4 Best Pakistani Dramas — why Indians love Pakistani Drama

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All Indians are used to the same family dynamics, same emotions — we get the references & what not. We are from the East Coast of India — ODISHA. Learnt Hindi from Indian TV. Also acted in Indian TV shown on COLORS TV. I host radio shows in Hindi, English (even managed a half hour Urdu show for some years). But we do not understand tough Farsi (Persian) words in Urdu. But thanks to English subtitles, we understand South Indian movies too. Pakistani dramas are so nice! Same with Korean dramas — we Asians get what love for family IS! And getting decent stories is SO TOUGH these days. We Indians are also very conservative & like the poetic way of romance. With just eyes talking. But our own content these days is very explicit.

P.S: Pakistanis call it "drama". Indians call it "serial". If it's a comedy, Americans call it "sitcom" — sit  + comedy. West generally calls it "soap opera". Mexicans (all latina) call it "telenovela". Interesting na?

It's so rare these days to find something to watch with family!!

Here's a list of best 4 Pakistani family friendly drama series.

Disclaimer: Pakistanis maybe thinking how on earth extremely patriotic Indians can ever appreciate their work, but remember Sunny Deol in Tara Singh from Gaddar or Shahrukh Khan in Veer Zara? We've nothing against normal everyday people or the serial actors/makers. We only detest the terrorists. You must have heard in India's G20 presidency: we believe in Vasudev kutumbakam — one earth, one family. India has the most people in the world, the best audience anyone can wish for.

I was aware Pakistanis have always watched Indian films. You'll find references in their dialogues. But I didn't know they watch Indian serials too! Hania Amir (Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha) bhabhi Nanand duo created such a fun, quirky comedy agreeing to Anupama's dialogue (Rupali Ganguly in Star Plus's Anupamaa) that went viral. I ❤️ my country🇮🇳. I'm going to roast & praise both sides objectively wherever whatever is good. No offence intended. Are we cool with that? [Kareena Kapoor Khan & Alia Bhatt don't even know who's the bhabhi (sister-in-law— groom's wife) & whose the nanand (groom's sister) — but I'm assuming you know rishte naate🤪].

Hania Aamir Dramas

Our first Pakistani drama was (brilliant dysfunctional Indian family film Kapoor & Son's elder son) Fawad Khan's Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. (which is kinda serious). Then, we saw Mere Humsafar. After watching Mere Humsafar, we looked for dramas with same lead. Saw Hania Aamir's Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. (You'd know the viral song that's the serial tune). But that wasn't as good. Especially Hania's character. 

Farhaan Saeed dramas

As an Indian I was shocked Hamza was the singer from Jal band? "Woh Lamhe, Woh Yaadein, koi na jaane...". Needless to say the singer sang the other serial signature tunes. Pakistani dramas have a habit of repeating the tunes for recall which we've lost now. So, good music adds to our attachment. Then we saw Suno Chanda Season 1 & 2, Prem Gali, all looking for Farhaan Saeed dramas.

But searching for dramas like Mere Humsafar, our best find was joint family drama: Aangan.

It was happy and fun. The sad scenes made us cry our hearts outs. Indian, Korean, Pakistani, I guess all Asian dramas don't usually have western concepts of sticking to just 1 genre. Just like our life, it has everything! A living family will have all kinds of emotions. You get invested in the characters. It's one thing to feel a character's pain but when you cry with their pain, it proves how phenomenal the acting was.

Beware: Pakistani dramas don't happen everyday like Indian serials. You'll have to wait AN ENTIRE WEEK for next episode if you're not binge watching old ones that have all episodes out. And fun fact, I FINALLY understood what is Jumme raat.😅 (Amitabh Bachchan song: Jumme ke din kiya...made it seem like a, ahem, inappropriate word infront of family, you know?)

Another WARNING: It can be extremely shocking for us that most Pakistani serials lead hero heroine are actually brother & sister. They don't consider cousins as own brother & sister like Indians do. So, sweet Home Pakistan, it is, where it's not just OK, but elders even arrange cousin marriages. Even kids of two brothers living in same house. It can also be extremely confusing for us but that's why the "bahu" calls her "saas", Chachi jee or Phuphi jee or Tai ammi even after marriage.  Although it's banned in India but some South Indian community also did it — movie Raktasambandham where sister's family was considered another. 

