DELHI GANG RAPE | What happened that HORRIFIC night

UPDATE2: BOYCOTT REPUBLIC DAY - I agree. Let no one reach to celebrate Republic Day.What celebration are you talking of?Gang rapes continue to happen despite protests and people continue to use MC(MF), BC as they protest also, as if it was ABC. What MINDSET change are we talking about then?

Being a 23year old Indian girl myself the horrid Delhi Gang Rape sends chill down my spine. “It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines... That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,” said a doctor at Safdarjung Hospital where the woman is being treated.

Yes, I tried to un-read and un-imagine it too. If you are human, you definitely tremble with the shocking details that emerge of what transpired in the horrific night. And to think that the bus is a school bus! Yes, you read right.
It ferries school children! I had never understood why my teacher and my mother had always asked me to be careful when bus conductors were friendly to me. I used to think, I am only 7!! Yes, the little kids need to be taught what is rape and how they can be safe!!!
Every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India.India’s National Crime Records bureau reports As you read this, somebody is being raped.
UPDATE:  One needs to vomit.....pulling out her uterus and throwing it out????????TORTURE that man till he begs to die and then KILL!! Oh dear God!!I added the pic later on, as i am sure you might need time to digest this.Warning:It's too cruel, you could vomit.
Only one has been convicted of 635 rape cases reported in Delhi in this year alone, 2012. "It's a shame that our home minister doesn't have any idea of the conviction rate of 26% on sexual offences or that just 12% complaints are converted into FIRs," said Lenin after meeting the minister-TOI. And don’t we know if 635 have been reported 6350 would have actually happened or more!!Where are we heading as a nation?
Having an over protective mother as I do, who never forgets to tell me about every rape case that makes to the newspaper, I have always tried to ignore as much I could. We have to go out. We try to avoid and ignore, hoping the biggest fear and nightmare of a woman never turns true- rape. But you cannot ignore this heinous crime for the cruelty, inhumanity, the sheer indifference, arrogance and remorselessness!!
Naryan Murthy says He’s ashamed to be an Indian. I am ashamed to be a human!!
“This is not only an animalistic act, but in the past 20 years I have spent in this profession I have never seen a victim of sexual assault being subjected to such brutality,” said a senior doctor at Safdurjung Hospital where the victim was admitted. I would say, don’t demean and insult ‘animals’ by calling this an animalistic act.
Although I support the protestors, I request them not to protest outside the hospital as it can lead to more infection for the girl as the doctors say.
What happened COULD EASILY HAVE BEEN PREVENTED.(Read on for more shocking details) It becomes more and more clear that the men were remorseless and confident about not getting caught. Poor, drunk and armed with an arrogance that they could get away with it!-IndiaTimes.
We talk of youth? Great demographic dividend, eh? What are we doing to improve the quality of this youth? The youngest nation in the world, eh? Of the 6 accused, one is 19, another 20 and one MINOR!! Yes, let the minors not know about sex, and let them become rapists!!
On 16 December 2012, the 23 year old girl was brutally raped by six men (read monsters, it’s a sin to call them ‘men’) in a moving bus with tinted glass and heavy curtains that crossed five different police check points, moved in circles and nobody noticed? Tinted glass has been banned. Yet the police is being ‘praised’? Good investigation should NOT be the exception but the NORM!!
The victim, a physiotherapist from Uttam Nagar and her friend, a 28-year-old software engineer, had gone to the Select Citywalk mall in Saket to catch a movie ; Life of Pi. We are told that we are safe when we are accompanied by a man. She had probably thought so.
By the time the show was over, it was past 8pm and the couple took an autorickshaw to the DDA Munirka bus stop on Outer Ring Road.
(Latest details from The Hindu as on 23 Dec,2012) The victim purportedly told the SDM that around 9.30 p.m. while she and her friend were standing at a bus stop at Munirka, they were called into the bus by the juvenile accused Raju (name changed), who told them that the bus would go towards Palam. On entering the vehicle, the victims found that in all there were six others besides them in the vehicle.
A few minutes into the ride, her friend got suspicious as the bus had deviated from the supposed route and the other occupants had shut the door. When he objected, the six accused taunted them, asking what they were doing together so late in the night.
