Ratsasan Vs Cuttputli CHANGE — MOVIE REVIEW Differences

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My hopes from Hindi remake of Tamil film in Akshay Kumar's Cuttputli were really high in hoping that they managed to convey the ghore without actually showing it. Especially, because I'm a radio jockey from Rainbow, Mumbai and they showed a radio jockey from Rainbow saving the day in CUTTPUTLI. Like, what? Someone, cast me please! I'm available 😬

What does Ratsasan mean?

Ratsasan (transl. Demon; pronounced [ராட்சசன்]) sounds like Rakhyasa. The original was a 2018 Indian Tamil-language crime thriller film.

Differences in Screenplay from original Tamil RATSASAN & Hindi Cuttputli remake on Disney+ Hotstar

I watched both Ratsasan and Cuttputli. When a movie is remade, one would assume any changes should be to improve the film even more.  Some changes can be neutral but again let's discuss if they're a good fit for the local climate and feel of Himachal Pradesh.Here's a detailed analysis of every single thing changed in the screenplay & plot points & also whether or not those changes were good.

The story moves from the South to the North of India. And we East coast of India are equally foreign to both cultures.😅

Loved the phenomenal character arc given to Madam SHO

I'll detail how the character of Madam SHO in Hindi Cuttputli makes some really great choices than the original RATSASAN. The decisions are sensible and follow a logical flow. 

Minor non-spoiler changes

  1. Arun is now Arjan Sethi in the Hindi remake
  2. The male forensic doctor is now a female
  3. Male radio jockey in RATSASAN is female radio jockey
  4. FM channel changed to Rainbow 🌈(your dOVERanalyst is a radio jockey in Rainbow. Cast me, pleaseeee😛)
  5. Protagonist's love interest now wears noodle strap blouses in chilling winters
  6. Protagonist's love interest has a niece, not a daughter (I feel it takes you further away from attachment. I'll detail why).
  7.  The end reveal happens in just 5 minutes when the killer decides to say it all HIMSELF. Wait, what? Ikr.
  8. ACP Lakshmi physical appearance is more real, and Madam SHO is fit; more aspirational. I applaud both.
  9. Arjan doesn't stay with family. But is trying to make a movie in the Punjabi film industry. And therefore is renting a place. His parents are DEAD. He's living on pension of his dad. And therefore, the sister and brother-in-law make more sense as so close to him.
  10. No boy proposing and taking her out to the gate. That's chopped off in CUTTPUTLI 

Cuttputli Movie Review

The good about Cuttputli 

  1. Casting of Payal is phenomenal who single handedly does a great job at trying to evoke emotions when there aren't any in the otherwise bland Cuttputli.
  2. The way they address the death by the sister (improvement on RATSASAN).

No knowledge ever goes to waste

Loved the beginning foreshadowing in CUTTPUTLI where the old landlord says "No knowledge ever goes to waste". It adds a much needed comic effect. RATSASAN doesn't have any renting scenario. So, naturally there's no landlord friend with a wise grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's.

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The bad, the ugly Cuttputli

Despite Madam SHO's character in the Hindi adaptation was written beautifully, the ugliest part of the dialogue was,

"Butt pe bhi hai, dekhega?"

The ending climax is rushed as if we are a missing a flight 

and the invigilator in the exam said, "Five minutes left to submit the paper". 

CUTTPUTLI will go down in film history in trying to wrap up loose ends in the climax on a stop watch time test. 

Worst change in Cuttputli from RATSASAN 

  1. In the process, this worst change in Cuttputli from RATSASAN completely takes away the charm of the ending, the thrill. So many twists and turns are gulped away. (Because, invigilator asked for paper. Remember? Or because Akshay Kumar HAS TO complete in 30 days). Everytime I met Akshay Kumar, he's really nice. I really wanted CUTTPUTLI to work, because he's in it.

2. No background score

The best part about Ratsasan was the background score but Cuttputli somehow just doesn't do it. Like why? As a result the most thrilling moments that have chill down your spine have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT at all on you.

