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Gully Boy Apna Time Ayega Lyrics English Meaning & Translation

Gully Boy Apna Time Ayega, and all other songs from Gully Boy have been massive hits. Gully boy is the new youth anthem. The cult film that pumps us all with inspiration and pure power. 

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Apna Time Aayega Lyrics line by line lyrics translation, meaning, Hindi & English

कौन बोला मुझसे न हो पायेगा
Kaun bola mujhse naa ho payega?
Who said that I am not capable enough to do it? (That it's just not possible that I will be able to do it? The vibe is motivational, nearly taunting and lifting, 'Giving up, already, eh?'
कौन बोला, कौन बोला
Kaun bola, Kaun bola?
Who said so? Who said?
It's a typical Indian swag way of asking, who the hell said this? Again, it has a reference of someone in power asking, who is such a coward, who wouldn't dare? who'd give up before its begun? Who'd say it just can't be done by me? Tumse na ho paega, which means it just cannot be done by you has deep cultural context in India, that we, Indians only understand. There was a movie that had this dialogue and since then, it's a cult reference. It is the ultimate blow to the male ego. Saying, O, dear, dear! You just freaking can't, alright?! It is the ultimate roast, a popular occurrence in T-shirt quotes, mic drop moments in fights and boasts. Here, instead of saying "Tumse", (by you) 

it says, "Mujhse", (by me). He is asking which man had the guts to say, I won't be able to do it, eh?  It can also be used as a motivating thing to all, meaning who is so afraid to say I just won't be able to?
अपना time आएगा
Apna time ayega
Our time will come.
उठ जा अपनी राख से तू
Uth ja apni raakh se
Rise from your own ashes.
Uth ja means Get up. It is symbolic of a phoenix, a bird that dies and burns and is born again from its own ashes. A powerful metaphorical connotation to begin again, dust yourself and just get up. Make the failure your stepping stone. You've been burnt alive. Now, get up from your ashes. Rise.
उड़ जा अब तलाश में
Tu udd ja ab talaash mein
Fly in quest 
परवाज़ देख परवाने की
Parwaaz dekh parwane ki
Look at the flight of the bird
Parwaaz means flight. Parwana is a very common usage in Bollywood and Urdu poetry etc., as a little firefly or any insect that hovers around the candle flame. 

असमान भी सर उठाएगा
Aasman bhi sar uthayega
The sky will lift its head (to see)
Here, it is not only generally referring to a bird flying, but more so, to the tiniest form of a bird/ insect flying that its flight is so high that the sky is looking up, the sky is lifting its head to have a look. Oh, damn, what a flight, what a height this little being took! How high it is that the sky has to lift its head and see! It bows down. We are saying it as a bow, because you salute, or lift your head in respect to the national flag, to the national anthem, or anyone you think deserves respect. Similarly looking at the mighty flight the little bird or fly took, the sky will lift its head, in salute, as a mark of respect and acknowledgment of its journey.
आएगा अपना time आएगा
Aayega apna time aayega
It will come! Our time will come!
मेरे जैसा शाणा लाला
Mere jaisa shaana lala
a smart/cunning thug guy like me
Shaana  is a very colloquial Mumbaiya way of speaking, loosely referring to intelligent, street smart, someone you can't fool. Someone who can one-up you. Really, really smart. In a cool way, street smart, thug smart.

तुझे न मिल पायेगा
Tujhe na mil payega
you won't be able to find
ये शब्दों का ज्वाला
Yeh shabdon ka jwala
This fireball of words
Jwala is also explosion, a typical fire explosion, brimming at its maximum potential. Such is the power of my words.
मेरी बेड़ियाँ पिघलायेगा
Meri bediyan pighlayega
This fire explosion will melt my chains, which stop me from succeeding.
My words will free me from all limitations, that are like literal heavy metal chains as to a prisoner, locked up for severe crime. Imagine medieval prisoner with thick iron anklets tied to chains, locking you up cruelly. Even that will melt with the fire in my words.

जितना तूने बोया है
Jitna toone boya hai tu
As much as you've sown
तू उतना ही तो खायेगा
Utna hi to khaayega
that much you'd reap. 
As you sow, so you reap. You will get only as much to eat, as much as you've planted in the first place. The vibe is a very subtle mic drop.
(This whole rap speaks in second person 'tu', which is the most loose, non-respect, often speaking from a higher power, or in a very personal intimate manner. The character is from the gully, the streets, that's how they speak, the exact dialect). But here, it is also a direct, deep line thrown in your face. How greedy are you to eat more, eh? Had you even planted (enough seeds, enough effort), the fruits of which you wish to feast on? You get only what you earned!

ऐसा मेरा ख्वाब है
Aisa mera khwaab hai
Such is my dream
जो डर को भी सताएगा
Jo darr ko bhi satayega
that will haunt even fear
जिंदा मेरा ख्वाब
Zinda mera khwaab
Alive is my dream
अब कैसे तू दफानायेगा
Ab kaise tu dafnayega
How will you bury it now?
अब हौसले से जीने दे
Ab hausle se jeene de
Now, let me live with courage 
Hausla can mean, bravery, courage, dare
अब खौफ नहीं है सीने में
Ab khauf nahi hai seene mein
Now, there's no fear in my chest
Khhaufff  is just not fear; but the worst kind of fear. For example, 'dar' is fear, but khaufff immediately brings a more scary picture. You have the darrrr, you're scared of exams. But you are petrified of war. Jung ka khaufff. 
Here, the swag level is high, saying there was deep fear, but, Oh, no longer is it there in my chest, how can you crumple me now?

