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Enough is enough….I just couldn’t take this any longer.The episode of 28 February,2011 frustrated me so much that I felt I just HAD TO DO something about it.

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Balika Vadhu Avika Gor old Balika Vadhu title opening scene

Balika Badhu(Child Bride) Story line

Anandi had done so much for Jagia, yet he was interested in Gauri, the new girl in his life in Mumbai medical college. In the last episode he confessed his love for her repeatedly. The way he completely forgot Anandi and his love for her in the past 13-14 years is what enrages us.

Balika Vadhu and Indian TV

Why Balika Vadhu as a TV series was revolutionary in Indian TV history?

Balika Vadhu has had a product differentiation by not being similar to the typical saas bahu serials (mother-in-law daughter-in-law) have had like Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi…or any Ekta Kapoor serial for that matter nor is it similar to the highly depressing Na aana is des lado, that concentrates on JUST the evils, and what a woman has to go through. 

Update: I feel so bad, I acted on COLORS, myself, in a — kaala jaadu serial. But, come, on, doveranalyst came on COLORS, duh!

Balika Vadhu marked a difference in the Indian television and had the potential of bringing in a breakthrough; a revolution of independent television that was different from the main stream. Initially the plot of child marriage with sweet kids, Avika Gor as Anandi,(the main protagonist) and Jagdish aka Jagia as her little husband(Avinash Mukherjee)was very captivating.

Balika Vadhu's brand positioning

Late Actor Pratyusha 
The show positions itself as one that wishes to free the Indian society of all bad practices and gives in interesting messages at the end of every show that make the content of the episode even more meaningful and make us feel that there was a reason why they had this in the show today.

Balika Vadhu chose the new Anandi from audience feedback

When they roped in the new Anandi and Jagia, they had wisely apprehended the reaction of the people……they were not going to let go of their favourite Avika Gor so easily!!
So, in a never before historic way, Balika Vadhu selected three actresses to play badi (older) Anandi, and decided on late Pratyusha Banerjee after an sms poll.

It was their way of letting the audience participate in the decisions which were earlier just confined to the team. This was a historic move of taking feedback from and giving importance to the customer andI really liked it.

However the same process was not followed for Jagia, wonder why.Even I had not liked Pratyusha so much in the beginning as we were so used to Avika Gor, but now when we were getting used to it, they had to do this!!

Changing the main lead in Balika Vadhu, roping in a new entry

The show wanted to get back its old TRP after the new Anandi and Jagia came in. It was not easy to retain the same customer base, love and appreciation after the main lead is changed!! So, as expected the creative team racked their brains and overworked their grey cells and suddenly they came up with an idea of “GAURI”
The concept of “another woman” has been a tried funda, and it always works….:(

And so it happened….people got just SO involved with the whole thing. Though I’m not liking it, but you see how even I’d to speak about it.No wonder it’s spreading like anything!! And I guess the writers are enjoying this!! Arghhhh

They are even showing reactions of common masses, as the ladies are saying “I was shocked to see Jagia doing this!!”….I was especially amused to see a woman say “I wouldpraythat Jagia comes back to Anandi"

It's not the adorable that gets the masses talking but the repelling.

Well that was surely too much as it’s all in the hands of writers and what they choose to do with it, but now I see why she felt so strongly about it.What's happening on the show is simply repelling!!! 

Jagya Anandi Gauri 

Just nearly everyone was in support of Anandi and Jagia with the exception of one guy who says Jagia has the right to choose. 
(I wonder how!!....not after he himself accepted his marriage!!! He is two-timing, lying and cheating both the girls… does he ever get a RIGHT to choose!!! I wonder if he has any right now!!) Such kind of mentality in our patriarchal society is what never lets us progress. What's wrong with the people!! 

And the worst part is a college going guy saying that!! What will be our future with men still thinking that they have the right to do just anything!!!...Anandi has the right to leave Jagia with whatever he has done till now (28 February episode…running madly after Gauri’s auto and then yelling out his love for her and giving her hopes too)

He even nearly ended the possibility of that new guy in Gauri’s life, who actually thought like Gauri(aww, that was sweet!!...I wish both of them to be together)

I wasn’t going to pray about it, (didn’t want to trouble God to put it in the minds of writers….but I thought of actually DOING something that could change the story….of expressing my views online.