Despite Payal being way more childish and cute, (I'm speaking from a perspective of feeling more concern for a child, than the teenager in RATSASAN), we feel absolutely NOTHING.

Remember the Father and Mamu (uncle) car scene? It killed you. Just their performance killed you from within. You were dying inside. None of that happens in Cuttputli.

Cuttputli fails in evoking the slightest emotion in you

You feel like, "Oh, someone died. Meh. Who's the killer?"
Just as you feel neutral in a CID, or Crime Patrol version. You don't care for these characters AT ALL. You're not invested in any single death in Cuttputli. Even the most crucial one. The most chilling part of RATSASAN was the horrific murders. And, that's your dOVERanalyst speaking who doesn't understand any South Indian language, yet I was numb in RATSASAN.

Rakul Preet Singh as Divya vs Amala Paul as Viji

Rakul Preet Singh as Divya in CUTTPUTLI plays the Hindi counterpart of Viji played by Amala Paul in RATSASAN. 
A beautiful character in RATSASAN is just WASTED. Her stylist's choice of showing bare midriff in chilling winters and then remembering quickly to add a stylish black sweater with her saree in the running around shot, switching the game, by coiling her saree pallu around her neck are both stylish and yet questionable to the story context. 

Viji's uniform saree in RATSASAN was to die for. So beautiful. So stunning. 

But are you trying to tell me schools in Himachal Pradesh have teachers stylish to this extent in CUTTPUTLI? To the extent that a MADAM, a teacher will walk into a KID's birthday party in a noodle strap blouse and cover only one side with pallu, exposing half, just so casually? Is it Himachal Pradesh or Mumbai? The actor seemed to have pleaded for a shawl when the kid went missing.

And, why on earth would you add a SONG and ROMANTIC dance when a kid is missing?

CUTTPUTLI adapatation skills is negative at best. It's almost like the producer said "Add a song. Nahi to nahi chalegi". Maybe it was foreshadowing when in the beginning Arjan shows a producer saying the same for his serial killer script. There, he refuses. He won't add a song. But the most obnoxious song, the cringiest picturization, that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to the plot and you're completely disengaged, thrown off the story completely. And trust me, I really like Akshay Kumar. I was TRYING SO HARD to enjoy CUTTPUTLI.

Spoiler warning. Now detailed plot points will follow!
In any case if you've not seen RATSASAN, you MUST. And I'll detail the very few but good changes in Cuttputli now.

CHANGES in Cuttputli Plot from RATSASAN

Biggest Change

Madam SHO character changed COMPLETELY 

In RATSASAN,ACP Lakshmi played by Suzane George is egoistic and has no character arc, AT ALL. She never changes. She has a daughter. Yet, at no given point does she even think for once, that her daughter could be in a similar situation.

Sargun Mehta as Madam SHO

In Cuttputli, Madam SHO, boss of our protagonist, (Here, Arjan Sethi in Cuttputli), CHANGES. She has a character arc. At first, Sargun Mehta is shown even more brutal than ACP Lakshmi. Here's a major cultural difference, as well. While I applaud the female boss establishing her command over Akshay Kumar (who looks way older than Vishnu playing Arun in RATSASAN), I cringe hard at the added Butt line.

It starts beautifully. The same Get me a cigarette scene.

Get me my cigarette! Scene

In RATSASAN, ACP Lakshmi does not give any credibility to Arun, the sub-inspector on his day 2 of joining when he offers a pattern theory, trying to prove it's a serial killer. Please note, the whole point of RATSASAN is Arun being an underdog, a young little new joinee who knows nothing. The more vulnerable he seems the more the enjoyment in the lady boss being absolutely ferocious!

The added physical aggression and violence in CUTTPUTLI 

In CUTTPUTLI, the petite Madam SHO, grabs a more formidable tall Akshay Kumar's jaw, shows him his place physically. While my South Indian audience can comment if I'm wrong, but that doesn't seem plausible in South and therefore a well deserved change. As an Indian from the East Coast of India, Odisha, my exposure to Indian culture says, it's in sync. North is supposed to be physically aggressive. Right? Right?

