Bigg Boss OTT — The BIG Brawl fights No Gas AGAIN | Pratik Zeeshan Raqesh Shamita Neha

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Who are you invested in Bigg Boss OTT?

Honestly, I've been watching every single episode. My opinions are limited to the hourly (or longer) episodes. I definitely don't watch the 24*7 live Bigg Boss feed. But I can assure you, you're going to get an objective logical opinion.

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The change in Pratik Sehajpal's personality

I hated Pratik Sehajpal on the Bigg Boss Launch like everyone else. Pratik Sehajpal & Akshara Singh were the first Boss Man & Boss Lady of the Bigg Boss OTT house. It's just been the first week. The moment Pratik Sehajpal was made the captain there was a serious change in his extremely defensive attacking personality to the most suljha hua man of the Bigg Boss OTT house, as even Karan Johar pointed out in Weekend Sunday Ka Vaar.

Pratik Sehajpal justified saying with great power comes great responsibility. As they pointed out, if you make the most notorious student of the class, the monitor, suddenly he's the most well behaved. 🤣😉😉😜(Chuckles).

Can you trust Raqesh Bapat?

Raqesh Bapat & Shamita Shetty are definitely struggling in their connection. Raqesh Bapat always running away to pee, always giving an excuse that he doesn't know what the game is, what is expected of him & he's taking time to learn, even as Shamita Shetty keeps explaining him that he just can't keep vanishing in the middle of tasks when he is needed the most. 

Raqesh Bapat said he learns quick. But we all saw he was late for all the rounds of the statue task, except the last. At first, just like everyone else I'd the soft corner for him because, (well he has that vibe). I didn't even know who any of these people are, (except Shamita Shetty, of course). And, in retrospect, I remembered Neha Bhasin probably being the girl from the Channel V band. (I could be wrong).

I was a little meh,  when Raqesh Bapat suddenly made an issue of Pratik Sehajpal calling him spineless (ALTHOUGH, he HIMSELF accepted on national television infront of Karan Johar that he hasn't formed a spine (opinion) yet. And, so the word is fine. (Read the whole incident here).

So, Karan Nath yelling & losing it for his friend Raqesh Bapat for this silly word seemed a little WHY, THOUGH? to me. Raqesh Bapat even cried. He was actually remembering his father. (Which would have made sense to my logical mind). But sadly when Pratik Sehajpal came to politely apologize later, Raqesh Bapat again went on how HURT HE IS. And like mature people, Nishant & Pratik Sehajpal did give Raqesh Bapat his space to sleep over it & reconcile later the next day.

But I genuinely lost my attachment to Raqesh Bapat the moment he said Pratik Sehajpal wasn't fair as the captain. Hold on a second. What?👀😳 Even Karan Johar accepted that Pratik Sehajpal was extremely fair!🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Sanchalak ko rules nahi pata (Raqesh Bapat & Shamita Shetty don't know the rules?

What exactly happened?

I was carefully watching. I swear I didn't miss a second of any episode so far. Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant, Moose kept saying Sanchalak is not fair. Raqesh Bapat & Shamita Shetty do command a certain level of soft corner where you WANT TO BELIEVE THEM. 

When Pratik Sehajpal was telling the Sanchalaks (refrees) that they haven't understood the task and there would be a complete round to snatch away dominos from competing teams (i.e. round two), and then a second buzzer would buzz.

Shamita Shetty or Raqesh Bapat do not seem to be deliberately doing it. They are both intelligent. Atleast, I'm expecting them to be! 🤷🏻‍♀️ And Shamita Shetty was sincerely trying to understand. BUT, let's face it. The Sanchalaks had already failed miserably in understanding the rules when Pratik Sehajpal was explaining them in a polite manner that they CANNOT reject ALL dominos! (It was funny to see his soft tactful side in play, when he needs them convinced.🤣🤣🤣).

Like how stupid do you've to be to think all of the dominos as a set should be rejected in the first round. (Where did you think Raqesh Bapat & Shamita Shetty that more dominos would come from? Round 2 needed the connections to make initials with THOSE dominos that they'd painted!). Common sense is just not common. But I've to appreciate Shamita Shetty for accepting the mistake and quickly saying "It makes sense". 

