BALIKA VADHU:Anandi, Shiv Jagya (What the viewers want)

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Facebook page linkThis is gonna be a long post cuz I don’t have the time for a short
Guys,  this is an old link. My 30k likes Facebook page managed for Balika Vadhu was taken down after Colors had its official page. 

The inner layers of Social Stigmas in Modern India today

What hurts me, is there are still people like you who dont get the message despite my other viewers constantly supporting me n giving reasons WHY Jagya is the villain, n he is suffering for all his SINS now.This shows the level of education, the level of maturity in the young men of today who are tomorrow’s future and what is more saddening is that a handful of women also think the same.

I am glad that 96% of 14,000 people on facebook support Anandi n Shiv’s marriage but what is shocking is the 4% that disagree.

This shows that we haven’t yet learnt to respect the woman.We still feel that a woman has no right to be happy if her husband has left her.We still feel that a man can be forgiven, no matter what sins he commits, just because he’s a man.Is it?? Is it so?How can we have such anti-progress (regressive is the word) , anti-conscience, anti-morality and anti-justice thoughts??

After so many years of independence, this is the kind of people we have? Are we really independent then? Tell me you men (and shockingly some women) who believe in this outrageous belief, would Jagya have forgiven Anandi if she would have done the same and accepted her?

Would he have taken her for his wife after she lived as mistress and got pregnant twice?


And Anandi should also never forgive Jagya for all that he’s done including cheating on her, abusing her, forgetting all that she’s done for him, etc.

To all those who say Anandi can never love Shiv.

Remember Sumitra's dialogue??

"Agar wo aise ladke se itna pyar kar sakti hai, to socho tumhe KITNAAAAAAAAA Karegi!!!!!"

Anandi already loves Shiv.And NOW when she really has a choice, she will realise..........she loves Shiv.This was needed to show that Anandi just didn't marry Shiv cuz she didn't have any other choice.Jagya deserves rejection.Don't worry, I don't think he'll die.He'll just get a chance to tell his family that he's left Gauri n get a CHANCE for repentance n continue his punishment.

Does Anandi love Shiv? To people who say she doesn’t…think again.

Like I said.DONT FORGET DREAM SEQUENCE "Who was the sapno ka rajkumar??" Yes, it was SHIV.It means Anandi has already fallen for Shiv.She just doesnt realise it now.But she will.

And no, she was not at all sad at finding him as she was expecting Jagya.She was just surprised at what lay inside her OWN HEART.

Jagya is suffering for all that he's done.Deserves it.I hope a KANK is repeated n Anandi proves to be an example for the Indian woman to learn to respect herself n not forgive due to circumstances.
Shiv is the best for her and she for Shiv

Facebook comment:Naina Gupta Yes..I have been emphasising the same point..she likes him but hasnt had a chance to realise just when the going got good her divorce hearing came up,then her mother died,and now again when she is trying. Jagya has come in between..else after the dream sequence she is even shown to remember first jagya’s and then shiv’s dialogues.A dialogue wherein jagya is telling anandi to move on and that he doesn't love her and on the other hand the soothing voice of shiv.


ü Oh yes, ofcourse.Anandi is a mature person and so is Shiv. And no, she’s not 21.She was 18 when she came, then Jagya went when she was 19, and 5 years and then 2 years so it makes her 27.

Shiv is a much better mature and understanding person who truly deserves Anandi and can understand and respect her.bhi

Jagya could just never do that. He’s always been a shallow and selfish character. A person who could leave Anandi after over 15 years of marriage and Gauri after 7 years, whats the gurantee he would stay?

Greta Garbo aur jeevan usi k sath anandi ko bitana chahiye jo humesha uske sath rahegi chahe kuch v ho jaye ...aur jagya ne kabhi anandi ko respct nhi diya ... jagya ne apni ma baapu sa ko v nhi respct diya ...anandi to bahot dur ki baat h

Eva Shrestha
Here's what she says..
Anandi should never give Jagya second chance. he Does not deserve any other chance . jagya marring Gauri and leaving Anandi alone to suffer...this track was basically shown to show how a child marriage can fail and how a guy can leave his wife heartlessly..... And anandi is shown strong girl who has self respect and caring about other .....and after all what happened.....If Anandi and the family takes jagya back then its like killing the moral of the show.... A bad guy needs to be punished ..... hope shiv and Anandi gets married and Jagya get punished for what he did....

Dhruva Bhatnagar Now time is with Anandi. jagat/jagiya is a mentally sick because of most selfish nature.

Aashish Sharma jagya should b forgiven by his family n anandi should b married wid shiv dats gd fr both . .

Shalini Pankaj Kashyap no forgivness for Men like Jagiya... whyshould Anandi forgive him?? No there z no need to do so....

Naina Gupta Absolutely he deserves punishment..if he's forgiven all the people wil think they can do anything and get away with it..and all these fans like aman ji..what do you mean by dramatic hai anandi? why don't such people step in to anandis shoes and c..typical male chauvinists..

Lavuna Garg no jagiya.. shd't go back 2 gauri..n..both of them shd live alone..with their punishment...2 feel the pain..of Anandi . Anandi ..shd marry Shiv..2 give social message..tit for tat.../ God is always there...with nice..people..

Jagya is not at all the victim

Jagya is never the victim. Open your eyes. Please see the episodes, then opine.
If Jagya didnt want the marriage n understood when he grew up, then why didnt he revoke the marriage in 2yrs time, after being legally adult, as provided by our law??
(Guess??Cuz he completely loved Anandi)

Fact that he didn't revoke, was legally accepting her as his wife. He not only loved her,cared for her, but also had all relations as man n wife. No question of not being a legal wedding.