That was lovely. Mehta as SHO Gudiya Parmar adds, she has been shot. 

"Yahan Goli lagi hai. Dekhega?"

"I've got bullet wounds here. Will you see?"
She pulls off her shirt, exposing her collar bone, showing the bullet wound.

Sargun delivers the cringiest dialogue with conviction. She's intimidating. But I cannot, for the life of me, believe, that someone in the right sense of their mind, APPROVED, and someone in the censor board didn't censor "Butt pe bhi hai. Dekhega?".

Also, have a bullet wound on my butt. Want to see?"
If cringe needed a definition meme of gif, THIS. IS. IT. 
I was melting away. This line threw me off so bad, watching with family. (Wouldn't have liked watching alone, either).

Why would you need that line as a writer? To tell us she's scary? She didn't need to show her body to a male junior to PROVE she's worthy. Both Chandrachur Singh as Narinder Singh in CUTTPUTLI and the South Indian counterpart role, Munishkanth as Doss do a convincing job in convincing us that the female boss is to be feared and not messed with. I feel it makes a bigger impact when the senior cop, the brother-in-law is scared out of his wits of the lady boss. That speaks of her terror in a nuanced, evolved, cultured manner.

No formidable boss will go proving her authority to every male subordinate sub inspector on his day 2 of joining! In RATSASAN, ACP Lakshmi ignored Arun beautifully. 

But, Arjan saying "Madam ka cigarette dena" was a good change. Give Madam's cigarette proves she's a regular and the cigarette seller right outside the police station OBVIOUSLY knows what cigarette Madam takes.

After the cringe, comes the ONLY good part about CUTTPUTLI

Madam SHO realises that Arjan is on to something. After having another death, she cares. While she's still intimidating as she is. She gives him 5 minutes to explain. And backs him when the other cop resists. She even JOINS the investigation, constantly running WITH him. This makes the most sense. In RATSASAN, ACP Lakshmi does everything in her power to stop Arun. She had to be handcuffed for him to go save the little girl in the end. She was THAT linear. Maybe, it makes sense there in RATSASAN proving how evil and blinded one can get in ABSOLUTE EGO. (Ahankaar).


  1. the female boss shows she's the boss for a reason.
  2. She ain't that stupid to not see, he has a point after he keeps proving himself.
  3. And she REALLY FEELS for and acknowledges that Arjan JUST LOST his own family and is still helping!
  4. She stresses on being a mother, making her character likeable, and reasonable on how she's afraid for her own child.
  5. Madam SHO also reissues Arjan the revolver and cancels his suspension, which is VERY CRUCIAL and a good improvement over RATSASAN 


  1. we are just made to believe she's the boss, although she shows absolutely no signs of being worth it. Written from a male perspective, I guess. 
  2. Just the hitler boss who's stupid and won't listen and has to be put in her place by literally handcuffing her because she's heartless to not allow him to save his family.

The sister tells Arjan to PROMISE to nab the serial killer

This one line addition, this tiny scene of the car stopping as sister and brother-in-law talk to Arjan before they leave is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT on RATSASAN.

My only complaint from RATSASAN.

Where does RATSASAN fail to impress?

RATSASAN, mostly a reasonable story also loses out on basic character motivations. The loss should have been so major, that it MUST reflect in the rest of the movie. While watching RATSASAN, I'd a feeling if there's a Bollywood remake, they will show this as avenging the loss and fighting to take revenge from the serial killer.

Vishnu, as Arun, has absolutely no closure. Not motivation. He lost everything. Carrying the baby transition to the reality now, was a 1000 times more impactful than the exact same scene in CUTTPUTLI. In CUTTPUTLI, Payal was wearing clothes. It was repeated that body wasn't harmed at all. But in RATSASAN the skin like imagery sent chills down your spine. Also a nice movie for young girls to watch on what can happen if you go close to a van. DO NOT. Just stay safe. And never to go near an Omni for heaven's sake!