There was a second buzzer

So, the Sanchalaks started with a wrong foot. But again, they didn't understand that there was still time to snatch & take the dominos. Pratik Sehajpal kept yelling about the second buzzer when the second buzzer literally rung. 🤣🤣🤣. But this time, Shamita Shetty was unfazed probably trying to maintain authority. But obviously Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant were extremely pissed.

Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat had a talk

Raqesh Bapat allowed a second round, thereby favouring Divya Agarwal. Shamita Shetty was upset about it. She asked Raqesh Bapat not to take decisions without even informing her. Raqesh Bapat again said sorry. Although he intrinsically does not like Shamita Shetty at all, they both are very visibly just holding on to eachother for the sake of holding on to the connection.

The case of the mystery ant cup of milk

Hell bent at proving Pratik Sehajpal wrong Raqesh Bapat finally accused him of the cup left overnight that had ants all over. Pratik Sehajpal said he's lactose intolerant.

Before that Raqesh Bapat said it was Moose's cup because they all drink milk. Raqesh Bapat even said Moose accepted it was her cup. Nishant explained Moose wrongly admitted. She later realised it's not her cup. Moose came showing her cup with her name written on it. MOO🐄🐮.

Raqesh Bapat then asks,"Then whose cup is it?"

He kept politely asking everyone but had only line to repeat "It has to be one of you guys. Because nobody else drinks milk." Finally Neha Bhasin took the cup to the kitchen and asked there whose is it. Akshara Singh became defensive saying it wasn't her. Neha again said "But you all were awake in the night. You must know." Akshara Singh had a row with Neha again. And Neha left the ant infested overnight milk cup right there.


Quite a nostalgic vibe for anyone who's ever lived in sharing flatmates or roommates situation. 

After Rasode me kaun tha, cup kiska tha seems like the next meme.

Divya Agarwal wants to change her connection Zeeshan who literally saved her

Why did Divya Agarwal say she would dump her connection Zeeshan at the first opportunity?

Divya Agarwal felt the boys are deciding who to team up with, & planning & plotting on their own, with the girls just having to follow. Zeeshan even called her out accurately that she's doing this just to show that she cannot be controlled. (Which is true because the women actually picked the men to begin with. Although Divya Agarwal didn't have a choice to be fair). But Zeeshan pressing the buzzer and picking Divya Agarwal literally saved her from nomination and eviction! So, wanting to change the partner because of one task?

Understanding Divya Agarwal

I do understand Raqesh Bapat, Karan, Neha saying they can't stoop so low to other people's standards who love fighting for the sake of it. But how on earth are they friends with Divya Agarwal?

Divya Agarwal has said the Behan ki gaali, from the starting day 1. She quickly justified saying "Behan to main hoon na". Hold on a second. If Pratik Sehajpal is your "brother" and you say he sleeps with his sister, & you're justifying that you ARE the sister, (so it "doesn't matter"), essentially you're accusing him of a lot. He was rude to all. Yes. But a foul mouth like this has no right to complain of rudeness with no abuses. It was obvious Pratik Sehajpal was just desperate to pick a fight with anyone at that point, anyways.

 She did have one point that she tried to justify against Karan Johar saying she didn't NEED the show but WANTED it. But except that, everything Divya Agarwal says is extremely proud. I did have a lot of soft corner for Divya Agarwal in the first few episodes where she kept cooking. She does have a childish similarity to me where she would just walk away, barge out of a room, essentially escaping a situation. I relate to her with guilt, actually. Showing me what I need to improve about myself. As Shamita Shetty said nobody likes a friend sulking all the time.

But the way she thinks she's a huge star, reality show queen (as Karan rightfully bashed her with sarcasm), just like Shamita Shetty even I didn't know her. She has come with an agenda to play dirty. 

Why Divya Agarwal is extremely dangerous 

Divya Agarwal was the one that threw Moose's family photographs on the sofa, during the epic Neha & Moose fight. Nobody knows this yet. Moose STILL thinks Neha did this to her. But it was Divya Agarwal happy to pounce on the first opportunity to grab the bed. Divya Agarwal was shifting with Neha after the fight. Only Divya Agarwal gained from this.

