Zeeshan attacks Nishant Pratik — EVICTED — Bigg Boss OTT — Latest Update

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I ❤️ a good roast. It's just satisfying. My strong urge for supporting what's right really overwhelms me at times. Read my previous post supporting Zeeshan Khan (where he had NOT assaulted Akshara Singh). But this time, Zeeshan Khan broke the most basic rule of Bigg Boss OTT house, — of not physically attacking someone. When Bigg Boss gave Zeeshan a good piece of his mind, it was extremely satisfying.

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Zeeshan evicted for physically attacking Nishant & Pratik

Who was wrong in the Zeeshan Pratik fight?

Inorder to trust me, you must know the basis for my logical reasoning. We have to draw the line somewhere. 💡Bigg Boss OTT has a clear house rule of not physically attacking anyone. This has been established several times from episode 1, day 1. (All memes, viral posts, videos mocking how Sidharth Shukla & Asim had worse fights in Bigg Boss & Bigg Boss still made Sidharth Shukla the winner, & therefore, Zeeshan should be supported is not valid. Is this an example we want to set? No! Thankfully, Bigg Boss has a very justified decent rule of no physical attacks. And, I welcome that!

Zeeshan broke the most basic rule of Bigg Boss OTT in the task to protect rules

So, was this a new rule? No. Was Zeeshan aware of it? For heaven's sake, Zeeshan was the boss man of the house (captain). The very task of red flags meant Zeeshan was solely responsible to uphold justice (obeying of all Bigg Boss house rules).

What was the ⛳⛳⛳ red flags task?

Bigg Boss OTT house ⛳ red flag task asked Boss man Zeeshan and Boss lady Divya to give red flags to each sadasya (contestant), that broke any house rules.

The catch Boss man Zeeshan and Boss lady Divya could make new rules.

The problem: Boss man Zeeshan and Boss lady Divya DID NOT make a new rule that suddenly physical attack is allowed. Hence earlier rule of no physical attacks, stands.

Bigg Boss called out Divya & Zeeshan for not understanding the task

Boss man Zeeshan and Boss lady Divya were literally roasted, Bigg Boss had to announce that they've not understood the task AT ALL. Divya had just called Moose badtameez from day 1 and given her a red flag (even as Moose kept explaining that rule obeying is to seen FROM NOW, not from day 1!🤷🏻‍♀️).

Divya & Zeeshan had one cool idea of switching connections (which also should go against the core concept of stay connected, I guess). But that was still fun.

After wasting one whole hour, they had still not figured out anything. Not a single red flag was given for a reason; of not obeying house rules. (Except one random English usage one). But I highly doubt English usage also refers to Bigg Boss OTT, since, every rule of Bigg Boss doesn't translate to Bigg Boss OTT house.

While that is debatable, what is not debatable is the pure absolute logic of not assaulting anyone.

As Nishant later beautifully put it, this was not a physical task. This was a mind game. Yet Zeeshan used force.

Was Zeeshan instigated?

Before we answer that, do we agree that no amount of instigation justifies physically assaulting anyone, right?

I genuinely hated Pratik from day 1. But his Boss man days saw the most fair Pratik one had ever seen. It's usually seen that Nishant, Moose, Pratik repeatedly complain that Boss man & Boss lady do not understand the task Bigg Boss creatives give with so much effort. 

What did Pratik do?

In classic Pratik fashion, Pratik was unpredictable. Divya betrayed her own friend Nishant and dumped a pile of red flags the moment he rubbed the board. The white board. The one where Boss lady Divya was writing new rules. You remember Boss man & Boss lady could make new rules, right?

Boss lady Divya wrote new rules

How can you possibly punish someone from rubbing the new rules when you'd not written a rule that new rules cannot be rubbed? Divya had categorically said that breaking or destroying red flags ⛳ will not stop it from being counted. Once given, red flags will be counted whether they exist in the end or not.

Pratik breaks the red flags⛳

Pratik suddenly started breaking those flags. (Divya mentioning it in rules probably led to the idea that flags can be destroyed). Nishant told Pratik not to be over confident & not try too many sticks at once. (Remember the old saying: You can break a stick when alone, not when they're in a bunch?)

Surprisingly, Pratik kept on breaking the red flags ⛳. As new rule: Breaking would still make red flags valid to be counted was rubbed off the board, and these red flags were not EVEN given to anyone, maybe Pratik & Nishant felt destroying can help save them. They wanted to make the task invalid (radd karo task. (रद करो टास्क). They even throw the white board into the pool.😳👀🥴

Furious Zeeshan storms at Nishant pulling him with aggression even as he keeps saying it's hurting me

Nishant kept saying, "Mujhe lag rahi hai". But Zeeshan was uncontrollable. Zeeshan pushed Pratik & Nishant with extreme violent aggression. Zeeshan was absolutely innocent in the Akshara fight (although I'd genuinely not heard when he'd said ladki ho, daere me raho लड़की हो दायरे में रहो)। But what he probably meant then, was if you're so hell bent on being a woman, does womanhood's scope include such bad behaviour?

But today, Zeeshan is extremely wrong.

Bullshit — Divya: Zeeshan did it in "self defence"

We all saw it. Recorded by cameras, we saw what was shown. How can someone attacking first ever act in self defence? Pratik has said with great power comes great responsibility. Clearly Zeeshan didn't care at all about his responsibilities as boss man.

Raqesh: Do not attack physically. No matter what happens!

Even Raqesh, who is pro Zeeshan in the Bigg Boss house (and usually, sane) specifically rushed to tell Zeeshan not to act so stupid. 

Boss man Zeeshan & Boss lady Divya kept defending themselves

I really don't understand self defence argument. Narcissists are known to throw the keyword "self defence" whenever they're attacking someone. I genuinely support Zeeshan, despite being a girl, in the Akshara allegation. Akshara definitely ripped her own fake nail out. The blood was oozing out as she refused to take first aid. She definitely did all that deliberately when even my senior citizen mother pointed out, Zeeshan had said NOTHING wrong. He was absolutely polite.

Showing scratches post eviction?👀 Whoever started has to bear the consequences of their actions!

Many Bigg Boss OTT sadasya kept repeating the voice of reason: You've to bear the consequences of your actions! I mean, how was that not obvious? Shamita, Raqesh, Nishant, Moose all agreed Zeeshan was EVICTED for his own mistake.

Why did Neha cry?

Neha said she's not crying because Zeeshan got evicted. Neha knows Zeeshan was wrong. But she used to stop Zeeshan whenever he got hyper & out of control. But this time, as Pratik's new connection, Neha was stopping Pratik instead of Zeeshan from losing control. "He used to listen to me." Neha said.

Everyone agreed Divya did nothing to stop Zeeshan

Aa Boss lady of the Bigg Boss OTT house & Zeeshan's connection, Divya should have used some common sense to stop Zeeshan from physically hurting. But Divya in the Bigg Boss OTT house so far, seems to be someone who would do whatever it takes to win. 

Divya was the perfect example of Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Divya's face at they could create whatever rule they wanted! Divya cried a lot. She kept begging Zeeshan to say sorry. Because now suddenly Divya realised that her connection would be out & Divya would be left connection less AGAIN.

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