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Meri Zidd Song Lyrics

This song Meri Zid from the movie Bangistan has an adrenalin rush in the lyrics,  a motivation that kicks your blood.
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Meaning of entire song Meri Zid from Baangistan

The whole song symbolizes the never die spirit to move ahead. To choose to live and do. Rather than quitting and dying. Coaxed by selfish religious middle men to be suicide bombers to save their religion, they discover the real challenge is to live. Religion needs no saviour.

Shunning the temptations of a beautiful heaven,  here is a determination to live. In this very world of problems. And changing it for the better. The rebel mode of the song is gripping. To shun ignorance and be a non-gullible strong rogue (if it needs be), to work for the good.

The 'me' tone in the song speaks in first person. 'I' say:

You don't get 'moksha' /'jannat' (heaven),  eternal peace in an ecstatic world, by dying. Or by killing others and dying. I will live the life God has given me and utilize it for benefit of everyone. Use my inner goodness to light up the whole world. I've evolved from naive, gullible,  innocent to belong to a Creed of shrewd men, the go-getters, the rogues who cannot be cheated or misled in the name of religion.

'Today' or the 'present'  is mine. It is my own. I'll live life for today. Tomorrow is yet to come and when it comes we will see. Let it come first. Why destroy the present for future? It is important to 'live'  to protect the world. It is not a world of shaheed or martyrs. Just as the movie BABY spoke so beautifully of the 'THE NEED TO SURVIVE FOR THE COUNTRY', this speaks of a need to survive for humanity. Of the survival instinct! Of the importance of karma.

Two phrases that really touch are 'zidd hai jeene ki' and 'jaat kaminey ki'.
Also,  a superb Rockstar feel to the song makes it very hep.

Line by line translation in English

Ye pyaala aavey zam zam ka hai
Kwahish isko peene ki
Sab kahe marne se jannat
Meri zid hai jeeney ki [2]

  1. Pyala = chalice/mug/ container/ cup
  2. Zamzam = a well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 20 meters (66 feet) east of the Ka'aba,[1] the holiest place in Islam.

Basically, I guess it means something holy,  alluring that is tempting &  tantalizing.

Ye pyaala aavey zam zam ka hai
This chalice is of the holiest &  tempting kind..

Kwahish isko peene ki
Desire to drink it..

  1. Kwahish = wish,  a craving wish,  often symbolic of that what cannot be achieved or is difficult to achieve.
  2. Peene ki = drinking it,
  3. Isko= that

Sab kahe marne se jannat
Everyone says death will bring jannat (= heaven)
Meri zidd hai jeeney ki
My convinction/ stubborn determination is to live.

  1. Meri =My
  2. zidd = the strong determination or stubbornness, paralled with a burning desire/conviction that never dies never loses hope;  undeterrable
  3. Hai = is ; jeeney = to live

This chalice is of the holiest &  tempting kind.. That I've a desire ( craving) to drink it. Everyone says you get heaven if you die,  my stubbornness is to survive and live!

Aaj to mera apna hai, jee jaaney do

'Today'/ 'The present '  is atleast my own,  let me live it (let me live through it)

Kal ki kal dekenge, kal ko aaney do
We will see tomorrow as it comes,  let it come

Poorey jag ko roshan karr de
Entire world will be lit, lighted (enlightened), 

Aag yeh mere seeney ki
such is the fire in my chest ( fire of my chest)

Sab kahey marney se jannat
Everyone says heaven from death

Meri zidd hai jeeney ki
My determination is to live

Wo ho..
A cry of motivation. No particular meaning.

Dhoop chahiye to suraj lekey aana
If you need heat,  then get the Sun along with you

Main malik meri marzi ka na sikhlana
I am the master of my decisions/ wish,  don't try to teach

Banda raha nahi main nadaan
Man no more of foolishness am I
 (I'm no longer NAIVE for you to fool me)
  1. Banda = An exotic Urdu term for 'man'
  2. Raha= stay;  nahi = no ( I am no longer...)
  3. nadaan = naive,  innocent,  gullible
  4. Meri jaat kaminey ki
  5. My creed is of rascals, thick skinned rogues, go-getters who can't FAIL
  6. Jaat = caste / Creed,  especially meaning.     ' the type'  he is, or the 'kind of class' he hails from; 'his kind' (category)  is UNSTOPPABLE
  7. Kaminey = Kaminey's literal meaning is greedy, it is just used as a swear word. It is also used as Euphemisms amongst friends in India,  as 'You rascal', also as adoration. Here it has a very positive meaning. It refers to the Creed of rogues or rascals in the sense, those who are so cunning that they cannot be defeated. The people who have learnt the hard way. The thick skinned. The strong headed. The all knowing because they have faced bad things and have emerged as the goons themselves who cannot be defeated and are to be FEARED because they are UNSTOPPABLE.

Here,  it adds to the positive forward high adrenalin motion of the song saying :
I'm unstoppable. I'm no longer a naive man. I'm so cunning now that you cannot mislead me. My blood runs the die hard (or never die) spirit. My Creed / species is of rogues /goons/ THICK SKINNED. I've am the type that does not listen. Fear me. I'm the kind who will sell you twice in the same market and buy you again.
I belong to the kind who's greedy,  A GO-GETTER, who won't stop to breathe till he gets his goal.
In short, I'm not an ignorant fool anymore.

Sab kahey marney se jannat
Meri zidd hai jeeney ki
Wo ho..
Meri zid.. meri zid hai jeeney ki
Meri zid.. meri zid hai jeeney ki


Zamzam = According to Arab historians, the Zamzam Well, except for a few periods when it became dry or was buried under sand, has been in use for around 4000 years. The well marks the site of a spring that, miraculously , had issued forth from a barren and desolate wadi (non perennial stream) where the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him-pbuh), under Allah's command, had left his wife Hajar and their infant son Ismail (pbuh). In her desperate search for water, Hajar ran seven times back and forth in the scorching heat between the two hills of Safa and Marwa to provide water for Ismail (pbuh), who was dying of thirst. Allah, in His mercy, sent the Angel Gabriel, who scraped the ground, causing the spring to appear. On finding the spring, and fearing that it might run out of water, Hajar enclosed it in sand and stones.
The name Zamzam originates from the phrase Zomë Zomë, meaning ‘stop flowing’, a command repeated by Hajar during her attempt to contain the spring water. The area around the spring, which was later converted to a well, became a resting place for caravans, and eventually grew into the trading city of Makkah, birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).[1]
Source : Wikipedia


Song: Meri Zidd
Movie: Bangistan (2015)
Singer(s): Siddharth Basrur, Ram Sampath
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyricist(s): Puneet Krishna
Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat
Music Label: T-Series
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