Pratik & Raqesh Bigg Boss OTT Spineless Full Cup Controversy - 18 Aug 2021

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What was the Spineless Fight between Raqesh Bapat & Pratik Sehajpal?

Karan Johar had already called Raqesh Bapat SPINELESS in the Weekend Sunday ka Vaar. Raqesh didn't even know it's something to be possibly offended of. Raqesh had repeated that he is spineless himself, explaining, he does not know the game yet and he needs to first understand who's what, before taking a side (i.e. having a spine & sticking to a decision). Raqesh's connection, Shamita Shetty had explained that he should not allow the word spineless being used for him on national television, let alone accept it himself.

Pratik Sehajpal picked up on the word spineless, BECAUSE Raqesh Bapat, changed his decision as Panch.

Bigg Boss OTT Panchayat Task

Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat are the Boss lady & Boss man of Bigg Boss OTT house. One more connection is to decide along with them as the Panch.
If the connection they choose to nominate unanimously is saved by the audience (audience not agreeing to the collective unanimous Panch decision), then the connection in Panch is automatically nominated instead.

What Actually happened in Bigg Boss OTT round 3 of Panchayat?

Moose Jattana (Muskan) & Nishant were the acting Panch connection in addition to Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat (Boss lady & Boss man of Bigg Boss OTT house) in Round 3. 

3 out of 4 connections nominated Pratik & Akshara for the weakest connection. Only one vote was against Neha Bhasin & Millind Gaba. Shamita wanted to use veto to nominate Pratik & Akshara for the weakest connection. In Round 1 of Panchayat for Kamchor & round 2 for Aswachh connection both the times, the Panchayat nominated Moose Jattana (Muskan) & Nishant. But both times, the audience did not agree to it, and saved them. And both the times, the acting Panchayat connection, were nominated in exchange. 

So, this time, in round 3, Moose Jattana (Muskan) & Nishant did not want to get nominated & convinced Shamita & Raqesh to risk it, and go with their decision for nominating Neha Bhasin & Millind Gaba, because if they are wrong, then Boss Lady & Boss man automatically have immunity for this week, only Moose Jattana (Muskan) & Nishant will have to suffer. Shamita & Raqesh agreed. 

Why did Raqesh change his decision?

Neha Bhasin & Millind Gaba immediately pointed out that they supported Shamita & Raqesh to be Boss Lady & Boss man even though everyone knew they were not deserving. And, them not saving them now, and allowing Moose Jattana (Muskan) & Nishant to save their friends is being unfair.

Pratik Raqesh spineless fight

Pratik called Raqesh spineless because he changed his decision. He didn't have the strength to stick to one side. He was totally convinced by Moose Jattana (Muskan) & Nishant's argument that in any case, they are safe, so instead of going with the majority, they should decide whatever the connection that has to immediately bear the consequence of being wrong, decides.

Why did Karan have an outburst on Pratik?

The usually unseen, respected & calm Karan Nath literally jumped over the sofa while fighting with Pratik. He was calling him out for calling Raqesh spineless saying it's a big word & Raqesh is already hurt. Karan even yelled at Moose Jattana (Muskan) saying spineless was not right. Moose Jattana (Muskan) asked if Ridhima Pandit going on Pratik's family was right? Ridhima justifies by lying that Pratik went on her friend Divya's family. (When Pratik had only mentioned Divya's boyfriend, not family. And not in any derogatory way).

Ridhima is seen instigating Karan, taunting how Pratik disrespected him. When Pratik had explained himself, the only reason he nominated Karan & Ridhima was because of Ridhima.


I personally don't understand how can a person like Raqesh Bapat that literally accepted he is spineless in Weekend Sunday Ka Vaar with Karan Johar create an issue if Pratik called him spineless?

Fight over full cup - Shamita Pratik, Raqesh

What was the fight - Raqesh supporting Shamita Shetty's cup with Pratik?

Pratik had called out his friend Neha Bhasin's cup lying around which had caused a distance between Neha & Pratik. He was also seen trying to make up to her calmly whenever alone.

Pratik Sehajpal was probably just trying to stick to fairness. But Raqesh Bapat kept supporting his connection and Boss Lady, Shamita Shetty's cup kept in toilet area.

  • Cup wasn't dirty.
  • Cup was filled with warm water
  • Cup was covered with tissue

Pratik stuck to the fact that toilets are no place for cups. Raqesh tried to explain she was still drinking it. But you have to understand once started, Pratik seems to have an inherent competitive spirit & wouldn't leave the argument.


I hate fights. I was looking forward to Neha Bhasin being the voice of reason in Bigg Boss OTT house. Even Pratik Sehajpal calming down as a captain & acting so wisely was very nice to watch. But when Bigg Boss OTT itself markets each episode with fights being the highlight, how can we even blame the contestants?

But this Shamita Shetty & Pratik fight was just funny to watch after a point. They seemed like they would crack up any second. Shamita was making childish faces, repeating "Full cup", "Full cup" while Pratik wasn't listening to them at all.

How to watch Bigg Boss OTT for free?

If you're a Jio customer, by default you can watch on Jio cinema for free. Just log in with your Jio phone number and OTP. That's it! 

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Bigg Boss OTT contestants

  1. Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat
  2. Pratik Sehajpal & Akshara Singh
  3. Neha Bhasin & Millind Gaba
  4. Divya Agarwal & Zeeshan Khan
  5. Ridhima Pandit & Karan Nath
  6. Nishant Bhat & Moose Jattana (Muskan)

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