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Reality Shows have 3 Judges

Time and again, I’ve watched these reality shows and wondered how even there’s scope for my talent (I wonder if it's even considered as talent…and yes I do wonder a lot..:P).No, don’t get me wrong…we ain't talking about the participants! Each time I look at the 3 judges..

(I wonder why they have universally decided on the number 3, you name it, all seasons of Indian idol,jhalak dikhlaja,Dance india dance(D.I.D),Chak Dhoom Dhoom…India’s got talent,Nach Baliye, So You Think You Can Dance and the list goes on)

Each time I look at them enjoying the performances, and then simply giving their views, which are sometimes too unreal to believe. 
(Anyone who has seen them knows how they have a habit of contradicting popular beliefs…!!)


Well….I’m not planning to give a list of irritating judges, or I could have made Anu Malik the uncontested winner…!All I was saying is, with my habit of appreciating anything that is beautiful,I could give lovely comments!!:P 

(I know sun hasn’t risen at the west side today. (No, I didn’t mean the west side store!!))….
I mean, the producers are not looking for a blog, speaking about appreciating true art!!....and it is but obvious that they are not short of judges, each time they can’t get anyone to judge the talent, they rope in an actress. Now, I don’t mean Madhuri, Madhuri Dixit is the ‘Ultimate Goddess’ of dance, and the best possible judge, and I’m glad jhalak could get HER!!
...But would you still think they take the deserving if you knew Malika sherawat being one of the judges for chak dhoom dhoom season2 team challenge…(Thankfully the roped in Urmilla later on, who has danced a lot too….unlike Malika Sherawat…)

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

The entire season of Jhalak could get so popular because of Madhuri Dixit. People revere her. And god! Her expressions are as fine as they were then. If it’s a visual treat to watch Sushant Singh Rajput dance, it’s a delight to watch Madhuri dance, or even emote a simple verse. I fondly remember,the first thing I remember watching on TV, was her akhiyan churau kabhi…ankhiyan milau….!! And all these years later, she can still do with the same way!! She’s a classical dancer. She knows stuff.
P.S: He replied on insta that he remembered meeting me!! Yay.

Javed Jafferi

Talk of another great judge Javed Jafferi. We all loved him ever since Boogie Woogie started.Not just him, even Ravi Behl and Naved Jafferi….although the duo always focused on them being stupid and not knowing anything, even they are as great dancers.
(God, knows why they are not airing the show anymore...!!!) 
I know people are going with the changed times, now dance is more about entertainment, thematic performances, aerial acts, stunts, life threatening acts, gymnastics on hoola loops are also considered dance (wonder how?..if that’s dance, why is abhinaya…simply expressions that emote….not considered dance cuz there is no apparent body movement?) camera revolving around the performers,there’s a lot of mirch, masala added to the performances, with amazingly weird costumes, colors, there’s lot of investment done….that probably Boogie Woogie cannot afford.


But it is beyond doubt that Boogie Woogie has ruled hearts for a long time. Professional or not, dancers of all types came and had a sense of accomplishment, especially the Mummy championships! The only show to allow mummies, ie: participate…..I love the show as, no matter what, even if you are fat, nobody bothers…all they see is dance.The entire theme of having a partner out of the blue, giving a chance to someone from your family or friends to perform with you, dancing with the stars in one round, group in another, whole family round in another,… was just awesome!!! They had tried voting only once I guess in one mummy’s championship. The show ruled for over 11 years…it taught us dance, what it means to be in sync, and all. All the giants….the Rohan group from Nalasupara, the Harinath Reddy and group have earlier been on Boogie Woogie.

2018 Update: doveranalyst has travelled to Nalasopara now. It's far.

Both the groups are genius. It’s a pleasure to watch the hip-hop of Rohan group…that showed hip-hop and western break dance on slow Indian numbers….(I still wonder if the Rohan also dances along with them,…often he doesn’t I guess….cuz he comes in as the choreographer….)
Harinath Reddy is also making Orissa proud….each time we would see him on Boogie Woogie, we’d be so proud…So many people from Bhubaneswar, Rourkela….even Berhampur…are commanding respect.Be it the winner Prince Dance group, or the finalists, Sahoo sand artists…or Harihar Das... and even little kids.
(I wonder how first time ever,Prince dance group had got to be winner….the deserving never gets to win generally, after he reaches finals…the other one always gets the votes….but miracles happen only once…!!)


D.I.D lost its charm after it lost Terrence and Remo.Although it still has Geeta, its not working.The teacher and student pair doing sensuous stuff is even more irritating.I rather liked the guy guy doubles.But now, there’s so much to see here, I don’t struggle to find Zee anymore.

