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doveranalyst RJ Mrunmayee | 100.1 FM Gold Mumbai

For starters, a lot is up.
(बोहोत कुछ चल रहा है)

For desserts, wait, till I fill you in.

इतने सारे बेहतरीन शोज क बाद आपकी जो प्रतिक्रियाएं मिली फ़ोन कॉल्स से , उनके लिए बोहोत बोहोत शुक्रिया।

doveranalyst RJ Mrunmayee |100.1 FM Gold

The primary Hindi speaking audience, might not be aware of my primarily English Youtube videos. I do have a few Hindi videos too. But currently, the chapter of my life I'm opening up to you is: the radio wala side.

So, here is where you can reach me. My next show is 4-6 am 100.1 FM Gold Mumbai, 12th morning, which is still technically Sunday night to Monday morning.
So, see ya on the other side.

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