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Kungfu Panda movie review 

Is great.

If you are a fan of the Kungfu Panda series, you know that already, now don't you?

I love how someone with dark circles can be made so cool. We need more movies like this to make me feel great. (Where's that wink emoji, now!)

Sheh. Anyways back to the movie. This is gonna be a quickie. Well, because guess what I'm kinda dozing off. My own Kungfu practice on Saturdays and Sundays in Andheri for free is doing my muscles no good. Heard of workout fatigue? Yeah, that.

So, I can't understand how—as in like—how, can someone twice as me be a drafib warrior?

Quick Learning

Size has nothing to do with willpower.
Being yourself is so tough. Well, I know you don't believe your D. Because honestly I never believed it. But with age and living more on this planet we forget what's being ourselves because technically we don't even have an idea who we are. So just like Po we are asking if we are children of Batak .Or maybe our challenges are a little less real.

Funny dialogue

Kaun hai tu? (Who are you?)
Wo to mujhe big nahi pata (That is something even I don't know)
Main khud dhoond raha hoon (I'm searching for the answer myself.)

Why you should watch the movie Kungfu Panda 

  • It's hilarious
  • It celebrates the underdog and we love thinking we are one. End result? It makes us feel we won it!
  • He's so cute. Again (Duh, same character.)
  • The jealousy of Dads is kinda cute.
  • The final message and final track is awesome!

D moment

Well, I g truly loved the pink petals floating everywhere. I deeply connect with these highly philosophical things coneveyes so easily with art. So, I was blown by the power of energies and utilizing the power of true deep heartfelt intention.
Jeez, I wish I have a billions wishing for me like that. It's so much to be grateful for.

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