Jhalak had an all time best season with Madhuri, Sushant, popular faces like Ragini Khanna, Krushna, and even Chang.This time, the common mass knew nearly everybody. But the highlight was Madhuri, people came to see her…and she’s an idol for nearly everyone.(Remember how Rani Mukherjee did that danbat pranam,…down on the floor
and even for the lovely human being she is.Whenever she speaks….its charm, its magic!..the sloka recitals for her kids….the appreciation of expressions and soul in a dance! And yes the comment on mudras to Yana was very good, as nobody else had the guts to tell her how bad she was in classical!! (Although Yana and Salman had stolen my heart with the princess performance, pink flowing dress, and the maroon prince, as both seemed to have been plucked from a fairytale and the lift that was BEAutiful…I dunno why they said the dress should have been shorter….but the very length of the dress actually made it mesmerizing,….such lifts look only good when there’s a flowing dress complementing the grace and charm of a woman………………..But, as time passed, they kept doing the contemporary, stressed on technique….there was no soul, as was evident in Sushant’s and even Chang’s performance…and the essentially visible growth of Ankita)

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita

Although Ankita poses herself as dominating and what not, but while judging dance, we got to be impartial. Unlike Sushant, others learnt to dance on the stage, and the whole show is about making non-dancers dance for the first time. But the way Sushant danced, each performance a 10, one wished to forget that he already knew how to dance! But between Yana and Ankita, Ankita wins!! Her performance as Ganga, in Shiv’s jata was mesmerizing…usage of international steps in mythology…amazing grace.And the duniya ka nara lage raho….performace playing as boss and employee was also remarkable.

Sushant’s striking performance would be the Chhau nrutya…the arjun and Krishna story narrated in such a short duration…the movements of hands, the gestures and poise….a delight to watch…be it flowing contemporary, or macho classical.

Malisha and Chang

Even Malisha and Chang’s Yeh Haseen Wadiya….the green birds….one…..was beautiful…and the boxes one…the intial steps of sliding from corners to the partners, it was sweet. But his solo performance was too filmy and simple…. Even Chang had learnt and grown there.So,I was glad that if not Sushant, Chang won.

CHAK DHOOM DHOOM-team challenge

Reason why Chak Dhoom Dhoom has become a must see, is its offering.,..the team challenge…watching many people coming together, performing in sync, doing unbelievable formations,….the entire advantage of not being alone on stage… always a better option than watching one or two people!!

Moreover, there are such great groups.The Kathak Rockers were an amazing one.I wish they could have done more new stuff with Kathak.I remember the fully black dress sad song performance, the lead pair was great…I even liked their dhak dhak dhak mora jee ghabraye….based on a soldier and his love….god knows why judges didn’t like it.

The Team dancers

Fabulous Fatakas were great in their home show…their dance….i am still mesmerized the way the girls lifted the other two girls on left and right and swayed so effortlessly….it was a delight to watch them perform like that!! Even antardwand with laga chunari pe daag…and the stress and pain a woman has to go through, was beautifully used.They were wearing more , and were getting indianised.

Even that gang….the Gujrati girls from abroad…the lead one had great expressions….but I couldn’t get the part of her granny coming in, was it after years they were seeing her?The mirror imaging performance was cleverly choreographed. Loved it.

The teams….the ones with many are always great. Rock on and Bunty and group…etc

De Maniacs | Beginning of Slow Mo dance | Cockroach

De maniacs just lost their charm somehow.The guy who had left his boards ought to have been serious.They had given such a performace with Pi loon tere neele neelen …..and especially that paeron ki chham chham….i’m sure everyone is gonna remember that!! BEAUtiful!!!! Even the Papa kehte hain….dil chahta hai,remix , the amazing car like chorepgraphy on steps….they were so good….but what happened later? Had they actually become over-confident or lazy?God knows…

Mandakini Jena

Mandakini Jena who had earlier been on D.I.D…and Terrence would have already known how great she is….no wonder she’s great on the techniques….but again the soul thing…does leave something from touching our hearts…especially for all the confusion. They were initially registered as M-Zone from Bhubaneswar….suddenly we see M-unit from Delhi…and I guess someone fought and now its AM-Unit, from Delhi-Bhubaneswar.Delhi guy’s name must be A…cuz M is obviously for Mandakini.

Harinath Reddy and Group

But the highlight of the show, THE GROUP for which one switches on the tv….the group that takes the breath away…makes you cry and still you watch it…you feel deprived if you missed it….(I wonder how its contrary to my behavior, as I love comedy)….a group makes you think, makes you ponder, you have goose bumps…every hair on your body stand son its ends, each tiem they perform, that’s HARINATH REDDY and group….god knows what they are made of!!