If Meher could come back in Ekta Kapoor's serial cuz people wanted so, I hope something happens, and Balika Vadhu team (which is more responsive to customers and its viewers) does something about 

Did Jagia love Anandi?

Jagia always had a love for Anandi, when she had taken the bullet for him, when she made him face his own fear during their honeymoon in Mumbai, when she supported him for his medical studies…..

When he used to scold him lately for how ignorant she was about the modern world, he also used to realise later that afteral she was much brighter than him and had left her studies for Dadisa....(that was still ok, and was realistic as Anandi was uneducated and differences in lifestyles were bound to occur).

Balika Vadhu reflected the typical Adultery

He had even repented when he got to know that Anandi too didn't want kids. He definitely loved her till that incident. And then when he got back to Mumbai, and Gauri expressed her love for him, he was shocked. And I guess everyone had expected that now he would tell her, that he was married and was sorry to lead her on as he had no idea of what she had been thinking…..But NO!!!

What he did instead was to calm her down and hugged her. We still thought, he is unable to reveal the truth now, but he would soon find a suitable time to tell her.

Jagia, the anti-hero

But what completely shocked us was when Jagia thought (in the usual thinking stuff that happens in Tv and movies)…..that even he loved Gauri (Oh really?? After longing for Anandi so much in the 5 years that he used to go see her on every single anniversary.....and of course he has a right to choose someone else after sleeping with Anandi, completely using her and then throwing her, right???........He REALISED he didn't love Anandi after their numerous romantic scenes and honeymoon, maybe????) 

Ok fine…this whole thing about child marriage that they didn’t even know the meaning of marriage when they were married is nonsensical.

But what about what they did AFTER THEY WERE BOTH ADULTS????????WAS THAT CHILD MARRIAGE TOO??? 

I don’t understand the whole point that just because they have to make people understand ill-effects of child marriage, they should NOT show a happy ending to the lead pair’s relationship!! The show is NOT JUST about child marriage….it is more about life, and everything that is wrong with our attitudes and customs. 

When Jagia kept lying remember what they showed?? 

If you lie once, you keep lying again & again (Ek jhuth ko chhipane k liye 100 jhut bolne padte hain) 
Now, this was in general about morals and about being truthful, right?? 

Even when they had created the most unbelievable twist and brought in Sakshi as Teempri( That was when I’d lost all hope that Balika Vadhu would be able to still keep itself different…*sigh*) 

They had still given messages how something not fulfilled in childhood can leave a deep impression in the mind to such an extent that a person may go insane.

Balika Vadhu, its message to society and the quest for TRP

I guess the whole point of the show is not JUST to show the ill-effects but to even show how they can be cured, as they are showing Tai sa (Gehna) and Tau sa's (Basant) relationship is improving by incorporating new things.

In this case, say Anandi gets educated and things turn good.

If Jagia does not repent even after Anandi gets educated, then how do they prove that education has a great power of changing things???

What's the whole point of the show THEN??

People and even his family is not supposed to like this pair, but to hate it, and thus, to do anything that it takes to stop it. Say, even Dadisa, realises what a mistake she is committing, and tries to save their relationship by not pressing for kids but by educating Anandi....(But thats too much to hope for)

But if they continue to simply make the lead female protagonist suffer…how are they different from the rest of the crap on Television that just keeps doing the same thing again and again!!!

Balika Vadhu had been different.It was not as depressing as Na aana is des lado.It had fun too.

The first Indian TV prime time show to show grey characters.

The lack of a villain/vamp

What I actually loved about the show was it didn’t have anyone completely as a vamp or negative character. Even Dadisa had some welcome good shades about her. All in all, I like this concept of ‘grey’, that nothing is completely black or white….there are shades of grey in between. And it gives a reason for why people are the way they are….as Dadisa has had no exposure, she is so unaware of the modern India. But obviously that wasn’t enough, they brought in the Tau sa, Teempri and Tau sa in Sugna’s in-law to bring in more negativity.Even they showed the reason behind Teempri’s madness.

