#PadmavatiFight | Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Shahid Kapoor Sanjay Leela Bhansali vs Offended

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Padmavati Fight Backstory

The infamous Padmavati Controversy

Let's give you some context. Padmavati is a Bollywood historical drama (fiction), slated to release on December 1, 2017. Some people are offended. Why, you ask? Somebody told them that there is an intimate scene. Arnab Goswami and Deeepika Padukone, herself have declared in the media that there is no such intimate scene between the queen Padmavati and the Mughal invader, Alauddin Khalji.
Distortion of history is usually frowned upon, but I doubt any law limits, a fictional account with historical figures, even altering history. Never heard of Asoka? A movie that altered history beyond repair. Asoka had an entire song, released to five year olds across the world, that spoke how this Odia woman(Kareena), couldn't get over the lust of Asoka (Shahrukh Khan's) body and what they did "last night". That, was the literal lyric. If you still thought (as per visual memory), that Asoka was true, grow up. It wasn't. Odias still look at a river dried of blood as x number of men went to fight and die in front of Asoka's 4000x army, but refused to surrender. That, changed Asoka from being  abarbaric invader to being a peace loving Buddhist.
I have not seen Shahrukh Khan's head wanted ever. Padukone is just as much an actor and an Indian citizen, as Khan is. Cooks cook, writers write, directors direct, editors edit, and actors act. Period.

Ever heard of fan fiction?

People write and make all sorts of things with characters that actually existed or exist today.
There are so many art works detailing sex life of Krishna and Radha, who are worshipped by Hindus.
And, (wait for it), fan fiction is not true. If you're telling me a man who invaded to capture a woman, lusted for her, never imagined her once, you got to be kidding me!
Whether it was 5000 years ago, or today, nobody can control a man's imagination. As long as it is in his head, it is not a crime. Whether or not, Padmavati has it in the movie (it doesn't), you are denying yourself when you say a man who waged a war, to get a queen, never imagined her however he wanted!

I am surprised that we have failed humanity to such an extent. Whether or not you are triggered, (it doesn't take much to be triggered at anything these days), chopping off someone's head for acting and doing one's job is not the response. 

Understanding the law and the changing sexuality in Indian cinema

There are rules for a reason. If a film is certified ok by the censor board for less than 18 years of age, whatever is there in it is ok by the law for less than 18 years of age! I am not a fan of intimacy. But we lived through Raaz, Murder, (don't even make me mention Mastizaade).
If you haven't been watching movies lately. let me tell you, Indian movies today, have a lot of elaborate intimate scenes.

Can you believe that Indian cinema has a soft porn genre now? Actors openly promote their movies are porncom, or sexhorror dramas. On the before 9pm shows. And if you think kids sleep before 9pm, you're kidding me! And which child does not know how to log into the internet incognito? What will you achieve by banning anything? History proves everything banned has increased consumption.They will watch it even more. You're simply promoting Padmavati by talking about it.

What do I do about movies I don't like?

I don't watch them. Simple, right? Nobody forces you into a theatre. You can walk out of it. You can choose to not buy a ticket to a movie. You cannot (and should not) force others from watching something they like.
Today, if there are movies, that you can see with family, or a movie that declares it is free of a kiss, it is an absolute delight to me! I immediately call my entire family. Having said that I don't want to kill Mahesh Bhatt or anyone like that. Trust me, no one wants to kill, add to bad karma and settle their accounts with Yamraj in hell. If you're a Hindu, or someone aware of the karmic theory, you know what I am talking about. Do to others as you'd wana be treated. If you made an artwork that no one liked, you should not be killed, beheaded, or nose chopped. Feudalism is not the sign of a civilized society. it's good to have sankaar and manners.

And sanskaar includes
  • not killing
  • not taking prosecution from the hands of law
  • accepting others as they are
  • maybe going all over the internet to educate people in the "difference from history" for the film
When my mother does not like an actor's costume, she tells me. She never tells me she would wana kill her, though. You see? Mothers are often the best teachers. They teach you to express what you like and what you don't but never to hate anyone.

Understanding the demand and supply of commercial cinema

If more and more people came out and openly talked about how they hate item numbers, lewd lyrics spoiling a nice story, indian movies would cease to produce that crap. Box office collections also speak a lot. At the end of the day, it is pure marketing. Indian filmmakers make what they "think", we want to see. They "think", what "we want", from how much money we give them. 

Yes, it is time, you treated everyone you have ever known in a multiplex in the most expensive seats for movies that changed Indian cinema with soulful stories, and not a hint of anything that's not tasteful:
  1. Piku (we actually watched a non-love story)
  2. Kahaani
  3. Kahaani 2
  4. Tumhari Sulu
  5. Dear Maya
  6. Humari Adhuri Kahaani
  7. Queen
  8. Dor
  9. NH7 (there was a lot of violence, so personally I'm not a fan but it spoke of something that needs to be spoken about, fighting violence and women supporting crime, leading to more moral policing)
  10. Taare Zameen Par

Please mention in comments, other "clean" and amazing movies, I missed to mention.
Only after these movies, often led by just one female character, today, are getting financers and producers because they have also succeeded at the box office. Support the cinema you like. Be a patron. Let everyone know and let everyone buy. Change the game. Let success of good movies be your best revenge. But don't hate anything that is explicit. If it is not your taste, it could be of someone else.