When everyone called her out for throwing Moose's family photos, Divya Agarwal defended saying "I didn't throw on the floor. Izzat se sofa pe rakhe the".

Izzat se? Are you seriously kiddng me? A second ago she was even insisting that Moose should clear all her belonging IMMEDIATELY. Divya Agarwal couldn't even wait till the morning, although she clearly knew both Neha & Moose were extremely upset.

And the same Divya Agarwal was seen planning & plotting with every group to explain how going against Moose was wrong

Excuse me. What? It's literally the next day. Even if you got influenced by someone & completely changed your opinion, don't you think you should directly ask everyone to sit & say this?

Having every group to sit separately & instigating them? For heaven's sake isn't it the bare minimum human decency to talk to Neha & Moose first! As rightly called out by Karan Johar that was extremely wrong. 

Why bestfriends Shamita Shetty & Divya Agarwal became enemies?

Shamita Shetty is explaining that she would rather believe someone she knows - Karan Johar. But Divya Agarwal in her epic Divya Agarwal, living in her own bubble fashion, thinks Shamita Shetty is showing clout that she is from Bollywood & know Karan Johar. No. Woman. No. That's not what Shamita Shetty meant. Not at all 

Shamita Shetty even explained that Weekend Sunday Ka Vaar is literally made for that reason. The host (Salman Khan or Karan Johar) comes to say the truth. So, whoever the host is (even if she didn't know them outside of the show, Shamita Shetty would STILL believe the host). And that sounds reasonable to me.🤷🏻‍♀️

Divya Agarwal is extremely immature in saying that any two women talking is bitching. It's not.

No,Divya Agarwal you're not being granted a 

Twada Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta moment.

Divya Agarwal was trying to say if Shamita Shetty spoke to Neha about Divya Agarwal & her relationship & Divya Agarwal did the same with others, then why are Shamita Shetty & Divya Agarwal not considered as bitching but Divya Agarwal is? Well as of now, I'll also stick to Shamita Shetty's strategy of believing the host, Karan Johar. He specifically had addressed the issue saying, "No, it's not the same".

And then Divya Agarwal says Shamita Shetty is just so jealous of me.

I don't think so. Divya Agarwal.

Akshara Singh, her victim card & Extreme Insecurity

What in the world is up with Akshara Singh? Seriously? At first I was giving her the benefit of doubt. Neha had given her her share of granola. So, yes, Shamita Shetty doesn't have a right to say. But Shamita Shetty did mention the granola was for Neha and Shamita Shetty BOTH. And while others can eat whatever they want, Shamita Shetty has collitis, so she a medical condition & cannot eat other things. Even Zeeshan had tried explaining it back then, it's not a high fi, upper class tantrum she's throwing. She's a dietary allergy like situation. She cannot eat anything else and will have to starve. 

Gluten free is not a choice. It's compulsion for Shamita Shetty

I obviously don't know if that's true. But from the arguement presented before us, Akshara Singh is extremely unreasonable here. Shamita Shetty had been careful about the touchy subject trying to say, she's telling everyone not to eat it, just in case. She is not accusing anyone.


God! It was EXTREMELY RELATABLE.🤭🤭 If you've stayed in a hostel with a common refrigerator or in a flatmate situation you know what I'm talking about.🥴🥴😖Why do others have to eat our food?😖😖

Stop eating my granola as snacks!👺😡

Akshara Singh just seems waiting to get offended

Akshara Singh hasn't seemed malicious yet. She seems nice. But can someone please tell her that no one is looking down upon her Bhojpuri industry? Like, literally no one. I've seen all the episodes. No one in the episodes ever said anything like that. Why does she keep playing the victim card?

When they were saying Hey Ishwar, Akshara Singh jumped on that saying it's her Sanskar. Arre kisne mana kiya? They even cleared from inside. Literally no one said anything on Hey Ishwar. All are only saying stop demeaning yourself because no one else is!🤷🏻‍♀️

What you think is their upper class, and their English is all your perception. English is just one of our official languages of India. It's just a language. Nobody said English defines status. I think Akshara Singh strongly believes English is everything. And she is feeling like this when nobody ever said anything.

Even Shamita Shetty saying that name is written was only to prove a point that if she had asked for it in her contract and ration has been alloted to her, then please do not finish it. That's all. She never said Akshara Singh finished it. It was just to prevent, just a request not to (not saying that you already finished it. NO).