I have not seen every single episode. When the story had been able to grip me I was glued. I’d seen the childhood, the general problems, the entry of jeth of Dadisa (Tau sa) and eventually the way he changed 
(gives the message that forgiveness can change a person)

Sugna’s plot

What was Balika vadhu Sugna story?

(I’d actually loved the pathos the actress had portrayed when her husband died on the day of their marriage)…….the villain tau sa in law in Sugna’s sasural who wanted to kill her son and the way she exposed it.(
I really like the fact that they show that Sugna’s in-laws are so good….a relief when serials love portraying the ‘saas’ as the ultimate vamp…..and same with Sumitra…who treats Anandi like her own daughter)

I’d loved the way they linked Jagia’s passion for being a doctor with Sugna’s son’s injury…that such events trigger the need for more education and more services.

And now, unfortunately with this love triangle of Jagia, Anandi and Gauri, I am again gripped to see what happens next.

Adult adultery is child's second marriage?

I even got to hear that Gauri is the same girl whom Jagia had unwillingly re-married in the past. Some people in India forums have the idea that Jagia would marry Gauri and then he would repent..or that both Gauri and Anandi would leave him.

Well….this is what I felt about it…………….

Sure it would be fun to see jagia repent & then get nothing!!

I do understand that they are doing it to show the ill-effects of child marriage as shown in today's episode of 28 February, 2011(message at the end of serial…child marriage can be devastating when after growing up, the choices change and the husband starts loving another woman).

But this is so many people are completely hating it, then why are they proceeding??

If Gauri is actually the girl Jagia had married, are they not giving the wrong message that dadisa was right in the beginning??

And why wait till Jagia starts living with Gauri??Why can't he realise BEFORE that???
How could he ever think he loves Gauri?? Jagia longed for Anandi for FIVE LONG YEARS, & then they even got intimate & then went to honeymoon.

Anandi supported him for his education.How could he forget all that?? And that too for a girl he has just met in college?? How could he ever cheat's episode where Jagia hugs Gauri in mid road, is REPELLING......makes us wish to bang the tv....are the writers, producers listening???

Do they have any site to send in feedback that the real balika badhu team can see???

(Here's my facebook page) Is there a place where I can give my vote?? I made one myself...not sure if writers keep a watch at india forums though...better to yell at the site.

I just simply hate what's happening on the show now.....

How TV mirrors present society and conditions

People may also think that it is reality as people even leave their wife and kids after 10-15 years of their marriage and Jagia is so young. Fine, my view says if this IS a show trying to market itself as one of the people giving great messages, it should DEFINITELY NOT set the example of cheating,right??

And again I would repeat, this show that is supposed to reform people and should give good messages for a better life........SHOULD NOT promote such events that would DEGRADE morals, rather than uplifting them, trying to shatter the faith on love, itself.
A more fulfilled life definitely includes, love, trust, faith, and commitment in a relationship.

If Jagia could cheat Anandi after 13-14 years, what's the guarantee he'd be a good husband to Gauri??

I think this whole concept of Jagia going for Gauri is too disgusting......and the way they kept doing PDA (PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION)......hugging in the middle of road, blocking so many people, and Jagia kept finding ways of kissing Gauri on the road.....(For a show claiming to be realistic, how did Jagia suddenly get so much courage, he is from the village, has not seen people behave this way!!)

If this is what they call attraction...."teen attraction"?? then surely Jagia's character is going to be a that of a pervert...!!

He had resisted so much to marry again in the past, ...all these years his love for Anandi had been so sweet......and JUST BECAUSE it’s a child marriage, does it mean it has to end in NOTHING?? 

To give social messages,there was Sugna's widow remarriage, Basant and Gehna’s marriage.....too!!!

What we are talking here is not about just child marriage, but more about love!!!true love, if there exists any.....and Jagia loving Gauri is impossible,.......I would say, that is his attraction!!! 

PS:write in their site, do anything, but do something.,...its a new consumer world, and no matter what their marketing strategy is, we have a right to see what we want.....let's do something about 

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