Ayesha and Lovish: The Cheesy Day Date

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One of the most awesome feelings in this world is to really connect with someone. Most people underestimate the power of people. The magic of conversations.

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Chapter 1 : The Cheesy Day-Date

Chapter 2: Beginning of the Charging

Ayesha & Lovish Series: The Cheesy Day-Date

One of the most awesome feelings in this world is to really connect with someone. Most people underestimate the power of people. The magic of conversations.

The bliss to really get along. We clicked, you might say. So many people keep longing to 'click' with the one they want. Eternal craving. It might not be the drop dead gorgeous hulk we'd always imagined. Or who knows, it just might be. Life is full of surprises. And sometimes, like times like this, it is best lived without any plans.

It was a normal Sunday where you finally have to get up. But unlike the rest of the boring days at work, you'd definitely want to spice it up. As I lazily get up from my cosy bed, forcing my hands to stretch, I go back to my best aid, first thing in the morning. The phone. Time to check if anyone has been interesting enough at some witty pick up lines. Who should I give the chance? Ah...it's fun, I tell you. Scroll down the people. Smile and blush.

With quick phone calls, good English to satisfy me Lovish had bagged the first date of the long Sunday. The breakfast date. One of these things that dates can tempt me with to really drag my ass to meet them, is being in SoBo and being tall. Location is one of the most crucial things in Bombay. Everyone is lazy on a Sunday and no one wants to travel on their only day of exception. It doesn't matter if you are rich enough to have a car. You still have the traffic to force you to stay put forever at a traffic signal. It doesn't matter if you are a normal middle class girl like me, either. You obviously, have the local trains to give you a nightmare. 
' Ayeshaaa, it would be awesome to meet. But I've a friend in the hospital and I've some time that I can ...like...extend , you know...So would it be ok?'

'No, I mean seriously he's in the hospital and I really want to meet you. Please say yes'.
What should I wear? He's tall, he's nice. Lovely voice. White jeans—umm— but that makes me look a little fat. How about a fitting top, a floral fitting casual shirt? Ok, we are done. Violet eyeshadow. Let's keep it simple and soft for the day. The outfit is too plain and simple. So, long earrings won't hurt. And to go with the pink undertones, the Bodyshop pink lipstick shall be the best. Natural nude lips with a subtle hint of shimmery colour. Pout. There you go, girl. 
Cab. Cab. Cab. Where are you when I need you the most! Why do you make me cross the street and run! My make up will not be sweat proof!


'I —I —am nearly there. The cab guy seems to know PM road....I...knew DN road...for some official work—' I chirp on the phone sounding apologetic.

'Woo pas main hi hain madam...idhar DN to udhar PM', the cab driver seemed pretty confident on how he's exactly going to drop me at the right restaurant. I love these chats with cabbies. Only thing I'd not really want them to know is that it's a blind tinder date.
Good, that it was some new restaurant. I was fed up of meeting people at the same places! I mean, for God's sake. Isn't the whole idea of stepping out,  to find new romantic places and romance?

' Bas just there, halt and you will see Mogambo. I'm standing right here—'

'I'm horrible at spotting people re'

'You can't miss a 6 feet 4 tall man standing here for you, madame'.

I giggled. The car drove to a sudden halt as I was still looking on my left with a smile. Tall he was standing straight next to a pole. I got down and grabbed as much as I could for a look. White hair, rimless specs, really squinted eyes, sharp nose and a Punjabi smile. How old glad he said he was?
No, he didn't look old or something. Even I've white hair. Happens these days. Stress. Tension. Hormones. He cut my thoughts, opening the door for me. We chose the table next to the corner table. 

'So, what will you eat?'

'Oh, I never order. I mean, I let the man decide the place and the food, you see.'

'Oh, you won't have any problem with me. Staying alone really makes you find all the restaurants. I'd know exactly where best and where in town'.

'That's awesome.' I couldn't be happier. ' Lovish right? Lovish Sharma.' 

He nodded as he skimmed through the menu
' Ayesha. Er ..Are you a vegeta— oh, you are a Panju, aren't you?'
'Yes, but a vegetarian Panju'
'What?? How!!'
'By choice. I mean, aisa nahi hai ki main koi Menaka gandhi fan hoon or whatever. I used to have non-veg before. But then I just left. Just like that. I mean, I'd wish if there was a fancy reason. But there isn't.'
I was laughing as he seemed happy with being able to be funny. ' Garlic bread? With cheese?'
'Oh.my.God. No. I forgot yo tell you that I'm really trying to cut down on unhealthy stuff. I'm completely brown bread, no cheese, and lots of green tea these days—'
'Array ek baar se kya hojaega? And we can gave some pasta in white sauce. '
'Pasta? Maida. Array yaar. '
'Cold coffee?
'No. Already cheese pe cheese and milk again! Na re baba na', I gave my helpless adjusting to be nice look, 'I've had milk at home. I mean not like I'm really diet conscious or something. I'm having my milk and sweets and therefore cutting down on junk outside, you see'
'Yes, I see. Array you are completely fine. You don't need to reduce at all.'
Reminded me of celeb. Why do these men—
'Look at me. I keep eating cheese all the time. No asar'
I looked at him. Thin and tall laughing goofily at me.
'Yeah, but not everyone's lucky like you'
He laughed, ' Lucky, I've been, indeed. I've lost a lot of weight after I lost my car'.
'You lost you carrr! ', my eyes popped out.
'Yeah', he said it as gracefully and casually as if he was talking about winning a BMW.
'And I've still not able to forgive myself because  I lost/ couldn't prevent my Note 3 from being stolen ! It was such a horrible shock. It's so much money. And it's not even mine. I mean mom had given. I usually never take money from her. And see what I did—'
'See, that's why I tell you that you have to chill. Take a chill pilllllllll. Life is like that. Things happen. Load le ke kya faida? Look at me. I lost a car. Or it was stolen. Or whateverrrr—'
'How did you lose it? You parked it and forgot? ' I laughed pulling his leg.
'Yeah, sort of.' He laughed, ' But someone else didn't forget, you see.'
'So? That's it?' I was still shocked at the thought that he had made peace with losing a car.
' Yes, it was nothing big. A Santro. But still a lot of money.'
'Ofcohrse a lot of money! It's a car! My note 3 neo was also 40 thousand. I still can't get over it and hope the cops find it—'
He burst out laughing, his talk thin frame in that check grey shirt rolling, his yes barely visible, 'The cops never find you anything. They didn't bother to find my car. They are least bothered about phones. '
'Oh, I know. I mean—but— this was an expensive phone—they said they will trace it and definitely find it'
'Go on, hope. I don't want to ruin your hope, my child', he laughed dismissing me completely. 
I had my little face sullen. Not because he wasn't talking sense. But because he was. One likes to live in this happy thought world that's unreal. But pleasant, indeed. Filled with hope. 

Ayesha and Lovish: Beginning of the Charging

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