Forensic South 2020 Vs Forensic Hindi 2022— HUGE DIFFERENCE review Zee

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I'm neither Hindi nor South Indian. I'm fair & objective. If you google Forensic, you'll be flooded with Zee 5's Forensic starring Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey. You won't have any IDEA that Zee5's Forensic ORIGINAL is by South Cinema (which, has perfect Hindi dubbing, btw) & is ALSO available on Zee5.

But, I did what no one could imagine doing. I saw both. So, I can tell you the good and bad aspects of FORENSIC on Zee5 and which version to watch. 

South vs Bollywood 

Zee5's FORENSIC (2022)

cast:Vikrant Massey, Radhika Apte with Prachi Desai, Rohit Roy.

the original Malayalam Zee5 FORENSIC

It is heartbreaking how DIFFERENT both Forensic movies ARE! (I mean, in terms of quality).

I first saw the Hindi Forensic 2022(Vikrant Massey & Radhika Apte). I'm ashamed to admit I liked it minus the absolutely unnecessary kissing scenes which I naturally skipped. But THEN, I don't know why, somehow I gathered the courage to see the SAME story again, FORENSIC 2020 Malayalam on Zee5 dubbed in Hindi, just for my curiosity to see how South Indian Malayalam cinema did it.  Once you see quality cinema you won't like substandard ones.

How to watch FORENSIC free?

If you are a Vi customer (remember Vodafone?) and have a bare minimum ₹299 recharge, you are eligible to watch FORENSIC via Vi movies and play, which will redirect you to Zee5. Hindi dubbed version of FORENSIC 2020 AND FORENSIC 2022 Hindi are both there.

FORENSIC Malayalam (2020) VS Forensic Hindi (2022)?

South one. Hands down. The 2022 Hindi adaptation of FORENSIC insults our intelligence. Mamta Mohandas as Rithika Xavier), KNEW how to deliver a convincing performance. Not that Vikrant Massey was remotely close to the South counterpart, Tovino Thomas.

Everything wrong with Zee5's Hindi adaptation of  FORENSIC 2020

When movies are remade or adapted to appeal more to sensibilities of a certain language understanding area, it has to be handled with care. An adaptation should be better, or atleast at same level, but never worse! Especially when an original movie by a OTT platform like Zee5 is remade, they shouldn't kill off their original product.
I've been brought up on Hindi movies. Yet, I relate more to the South one. Why?

Because, I value a good logical flow.

The only good thing about the Hindi adaptation Forensic 2022

  • Narendra Gupta who used to play the character of Dr. R. P. Salunkhe in the cult TV series CID (fed in DNA of everyone alive in the 90's in India), has played the role of the top most forensic expert Dr. Salunkhe in the HINDI adaptation. He’s an absolute delight to watch. Making him as Vikrant Massey’s senior is superb credibility. Who doesn't remember ACP Pradyuman and his Forensic doctor duo?
(South Indians, did you have a counter part of the iconic show CID?)

If you prefer nearly every single creative choice of the South FORENSIC, what does it say about the adaptation in-charge?

Differences in Hindi adaptation of FORENSIC 2022 from original FORENSIC Malayalam 2020

Changes in screenplay 

Story shifts to Mussoorie. FORENSIC Hindi is not a frame by frame copy. But some really weird stuff happens. Some a better call. Mostly terrible.

The good

  • The person asked to keep an eye was a police officer (probably, constable) in uniform. A police officer has power on a police officer. Not on Forensic medico legal advisers and their subordinates.
  • Megha Sharma played by Radhika Apte was just a SI, sub-Inspector. Not ACP/DCP 

The bad changes in FORENSIC (2022)Hindi adaptation

How FORENSIC Hindi BUTCHERS the original Malayalam  

1. The main female cop is NOT sister-in-law but ex-girlfriend of the forensic expert

Unnecessary romantic track of Vikrant Massey and Radhika Apte makes a point in Indian cinema how CRINGE it is, to see absolutely pointless romance, kissing scenes in the thick of a serial killer murder mystery. Malayalam FORENSIC was super decent. Had none of this crap. When your original doesn't have it, you must have a serious case to add it, right? Right?
There was a hint of romance between forensic assistant and forensic doctor in the Malayalam FORENSIC but it was soulful and fun. And the main professional duo of the Investigating officer lady cop and the male forensic officer was decent and to the point.

2. Father is not a food vlogger but depressed alcoholic.

If you see original Malayalam FORENSIC, the father is a lovable character who keeps filming food videos. That was the life, the soul of the film. Why would you change him to be a complete depressive maniac?