List of Pakistani family dramas Indians will love watching

  1. Mere Humsafar Hania Aamir Farhan Saeed
  2. Hala(Hania Aamir) is Hamza (Farhan Saeed)'s chachu's daughter (Father's younger brother). Hala is a British citizen, abandoned in Pakistan by her own father with his mother & brothers. He does send the money but never looked back once to check how his daughter is doing. It's a Cindrella like story with how much her tai ammi (Father's elder brother's wife) hates her. She's made to do all chores. When Hamza returns from abroad, he literally saves her. It has a happy ending. (Indian newspaper Navbharat Times: "Hala and Hamza's chemistry" as the biggest reason for the success of the show. India TV noted, "Hala and Hamza's performance, chemistry and the title track has hooked the Indian audience." Mere Humsafar was literally trending in India on twitter whenever a new episode came. It's so sad they ran into controversy for showing "Hindu". I'm a Hindu Brahmin & while writing this post, I was like "Haing" "when, where?" Apparently, their crime was showing people in white in a funeral & as they THINK that's what we Hindus do — . Won't name other Pakistani dramas where same white was seen. God knows what khunnas these creators are facing. I think thats just a north thing. (Please comment what happens in your area at the end of the post). Well, all episodes are hidden on youtube right now. FYI no, white is not mandatory. It's what's seen in TV & movie industry. Any light colour in funeral is considered OK. There seems to be a controversy it was very similar to Humsafar starring Fawad Khan & Mahira. But you may check on ary digital website.

  3. Aangan
  4. Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed 

    Aangan is a beautiful joint family drama worth binge watching. The same Dada from Prem Gali who plays Farhaan Saeed's father. What an actor! When he says "Boti" (probably means bahu, daughter-in-law), it's so cute. So adorable. So loving. Same Daadi from Mere Humsafar. She's become family now. 😅. Same father from Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha (Hania's father-in-law). What acting! You'd fall in love with this character. The big brotherly love will MELT you hearts! Same father from Mere Humsafar & Prem Gali is son-in-law with no muchhein here. Obviously a good actor & convinces in being annoying here.

    Joya after marriage was such a fun twist. Indians will heavily relate to the relatives that ALWAYS have a problem & how scared everyone gets on whose turn it is to do the 'Manana' (appease the sulking). In the end, lady playing Hajra (Irsa Ghazal) will send goosebumps with her acting. 

    Saw Iffat Umer first time. Laila was my favourite character. I was deeply invested in her bond with Rubina (the other daughter-in-law).

    Shafiq didn't do well. Nafees playing the abroad son in Mere Humsafar was phenomenal in comparison serving the cold looks. But the "Main isliye Pakistan nahi Ata hai" lines were comedy gold. So beautifully written (Faiza Iftikar). We even said it along with the whole family at the table.

    Tune: Ting dang din dhang ding (the sudden twist when the tune went sad was such a thoughtful twist to the chirpy tune).

  5. Suno Chanda
  6. Looking for Farhan Saeed dramas after Mere Humsafar? Suno Chanda is a fun comedy with emotions & family drama. Suno Chanda has 2 seasons. The best character EVER is the hard-core 100% Punjabi hero's mom. Kaunsa navva katta khol dita tusi!! (What new mess have you started!! is epic & still makes us smile.

    It touches meekly on women's education, importance of sticking to promises on which you get married to someone amidst all this comedy. 

  7. Prem Gali
  8. Prem Gali is another Farhan Saeed drama. Farhan's dada is played by Qavi Khan again. Mere Humsafar tai ammi, (Hania Aamir's saas plays the mother of the heroine). And her husband, father in Mere Humsafar is father of Farhan Saeed (hero) here. It's a very fascinating story — three single women meet three single men. Daughter, divorced mother, divorced mausi (khaala) AND divorced grandma need to clear their name by having atleast ONE successful marriage.

    The boy's side have widowers. Father, Chacha (Father's brother), AND grandfather. They're Punjabi and can't speak Urdu. Which leads to a ton of confusion comedy during the fights. Indians would relate the most to this language issue. 

    It touches on some social change which was alarming. I didn't expect Pakistan being this orthodox to be able to freely talk about hijra men (third gender). It was not preachy at all. The characters were supporting ones but were woven into the story beautifully. It has a happy ending.

    Honourable mention is Kala Doriyan. It's a good family drama. Joint family. It was listed as one of the best comedies. It's not as finese (I'll tell you why). But it's really nice otherwise. Hilarious casting of opposite couples of Suno Chanda. My favourite character from Suno Chanda (Nida Afghan) as the Punjabi mother is wife of the actor playing dewar in Suno Chanda. And the her husband in Suno Chanda is her dewar here. Anila from Phir Wahi Mohabbat is playing the devrani but she's Punjabi too here.

    4. Kuch Ankahi : This one even has Hindu characters.

We did watch Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha (A love triangle) where heroine Hania Aamir falls in love with a man she just meets in a wedding. Her father has plans to get her married to his brother's son. Paternal cousin. A ton of stuff happens. She's all set to marry her love. But he doesn't show up. It has a happy ending.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is praised A LOT. But honestly, it does have a happy ending but it takes forever to reach there. It's not as exciting escape type entertainment Indians look for.

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