Gully Boy Movie Review | Ranveer Singh Alia Bhatt | First Day Review

Gully Boy Movie Review

Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt October 14 February 2019

Gully Boy Movie Rating ☆★★★★ You have to SEE it. Ranveer Singh at his best

Gully Boy Expectation Vs Reality

Gully Boy Movie Rating Ability to churn you  🤪Dialogues ★ 🤯Acting ★ 🤩Cinematography/ shots 🤩

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Gully Boy Movie Review Video

When you've such long Gully Boy trailer review, your expectations for Gully Boy Movie are heightened. You expect so much out of Gully Boy, right?
Here's the Gully Boy Trailer Reaction video from doveranalyst and RJ Abhinav, if you haven't seen already.

Gully Boy Trailer Reaction Video

Gully Boy Movie Reaction Review Response

Now, that we went the first thing on Valentine's Day to watch Gully Boy in the theaters, doveranalyst and RJ Abhinav were definitely going to bring the review. I know, I know, the thumbnail is a little click bait. You wonder how on earth can they not like Gully Boy? But, of course, we enjoyed watching Gully Boy. And, hell, yeah, that's an actual screenshot from our video. So, we attempted to replicate (to the best of our ability, in the short time), to replicate slightly at least some personality type from the movie in our clothes. So, coming back after some good movie, and great food, meant some trying a little bit of Safina and Murad look.

Ranveer Singh as Gully Boy Murad

#RanveerSingh killed it, nailed it as Murad. Just a "boy from the gully", as he says it, himself. Right from the kajal in the eyes, to the frail body, deprivation, strong connection with rap music, and the dream to match reality to dreams, rather than dreams succumbing to reality was a phenomenal message GullyBoy brings. Murad's character graph goes from absolute shy, but still righteous to GULLYBOY, the rapper. The journey in itself is the story. GullyBoy marks a stark contrast to Ranveer Singh's Simmba, this year's earlier release. Gully Boy's Ranveer Singh is as grounded as hyper Simmba's Ranveer Singh is.

Alia Bhatt as Gully Boy's Safina

Ypu've to give it to Alia Bhatt for really breaking down. One strong love connection with someone in your life and a possible hint, that the significant other you spend everyday with, may never want to talk to you again, does break you. For real. Alia Bhatt's performance as Gully Boy's Safina is grounded, very much in the element, and able to touch your emotional chords. I cried with her. Tears rolled down as she felt the pain. She picks the dialect and attitude of a girl who would give up anything for her studies, and also just wants to put on some lipstick and feel love. You had a nervous belly, when Alia Bhatt puts on that lipstick on her way to see Ranveer Singh perform.

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