Hindu characters in Pak drama Kuch Ankahi — an Indian review

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As an Indian Hindu we obviously wonder if Hindu characters are ever shown in Pak dramas. I'd to put all my determination together to see one but that wasn't that great although the great Qavi Khan was there.

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Kuch Ankahi Pak drama

But Kuch Ankahi has probably the best. Kuch Ankahi adds the Hindu family in the most organic way. It is a beautiful story on its own too with depth. There are sub plots with nearly every character which I wish they had explored further. Nevertheless it was a good happy ending. 

The most Hilarious part of Kuch Ankahi Hindu plot

Moona Shah as Mina, plays the housemaid of Aaliya's house. Mina is stunning in every frame. This is the best way to show a maid who's dressed well in aesthetic sarees but still convinces you she's the maid. It's so unbelievable that they could pull it off but they did. Her bindi is perfect. Not too big (like that other Pak drama). Kuch Ankahi also stars Emaan Khan as Neha, Mina's daughter, Saqib Sumeer as Harish, Mina's husband, Falak Shahzad Khan as Deepak, Mina's son and Hammad Farooq as Parmesh, Mina's nephew.

As an Indian Hindu I don't know if they're scared of any Hindu backlash or sentiments being hurt because there was nothing like that. But it was hilarious the actors couldn't remember the names of the Hindu characters! Kuch Ankahi seems like a prime time normal serial from ARY Digital. (Probably the same Pak TV channel that did Mere Humsafar with Farhaan Saeed and Hania Aamir that was trending in India throughout).

The reason why Indians are turning to Pak dramas is their family values, decent clothes, no kissing or sensual scenes just like our Indian serials used to be! It's so nostalgic to see clothes. Modesty. Watching with entire family.  But Kuch Ankahi adds a lot more for Indian viewers. Here's why you will love Kuch Ankahi if you're an Indian.

  1. Most Pak dramas have several references to Indian Bollywood stars. So, we Indians can easily grasp the joke whenever it's said. Very rarely do they reference Hollywood or Pak movies. In Kuch Ankahi, they mention Saigal Sahab's songs! 
  2. The main leads voice throughout Kuch Ankahi was begging for gargling. Her voice is so raspy. Sometimes it was barely audible. But worry not, they know it. They literally joked about it. Her sister Tanya says "Gargle, your voice is sounding like Rani Mukherjee". I burst out laughing. I didn't expect them to take it in stride and joke about it. It was so organic. So beautifully done. The reaction to it was perfect. A natural, "ya you're right" in the most matter of fact way. So, even the current generation knows Hindu stars. Not just the Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir as they're Khans. That was so wholesome to watch as an Indian.
ARY Digital dramas are great but usually don't pay much attention to detail in production. Remember the iconic Nilu's dupatta literally changing 10 times in one scene?
We adore those characters. But it just becomes an inside joke when you see something like this.

In Kuch Ankahi the Muslim girl playing "Neha" kept calling her cousin brother "Parvez". I wondered if they will show Dewar converted to Islam, so his son  became Parvez but they're still Hindu. Then in later part of the story called him Parmesh. So, no all were Hindu. But what's worse is every single one started calling Mina's husband as "Ramesh". Later called him "Harish". It was so confusing as a viewer "Ab ye Harish Kaun hai?" But we understood eventually that they're referring to Mina's husband only. The back and forth in names was so funny. It reminds me of my own shooting when sometimes the vanity vans would have different names. I can totally understand the actor's pain. Haha.

Not just Hindu names but there's no consistency on MUSLIM brothers' name either!

Shaqeel is Tufail's son. Kuch Ankahi establishes that Agha Jaan is traumatised his brother Tufail who'd already taken money for his share yet has sent a claim. Later, he is so relieved when Tufail HIMSELF calls to say he didn't send the notice. His son Shaqeel did and now he's missing. Shaqeel lands in Agha Manzil, petrified of his father's wrath for sending that notice. 

But later Shammo & Agha mention Tufail's voice note from America saying he wants his share. That made us the viewers confused. Like what is even going on? But we concluded it's a mistake. Later on they say Sohail chacha is going to come from US to get share and he calls Aaliya too. So, that makes sense. It cannot be Shaqeel's father.

The Hindu family in Kuch Ankahi

The Hindu family in Kuch ankahi is an integral part of the whole story.