हर रास्ते को चीरेंगे
Har raaste ko cheerenge
Will tear every road/path
हम कामयाबी छीनेंगे
Hum kaamyabi chheenenge
We will snatch away success
सब कुछ मिला पसीने से
Sab kuchh mila paseene se
Got everything from sweat
(by toiling really hard)
मतलब बना अब जीने में
Matlab bana ab jeene mein
Now, life's worth living!
Take every two lines together to understand. By efforts, by sweat, I earn this life, and that's what makes this life worth living, that's what makes life meaningful. I got everything by hard work. That's what brings a meaning to live now. (A roast of pointless, meaningless wins and existence of affluent, privileged people who get everything from parents and never earn anything they have by effort.)
क्यूंकि अपना time आएगा
Kyon ki apna time aayega
Because, our time will come!
तू नंगा ही तो आया है
Tu nanga hi to aaya hai
You've come naked, after all
क्या घंटा लेकर जाएगा
Kya ghanta lekar jaayega
What the hell would you take with you?
You came to this world naked when you were born and that's how you will go. So, what's this ego and attitude for?

तू नंगा ही तो आया है
क्या घंटा लेकर ...
Tu nanga hi to aaya hai
Kya ghanta lekar..
You've come naked, after all....what the hell would you....
अपना time आएगा
Apna time ayega (4)
Our time will come.(4)
किसी का हाथ नहीं था सर पर
Kissi ka hath nahi tha sar par
Our Nobody's hand was on my head
(Nobody was my Godfather)

यहाँ पर आया खुदकी मेहनत से मैं
Yahaan par aaya khud ki mehnat se main
Came here with my own hard work
जितनी ताकत किस्मत में नहीं
Jitni taakat kismat mein nahi
The strength that fate doesn't have
उतनी रहमत में है
Utni rehmat mein hai
that much is there in blessings
P رحمت raḥmat (for A. رحمة, inf. n. of رحم 'to have mercy'), s.f. Mercy, compassion, pity (=raḥm); divine mercy or favour, pardon, forgiveness; a gift of the divine mercy, a blessing from on high; rain
फिर भी लड़का सहमत नहीं है

Phir bhi ladka sehmat nahin hai
Yet boy doesn't agree
क्यूंकि हैरत नहीं है
Kyon ki hairat nahi hai
Because he doesn't have an sign of surprise
हैरतحیرتstupor and perturbation of mind, astonishment, wonderआश्चर्यआश्चर्य, विस्मय, तअज्जुब, अचंभा, निस्तब्धता, चकितता, भौचक्कापन ।
जरुरत यहाँ मर्ज़ी की और जुर्रत की है
Zaroorat yahaan marzi ki
The need is of will
Aur jurrat ki hai
of dare
ताकत की है, आफत की, हिमाकत की, इबादत की
Taakat ki hai, aafat ki, Himaakat ki, ibaadat ki
of strength, of calamity, of courage, of prayer, worship
aafat, I feel here, is a reference to a storm of success. Let there be fear for we will grow! The need is of determination, the dare to win, to prove it with courage, with prayers, with efforts, with strength and pure talent.
अदालत ये है चाहत की
Adalat yeh hai chahat ki
This is a court of desire
मोहब्बत की, अमानत की
Mohobbat ki, amaanat ki
of love, of (what is mine, that you'd for safekeeping)
a thing committed to the trust or care of a person (here, God, universe, destiny)
हिफ़ाज़त/सुरक्षा के लिए सुपुर्द की हुई चीज़
security, a deposit
धरोहर, न्यास, सुरक्षआ
-न्यास, थाती, धरोहर, किसी को कोई वस्तु सिपुर्द करना।

जीतने की अब आदत की
Jeetne ki ab aadat ki hai
of the habit of winning
अब शोहरत की, अब लालच नहीं है
Shohrat ki ab laalach nai hai
There's no greed of fame anymore
तेरे भाई जैसा कोई हार्डीच नहीं है
Tere bhai jaisa koyi hard’ch nai hai
There's no one hard like your bro!
hard, hard, hard
इस हरकत ने ही बरकत दी है
Iss harkat ne hi barkat di hai
this very act has given me prosperity, growth
Act, Action, Mischief, Misdemeanor
harkat is usually negative, as in when parents say look at this misdemeanor, this foolish, stupid act. But this very act of rapping, has given me success.
क्यूंकि अपना time आएगा
Kyon ki apna time aayega
Because, our time will come!

तू नंगा ही तो आया है
Tu nanga hi to aaya hai
You've come naked, after all

क्या घंटा लेकर जाएगा

What the hell would YOU take with you?

अपना time आएगा
Apna time ayega (4)
Our time will come.(4)

कल नंगा ही तो आया था
Just yesterday you HAD come naked, after all 

(refers to : you were born yesterday, son! Naked. Brought nothing with you when you were born. So, why this attitude? What the hell do you think you're showing off?

क्या तू घंटा लेकर जाएगा
Kya tu ghanta lekar jaayega
What the hell would YOU take with you?
अपना time आएगा ना
Apna time ayega na
What Our time will come, aiy!
तू नंगा ही तो जाएगा ना
Tu nanga hi to aaya tha,Kya ghanta lekar jaayega(2)
What the hell would you take with you?
Tu nanga hi to jayega, na?
You would go naked, won't you?

Songwriters: Ankur Tewari / DIVINE / dub sharma

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