The Brother-in-law and Arjan (Arun) car scene -Not just a teddy bear

You've to be kidding me if you don't unanimously agree that this was the MOST CRUCIAL scene in RATSASAN. This scene was SO EMOTIONAL, it brutally ripped you apart. I would like the ghore to be less. And hoped CUTTPUTLI could do it by just the reactions. But they didn't. Even a phenomenal actor like Akshay Kumar FAILED to make me believe he's devastated. 

Chandrachur Singh as Narinder Singh in CUTTPUTLI vs Munishkanth as Doss in RATSASAN 

This is a make or break scene. While Chandrachur Singh did an amazing job as a calm Punjabi and Munishkanth as a convincing over excited South Indian, this was the most important scene where Chandrachur Singh didn't deliver.
Or maybe Munishkanth over delivered so much that he couldn't match his Oscar worthy, national award winning performance. 

Munishkanth was so good that he didn't seem like supporting cast AT ALL. He WAS the main protagonist for me in RATSASAN at this point. I was feeling more for his character than for Vishnu as Arun! And we were so attached to him at this point in the film, that taking him away in RATSASAN devastated me. Also, without a goodbye?

Change in Cuttputli vs Ratsasan 

In CUTTPUTLI, Chandrachur Singh as Narinder Singh says he told the wife everything. In RATSASAN, Doss takes away the wife to keep giving her hope. 

I believe the CUTTPUTLI explanation makes more sense. He couldn't have hod from her that long.

Hrishitaa Bhatt as Seema Singh

Hrishitaa who plays the sister and mother of Payal, doesn't deliver compared to RATSASAN performance. But here, in this scene, she's breathtaking.

She stares directly into Akshay Kumar's eyes and demands that he bring justice to all girls. There should be no more Payal. And that does it for me. Just this tiny scenes fixes the major error in RATSASAN.

NOW, Arjan Sethi has purpose. There's a personal reason why he's so invested. And wouldn't even stop after losing it all.

But in RATSASAN, Arun seems to be just a crazy cop, who just had his biggest loss, and is STILL after the killer because of his 7 years of work and enthusiasm? How can you possibly NOT address the loss even ONCE after the baby lifting scene from hospital? How? You make us cry with you and then everyone forgets Ammu. Not a mention.

In CUTTPUTLI, the sister and later Madam SHO drive home the fact that the Ammu (Payal) isn't forgotten. 

The Maths Professor

Casting is beautiful here. Both Hindi and Tamil Maths professors look so alike and look like a predator. Poor actors. I pity their real life. They genuinely look like predators.

Sujith Shanker as Purushottam Tomar vs Vinod Sagar as Inbaraj

CUTTPUTLI changes 2 major things from RATSASAN in how we punish and end the Maths Professor.

1. Change in how Maths Professor is caught in CUTTPUTLI vs RATSASAN

In CUTTPUTLI, the student sees the professor adding a drop of something in the drink and she RUNS. For dear LIFE. While I'd like to believe the students in RATSASAN were not as small as Class 9D, and should be wiser, she pauses, Inabaraj explains "It's Vitamins". Which, was the most stupid answer I've ever heard. Naturally, she then flees for dear life.

I hope we've spread enough awareness and taught our daughters well to run if they see anything being mixed without even pausing. In CUTTPUTLI, a younger child runs without waiting. Makes more sense.

2. Informing Inbaraj Maths Professor is here

In RATSASAN, Ammu is clueless what's about to happen to her. But as she's older, she knows once she knows. So, Arun makes her look out if anyone's watching. And then using a log to hit him right there.

In CUTTPUTLI, Payal is sent out by Arjan (Akshay Kumar) before asking men to grab his legs apart and kicking repeatedly. This led to legs being held up in a classic Bulbul movie style. Had a greater pay off. Would have preferred child seeing it. But I also understand, she's just a 9th grade student. So, fair enough. Other officers helping means they were all complicit. But yet they couldn't stop him from getting suspended. But atleast, in CUTTPUTLI, they offer a REASON. Firing arms without permission in a girl's school.

