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SO Balika Vadhu is actually getting interesting, eh?

Balika Vadhu and the ROMANCE

Who's with me in loving the cinematography n screenplay? The camera angles in Anandi's dream, the color code of the costumes, are just perfect......the ocean green to turquoise colors and white gives a mystic magical effect.....

Focus on the hand holding...his watch n her ring......picturesque...(n yes, the ring and the watch of SAME SIZE…;)

Also loved the moment when Anandi tilts her head to look at Shiv as he salutes her. Though she said she had never heard so many good things said about her, I feel the doc who headed Gauri; Shivani had praised her similarly....(But writers ofcourse, they have a habit of forgetting…)

We all loved that episode as Anandi finally opened up n spoke her mind, or should I say, gave the reporter a piece of her mind!! (You always wait for these moments…you watch stuff on TV, get so irritated that they don’t speak up, at ALL, n you suddenly assign yourself the honourable duty of taking the responsibility of the dialogue writer, and even of doing the delivery in absence of the actor and start bursting emotionally, with the feel of the character….ATLEAST to pacify your soul…
You know these moments, you watch the lead being tortured, n you know , that is exactly what is going to happen next; she would be further tortured. You would be dying to grab her, shake her, put some words or courage into her to speak, but you know she just never would.But on the contrary in this episode, I was quite taken aback to see she DID OPEN HER MOUTH…n my my…she did!! )

It was awesome,....n did u guys notice, she used the words "ek balika vadhu ki "GHINA"...n all.....They had somehow made the real cause pretty subtle, now it’s back bang on! Child marriages have become the theme again..Great that there over 1000 episodes now. Never realised its been there that long...:P

For all those wondering about the music in Anandi’s dream; the soundtrack, the background score. fb fans say they used the background music of Magadheera in Anandhi's dream.

Balika Vadhu: When Shiv first met Anandi Shivanandi

The romance is catching on. Shiv has completely fallen for Anandi and she is getting to move on now as well, as we saw in her last dream…She kept on analysing and remembering the way both Jagya and Shiv treated her, with disgust and respect, contradictory ironies, paralleling and clearing out confusions before her.

Finally, she is hopefully opening up to a guy worth her. Jagya was never worth it. Even as he sticks to Gauri after all the mess…there are frequent fights with his male ego unable to adjust with the (so-called) educated and modern girl he chose.

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P.S: I had missed a few episodes in between.Can anyone tell me, exactly what happened between Jagya and Gauri after she had him thrown out of the job and his degree with she being on the bed, after some accident. Did he ever get to know she had done it and did he ever know his father was the saviour to finance Gauri’s education?

Disclaimer: All pics are from free Google Image Search as usual. I don’t have right to any. Though I wont mind if you give me some credit for taking the pain to search for them and upload them and align them with blogger’s troublesome image fixer…;)


  1. hiiii...i truly agree with u regarding d frustrations we serial viewers undergo when the characters in a serial dont speak up @ d right time...i m a big fan of balika vadhu...waiting for anandi & shiv's milan...& i also want 2 c d jealous look on gouri's face wen she sees dem together.hmph...could u pls tell me the song dey have used as background music for d dream promo of 22 june???

    1. Hii...thanks for visiting....and thanks a lot for taking the time to write a comment. Glad, more people feel like me, hehe
      I had mentioned in the post..."fb fans say they used the background music of Magadheera in Anandhi's dream."

    2. thanks 4 ur reply...what i asked was ,the music they used in d advertisement showing anandi's dream...not d song in d dream...i m not sure weder i made myself a link 2 the promo... d promo for 22 june 2012...could u pls tell me d background score used??? mayb u could ask ur fb fans plz plz...i hope u understood wat i wanted 2 know...waiting 4 ur reply....:):)

    3. me 2 just heard d music u said in d advertisement in youtube...loved it...would like 2 know which it is???

    4. i m srry 2 trouble u...but i think d link abve mite not jus type Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2012 Promo in youtube & voila...u will here d music i wanted...thnkng u in advance....

    5. Umm, sry had been out for a while.I will try...n since I dont know where else to reply. I will reply here, once I know...sry for late reply..:/

    6. d song of d promo....thank u 4 posting my enquiry in ur fb page...saw it...but no one had an answer rite?? k d music is taken from Kailash Kher's album "Kailasa Chaandan Mein"..its d music frm d song Piya Ghar Avange....i dont know how to put in d link...but u can type piya ghar avange coke studio in youtube..thanks again for replying...thought i would share dis info with u....
      P.S: i m 2 shy 2 reply in ur fb replying frndz make fun of me for being crazy abt BV..dint want 2 give dem another chance 2 make fun of me..hehehe..& d above an
      onymous is me...:):)

    7. Hi Ahana,
      Felt nice to have a name on ANONYMOUS..........Thanks for sharing the info wid me. I see u r more crazy with the music than wid BV. So, chilll n u can always hide or stop posts u hav made somewhere from appearing ur timeline n saving it fron ur friends seeing it.
      And what's the harm in loving anything, really? They may be crazy about cricket or football, u like BV.Simple. Well, I like communicating here, no probs.Only that if u havent subscribed to my comments, then u wont kow when the other comment was made and u wud need to visit again n again....

      Fb people saidit was Magadheera only...........:P I hav heard chandannn mein, bt never realised.......

      P.S: Keep replying n reading my other posts as well....means a lot to me....:):):)

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    Sumit Singh really I like vry much this Serial
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