The 28-year-old was hit on the head by Ram Singh. The woman was then dragged to the rear end of the vehicle by Rahul and Akshay Singh.
In her statement, the woman said that after hitting her friend, who fell unconscious, Ram Singh went to the back of the bus and was the first to force himself on her. It is learnt that the girl had heard some names while the attackers were calling out to each other. As they were being brutalised, the attackers threatened both the victims that they would be thrown out of the bus. Initially, the accused had only intended to throw the boy out of the vehicle but later they changed their mind after both the victims fell unconscious due to the torture they were subjected to.
Sharma said the juvenile Raju, name changed,(WHY?Why do you have to change names?You still talk of protecting these creatures??) is a vagabond who has been out of his home for the past few years and had been in the bus on the fateful day and even shouted to the girl and the boy asking them to board the vehicle. [Thesarus says “Juvenile” means ‘childish’ Synonyms: adolescent, babyish, beardless, immature, infant, infantile, naïve. Can you STILL use this word for this MONSTER?]
The police also recovered the victim's mobile phone from Raju. Police claimed, burnt remains of the victim's missing mobile phone, ATM cards and, ironically, some remnants of the clothes which she was stripped of during the horrendous act, have been recovered.(There’s so much evidence but you still want to verify, verify, verify…………cover those morons so that we do not recognize them if they come to rape us, right?) No sooner than they boarded the bus that one of the seven occupants made a lewd comment.
The gang asked the couple why were they travelling so late. When the man told them not to bother and mind their own business, the men picked up a fight and the boy was hit on the head. The girl protested and fought with them to save her friend but was also hit. The girl even bit Ram Singh on his hand.When she resisted and bit his hand, Ram Singh got very angry. Alcohol and the victims' defiance, made him go berserk. (WHY? How dare an educated independent girl protest an uneducated bus driver…He is supposed to be superior,…..why? Cuz he is a man! That is the problem! Where are we heading as a nation? Would you still call us independent, secular, socialist and democratic? Solution is teach the men to respect women and not rape them!!!) He picked up a rod and hit the two everywhere. His accomplices followed suit," a source said.
Her male friend was beaten up with iron rods and gagged near the driver's seat. Outraged by her defiance and in a bid to teach her a lesson, they then dragged the girl to a seat in the rear where they took turns to brutally rape her.All this while, the bus roamed around Delhi roads.
"Egged on by Singh, who claims he got incensed when he was bitten by the girl when he was assaulting her friend and started beating her mercilessly — especially on her face and private parts with his shoe, the juvenile was the third one to sexually assault her after him and Akshay Thakur," said an officer.And yet you want to protect the so called minor, eh?
She was so brutally battered and savaged by the six that doctors at Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital had to remove almost her entire intestines to arrest the gangrene setting in.Doctors say only five percent of her intestine had been left inside her when she arrived at the medical facility on Sunday.
The men have been identified as Ram Singh-the bus driver,33, resident of Ravidas Camp at Sector 3, R K Puram (driver of the bus, DL1PB-0149), Mukesh Singh-Ram's brother and a driver/helper, 24,  Vinay Sharma-an assistant gym instructor, 20, Pawan Gupta- a fruit seller 18(TOI) or 19, Akshay Thakur-a driver/helper 26 and another cleaner Raju 25. All seeming to be normal people, right? Be careful the next time you get a gym instructor or buy fruits. They are everywhere. The evening started out normally for the gang."Being Sunday, Ram and his helper had cooked a chicken dish and had a small party. They decided to go for a joyride and also make some quick money by giving lift to people so that they could buy some more liquor. Akshay then took out the vehicle and Vinay, Raju, another cleaner, and Pawan joined them for the ride. Finally, they left with Mukesh driving the bus. It was around 8.15 pm. They are all friends and live in the neighbourhood," police commissioner Neeraj Kumar told TOI.
Clearly high on alcohol and armed with the fearlessness that only Delhi's cops can induce, the gang embarked on a joyride on the bus, intending to make some extra money on the way. Prior to picking up the victim and her friend, they had picked up a man from R K Puram and robbed him before throwing him out of the bus. Their first victim- Ramadhir Singh-a carpenter was picked up and ushered in under the pretext of dropping him off at his destination Nehru Place for Rs 10.Then,they forcibly took away Rs 7,500 and mobile phone from him and then threw him out of the bus near IIT Delhi around 8.45 pm.
