OCTOBER Movie Review | Varun Dhavan Banita Sandhu Shoojit Sircar

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October Movie Review

Varun Dhavan | Banita Sandhu October 13 April 2018

October Movie Rating ★★★★☆ You have to SEE it. Varun Dhavan at his best

Movie Rating ★★★★☆🤩Ability to churn you ★★★★★ 🤪Dialogues ★★★★★ 🤯Acting ★★★★☆🤩Cinematography/ shots ★★★★★ 🤩

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October Dan steals the show 

The film October straight up haunts you. I mean, it is so real, that it sends chills down your spine. October is that Bollywood movie that makes you question how could and why would an Indian actor like Varun Dhavan ever make a Judwa 2 if he can be in an October?

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A Bollywood Movie without the item number or any "scene"

Directed by Shoojit Sircar, the movie October brings to life tender emotions vividly portrayed on celluloid. They linger. They stay. They stay after every frame. Mixed with the sensibility sound, the effect just stays with you.

Let Word of Mouth speak for October!

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October opened decently in the first day collection estimates.
"According to early estimates, the film collected Rs 5-6 crore net at the domestic market on day 1. Actual figures are yet to come." reported ibntimes.

October show times in South Bombay

Update: Catch up on October in your corona virus lockdown stayathome

You can actually watch the film October for only a 100 bucks at 11.00 am in New Excelsior near Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, or as we call it (V.T.).

If you've Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch October for free or buy a subscription for as low as 129 rupees.
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October Movie Dialogues

I saw the first-day first show. After , it was an amazing experience to see it first be it early in the morning. I was right there after watching Rampage and felt what better way to start a day after my all nighter radio show, than to binge on movies?

And, yes dialogues deserve a separate para. I need to meet this Juhi Chaturvedi. How? Exactly how can someone write such dialogues?
This is a classic example. The truth of both parties is unsettling. Because you can relate with both!

October Movie Quotes | Varun Dhavan | Banita Sandhu Dialogues English Translation

Tum itne affected kyun ho?
Tum log itne unaffected kaise ho?

Why are you so affected (concerned)?
How are you all not affected at all?

The repartee just churns you inside. Just to give you the context, they are talking about a friend they were just spending every single day with and were also socializing and partying with, who is nearly dead. A single second changed everything. This innocent, stupid man, Dan, who's managed you steal your heart with his weird mannerisms has the best comebacks ever. 
Kitne chances hain bachne ke?
Tum log sab chance hone pe hi karte ho kya?

How many chances are there that she lives? (Because of which you go meet her)
Do you do everything in life only if there is a chance?

These October dialogues are not going to go. Sadly Juhi made them stay with you. They are disturbing and also thought-provoking. I personally feel art transcends all barriers. It connects us through these common emotions. And in all fun and glory, silently, without you even noticing it throws this punch in your face. 
Do you do everything in life only if you have a chance of getting something in return?

Does unconditional love really exist?

What do you have to do to get this unconditional love?
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Shoojit Sircar's October


Those flower shots took every breath away! Literally, I have to call it a "fresh" film.

The lighting is used very carefully. From the shadows to the color play in the highlights, it is a strong early winter morning feeling that October brings to you. It is chilly and you don't want to wake up. It is a lot of work and for some reason people are pouring in so early. The snow in Kullu.  You feel the cold ambience lingering all around. The sunlight shines so soft on the tender flowers, ever so softly that you realize it is still October and just a few months here and there.
Framing has been so aesthetic, it makes it an awesome experience.

Directed by
Produced byRonnie Lahiri
Sheel Kumar
Written by (also dialogues)
Screenplay byJuhi Chaturvedi
Story byJuhi Chaturvedi
Music by (also)
CinematographyAvik Mukhopadhayay
Edited byChandrashekhar Prajapati
Rising Sun Films
Distributed byRising Sun Films
Kino Works
Release date
  • 13 April 2018
Running time
115 minutes

October Concept

The entire concept of those little flowers was beautiful. I have seen and felt those flowers. So, I related the most. A short life. A loved life.
The heroine's mother and sister were phenomenal in acting as well.

Movie discussion | October Movie

October is one of those films that you want to talk about. You really really want to talk about. Just like . (There's also a special post on doveranalyst for you.)
That's why I had to pen down the October movie review on this blog. What did you think about this movie? Let me know in the comments!!

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If you've Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch October for free or buy a subscription for as low as 129 rupees.

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