3. Father's parents are dead or not seen.

In Malayalam FORENSIC, a family feeling comes where the father's family is right there. In Hindi Forensic Radhika Apte is just paranoid to leave the daughter with her father, a reaction that can be only justified if he rapes his own daughter. But he doesn't. So, yes, you guessed it right, nothing makes sense.

What went wrong with FORENSIC HINDI adaptation?

The worst ending adaptation award hands down goes to FORENSIC Hindi adaptation. The ending was bizzare, so senseless with absolutely no logical reasoning, a tight slap to your face.

Acting performance or directed to act that bad

Megha Sharma (Radhika Apte) and Vikrant Massey were so gimmicky! Being used to the Bollywood style of over the top swag, you'd be absolutely fine with it. Until you see the nuanced Malayalam original FORENSIC.

Anas Khan, & Akhil Paul have written and directed the original Malayalam FORENSIC story by P. Shijith. They've done a phenomenal job! But, Vishal Furia who directed the screenplay by Vishal Kapoor in the Hindi adaptation of FORENSIC chooses a tone of vanity. 

Every plot twist is so convenient, it becomes hard to digest. 

The extent to which FORENSIC 2022 Hindi is far from reality, knocks you into your senses in between & you can't stay glued. I'll detail the problematic points (that will have spoilers). Because more than the actors they might be responsible. But as I'm not aware of their filmography, Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey being OTT sensations & big actors may have taken their acting choice themselves too).

The minor problems with FORENSIC Hindi adaptation (without spoilers)

  1. Mannerisms: Radhika Apte, a cop does NOT salute that hard, does NOT stomp her leg that hard. It's not army.
  2. Nobody can just walk in with such huge equipment, trespassing anywhere and everywhere without even BEING a cop.
  3. Does a female sub-inspector land her first case, that too of a psychopathic serial killer so brutal, so conveniently, because they need someone "sensitive"? In FORENSIC Malayalam original, she's a DSP.

Families enjoy a good crime Thriller. And little kids also need to know about the little kid's crimes. So, WHY the 2022 version decided to ADD kissing scenes is beyond me.

My South India cinema background

I mean, I saw RRR. And, I still prefer the South Malayalam Dhrishyam 1 and 2, despite phenomenal performance of Tabu vs the mediocre performance of the female Malayalam mom cop. Ajay Devgan and the kids, & even the wife (though she seemed cast 20 years younger), did a good job.
Now you know my very little exposure to South Cinema, & the one time I've ENJOYED watching the same story in 2 languages.

You should also know that my mother tongue is one of the only 6 Classical languages — Odia.
I am a Hindi & English radio jockey and dubbing artist (Odia, Hindi, English) in Mumbai (so you know I'm certified). And my entire education was in English. I saw Forensic SOUTH in Hindi dubbing.
For a change, the Hindi dubbing of Forensic was done really well. (The native language bilinguals please comment if the meaning was distorted). But since I don't understand any South Indian languages, to me, the entire movie made a lot of sense. And I can't stop applauding it!

Spoiler warning: Run for your life NOW. Because, now is the time to dissect this disaster FORENSIC Hindi adaptation 

Problems in FORENSIC Hindi version

1. Who hypnotizes like that? Bollywood, can you please do research?

I'm sorry I don't believe Prachi Desai can just hypnotize anyone and everyone chutki bajake.

They don't even explain the forensic plot points enough. Don't even justify anything.

2. The twin daughter is actually dead in FORENSIC 2022

While the Malayalam FORENSIC 2020 was filled with twists and turns, FORENSIC,2022 is nothing in comparison. 

3. Psychologist is shown as innocent

Yes, that happened. Inorder to imagine a twist no one has seen, they come to what they did. But, something different isn't something great, always.

In Malayalam, Original FORENSIC 2020, the shock reveal of the twin, the captivity made absolute sense. The jaw dropping performance of the kid showing how petrified she was, really did it. Your heart melts. But you feel nothing like that from a Happy birthday murder. Because why Birthdays? Any logic? No.

Even if we do agree in the Hindi FORENSIC 2022, the killer coincidentally killed the 1st baby on her birthday and that made her father be better, or so he thought, then how on earth DID HE KNOW, that the random kid in a fair had her birthday?

4. Serial killer murders a baby, just like that

And then magically ties it with helping with father's cancer. What? So, we won't address that he just violently killed a baby without any motivation whatsoever?

5. Serial Killer changes sex and becomes a woman

So, what they couldn't do in RATSASAN'S remake, they do in FORENSIC. Hindi forensic team was so desperate to cast Prachi Desai, they said it was a boy (Prachi Desai wearing a man's makeup, not walking like a boy, dubbed by male voice), somehow just changes to a woman now. Because who funded the sex change operation?
And a 3D modelling of face change? Seriously?Even if he did, the transformation takes time. How is it possible that no one would ever know about it?

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