Loved you like a Fool - Lyrics Meaning EXPLAINED | Begin Again | Keira Knightley

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A perfect betrayal song?

What do you do when someone has broken every single promise they ever made? Wrenched your heart,  💔stomped on it, cut you in half when there was literally no one left to blame?

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Movie: Begin Again Song Lyrics: Loved you like a Fool Starring Keira Knightley (artist)

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What song should you send your cheating partner?

Movie: Begin Again | Song Writer: John Carney

Starring Keira Knightley as Gretta singing this song on a voice mail.

Like a Fool Lyrics Explained:

We take a chance from time to time

And put our necks out on the line


Gretta is numb with a backstab🔪🗡 so brutal, her heart completely paralyzed 💔 with shock and betrayal from her only friend, only family and only lover Dave, who meant everything to her growing up as orphans together that this is her final outburst as a reply. She leaves his mansion and walks into the street. Meets this man playing music on the road and at his place, they record this & send as a voice mail to Dave, her now-famous rockstar lover who brutally crushed her blind trust by cheating on her. Gretta & Dave were inseparable as kids, loved each other intensely, and wrote songs together. As I explained in the Lost Stars meaning post(from the same movie), it nearly shatters you that she just knew he cheated on her the moment she realized he had written a song for the first time in his life that was NOT for Gretta. Well that's the power of knowing someone too well, isn't it? And, sadly it's also the worst kick in the guts.🦶 The pathos of being crushed so badly by the only one you trusted so much. 😭😭😭

Detail Interpretation & Explanation:

Gretta is devastated. The opening lines signify how from time to time we take a chance to trust someone. We never learn, do we? We wear our hearts on the sleeve and give our everything to the one we love. Whether it's your bestfriend or your lover or both, you put your neck on the line, (I.e. the railway track). 🚅You trusted them with your life. Your neck is on the railway line, that's how much you trusted them. Time and again, someone comes close to you and you trust them. With all you got. The highest form of courage is to be your most vulnerable with someone. Taking that chance is to place your trust in someone else's hands. It is a gamble just like putting your head on the track and wondering if the train will come and end your life. You never know for sure, do you?

And you have broken every promise that we made
And I have loved you anyway

Took a fine time to leave me hangin' out to dry

Detail Interpretation & Explanation:

Together whatever promise we made, you broke each and every single one of them. The most basic being trust and loyalty. I yet loved you,  with all my heart.💓
You took a fine time to leave me hanging out to dry. You didn't go for the quick sudden kill. You went for the slow poison. You had me by your side showing off to the world how I am your one true love, and there you were blowing butcher cuts on the tiniest pieces of my heart,  by cheating on me and constantly lying to me. You took a really long time to leave me there hanging. When I had given my all to you. When I was like a damp cloth, you washed and took everything from me and then just left me to there all alone to dry. Till every drop of hope and self-esteem inside me evaporates. Drop by drop. While I hang to dry. A slow kill.

Understand now I'm greivin'
So don't you waste my time
'Cause you have taken
All the wind out from my sails

And I have loved you just the same

Detail Interpretation & Explanation:

It's too much to take in, God damn it. So, Understand that it's my mourning time. You killed "us" by cheating with that other woman and betraying my trust.
So, don't waste my time anymore. Because you have taken the last bit of wind left in my sails and I have still loved you the same.
Gretta compares herself to a boat (ship),  where the sails are what take her lifeforce forward. Taking the wind out of her sails is like ruining her completely,  like taking the wind out of her lungs. I can't breathe. The man I trusted the most took the last wind available and I can't breathe anymore, so you, my murderer, understand that I am grieving. You murdered us in cold blood. (Or rather the perfect idea of us - the perfect couple that I had in my head). So do not try to reach me now that you have messed up so bad. You cheated!

We finally find this
Then you're gone

Been chasin' rainbows all along

Detail Interpretation & Explanation:

After so much struggle, finally, Dave was successful and a rich rockstar from being literally a nobody. Gretta was super happy being known as his girlfriend although she was the more talented one and he kept stealing her songs. She was happy in losing her identity and just being his. Gretta still says "we" finally find this because since childhood they were we. It was never I. It was a team, a partnership.  Dave's success was her success. So, devastated as she is at being cheated on, she still says we finally find this and now you're gone.
I've been chasing rainbows all along. It's as if I've been chasing a dream, not a reality. Rainbows don't come all the time and don't stay for a long time. If your relationship looks like a rainbow, it's lovely filled with colours but how long will it last? The moment the sun goes down and there is no rain, there is no him left in the "us" anymore. The most dedicated lover ever has also gone in the laps of another woman, longing for her, emotionally connected to her, writing her a song while he cheats wirh her in China.
Dave replaced the one woman that literally made him the man he is, so easily, so swiftly, with a woman he had just met, his Chinese manager.
And you have cursed me
When there's no one left to blame
And I have loved you just the same
And you have broken every single fucking rule

And I have loved you like a fool

Detail Interpretation & Explanation:

Dave cursed Gretta when there was no one else even left to  blame. This line shows how he hurt her when she was most vulnerable. Because she was so close to him and has lost everyone else, all she had was him. 

You cheated with the other woman behind my back. This curse is what I have to live with now. There is no one else I can blame. All I had left was you. And you, my best friend, the man who worshipped me, the man for whom I used to be everything, replaced me with a woman he just met? All these years meant nothing? You shattered our relationship like it was nothing but I have loved you just the same.

You have broken every single rule of a relationship. Not lying. Not hiding. And not cheating!

And I have loved you like a fool. You made a fool of me for loving you. You made a fool of me for trusting you above all. You made a fool of me for believing you can never hurt me. I was so dedicated to my feelings for you. But you made a joke of my trust. You make a joke of what we had for all these years. You broke every single rule of morality. By bringing in a other woman, and constantly hiding about it, constantly going behind my back to cheat with her, when you know it is against every single rule, you broke me down so bad, I can't even breathe anymore. I was a fool to trust you! You made a mockery of my pure innocent love and trust. You made a laughing circus out of me for I made you my family. My best friend, my lover, my family, it was you. And you sat with the other woman laughing at me, cheating on me. You made a joke of us!

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