I love Pak dramas like Angan, Suno Chanda etc where everyone has something going on & we are equally invested in all characters. Mina is the househelp and every scene she's in, she shines. A story that every Indian has once seen in life or in an Indian TV serial. The husband of the maid beating her after drinking, snatching her money away as she struggles to earn some. The kids suffering in the process. All characters have a beautiful arc.
I was worried if they'd show some angle between the cousins as every Pak drama has cousin brother sister getting married (in their culture it's ok, but you know that deep unsettling feeling as they may not be aware for us Hindus, it's blasphemous & chacha ka ladka is BROTHER. But they sorted it out beautifully, mentioning a girlfriend Pooja who later was referenced as mangetar (fiancé) of chacha ka ladka Parmesh. So, he was just being a brother and supporting his cousin sister. Perfect.

But yet in the drama you do see chacha ka  ladka Shaqeel hitting on Taniya repeatedly. (If this is your first time into Pak drama, wait till you see arranged marriages of main leads, kids of brothers every now & then like Suno Chanda or Mere Humsafar. But they're very good stories. We've to commit to their universe to understand their stories).

As an Indian Hindu & an avid movie & drama reviewer, I wondered if we really had to think of communities; (like force oneself to), was it a white saviour Complex like thing? Like many Blacks complain of whenever there's a white character they are shown as saving the blacks from desperate situations). But I guess no. It wasn't intended as so as the employer, the main family also had gazillion problems of their own. They do a great job of making you like each character. So, honestly you would not think they saved her for any other reason.

Not once was religion mentioned. But if you see Pak dramas a lot, hearing names like Deepak, Neha, Mina, Harish (Parmesh, Ramesh) is a breath of fresh air as the first names that you're used to, you know? Much like the viral Pak Hindu wedding video "Pak me Hindu hain bhi?" wala moment. Therefore it makes most sense to show a poor Hindu family struggling to make ends meet. 

Now that all your reservations are addressed, here's why you must watch Kuch Ankahi

What acting, man! Mind blowing acting 

Hats off to the characters. A well-written story makes you invested. And oh my Goddess! That scene on the bed when Taniya goes to her mother was so REALISTIC. So well executed. Shammo was the best ever in this scene. We saw her before as Badi Bahu in Aangan. She was good there too. But this scene. When you see it you're shocked by how much the actors show you without saying a word. Taniya tells her to rest. She obeys. Then suddenly she gets up. But comes back. That's so nuanced. If anyone knows these people, who were behind this scene, please connect me. Phenomenal. Who in the world thought of this? It was a great payback since you were constantly waiting on how she would react. I'm not revealing more as it's a very important plot point regarding Samiya and you're constantly made to wait only to see it finally culminate into this.  It was satisfying.

Kuchh Ankahi starts off with the same plot of bickering rivals. And you naturally expect them to fall in love. It surprises you with a love triangle later on. Most Pak dramas focus on property. Baby Baji had such a sad situation there. Selling off the property and dividing shares of it. Or just as in Angan the adorable husband of this mother in Kuch Ankahi gives up when the big house is to be demolished by whoever bought it.

One of the brothers arranging all the crores to buy off rest is very difficult. Kuch Ankahi has some hilarious moments of Jayadaat ki nokjhok. It's not bitter at any point. But you do feel the stress everyone is going through, except the main lead. But she was exceptional too in some scenes like when she's telling Salman wahan ja ke coffee bhejna. My mother was crying throughout whenever there was any emotional scene.

The elder daughter Samiya and mother was also too good. 

Bua (phu pho) saying Asfar is to die for cracked me up. Also the literal Phu phu for phupho was absolutely writing comedic genius.

Kuch Ankahi is not too much comedy or too much serious. It decides it's mood in between. 

It's also unintentionally funny in It's love for grey hair. If Aliya is 30-32, how is Samiya 28? Taniya must be younger. Then how on earth Shaqeel is 2 years older than Taniya but has grey hair? Like why? Same with Sophia Phupho. She is little less than 40 but hardly 2-3 years older than Salman. Ok. But she spent 18 years married. So, if she was 18 when she fled, waited 2-3 months, then married Safdar, the least she can be is 32, which will make her same age as Ailya? Then why is her hair grey too? We get it Abba miyan used to reduce few years in school. So, Agha jaan knows the deep secrets. But Agha jaan is retired. So, he must be 60? The math ain't mathing on this one and they don't care. So, I guess they were just winging it.

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