Ayesha and Lovish: Beginning of the Charging

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries :

Teri Meriiiiiiiiiii Kahaniyaan :
Episode 1.Cheesy day date in a hospital break
Episode 2.Jaw aching apple smiles with love, from tea
Episode 3.Save me from this date wala date! 
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Icy cold breeze of that night had haunted Ayesha to death. You know the kind that tears through the bones to the jaws? Of pain. Of indifference. But move on, she did. In hours, tinder life moved fast. Ayesha finally told Lovish about it in their late night 'walk you home' moment as he won't take no for sharing torment. Men came and went. No, seriously. Even Lovish. Their first date was awesome. But somehow it was a month. And in just one week it was jaws aching-this time of laughter every minute she was with him.
Ayesha Diaries| Mumbai Diaries: Ayesha and Lovish series

And now.

Whatsapp screens are lit up with swipes, mischievous smiles, eyelashes up & down and effort to wake up on the office tables & rolling chairs. 

[1/23, 10:29 AM] Ayesha: Soojhi soojhi aankhen... Ankhon me neend.... Office ki chair pe ye haseen ...

[1/23, 10:36 AM] Lovish: Girti hui palkein......palkon mein chhupi aankhein ....sharamake muskurati office mein soch rahi tu raat ki woh baatein

[1/23, 10:49 AM] Ayesha: Wow u actually completed it! Par koi padhega to...kya sochega! lol

[1/23, 10:51 AM] Lovish: Toh kya ? .... Padhega toh bolega Ki achhi baatein hui hogi

[1/23, 11:07 AM] Ayesha:

Sooni sadko pe na tehelna

Chalne ki energy na hona

Teri palkon ki chhaon me charge hona, 

Wo tere kandhe pe sar jhukana, 

Tera hath mere gaal pe thapthapana... 

unglion ka mere balon me khelna

Girte padte Starbucks me ja k

Teri wahi sadi coffee order karne ki tendency pe hasna

Limelight me sharmana, ithlana, coffee show host karna, 

Hasna rona, adakari pe gumaan karna

[1/23, 11:10 AM] Ayesha: Meher meher meherbaniyan

[1/23, 11:11 AM] Lovish: Meherbaniyan ....Teri meri kahaaniyaan

[1/23, 11:11 AM] : Ayesha : Network issues ko chirte huay ye sansaniyan

[1/23, 11:23 AM] Lovish: Just make sure the readers read it as love-ish ....not loove  ish


 Or low- ish

[1/23, 11:23 AM] Ayesha : What's the difference

[1/23, 11:24 AM] Lovish: Pronunciation 😉


[1/23, 11:27 AM] Ayesha : lovish

(comparative more lovish, superlative most lovish)

Somewhat loving.


From love +‎ -ish.

Between like and love

So if I reach that state what am I to tell you?

I lovish you Lovish


It would be worse for Love Modi. I love you love. Lol

[1/23, 11:25 AM] Lovish: Lol. Achhi beginning hai

Quick flashback to last night :

I'm not alone. I'm not alone now. Love connects. 
Stupid ringtone! Haphazardly I see– Lovish calling. I swipe right. 

'Han bol.'

'Arey kya bataun yar. I've to shift my friend's place. Remember. Barely 15 min before I leave. Chalega? '

'Yup. But where? '

'Regal ki chai? I've had dinner. So you won't have to spend much! '

'Hahah. What kinda place is that? '

'We will see'

He had always seen me casual. He wasn't that bad afterall. I mean sometimes I wear a dress with red lip color to buy groceries! 

Shit. No more time. Hurry! 
Run. Run. Run.

'Guess what? I'm not getting a cab! '

'Excellent. Wait I'm coming ahead then.  That's exactly why I was born'

' Good one. Lol'

'You! I'm standing on the street alone wearing a dress!  Come soon! '

' Yes. I can see you. Oh. It's – not you. Ayesha–Sorry. Meri ma. I swear wo bhi dress me thi. Bhaiya ko puchh le.'

'Yeah. Yeah whatever. THANK GOD! FINALLY! '

'Waise you are looking very good today'

' Thanks ' I smile with an eyebrow raise. 

Somehow I very comfortably grabbed his arm or tried to feel if there was one. 
My little guy was 6,2",  hair starting close from forehead, thin, funny,  witty, buddy. He was wearing a shirt today that made him look better. His hand with long fingers had a huge palm too. For it completely filled my cheek with a warmth. 
When he took his palm after a while, by reflex I put it back on my cheek. 

'Very tired you are after office? '

I find myself softly nodding on to his arm. 

' To kya charge ho rahi hai? '

' Hmmm' I smile to his arm. 

This was the first time in four dates that he was adoring me so much and from the height he was to 5,9" me, he suddenly kissed my forehead. 

'Just that much, han. I'm not comfortable with PDA. '

'Han re. Me too'

But no. I could say it was the platonic bonding wala one. There was no lust. 

' You know I'm not a romantic '

' And I'm a die - hard romantic '

As we hurry through the railings, the little roadside tea shop's shut. 

' To? '

' Kya to?'

'See good news is– I've like half an hour to 45 minutes now. My friend is late. Where do we go now? '

' You say, Mr. I Know it all about restaurants '

' See, if you want to sit –'

'Can't you see I'll fall down any moment, lol?'