And here is the sad part. Had Ramadhir Singh reported the crime or called for help, there is a high probability that the gang rape that happened just an hour later could have been prevented. Let me guess, why he didn’t report. We all know cops wont do anything, right?
 Once Ram Singh pleaded guilty, he opened up and revealed gut-wrenching and revolting details of the fateful night. Even while his friends were raping the girl, he had started planning for their escape. He was the mastermind behind stripping the girl and her friend before dumping them on the road. To cover up their tracks, he decided to strip the victims completely before throwing them out of the bus to leave no trace of incriminating semen or blood. He also grabbed the victims' mobile phones and switched them off. He was so confident of not getting caught that he told his friends to carry on with their normal lives, but lie low for a few days. He even parked the bus after the incident at its usual place.
The next morning when he watched television and found the case being discussed all over the town, he tried to destroy evidence and washed the bus thoroughly to remove blood stains. Guess why he was SO CONFIDENT? Because they know NOTHING will be done! And 7 years is a very short time even if they get convicted. They can always return and repeat it!
However, the forsenic experts found enough evidence to net him and his pals.
Update 1Jan2013: I thrashed and kicked... but they were boiling in anger and murmuring 'kill': Ordeal of Indian gang rape victim in her own words as she lay dying

TORTURE those monsters as much as they tortured her and more! Capital Punishment is so less, so easy!! Is there any Human Rights Activist going to question? We are NOT TALKING about humans!! Do you call such a creature human??? Revisit the definition of human!! Brutalise. Castrate. Let them feel what iron rods being put in to get out your intestines feels like!! TEACH THEM A LESSON for teaching a lesson to a woman for being a woman.
"Please don't tell my parents," she had begged after three Delhi Police personnel came to her rescue. The PCR had to wail its siren incessantly to be able to steer through the throng of onlookers staring at her ruthlessly assaulted body. As dozens of men merely looked on, her battered body was covered in a green sheet by her 28-year-old friend and the police officials. What is the problem in the thoughtprocess? So many men(again read monsters.Those who can see such a horrific sight and do NOTHING do NOT deserve to be called ‘men’!) Again, I stop to ask, where are we heading as a nation?
"While her friend was able to limp onto the PCR, the woman had to be carried and carefully put inside. She asked them not to tell her parents about what had happened to her, spitting blood every time she moved her mouth," said an officer.The PCR staff, struggling to come to terms with the sight before them had to muster courage, a source claimed, to look her in the eye and give her a false reassurance before she fainted.Why?Arent the police supposed to be brave enough? She was told she needn't worry and they would tell her parents she had been in a very bad road accident.
Minutes later, an officer said, the vehicle pulled into the Safdarjung Hospital and the victim was conscious as soon as she was laid on her bed. I am awed by her courage. The fight she would have put on is evident from the injuries. Look at the friendship and bonding. In such a condition, she has been repeatedly asking how her friend is and he comes to meet her now after so many days. He was also to leave Delhi as his parents wanted him to. But guess he has not as he is helping with identifying and all. Though I hope that the 28 year old friend would have put maximum effort, somewhere I do not feel so as being 5 years older and given the fact that physically men are stronger than women, he should have had more strength to fight back and not stay gagged. He never had as many injuries as her.  The problem is with the mindset. Ask any male friend, how much he would do to protect his friend and given the same situation, the most obvious answer you would get is, you cant fight back six men, not with iron rods hitting you. It’s not a movie. But, what I ask is, why lose before you try? Why let it be? How can you let go? Same iron rods hit her too and she got brutally raped by six in turns and got her intestines out too. And she’s so young!
"I'm a physiotherapist," she told the doctor. "I've done a four-year course and I'm interning at a hospital, too," she had said before fainting again, claimed the PCR personnel.
Police sources said that senior officers have decided to reward the three personnel who, irrespective of their jurisdiction, did their job on fateful Sunday evening. Arent they SUPPOSED TO? Will you wait for jurisdiction? Don’t you pledge to protect your nation? Anyways reward anyone you can for good behaviour but what about those policemen who were supposed to be there at the checkpoints where they were not?
