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RJ Mrunmayee Voice Audio Samples

Rj Mrunmayee Hindi Voice Samples

Hindi Radio Links

🎧Morning Prime-time Hello Mumbai OPENING link 107.1 FM RAINBOW MUMBAI

🎧Morning Prime-time Hello Mumbai India's most common password

🎧Rainbow Straws #BeatPlasticPollution

🎧Positive Energy Good Morning Mumbai

🎧Peppy Bubbly RJ Mrunmayee

🎧Kasakai Mumbai? Whatsapp Number

🎧GO GOVINDA 107. 1 FM Rainbow Mumbai

🎧 Sandhya Shantaram

🎧Mud Mud ke na dekh — Good Morning Mumbai


Corona Radio sample

Odia Cartoon e-learning Voice Sample


Radio ad/TVC sample 🎧Corporate AV Audio Narration


Original Hindi Story written, narrated by RJ Mrunmayee

🎧Fire fighters Taj Mahal Palace 26/11

🎧Evening Love You Zindagi

🎧Evening andaz-e-bayan

🎧 Dance Special - Body Image Issues

🎧 Chai ki Tapri

🎧 Color Ho jaye?

🎧 Shero Shayari Gazal

🎧 Dard me Dard pe muskuraye Shero Shayari

🎧 Ishq Romance evening

🎧 Kaaga re Kaaga EXPLAINED

🎧 Ghazal show Yaadein

🎧 Scientist Interview

🎧 Internet app link

Video game evil villainous laugh

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