We go to Starbucks. Again. 

As I take back my position, 'You want to charge again? '

' Yeah. So that I can get rid of my fatigue, Luv'. He pats me gently like you do to a little kid. It's funny I call him Love at times. No, I mean, I know it's his name. But I've never called anyone 'Love' before. 

At the counter, ' I–ummm–I feel so awkward. Every time–I'm with a new guy here.'

Lovish gives a funny look. 

'Han, array I was here with that model the other day. The other Panju. '

Witty, indifferent & stoic as he is, ' Do they remember you by face? '
' I hope not '

After I take my usual Hazelnut, ' Hey what's that membership –' I turn towards Lovish. 'I might as well save some money'. Cheesy grin. 

'Ya. Le le. Le le. '

We settle down under an obvious yellow light on the palest brown sofas you can get. 

' This battery pack, I tell you.'
We both look between his legs as he continues to speak,  ' I just rushed home, picked it. But the wire, it just has to go from –what are you laughing at, Ayesha? I mean unless my fly is open–? 

– No, it's not. I've checked' he nods assuring comically. 

He had a gift turning anything to a comedy. 

' Look at that thing!' I speak between giggles, 'The way the white wire criss crosses between your Navy blue jeans pockets, THAT visible! Who wouldn't laugh? You seriously walked in here LIKE THIS? '

' Yeah. Majboori ka nam Mahatma Gandhi'


He looks at me dramatically, ' So, welcome to Coffee with–La la la Lavish ' I've no idea why he chose an SRK opening arms movement to match. 

' Hahaha, I used to host a show with my best friend Aradhana – Appy with Ayesha '

' Appy? '

' Appy fizz! The cool dude apple drink? So difficult it was to find something that began with 'A'. Plus Aru –Aradhana,  loves Appy. I like the Grape version,  the hip hopper.'

We laugh. That's technically what we keep doing no matter what one says.

One of the best things about Lovish is that he can really make me smile. 
I mean like really. He's what you need after a tiring office day. 
He takes all your fatigue away.  The guy liking you however you are for a test is fine but dressing up for him was really cool. 

The spot yellow light on us added to that mood. 

'Ya so what's the problem with the supermodel panju? '

' He's exactly like his pictures! '

He raises his thick eyebrows. 
' Isn't that supposed to be a good thing? I mean–he really looked... '

' Ya. He is. He looks amazing. But again thin. He's like being models they are not allowed to have a chest size more than 40.

'So?' he does his stoic taken aback look 'Isn't 40 a good size?' 

'No. I mean. Look at me. He should atleast be able to hold me in his arms. Fit me between his arms. That is. '

We giggle the loudest only looking back at all other couples to control. 

'What do you think they are here for?' I look at the velvet jacket and white shirt peeking and that boring blue shirt guy, 'First date?' 

'Maybe matrimonial.'


'They are obviously meeting first time. '

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Memories of the first time I'd met Lovish are right in front of me in a flash. Lovish loves even wondering if the cheese garlic breads on the table have something to say. We couldn't have related more on what the four men gang was for at the Fort Mogambo Cafe. Business deal? Who's with who? These two must belong to one party. Oh, Shit! They are looking at us looking at them now! Oh shit! They are wondering if we know about their inner monologs of how they hate their boss sitting next to them. No. No. Will the diamond guy buy into this Gujju's chashni sweet behavior? 

I laugh more at that thought. Lovish has in many ways revived the lost Ayesha in me. The child-like playfulness. The awe at humans. For just being who they are. The mischievous curiosity for not being able to know every story. For everyone has a marvellous story. 
I wasn't as extreme in life as Lovish to think of inanimate stories,  but maybe that taught me opening up to weirdness. Maybe I'm trying to be cool. I can still call home the thought of soft toys being really hit and hurt. Ok, slightly maybe. I don't know. But this was wild. Being with Lovish was really wild.

'Ayesha, I fail to understand the problem with the Panju ' Lovish brought ne back to real time. 

' You seem to be very concerned about your Punjabi brother! I mean, aren't you happy I'm here with you? '

' Yesssssss. But you know me, I'm a curious –'

'Ya. Ya. But yar, he was like –like –he was wearing tiny polka dots shirt and was commenting on that girl's horrible fashion sense. I don't know what to wear if I met him again –'

'You are ditching an international supermodel for dress–'

'No. I don't understand how he likes me –'

' Because you are likeable. '

' You really think so? '

' Han. Matlab main jhak mar raha hoon yahan? In a 15min thingy I got to be with you –'

'OK. Ok ' I smile. 'Thanks'. 'You know he said he will ask me a qsn &  I've to answer in detail –Lol. Anyone who knows me, knows I ONLY do detail. Haha '

' He doesn't know you –'

'Uffo. So he asks me about religion, death, rebirth & after life & my take on it. So, I used that amazing line of yours when we were having this theology debate.... History is always written by the ruling party...!   Even he knows about you. Ofcourse it's common knowledge no one is meeting just one person. '

' Ya, ofcourse that day on the phone. Right?  I nod. 'Ya God knows how Airtel &  Vodafone befriended each other for a while and we had talked for 2 hours–' 

'Ya–our network problems! My God! '

On our way back I'm again in his arms. 

Dear Diary, 
I've been seeing this man who is not a model. But I've never been this happy.

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