The themes they bring, the messages they give, makes you cry,…makes you think….yet you love them, you adore them.Now finalists are Harianth reddy,AM-unit,Rohan & group, & Rock-on.
Rock-on had done the beautiful portrayal of an autistic child,with backdrop of Taare zameen par….he didn’t leave the character,.…it was beautiful….it touched hearts….I agree they were unbelievably good…but that doesn’t mean that Rohan & group had anything lacking.,…With the concept of kishore kumar’s garage look, old songs..the remix was unbelievable.,….especially the dialogue put in between “Hum mumbai k saudagar hain janiiiiii, aur humare chauda(14) ghar hain”…..they did have a theme of dreaming of dancing like that…and the way the dreamers exchanged places so that everyone would dance(they were in blue uniform while everyone was in it could have been visible, but it was such a  clever choreography.
Even the urmilla dedicated performance….the boxes kept turning as they danced and had there been one single mistake, the picture of Urmilla may not have turned right, or it the surprise element would have been lost…the steps…the theme of a lost admirer with urmilla’s pic in hand sliding and walking over the others…(As Javed said even the guy who went leaning down as he walked on him…has credit)
So, as Javed said having a theme is not the requirement of the show’s format.And they danced, how can you give them less! But they did, both Terrence and Urmilla gave them 8 as dance score. Ironically in Dhoom score(which is supposed to be non-dance, and entertainment or X-factor score, they got 10 out of 10)(May be a compensation for their own mistake, that brought them to the finals)

As I was thinking who should win,as all of them were so good, I finally decided on Harinath Reddy, as they have constantly pleasing us.Its not about one single act, but every act of theirs…Javed who is much better in understanding the soul , the theme, and Harinath….I was shocked to see how he couldn’t see the theme in the joker wala performance…….he’d rightly undertood the ‘the maula mere le le meri jaan…act ‘that had harinath as a teacher of blind people helping them,which I had not been able to understand initially.

As Terrence said”Javedji, are you serious?” I wanted to ask the same!!

I could see only a portion of the dance(thanks to the devils who kept calling me and mom right at harinath’s performance!!)but that little portion had the power of making a chill run down your spine….their theme of jokers, or entertainers and the sacrifice they make…brought goose bumps again(rongte khade ho gaye)

They initially entered and showed a step in which one clown reverse climbs on a slide like formation, and falls by accident.He is injured.One clown rushes over to him,others want to go, but some stop them….saying “the show must go on” (you should have seen the helpless look portrayed on the stopped clowns’ faces despite all that white face clown make-up)

It was so heart writhing…..the poor injured guy kept screaming in pain and the others had to laugh and perform,although their heart was with their friend. The clown died,the clown next to him clutched him and cried, but others had to still perform.

It shows the pathos of people entertaining us.WE, the audience never realize what the person is going through when he is doing comedy.I immediately remembered Johny Lever,his father’s legs were being cut…still he had to act,he ahd to laugh…SRK had told him let it be,….but he did it.

Harinath’s act even indicated the heartlessness of some who don’t even have the heart to take the injured to the hospital.There would be many bosses who are concerned more about the performance, the money.It mocked at the commercialism.

I was shocked that Javed Jafferi couldn’t understand the theme….they still had it!!

And Terrence said it was a happy one for a change, but I felt, it was their genre again…pathos….and it was again a 30 wala performance….

Harinath reddy and group are truly magicians…their initial performance on the poor guy who eats wada paon from garbage, that made Terrence cry as he had done the same thing in the past, as he narrated… the vibrant and cruel raktacharit female infanticide act for women’s day..Harinath had worn a yellow orange saree…and had been the mother, with long hair,…she gave birth to a girl, but the brutal men ruthlessly boiled the little innocent baby as Harinath weeped and wailed as the helpless mother… (Hai akhand hai prachand banke jab ye mrityudand,Girta rakht kund me hai.......Swahaa )but nobody helped….it was a tandav like harsh look on the faces(dehshat chha gayi).Each man looked merciless,pitiless.,…and the chill brought a lump in our throats…with the vibrant “RAKTACHARIT, RAKTACHARIT…” song being chanted in the backdrop.The song even had the cleverly situational lines….sari raat nach….Finally the screeching mother got up and killed the men like Maa Durga…It finished too soon…I’d wished to see the mother kill all of them…and have a durga pose too(the music had died down and harinath had let a silent scream as he killed some)

Do I need to say how great they are? Even though they make us cry, every single person present there always gives a standing ovation, such is their power to touch hearts…and leave a forever imprint…

Others are giving them a tough competition but if I had to choose who should win, undoubtedly the heart stealers, the message givers, the reformers…the Harinath Reddy and group.

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