Of the 83,762 Delhi Police personnel, close to 45,000 are not available for policing. Of these, as many as 7,315 guard just 416 VIPs.
Ram Singh-the mastermind of this crime, came across as remorseless and cold during police investigations. A volatile man, he was known among friends as "Mental". His neighbours in the Ravidas slum where he lived, talk about his bad reputation and drinking problems. There's an accident case registered against him and he has admitted to being involved in several other brawls. He had also run away with a girl in his neighbourhood, sources said. The woul be rapist and hardened ‘no soul’ criminal ferried school children everyday! It is shocking the school authorities didn't run a background check on him. Otherwise an illiterate, aggressive man who had been involved in an accident before, would have never been allowed on the roads.
Ram Singh is the perfect example of the type of anti-social elements that are capable of committing crimes and disregard rules of society. But nobody cared to stop him in the process. Had anyone seen this dastak (as they say in Crime Patrol), I hope it could have been prevented.
Dr. B.D. Athani, medical superintendent at the hospital, said the woman will have to be fed through intravenous fluids for the rest of the life.
While she was unable to communicate verbally, the Hindustan Times reported a heartbreaking note to her mother revealing the survivor's indomitable spirit. The woman's brother told the newspaper his sister had written the words Mother, I want to live on a piece of paper.
The brave 23-year-old student has been taken off ventilator. She scribbled a message that read, "they must be punished", according to an NDTV report.
Rang De Basanti taught us to speak up and actually do something about our situation if we don’t want to be in it. It didn’t provoke to but showed what the 50% of youth would do if their voices are unheard.
We as a nation have failed. We have failed as humans; as a species. Or have we not? Recently I had heard that humans are the most cruel beastly species in the world who had ate each other up in cannibalization to end civilization.
This case rightly proves so again. She had bite marks on her body. One of the accused persons who were brought to the hospital for a medical examination on Tuesday confessed to having seen a rope-like object — likely her intestines — being pulled out of the girl by the other assailants on the bus. What kind of monsters are they? What creature does one call them? Calling them animals shall be extreme insult to civilized animals!! Beasts rip apart their food…not their species!!
But yes ofcourse, the extremely patriarchial society that we live in, it doesn’t consider us women who give birth to them, a part of their species. Glamour, movies, Television, Advertisement commercial all in their way to make the big money leave no stone unturned to showcase women as just sex objects. Items. And literally so. Just things.To be used and thrown. I ask you, where are we heading as a nation?
And to think that they are hiding the faces of the rapists so that they can come out and rape us!
When I had first read of what happened to her, I couldn’t imagine someone survive after that! And to think that all her life she has to survive on intravenous fluids, I was sad. But looking at her spirit, I salute her. She is one example. I am the same age and I feel so coward. Of all the rape cases, this has shaken the Indian conscience. I am so happy for the protests and condemn the government for the water canons and lathi charge on women. You cannot protect us!And you lathi charge! Disgusting!
I am a very non-violent person. But these cases cannot be dealt with non-violence. You cannot become Gandhian here and say, “Oh, you raped me? Rape me again!” It is not equal to a slap that you show them how much you can tolerate. We women have tolerated ENOUGH. I had read as a teen, every woman in this world has been molested once. I had not believed it then. Rules are never same for men and women. If man commits adultery, he is supposed to be forgiven as if it is his right but not so vice-versa.Every bit everywhere.Where are we heading as a nation?
Talking of mindset change, sex education, grooming with morals and values is all ok but ALL SLOW. Immediate results can only come from a trend setter for such horrific crimes. A punishment for which we SHUDDER as much as we shuddered for the crime itself!! AND MORE. I could not feel any pain for the monsters who were made to eat human excreta and urine by Tihar Jail inmates. Pigs they are. And PIGS are MUCH BETTER.Calling them by any animal’s name is an insult to the animal’s dignity.
And they have no remorse. The police officials said of the 6 accused who have been arrested, there was no repentance AT ALL.
