Kahaani 2 Spoiler free and Spoiler Movie review discussion and thoughts

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I went on quite a bit of a trip with Kahaani 2. Grab some popcorn or coffee or lays or whatevs. Now, we sit down to chat.

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Kahaani was brilliance. So, having watched Kahaani in advance was quite a twist
for watching Kahaani 2 as you begin to expect even higher brilliance from Sujoy Ghosh.

You're used to a certain level of dramatic ecstasy that you walk into a theatre spellbound trapped in a world of dreams ready to be transported to another story, Kahaani.

But that does not happen this time. Although, Kahaani 2 is a nice movie and the plot is decent but it is very very predictable. It runs around the same story of how far you'd go to save your loved one. Sounds like Taken, Shivaay, right? Not sure what people behind the story, Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair were thinking.
But, wait. There's more. A child who is hiding marks and just leaves us and Vidya Balan hooked with a single sentence, "They don't let me sleep at night at home."

How and why would a child not be allowed to sleep in her own home? Sounds like trouble?

Treatment of the movie Kahaani 2

Kahaani 2 is definitely shot a lot like Kahaani. There are definitely similarities. Kahaani 2 is again a simple, realistic movie, pleading to you about real life characters, people you see every day, every single day. Vidya Balan pulls off an amazing performance yet again. It is no surprise, obviously. We all know how talented an actor Vidya Balan is.

Cinematography of Kahaani 2

The cinematography by Tapan Basu essentially speaks of mystery and thriller experience with a cool tone to the entire movie, with dimly lit grim tension areas wrenching your gut every now and then. It is very similar to Kahaani. Remember the times, we nearly had our heart in our mouth? Although I'm someone for warm, happy, well lit movies, this was an apt call dragging us towards mystery.

Satyajit Pande had done the cinematography of the 2012 movie, Kahaani.

Kahaani 2 Plot and moments

The major problem, I had was I could predict the entire story. Once you get into their world, it is no big deal to guess child abuse. Or was it just me? Please let me know in the comments. I'm dying to talk.

The person trying to kill Vidya didn't excite a lot of mystery and when it was revealed who she was, neither did it give me a lot of satisfaction. Arjun Rampal has also acted very well. His look is on point and extremely believable as the small town sub-inspector. Somehow, he doesn't seem to the V-shaped ripped guy and pulls off this sub-inspector character very well.

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Kahaani 2 Spoiler related discussion

Don't say, I didn't warn you.

Kahaani 2 is still running in theatres and you must definitely watch it to support our Vidya Balan.(Can someone tell Googlr to stop autocorrecting Vidya to Vaidya. What are you thinking, Google?)

Was it a mystery for even a second that Inder (Arjun Rampal), had soft corner (read fair feelings) for Durga (Vidya Balan)?
From the very beginning, we run with the joke that Inder always trusts his gut feeling. His gut feeling is screeching out loud that Durga is not lying in her diary. Though, I went really far fetched thinking of a zillion things like, hey, the entire diary is written in just one ink, (remember, Gone Girl, anyone?)
Diaries can never be trusted as a realistic form of evidence, especially when they're so well-written. Not everybody is me. Lol.
Also, the Kahaani franchise disrupted the whole game. I would have been so damn fine with this story if it didn't yell out loud that it is another delivery of the Kahaani brand, after having to wait for four years from 2012 to 2016 to see something like this.

Who, like who, in this entire world didn't know that Durga never shot Inder? Who didn't know that that's how Durga ended up in Kolkata? How difficult was it to guess that his pleas for promotion didn't have any layers? WHO, (I really want to know), didn't know that it was Durga he was speaking to in the police office meeting at Kolkata?

But, I thoroughly loved the fact about Kahaani 2 that they showed that a husband is just as same as a man abusing a child. Loved to death the moment, when Durga says, "People who abuse children are no different from men like you, (who abuse their wife, for two years, every single day.)\

I didn't agree however, when he gave an excuse of being young and not knowing better when they were married.

Men, if you're old enough to marry, you cannot be young enough to not know the difference between marital rape and consent!!

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