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Where to buy Safe clothes online in India?

Hah! Online shopping! Where had you been?🛍
Well, well, well. I might cover some real good stuff later but this list is about the cheapest. Like how cheap can you go and yet have quality products?
When it is your first time, you're always scared. You're looking for reviews. Looking to know brands. You just know a few brands like Forever 21, Biba, W, Puma, Catwalk, Nike and hope that these online portals sell you authentic branded products for discounted prices because they are always running a sale, aren't they?
Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
What if you're broke as I'm?

Reviews, reviews, (I mean, real reviews), please?

Sometimes I have got something way, way better and out of the league than I ever could in real life from a brick and mortar store?
📃Read the return policy
If you're new to the online shopping world, clothes can be exchanged. I mean, returned and even a refund can be got.
But, did you read those fine lines?
No, not wrinkles.
Lingerie cannot be returned. Same goes for beauty products, whether or not you open it, eh.

🥻The most amazing saree you could ever buy on amazon

If you're looking for absolutely 100% pure cotton saree, this is one saree that mothers are satisfied with for daily use. Because just about anything you buy is going to be polycotton. It says cotton but it is not 100% cotton. So, always you're disappointed as it does not absorb sweat like pure 100% cotton sarees do!

💯100% pure cotton daily use sarees

Buy here 👉👉Vinay's Cotton Sarees with Blouse 
Exact one we bought 👉👉Pure 100% Cotton Saree
🔖You can click on any of the images on this website, to buy the particular saree/outfit

✋Handmade Lucknowi Chikankari handmade by Indian artisans

This saree below is WAY brighter than this picture. It looks like a stunning pop of loud bold color, a mix of orange and pink. White really stands out on it. It is nothing like what I have seen before.

✅cotton Lucknow Chikan saree

It is currently not available. It was a unique piece but at least now we know an amazon brand we can trust.

Buy salwar/sarees etc.👉Visit the amazon Ada Store
Buy here👉👉cotton saree on amazon PEACH
But I did manage to find a different color. See, as this particular purchase of mine came way darker than the picture, bright and beautiful, be prepared for a pop of colour.
Buy here👉👉Cotton saree on amazonLucknow chikan PINK

other cotton sarees from Ada

Georgette Lucknow Chikan sarees

Talking of Georgette Sarees, this chiffon saree we bought is Stunning

This sea green saree with floral prints is an absolute delight. It is soft, figure-hugging, makes you look slim. The flowers are also beautiful, the colours look absolutely elegant.
Buy here👉👉 Chiffon Floral Saree

Dress Belts

🤕Where to get Better Dress Belts Online than Colaba Causeway?

My dress belts were getting old, and I decided to buy a new one but I was very skeptical or what it would turn out to be, you know. But, yeah! Victory dance, it is.

I mean, haven't we all looked for elastic belts for dresses?

Update: As on Aug 2020, it is still the most amazing belt I ever owned.
This belt from amazon is so cute and pretty. It comes with a lovely tuck in button as you've on outfits, not just a buckle, so it stays secure. I bought it in 2017 and by 2020, it is slightly loose. It lasted 3 years happily.
I literally pulled this out from my orders page, so that you can be damn sure, the thing is good. 

✅It is exactly as it looks in the picture

Even in Colaba causeway, with whatever street shopping skills you got, you won't get it for less.
Buy here👉👉 Ladies Elastic Dress Belt

Night Wear

Safe Good Quality Silk, satin lace nightwear for women - Super affordable

If you're looking for silk, or satin, lacy, nightwear like, say a nightgown or something, not the typical maxi type but way sexy, luxurious and yet at a budget, fret not, I'm here.

I love laces and soft touch of fabric. More than anything else I love deals and the best prices. I've bought such soft silky, flowy night dresses a zillion times from trending market places, by driving there, paying for the fuel, to and fro and also inhaling all that polluted air.
Honestly, when I first bought it I thought (kind of knew, it is going to be a disaster), but well, well, well, taking chances pays, doesn't it?

Where can I buy clothes that's exactly like the pictures?

Before we proceed, you must know I am 5 feet 8 and a half inches tall. I fit into a medium/large in most brands. We are always sceptic of the word FREE SIZE (as we should be), but after I fit in, it gives some room, not much, but some. Anyone at 40 inches girth can fit in, I guess. And it does go till the ankles happily. It's long. Petite women will need to alter the bottom hem.
Some of my story highlights may still be having pictures and videos. 👉 @rjmrunmayee

Good quality women nightgown under 300

So, I present to you the brand, Masha.
Buy here👉👉MASHA Womens' Satin Long Night Wear
Update: Addition of the brand Klamkotten. I bought it for Rs.237 from, and boy, is it good or what?

Criss-Cross The criss-cross pattern is nothing but ✖✖, two x over each other. It's kinds cute. That's the back and it helps stay in place. This sea-green one is a little fragile. I have bought two of the same since 2017. Sharp nails might affect this one. I bought the same in black, exact same design but that lasted way longer.

Buy here👉👉klamkotten Sea Green Criss Cross Long Night Wear


A lovely shade of navy blue as we know it. 
Buy here👉👉klamkotten NAVY BLUE Long Night Wear

🍑Peach/Salmon Pink - It's actually the lovely mix of orange and Pink

It's not Pink. It's not orange. It's the lovely color in between!
Buy here👉👉klamkotten PINK Long Night Wear
I bought Masha from Myntra. But the same brand is available in Amazon also.
Wait till there's a sale and you can buy it at 300. Yes, don't drop dead, yet. I know, I know, it's simply unbelievable.
I bought a plain black satin one with laces and boy, are they of good quality, or what!
Here's the exact portion where I'm wearing it in my vlog.

The satin one above is the exact one. Can't find the exact on amazon, but here's something.

Finding the Right size online!

When you're buying online, ladies, I hear you, our biggest concern is the size!!
Especially this damn thing comes in just one size, the free size. N we all know how free, the free size is? Right? Sometimes, it would be tight and sometimes, it would be just way too large and never right.
If you're about 38 inches or maybe 40 in the widest area of your body, (boleyto girth), it should fit you really well. The shoulders don't drop and I wear about an M or L in regular brands.
And the rest of the fabric just flows very graciously. Used it for about a year 2 years now and it still shines, the lace hasn't come off or anything.


I bought a very cute jumpsuit in black and the quality of the cloth is phenomenal for something bought at 300 something.

Can't find the exact one here.

Clothes and big brands on stock clearance 

Back to clothes, this BIBA legging is a steal. I bought it.

🚺Some W for women kurta to pair with? 

What's best about this W kurti is that you can wear it as a dress also, as it does not have a slit. The back side of the fabric is soft, like a T-shirt or pajama kind of material and the front is crepe, but it is not see-through.

Pantaloons Anabelle Shirt for 300 bucks!

✅Looks exactly like the picture
It is a good formal shirt from amazon.
Buy here 👉👉 Pantaloons Anabelle Flared Shirt
I am going to make a video on the 20 sarees I bought from amazon. They're all good.
Always look for five star ratings when you're buying clothes.

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