MADHURI DIXIT...the uncomparable diva,actress,dancer

As I was writing the post for REALITY SHOWS,JUDGES & DANCE, I fell in love with Wednesday to any day woman crush, Madhuri Dixit, all over again.

The ever green and epitome of grace | Madhuri Dixit

Even the black and white look suits Madhuri so much. Elegant,sophisticated,sensuous....beautiful...:)

Madhuri Dixit Launch

When Madhuri Dixit was launched in the Hindi film industry, only portions, like her lips, eyes, were revealed to media, increasing the excitement on who this leading lady was going to be. At the time, Madhuri Dixit didn't realise, what the hue and cry was about. But soon, with the craze and response, she had said herself, she was too grateful for such a promotional campaign.

doveranalyst RJ Mrunmayee Show on Madhuri Dixit

Yours truly did a show on her. Duh, obviously.

Madhuri Dixit as a judge in dance reality show

When she was first said her smile is beautiful,she kept looking in the mirror,again and again, smiling
thinking if this is a beautiful smile, that's when she first felt , she is beautiful

I kept searching for pics, as pics for none of the shows are easily available....but I got a great collection of Madhuri Dixit...lemme start with the most beautiful pic of hers...

Impromptu moments always steal our hearts away....when the person never knew she was being captured....:P

 Ayesha Diaries is here.
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Madhuri Dixit is both graceful and quirky.

A very rare find

Its a dream come true for even people like Remo to work with Madhuri

Madhuri Dixit
And now for some spectacular picture perfect poses

Madhuri Dixit in DevDas | The cliche.....maar daala....allah, maar dala...

Madhuri Dixit

See those expressions!!

Madhuri Dixit in Dil to PThe Maya....the charm, the elegance....the purity of it...

The strong, composed woman

When she got the padma bhushan

The sensuous.....

Madhuri's family...

Didn't I say she's got the same habit of moving her hand through her hair...
Gorgeous Madhuri Dixit as a kid
Madhuri with her award....


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