Why did Pratik Sehajpal damage Bigg Boss property?

Because the audience was not too happy with the Bigg Boss OTT connections performance, gas was only allowed for two hours in the morning & two hours in the night. Facing a punishment for the first time, Pratik Sehajpal thought he's coming to rescue because no one is creating any content. All are here to just sit, eat and sleep & repeat. After mocking them, he started to take the desks of the task and toppled them over. The Boss Man & Boss lady Raqesh Bapat & Shamita Shetty asked him to stop, showing rules that he cannot damage property. But Pratik Sehajpal did not listen because if Sanchalaks couldn't stand by rules for task, why are they speaking of rules now? Later he also dropped them in the pool.


Pratik Sehajpal was extremely wrong in doing so. Picking fights & yelling is not entertaining. His calm, polite side was entertaining actually. Divya Agarwal didn't learn anything from the Karan Johar Weekend Sunday ka Vaar. But Pratik Sehajpal seems to have taken the wrong cue. He has gone back to fighting.

No gas for Bigg Boss OTT house again!

Just as expected the audience reaction was again not so satisfactory. And therefore even tomorrow no Gas

Neha Bhasin & Milind Gabba leave the connection?

Neha & Milind who had been working on eachother with several attempts had found a nice place. But in today's task, both their egos came to play. Neha's I-Cant-Take-DISRESPECT is getting a little boring to be honest. She really was the voice of reason, someone to look up to. I really liked her. But despite being called out on her patience being less for Moose, it's just got worse.

And today she literally said she would dump Gabba & play alone or maybe even be evicted. But she just cannot be with Milind Gabba anymore.

What actually happened?

Milind Gabba told Neha Bhasin, "Aap bekar bana rahe ho. Sahi se banao" for the dominos painting task. Neha said he teamed up with Zeeshan without asking her and they decided to play together only to play fair in the last round. Now that they were losing Milind Gabba was not happy. Neha started her typical "Don't talk to me in this tone".

And obviously Gabba was also pissed. Both shouted and Neha left. To never return. In the middle of the task.

But Neha came back and asked Milind to be in the game & stand up for the decision. Later they patched up.

Zeeshan & Pratik Sehajpal Big Physical Fight

Who came on to who?

Zeeshan pounced on Pratik Sehajpal. Zeeshan & Sanchalaks, Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat say that Pratik Sehajpal was not supposed to be there as he was already out of the game. True. But that doesn't mean Zeeshan gets to jump over him or be physical at all. That's what Moose kept shouting. Shamita Shetty kept asking her to be calm, which was really stupid, after a point. Because Moose kept calling her out that she's seeing Zeeshan hit Pratik Sehajpal again but she is doing nothing.

Being in the area doesn't mean Zeeshan has right o be physical or kill Pratik Sehajpal. Shamita Shetty disqualified Nishant & Moose saying Pratik Sehajpal helped them. Outside help is not allowed.

All of it happened so fast. It was chaotic. Honestly I felt she was wrong because they spilled paint on eachother. Nobody helped. There was so much obnoxious yelling in today's episode, it was hard to concentrate.

Pratik Sehajpal said Zeeshan could have gone from anywhere. Why did he have to jump over me? Later Shamita Shetty started protecting from Nishant, where Nishant called them out for being the Sanchalaks and yet providing defense to the teams. To which she said she's just trying to get the task completed.

Who won the Dominos task?

Divya Agarwal & Zeeshan won. And suddenly the Divya Agarwal that wanted to throw her connection at the first opportunity was very happy at being the Boss lady & therefore with Zeeshan. 

Zeeshan & Divya Agarwal will not be getting immunity though because all the Bigg Boss OTT connections are nominated.

How to watch Bigg Boss OTT for free?

If you're a Jio customer, by default you can watch on Jio cinema for free. Just log in with your Jio phone number and OTP. That's it! 

Bigg Boss OTT contestants

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  3. Neha Bhasin & Millind Gaba
  4. Divya Agarwal & Zeeshan Khan
  5. Ridhima Pandit & Karan Nath
  6. Nishant Bhat & Moose Jattana (Muskan)

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