But kicking so bad that legs are perched up, makes maths professor escape all the more difficult. He also doesn't say the RATSASAN line "You want to frame me." All those Paras about police incompetence and therefore putting serial killing blame on me, is chopped off. I think, rightfully so.

It has greater impact when he says why he's attacking.


Venkat, our dear character in RATSASAN, that we all adored so much was nabbed as hostage. But at that point in RATSASAN, he wasn't as dear. He was just an inspector. Yet, the cops trying to protect made me see something new. But ACP Lakshmi seemed so stupid trying to proceed with gun with a psychopath having a cop hostage. And a few days in, Arun TELLING THE ACP what to do, was too hard to digest. 

In CUTTPUTLI, Madam SHO is calm, she's trying to manipulate the maths professor repeatedly saying she's dropping the arms WITHOUT Arjan telling her what to do. She KNOWS. She's a boss for a reason. Credit where credit is due.

4. Improvement in CUTTPUTLI over RATSASAN in killing the maths professor

In RATSASAN, Vishnu as Arun runs and hides in the elevator. There was ONLY Venkat, the Maths professor, who they think is the serial killer that was about to sexually assault his own niece. And him. There's one shot.

In CUTTPUTLI, the psychopath grabs Madam SHO. Arjan runs and hides in elevator exactly like RATSASAN. But the change is two shots. They make the psychopath fire first. And Arjan directly REACTS (instead of acting without permission). And Arjan SAVING his boss makes her warm up to him. They don't show it. But c'mon. If ACP Lakshmi was saved by Arun, don't you think she will eventually feel slightly grateful? She can't be that bad. I feel there's more to RATSASAN's ACP Lakshmi that was never explored. Prime importance was given to Arun.

5. Improvement in CUTTPUTLI over RATSASAN - a duo

I loved first half of RATSASAN where the brother-in-law duo investigated TOGETHER. For some reason, it was so addictive, you couldn't see Arun alone. Venkat was there, yes. But Munishkanth as Doss made it so hard to forget him that you longed for him. He acted better than the hero.

Chandrachur Singh and Akshay Kumar duo worked in CUTTPUTLI. But Akshay wasn't left alone. Despite superior support, Madam SHO joined him equally in the second half, making it more believable.

Gurpreet Ghuggi as Gurleen, head constable was good. But he didn't match the formidable Venkat who had the power to confront the serial killer alone.

RATSASAN vs CUTTPUTLI radio jockey scene

Arun is shown as a serial fraud with signatures. So, forging ACP Lakshmi's signature for radio permission was both an awesome call back and kinda stupid at the same time. Was ACP Lakshmi sleeping to not kill him for this as he does all of this still suspended?

In CUTTPUTLI, Akshay Kumar is shown to be a genuinely nice man who's bent down to tie shoe laces of a pregnant radio jockey. And she turned out to be non-prime time but a radio jockey who could plug this in her radio show.

I am actually a radio jockey from Rainbow 🌈

Check out my voice, here. So, I can tell you while this is absolutely accurate that we can change our show at the last moment, especially if it's not prime time; but announcing the prize, was not necessary, because that is fraud and you'd need permissions, tons of paper work for that and can't just do that last moment. Also, one would discuss what prize to announce, if any, before going live, rather than making it up on the spot like that.

Forcing actors to be younger Viji's daughter vs Divya's niece

While both child actors were cute, Divya's niece not being able to hear AT ALL, added to the impact in CUTTPUTLI. But, Akshay Kumar does not look like Vishnu. Retaining the dialogue of "You look too young to be a father" doesn't sink in even for me, who likes Akshay Kumar. I admired Akshay Kumar to be doing stories like BABY, GOLD, where he has delivered on old roles. Showing him as 36 and then saying too young to be a father? Seriously?
Too young to be HER father would have still been bearable.🐻
Worst of all, Rakul Preet as Divya looks SO YOUNG compared to Akshay, I can see why they made her, not her daughter. Although even looking as she was, she could have a daughter. Viji adds depth as it's her own daughter. Somehow you're invested more. And that transition of Arun wanting the loss to be covered up in Viji's daughter as his own daughter was lost on me in CUTTPUTLI.
It felt not organic and forced. 