What we, as humans should be angry about

Gone are the days, people were triggered by a man from UP raping a 28 year old baby. Yes, a baby that's not a month old. If you're not puking now, I know what you are. (deliberately used "what" instead of "who"

Gone are the days, people were triggered and angry by

DELHI GANG RAPE | What happened that HORRIFIC night

Being a 23year old Indian girl myself the horrid Delhi Gang Rape sends chill down my spine. “It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines...

Rape: The mindset and attitude of wolves in sheep's …

The Mumbai rape, the Delhi rape.....you lose count when it happens every second. But take a break. Look outside the typical abusers. I'm not talking about the brutal kinds. Like a post I'd read. Even good guys rape.
We all know about the Delhi gang rape case and how angry we were as a nation, together, in unity. The world supported us. You know, why? Cuz pulling out intestines out of someone is not cool.

Nothing justifies rape.

And since everyone thinks it is the day of misandry, let me just tell you, before you jump to conclusions, men are raped too. There are several things in this world to be angry about. You cannot fall short of reasons. In a world, where people rub cakes on people's faces as others starve to death, you really are kidding me, when all you could be possibly angry about was a non-existent scene in a movie? A movie? When I was a kid, my grown-ups around me were responsible enough to tell me that what we see on television, (serials, soap-operas, sitcoms, or movies), are fake. They are scripted. As an actor, allow me to make this final reveal to you. Most intimate scenes don't even require two actors to be together. How unaware could you possibly be about filmmaking. When you see two people saying two lines to each other in your favourite serial, do you seriously think they shot it together? Do you really think, the getting floored reaction I gave to the then Naagin hero entering our COLORS serial was by seeing him? No. I was looking at a fan! There's something called editing. You're welcome.

Films, serials, reality-TV is a make-believe world, where every "impromptu" joke by Manish Paul is also rolling on a screen, so he can read it out loud as shoot. There are retakes in reality-television and the audience is paid to do what you see them doing.

The point is, don't believe the make-believe world. They are characters, simply acting a said part.

And then, we get tweets that say, "Don't forget we are Hindu". Someone who watches these scenes at nite. (yes, not judging that they couldn't spell night), called me a pervert to be watching it. I don't even watch intimate scenes! Anyways, I was also asked if I would be ok with showing my grandparents' love story in a movie. Hell, yeah. It will be an awesome watch and I've had that thought ever since I was a child. If every mother could teach his son to be kind, and talk openly about a word called, "consent", we won't have so many marital rapes. Ouch, 2 marital rapes, while you read the last line? Yes. The joke is on us. Clearly, we are more than one and that means Hindus had sex. Wait, did I really need to break it down to that level? Hindus are the ones who created Kamasutra. So, it's time we realised, what part of the culture is tabooed by manipulation of people today. 

The fanaticism in the air just makes us less tolerant of each other. That is not cool. At all. Not everything has to be correct or wrong. There are people. They are different. We are about 2 billion. People living under the same house are not alike. It is ok to be different and to co-exist. 

Padmavati Promotions | PR | The fight that gives the publicity

Even after the sets were vandalized, Padmavati team has not taken efforts to clarify it enough. Although they continue to promote it despite bans, Padmavati still remains to be a touchy topic. The other day the youtube comment section was filled with how people are offended because the Indian Barbie had a bindi stamped on to it, with a saree and some Indians wear a saree, but would never wear a bindi. And that was ridiculous. Luckily, a lot of people did comment that bindi is a cultural thing and not religious. A lot of our Muslim and Christian acquaintances are spotted with a bindi. Also, I was so glad to find out that some people were sane enough not to expect their body types to be like that of the Barbie. Where were your guardians? If you've been brought up in an Indian household, I doubt, regardless of religion, if any of your grandmas, ever allowed you to be skinny. They would just dotingly feed you with ghee or something, thinking you're way too thin.

Even as Deepika Padukone promotes Padmavati, I am kind of shocked with the insta game. Ranveer Singh's insta seems to be done by the same manager for Instagram for Deepika. Lots of whites and less of Padmavati. Ayushman Khurrana, Bhumi, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor, and all the new age actors, resort to even changing their display names on twitter for their on-screen character name presence. There is an overwhelming (and quite visible), shift of mainstream commercial Indian cinema actors to endorse a character above their own brand. You remember when Sonakshi Sinha called herself Noor? (As much as I'm a sister, Noor was a terrible movie.)
But there has been a very visible shift of method acting in promotions. Stars become characters, or at least try to be. While brands invest in the star brand and the individual persona and vibes an actor/ celebrity brings to the Indian psyche, the characterization supremacy may not affect the brand image a lot. I used to think there is awareness that people are just playing parts. When they are promoting, they are themselves. Or at least in interviews, they are supposed to be unapologetically themselves. But if people are still unable to understand that movies are an act, I doubt they understand this. What is your take on it? Let me know in the comments!

P.S: I am not a fan of so much whites. How creepy it would be to just post parts of your body till it makes a picture in the whole Instagram feed! How do people even post likes to that part! But do you think it's cooler? Should I do something like that on mine? @rjtanu Let me know!

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