How Kolaveri Di became so FAMOUS? Viral Marketing - Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri..........D

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Why did Kolaveri D become so popular?

Author: doveranalyst RJ Mrunmayee is a Marketing MBA gold medalist and Executive Management Development Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing -XLRI. She narrates an incident from her five years of B school grad experience. She is a popular primetime RJ in Mumbai on drive time slots. She also hosts an Urdu based show along with her other Hindi shows. Well versed in both Hindi and English, you get a deep analysis of the meaning of every single line and word of each song on

Kolaveri D just viral or lasting impact?

2020 Update : The fact that even in 2020, you would once tell the whole world about corona virus, why this Kolaveri D, just has proven how the cult phrase Kolaveri D is not a fad, indeed.
(Fad means something that is just a sudden hype but with passing time, everyone is going to forget about it).
This article only talks about why KOLAVERI D is not a fad or just a passing phase. If you are looking for meaning, translation and analysis of Kolaveri D, as you do on, (about the depth in the song, philosophical aspects, and about why everyone loves kolaveri di!!;) here's the link for you:


kolaveri di odia translation

Most Popular song of the Year Kolaveri D: Here's Why

★★★★☆Simplicity★★★★★ 🤪Virality★★★★★🤯ActingFull enjoyment while filming ★★★★★🤩 Shareability relatability★★★★★🤪

Kolaveri D Viral Marketing

Update 2020: Over 200 million views
Soon gonna be 50 million views…voted the best song of 2011. You type just ‘why’ in youtube n you get ‘why this kolaveri di’!! You could just hear it on a loop. So, who dared to say Kolaveri Di is a fad? 
Everyone has a kolaveri story now…(like how they got to know about kolaveri)… 
Here's how it struck the chord with me. You can click here for my Kolaveri D song analysis with detailed meaning.

Kolaveri D - A major Historical Event

breaks all existing internet records

Kolaveri D became the most searched YouTube video in India and an internet phenomenon across Asia. Within a few weeks of release on 16 November 2011, YouTube honoured the video with a '"Recently Most Popular" Gold Medal award and "Trending" silver medal award for receiving many hits in a short time. 

The song that broke the internet- Kolaveri D

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Kolaveri D became the buzzword and keyword in all marketing content as covers kept on multiplying the trending factor on all search engines. They did not run after all people posting reactions, (as T-series would, trying to kill reaction channels like mine on YouTube, although analyzing is a fair use of copyright).

Following its huge success and nationwide popularity Dhanush, the singer of the original track was invited by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a "Guest of Honour".

So, my old school friend had a fb update. (No, it’s not going to be an obvious story!!) As I heard that it’s being played all around in Tamil Nadu n it is something addictive, I heard it on 20 November. In our Marketing Conclave, big CEOs and top-notch people asked us when we had heard Kolaveri. See?? The earliest answer was 18th. However. So, this has really been a major historical event. Like someone blogged, two kinds of people out there, those who have heard Kolaveri di, n those who haven’t :P 

Kolaveri D as an example of Viral Marketing in Marketing class

I spread it in my hostel, n then everywhere in my hostel every sec you hear someone playing it. Although we all somehow knew we were going to be shown Kolaveri in our Marketing class,we still were so excited…..The moment it began, we jumped with joy to every beat….!

Then our Sir asked us, :

"Why is ‘why this kolaveri di’ so successful in viral marketing? "

My hand was raised, highest up, of course!

Somehow our professor is very much in the belief, (come to class with a frame of mind, like’ guy 🐮 ghaas chahti hai गाय  🐮 घास चाहती है  (which translates to the cow wants grass in English)’ and that is only what I’d take from the B-School.)
He has an answer picked and no matter what else you say, he will come back with his answer as the jackpot, because that's what you practiced for the class. 🤠

Kolaveri D is relatable

So of all our reasons, he brooded on ‘relatable’…

But there are many other reasons for the never before viral success of Kolaveri Di taking Asia and then the world by a storm, I say. 

Other reasons for Kolaveri D Success

1. The beats, the tune

2. The DIFFERENCE…lines in between…..absolutely unexpected colloquialism in a song!

3. The expressions!!!!!! 😛

4. The relatable content (Like Sir said, everyone has been or has seen someone getting dumped or heartbroken ONCE!!) 💔

5. The HD quality

6. Shareability factor,you can easily share!! Facebook, twitter, you name it!!

7. The youth, ….we are great on enjoying anything that is good, n don’t mind sharing

8. Networks, greater connections n reach of people, everybody has 50 friends, so it goes 50*50*50…see??

9. The curiosity, just everyone wanted to know what KOLAVERI means!!!

10. The reach as it is(although I was unaware of newspapers….) but many went on to see, what it was that EVERYONE is crazy about?records…millions of hits in weeks??what is it?

11. The many versions!!! In a few days, there were 5000 odd versions!!They make you go see the original once!

12. Controversies!!! How many noticed this?All that crap about di, da……racism, n what not! Who hasn’t heard. …any publicity is publicity?? 

The viral trending is due to SHOCK factor

Now we know what makes the laziest people in the world get out of their comfort zone. Something HORRIBLE o something AMAZING. Either you've to outrage them by doing the worst ever as Dhinkchak Pooja or be crazy relatable. Whenever something is done for the first time EVER there is a cultural shock. Nobody in mainstream cinema had used broken Tamil and English fused together in Tanglish as you'd call it. The sheer simplicity of the lyrics which popularized the spread of a common theme, I saw the girl, fell in love and now, my life is ruined

The Cult Status of Kolaveri D

You love it, now don’t you? The only cynical people who don’t, are resisting loving it cuz they can't find a meaning, n celebrating meaninglessness is not ideal (How about Kishore’s all-time greatest, Eena meena deeka…..I will love it, (but does it mean anything?) Even they will love it when I give them a meaning .

We all dance upto Nakka mukka also……..(ok, I have a meaning for that also, but not now!)

Expressions of Dhanush….you saw him when he said in style… Di! it, …….n that reverse gearrr!!....n the final tune of aa aa aa in backdrop! Best of all the pa pa paaan….
And like many have said EVEN I CAN sing it….
Recently, a week ago, as I was walking by, guess who was singing it??? Our local dhobi n gang!!!! See?? The common masses love it….!!! It’s their song….it speaks of their life!! 
youtube says............kolaveri is like feeling so mad to kill someone "THE KIND GIRLS REACT in a cute way....WHEN SOMEONE PISSES THEM OFF......"

If you are looking for meaning, translation and analysis of Kolaveri D, as you do on, here's the link for you:


'Why This Kolaveri Di' (English: Why this murderous rage, Girl?) is a song from the soundtrack of the 2012 Tamil psychological thriller film, 3. The song is written and sung by Dhanush, and composed by Anirudh Ravichander. It became one of the most streamed songs of all-time.

The song was officially released on 16 November 2011 and instantly became popular on social networking sites for its quirky "Tanglish" (portmanteau word of Tamil and English) lyrics. 

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