Jiya jiya re | Lyrics Translation & meaning

Jiya re jiya song from Jab tak hai jaan still taken by me from the video | © +doveranalyst | All Rights Reserved

It is a lovely vibrant song full of positive energy and vivaciousness…..joy simply bursting out ….and I loved Anushka’s expressions!!A great stress buster...n dont forget to check out the snaps...All snaps are taken by me, chosen from the vid...my choice of 'moments'....and 'expressions'.The last is the best...btw..;) [On special demand,,,my special analysis para is at the bottom;)]

Note: Akira is the name of Anushka’s character

Line by line translation of Jiya re Jiya

Chali Re.. Chali Re..
I  started walking (began my journey…)

Junoon Ko Liye 
Taking My Passion with me

Katra Katra, Lamho Ko Piye 
Drop By Drop drinking moments

Pinjre Se Uda, Dil Ka Shikra
Flew From The Cage …the bird Of Heart

Khudi Se Maine Ishq Kiya Re.. Hah! 
I fell in Love with My Ownself... Hah!

KATRA Look from Jiya re jiya song from Jab Tak hai Jaan | Every bit of life well lived!!

Shikra refers to a bird (Accipiter badius)
known for typical flap and glide flight. Probably it refers to how the vibrant spirit of heart flew in a glide out of its cage, free to live…

Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re.. Jiya O.. Ohh.. (x2)

Indian film industry would have never imagined

 a tank top and shorts performance on our 

jheel si neeli Kashmiri boats

(‘Jiya’ in Hindi means both ‘heart’ and ‘Lived’. It can mean ‘Heart lived…as in my heart came alive…(repetition bringing in the stress on ‘being alive! At heart………..or even the reverse…’lived my heart…in a more poetic sense, but in essence meaning the same as both words mean same.)

Chali Re.. Chali Re..(Refrain repeated)
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re.. Jiya O.. Ohh.. (x2)

Make The Way For Akira*
Pop It Up! Move Aside, She Is Here
Hey Get Up! Everybody Wanna Be Her (Hey!)
Wanna See Her (Hey!) She's Akira (Hey!)
‘Chhote Chhote’….. ‘Lamho’ Ko…..Teetli Jaise Pakdo Toh
Haathon Me Rang Reh Jaata Hai….Pankho Se Jab Chhodo Toh
If you catch ‘small small’ ‘moments’(like you catch butterflies) 
The Color Stays In Hands, When You Leave (the butterfly from its wings – Time Moves,  (literally means time walks)
  1. Chhote=small 
  2. Lamha=moment 
  3. Teetli=butterfly 
  4. Pankh=wing 
  5. Rang=color
Waqt Chalta Hai. Waqt Ka Magar Rang Utarta..hai…… Akira! 
But The Color Of Time (fades)Wears Away
Udte Udte Phir Ek Lamha Maine Pakad Liya Re…..
As I flew….one moment was caught by me!

Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re(2)
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re.. Jiya O.. Ohh.. (x2)
My heart went alive…………and lived my heart…oh…it did!!
Make The Way For Akira! (Hey Hey Hey Hey)

Halke Halke Pardo Me,Muskurana Accha Lagta Hai
Behind Thin Curtains….Smiling Feels Good (as in mischievously smiling through translucent curtains..or…..if “halke,halke” is taken to be adjective for smiling…it will mean smiling slightly behind curtains…feels good)

Roshni Jo Deta Ho Toh..Dil Jalana Achha Lagta Hai
If It Gives Light, It Feels Good To Burn Heart Away

(If the heart does good and spreads light amongst fellow beings then it feels happy to feel even pain,  if it comes in the process,  just as a candle, diya,  lamp lights to spread light in darkness) 
'Dil jalana' is a common Hindi expression for heartbreak or meaning pain to heart. 
Here,  it can also literally mean 'burning your heart'  because the comparison is with a lamp that burns oil (or itself)  to spread light

Ek Pal Sahi;Umar Bhar Isse Saath Rakhna.. Akira!
Even if it’s Just A Moment, Keep it with you forever…Aakira!
Zindagi Se Phir Ek Waada Maine Kar Liya Re
Then I Made A Promise To Life

Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re.. Jiya O.. Ohh.. (x2)

Scroll down for few words explained in detail


Composer: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Gulzar
Vocals: Neeti Mohan

Akira's expressions in Jiya re jiya | Oh, boy just look at those eyes...

Awesome moments from Jab tak hai Jaan Jiya re jiya song | The happiness is intoxicating
Anushka Sharma's expressions in Jiya re jiya
“Katra” essentially means “drop” here…often referred to as katra katra khoon ka….each drop of blood.Here, it stands for each drop of ‘moment’ meaning that she’s immersed/ engrossed in every moment of life, living everybit of it….enjoying every moment…living like a free bird that glides out of the cage(pinjra)…..living a free life…..(spirited life..)

Director for this song deserves all credit for such expressions | ©Doveranalyst
A bollywood song that celebrates life | ©Doveranalyst for capturing such never before moments

This is the best moment, I would say...Lovely...madness!!!

‘Jiya’ in Hindi means both ‘heart’ and ‘Lived’. It can mean ‘Heart lived…as in my heart came alive…’Re’ refers to a stress….playful poetic note…..as in My heart came alive…OH it did….

‘Halke’ means light things or slight amount. It would mean here smiling the life away.To me, comes the typical old heroine image who covers her face with half dupatta and smiles gracefully embarrassed or it could be to smile peeping out of curtains with an element of surprise…..with a mild positive energy filling our homes…our lives always….
Or side jokes….where we hide our face with hands but gleefully keep enjoying…grinning.

If it gives ‘Roshni’(light) Dil(heart) Jalana(burning…) (Achha Lagta Hai)-feels good
If it gives light, then burning my heart like a candle feels good.

Every moment is precious. Even if it is just one moment, treasure it with you forever!!

If you enjoy little moments(as you caught butterflies in your childhood)…..the impressions,…the memories…(the color) stays back with you to cherish but if you lose the time and waste it…….time would fly!  It wont wait for you and the colors would fade with time. There would be no fun left in a life wasted.

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