Romeo Akbar Walter | Official Teaser | John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy

RAW Teaser Reaction Video

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Romeo Akbar Walter | Official Teaser 

Oh, Good God, this trailer is so epic! After a very long time some trailer has really captivated my heart.
No, I mean, just the trailer, in itself. The magic of making movie trailers. Those short little videos that entice you enough to jump into the cinematic journey of actually watching the WHOLE movie, and even pay for it.

Every second makes me watch it one more time. It has that second time watch worth. Like, can you even believe it?
It's that moment when you go on the internet, "Romeo Akbar Walter | Official Teaser | John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy trailer just dropped, and I can't.............."

Yeah, I can't....

Lol. To break it down for you:

Romeo Akbar Walter | Official Teaser | John Abraham Scenes

  • Reminds doveranalyst profusely of a SARABJIT, RAAZI vibe
  • A good message, "Our Hero, their Spy". (Just adds to our closed perspectives while viewing other nations and tolerance, more so, acceptance)
  • That shot where you look at him from close and far, growing into the tricolor (The sky is saffron, middle is white, and lush green follows at the bottom of the frame. The framing is so damn perfect).
  • The grit, raw valour of RAW
  • The knock to open your eyes and look at unsung heroes who die for us and sacrifice so much for us

Teaser Teases

A teaser is supposed to tease, right? Movie teasers don't give away too much, (unless they're American), and tantalize. It's just the tease. Some selected scenes from the whole movie, Romeo Akbar Walter will be right there. Just a few seconds. You've the added responsibility of choosing the best scenes out of the movie Romeo Akbar Walter
to evoke curiosity. There should be enough want to see the movie or at least the Romeo Akbar Walter trailer. These days, building a hype is key to the marketing campaign of any movie, Romeo Akbar Walter, or not. Digital space is filled with such less time to grab someone's attention and force your content down their throat. It's always a Chug it, situation.

RAW Teaser | Romeo Akbar Walter Teaser Reaction

doveranalyst loves how you call it, RAW. Pretty RAW, indeed. I mean, like a lot of clueless people, who know about RAW, but maybe not about the full form, it got me to google.

RAW Full form : Research & Analysis Wing

It's interesting with a website, where I kinda over analyze things, I did not know it like the back of my hand. No shame to admit what you don't know. Well, now, you know.

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