busy packing last minute things, changing bags, weighing and worrying if it would go within 20kg limit of flights.

Raj had been staring out completely.

"Kya hua? You don't wana talk when I'm leaving forever?"
"Ye bar bar bolna zaruri hai kya?"
He had proved to be the friend in need coming over to drop the first timers when their family had denied to do so.Back to ðŸ—‚️ or🔝

8. Ayesha and Devil Series


Ayesha and the Devil Series

+Doveranalyst Mumbai Diaries Ayesha and the Devil series

They had been talking about this for real long. The perfect submarine date. But, how would it be given that Ayesha's got this cold on the day she's supposed to venture into the world of adventure?
Life is surprisingly funny. I'd thought I'll never see him again. In fact the end of the first date is pretty vivid still. The cold night air brushing my hair, two equally weird absolutely ethnic wear clad us, were pacing closer to my home on his black Royal Enfield.

But his sudden charm swept me off my feet. Getting a salute everywhere I went with the officer, it had been really interesting indeed to look at the artificial lights gleaming on the pitch Black Sea water only showing the curves of the tiny waves. The reflection on the tiny little window of the boat is pictured in my heart.

'Ayesha, with me there are gonna be so many interesting dates, you can never ditch me. I won't LET you ditch me.'

S06E03 | The Submarine Date | The BUNK BED

He smiles after our little escapade saved itself from a narrow escape. Once, his junior left, he quickly had the door slightly ajar and caught me in a sudden grip. He's urgent yet sweet. He looks into my eyes and our hearts are close again, my hands in between, my eyes locked with his. Not everything happens perfectly in real life. In real life, your hands don't know what to do. In your first ever intimacy with your date, your hands are exactly protecting you, as if out of inertia. Expectant, the sudden adrenalin rush is making my beats skip. He's looking at me ever so fondly. We smile from every inch of our bodies and soul. Our eyes are daring, a glued gaze trying to read the unread in each other.Back to ðŸ—‚️ or🔝

9. The non-romantic Business series

Ayesha and the incredible I want to meet you!

Alrighty there! Is this a scene from a movie or is this a scene from a movie?

As I walk out of the coffee flavoured interiors, pushing the dark brown wooden door with protruding chocolate bars(ok, they looked like it) I am in mixed emotions, I don't know if I should smile.

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Ayesha meets Karen

'We choose the people we want to work with.' they had been reiterating.

'I've never given a presentation like this. With you somehow I feel a connect. We both come from orthodox families.-

Maybe she attributed this to the quick chirpy convo.'Coming from a small simple place in Goa to Pune I was all - She gave the lost and stumbled expression.'At home , my curfew time was 8.'

'Mine was 7:30' I had blurted and we had that 'See?'in our eyes.

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10. Sudden Goa trip series

That Sudden Goa Trip

Clock was ticking. But I'd no idea. You know all that rush when you are working at something really big? You are running left to check if the procurement is fine, assessing the quality, thinking if it is befitting for the biggest business tycoons of India, running right into your cabin and looking at the numbers – making things happen. Basically, running around, ordering your juniors and living the inevitable pressure along with them. Team work. Suddenly, all is done. You did everything. Time to go home.
Oh, Shit! I can actually go home!

And then? Read more

Mumbai to Goa Trip | Boarding that train

Season 3 Episode 1 S03E01 That Sudden Goa Trip

Previously on Ayesha Diaries...

Will Ayesha take the sudden goa trip with twenty strangers? How devastating will it be? Or will it be a life changing moment for her? Will she be back safely to even jot down her travelogue in her Ayesha Diaries?Episode 2

S03E02 | Boarding that train
Find me everywhere as 

And then? Read more

Mumbai Diaries-Random

Mumbai Diaries- Random 2

24 December 2013

It is funny looking back what I’d scribbled back then. It’s funnier introspecting & getting to know how one changes. Aradhana had been right always. It is me, the seemingly more mature Ayesha, the guru who’s always counselled every needy soul to happiness about life and the deeper aspects of philosophy, who has been proven to be the one lacking any grip of life. Ari always used to say, ‘ Come, on Aiy, you don't even know what you will do in future. All your perspectives might change. We can't predict what we ourselves will do! Forget others! No psychology works, really. When we ourselves can surprise ourselves from what we might do (Hum dhudko chaunka dete hain. k hum kya kar guzartey hain'

It is but also obvious others can change- COMPLETELY

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