Even the kidnap scene was changed IN CUTTPUTLI

Seeing the light suddenly flash and revealing Christopher's face! How can you replace that scene with getting stabbed and dragged away? Child disapearing into thin air in RATSASAN was more scary and chilling.

The police officer character explaining Christopher case is not there in CUTTPUTLI

We FELT that jolt when even the cop we had become fond of, tried his best with the fingers stamp to give a message. That entire part is cut off. Nobody cares that Christopher is Hrithik Roshan. No one.

On second thought, casting Hrithik Roshan for Christopher would have been ICONIC.

a hero and his movie is as good as your villain

CUTTPUTLI phenomenally fails in making the serial killer formidable.
  1. Unnecessarily increasing Divya's part, CUTTPUTLI shows a stabbed Divya still making it to the crime scene to save her niece.
  2. The cards are retained but everything else fails. The magic flashes in seconds. Not effective like RATSASAN.
  3. Forensic doctor's part is mercilessly chopped off. There IS NO forensic doctor being seen again to save the day and die. We were invested in RATSASAN in his character because he said he had tears in his eyes when he saw the body.

RATSASAN's forensic doctor said he had tears in his eyes. CUTTPUTLI does not.

Female forensic doctor was a good choice I feel, in a brutal serial killing case of young girls. But that one line adds a lot. You've to be really stupid to change that line.

Because one expects, male or female forensic experts to have seen SO MUCH, that nothing can move them. Remember CADAVER? How she was casually eating next to awfully smelly bodies? Right.

They're so numb, they feel NOTHING. They've seen EVERYTHING. And, had the female forensic expert in CUTTPUTLI said she'd tears in her eyes, it would have given the impact instead of just saying "I've never seen such a case in my life".

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No ageing for Christopher

In CUTTPUTLI, the end is so chaotic they take no time to explain why he has the hormones, what's his condition. Nothing. He himself says it all rather than Arjan figuring it out the way Arun did in RATSASAN.

WHY are all the rooms alike in CUTTPUTLI?

Why? It was interesting and adding a comic relief at situational, circumstantial devastation, that Arjan and the girl cannot find eachother while still roaming in the same house and Arjan asking her to come to the piano room, exactly where she escaped from! But, why? When you're missing out on such major events, cutting down so much from RATSASAN'S run time, why would you add this?
What was the purpose? How did it move the plot?

Somehow Airtel doesn't fail network in CUTTPUTLI?

I've no idea how RATSASAN got away with such a major diss at Airtel's network not being there exactly when you need it. When a serial killer is on the loose to grab you any second now.
In CUTTPUTLI, improvement change is the girl closing the bathroom door. I've no answer to why on earth would the girl not close the bathroom door immediately in RATSASAN.
But they don't show which network provider and she even manages to get network way sooner in CUTTPUTLI.

Why South Indian cinema works but Bollywood fails miserably?

I'm Odia. Neither South Indian nor North Indian. Hindi is as foreign to me as South Indian languages.
  1. Having OTT and English subtitles has changed the game. English unites us at a pan-India level.
  2. For years ever since MURDER (Bollywood movie) came, they kept telling us this is what audience wants and there HAS to be kissing and sex scenes! 
  3. But South India still delivers class movies. A CADAVER or FORENSIC or a RATSASAN doesn't need a kissing scene to work! But even the Hindi adaptation of FORENSIC has not one but multiple kissing scenes. Why?
  4. We love a good family entertainer. India will never stop wanting family dramas, family thrillers. The joy of watching with all can never be snatched from us by Bollywood.
  5. While I love me a Kahaani, or Piku, masterpieces in Hindi cinema, with female leads and NO SEXUAL imagery forced on us, I'm loving it in the South with phenomenal movies like #Home.

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