Balika Vadhu educates you of Child Marriage law. 

So,that men like Jagya cant take advantage of women on the pretext that they were so called victims n are now free to throw their wives of child marriage.

Jagya's remarriage to Gauri was another social issue:Adultery
Cheating of men on their wives.
Marrying Gauri ws not a tamacha on child marriage at all.It was cheating and an ILLEGAL WEDDING

Here Balika Vadhu showed that even though they did a court marriage, a SECOND wedding is ILLEGAL n the 2nd wife shall be nothing but a mistress in the eyes of our INDIAN LAW.

Another social issue tackled here was "Domestic abuse(emotional n psychological).

Jagya (as a full fledged husband. Guys grow over the child marriage issue. Be mature)....Now Jagya was a husband, n he was abusing his wife constantly,always making her feel inferior, demotivating her, insulting her.
Thats a crime n a SOCIAL ISSUE.

Another social issue here was youth being blinded by ambition n superficial materialism, forgetting their parents n love in quest for materialistic success, glamour and peer pressure.

Do u think BV is mad to continue on child marriage alone? There are SO MANY ISSUES tackled.I could name a 1000, for over 1000 episodes.

How Balika Vadhu created social change

Balika Vadhu educated me.I didn't know there was any law to protect the REAL VICTIMS of child marriage, the women. But now I know people like u, like Jagya cant ESCAPE saying they were victims of Child marriage n can leave their wives or insult them
N I AM SO PROUD OF BV for that.Cuz I hav facts n proof to contradict your comments that jagya is a victim

The law protects the victims.

Hence, it protects Anandi n NOT JAGYA.
Law had shown that Anandi could have landed Jagya in jail for HIS CRIME(Not at all a muhtod jawab but a cheap selfishness)
Jagya could be in jail for his illegal wedding to Gauri.
Anandi didnt file the case or he would hav been toiling hard in jail

Here's Sarika Gupta from facebook supporting:
Jagya victim to bilkul nahi hai..sahar jane k baat wahan ki chamak dhamak me usey gaon bahut pichda aur bura lagne laga tha. usey lagta tha ki gaon ki ladki anandi uski wife banne k layak hi nahi hai. isliye wo apni barabari ki ladki gauri ki taraf attract ho gaya. jo bhi hua wo sirf aur sirf jagya ki marzi se hi hua. fir wo victim kese hue. victim to bechari anandi hai. par us sabke bawjood anandi ne jagya se jyada success hasil ki, ye mujhe bahut achcha laga. ab to anandi ko shiv k sath hi apni nayi zindagi ki shuruwat karni chahiye..

Greta Garbo jagya ne galti ki ....magr us galti ki sajah anandi ko mili... anandi ne apni pehle pyar aur shadi ko kho kr us galti ki varpayi ki, ab jab jagya ko lgne lga usne gauri k pass aa kr galti ki , tb wo phir se anandi k pass jana chahta h , dono hi sutro me jagya ne gauri ko v use kiya aur anandi ko v use kiya , gauri modern h isliye tb use modern hi fi wife chahiye thi , ab gauri jhuti bn gyi h to use anandi jaisi sidhi sadhi partnr chahiye , ab wo gauri ko chod k aya bina kuch soche , wo har waqt apne hisab se dusro ko use kiya , aur aise use krne walo ki kabhi koi bharosa nhi hota ,

sabah khan :
mard jo kare wo sahi???? agar jasa jagya nai keeya agar wasa anandi karti tho kya jagya usko apnata???? kabhi nahi....

Facebook comment: Sahithi San in my point of view jagiya is worst....the complete mistakes were done by him...he simply blaming gauri now ,,the thing is that he is the one who went back on gauri and proposed her for mariage..after knwing the truth gauri refused it ,,but he acted like as if he will die ,if gauri wont marry.. now jagiya left gauri ..he spoiled anadis life ..and now gauri's life also again went back to jetser to disturb anandi..these kind of guys must be punished, he is playing with the girls life...he dont have mental stabilty ,,he is changing his interests in time to time...because of him ..all are sufffering ...

Jagya is guilty

1. He didn’t revoke marriage, accepted Anandi after being 18, got legally wedded and then left her even though he had gone to Mumbai by her efforts only

2. He forgot he’s alive cuz Anandi had taken the gun shot in her head for him.He owes every breath to her.

3. He forgot she was always more intelligent .Always taunted and tortured her for being backward and what is called “domestic abuse”.

No woman deserves to be treated like this.Every woman must know that it is her right to be treated with respect. De-motivating again and again to an extent where the wife loses all confidence and feels inferior is a crime by our law.

4. He married Gauri in court of law knowing well he’s legally wedded once. This is a crime by law of trying to fool the court.This was punishable by the law and only cuz of Anandi he stayed out, roaming around with Gauri and taunting Anandi.

5. He took his daily expenses for his love, lust, and studies for every single gift he bought Gauri from Anandi only.Every penny was sent to him every month duly by Anandi from her money so that he takes care of himself and his mistress.

6. He made Gauri pregnant twice and even dreams of forgiveness.

7. He came to actually put that bibhoot in Anandi’s mom’s funeral so that so-called black magic of Anandi’s mom is gone.This is so cheap.

8. He was the reason why Anandi’s mom died in the first place.

9. Not to forget the way he shattered all relationships and dreams of his family member, his mom, dad, dadisa, tausa, taiji etc.

The list can just go on.

Guys, thanks so much for visiting & reading the entire rant. I've a lot of posts on Balika Vadhu's entire story.

Someone had Googled how Dadisa was to Anandi when she was younger and landed on this page. God knows why. But I like helping people. So, yeah Dadisa was extremely strict and cruel to Anandi as a kid. She used to lock her up without food.

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