Update:Braveheart was all set to get married in February.She was cremated weeks before her wedding."They had made all the wedding preparations and had planned a wedding party in Delhi" for February, said Meena Rai, who was a close friend and neighbour.-Emirates
TORTURE them till the point they BEG TO DIE, but do not give them death, keep torturing…..Torture till they get back their soul. What kind of life imprisonment is being talked about? Revisit why law was created! To protect the society from anti-social elements who pose a threat to our security. If they are left alive without being CASTRATED, don’t you know what will happen? Obviously you don’t have 31 crores again to protect them from not entering society like Kasab, and we know how great our jails are! So, they can escape any moment and rape again! There is NO FEAR. Within a week of the fury, protests and outrage over this heinous, gruesome, Delhi Bus gang rape case, a 8 year old Dali girl was raped in Bihar, a 40 year old was raped in Delhi, a 19 year old and a 23 year old were gang raped in Bhubaneswar and Keonjhar in Odisha. The nation getting outraged had no impact in pre-plannd gang rape where 3 waited to do the horrid act as the fourth brought her. She knew him, fell into the trap. Agreed that 95% rapes happen like this, through relatives, and acquaintances. But most cases go unreported.Because a person can EASILY come back after 7 years, and take revenge, most women do NOT report. And the social stigma, of course. Even the police would hold the women responsible for getting raped.
But, you know you get raped anyways! Because they never teach the men NOT TO RAPE. Each time the victim is victimized further and further. I remember reading a post in The Hindu back when I was a teen, ‘Never go out, you may get raped, Don’t stay home, most rapes occur in your homes, don’t wear short outfits, you may get raped, don’t cover yourself too much, it arouses curiosity and you may get raped, take a man along with you, you might get raped, never be with a man, you may get raped, get married to have a husband to protect you. Oh wait, what about marital rapes! Don’t marry or you might get raped.’
That is our irony. The problem is with the mindset. The problem is with killing the girl child.The problem is with not even recognizing the females as HUMANS!! The problem is with the patriarchal society. The problem starts with discrimination against women, teaching a man from his childhood that he is superior to women! That leads to such cruel monsters who did such gruesome act “to teach her a lesson”?? Huh……DISGUSTING!!
It is the woman who lives a cursed life after being victimized so brutally. There is no empathy or soul in the so-called human society that we live in!Where are we heading as a nation? Is humanity alive?
We are in an era where the so called most educated men with great degrees and premiere institutes would even consider women as just pleasing devices. And what sadistic pleasure could be even thought of in brutally beating, inserting even an iron rod! ….to teach her (the women) a lesson?  I fail to understand where we are heading as a nation!
Our problem is that from childhood boys learn to sing along to ‘Tu chiz (object, item) badi hai mast mast…’. Go on celebrate more to Sheila ki jawani….munni badnam hui… off every product as if the only reason to buy is to do it to a girl.Every time the movies, the media, the ad commercials objectify women. Apparently the only view to look at women is, lust. And they do not desire women. They think it is THEIR RIGHT. When there is no justice for other rapes, it’s useless to even count marital rapes.
I am shivering to think what would happen when I have children too! How will I control a son if I have one and teach him all the humane values I have learnt and ensure he never falls prey to bad company and the tantalizing mystery of the unknown in the internet and tv and what not and if I have a daughter as I had always wanted, what do I do? The generation that would follow after us, the generation-y would see more exposure, uncountable elements craving to spoil the humanity within an individual. How do I not worry the way my mother worries each time I am alone! A state of constant paranoia, ceaseless insecurity…….utlimate lack of safety. I ask , where are we heading as a nation?
It is our responsibility(whoever is left sane after 12.12.12, as humanity has literally ended though we humans seem alive) to know for yourself (if you are a man) and teach other men , anyone around us to respect women and NOT RAPE. Our society will always find a reason to blame the women. I do not know how this came out of the Delhi Gang rape case, but maybe it’s the collected anger so far that has erupted. What we wear should not be a question. We are humans too. Same eyes as yours, hands, legs, one nose and one mouth. What makes you think we are literally a piece of flesh, chicken leg piece as they say. Is there really no difference? Men easily bite off and throw. I wonder what the men have to say about ancient times when people didn’t wear clothes and they still were more civilized. REAL MEN do NOT RAPE.
I loved the Dick Gregory quote that has been retweeted umpteen number of times.
Blissfully unaware I was.But brought to notice of the incident in a GD and more so outraged when a B-school guy said, “They were in a situation. They were drunk”. Shocked (and thinking of the statement for just a rape) we were outraged. Little did I know of the gut wrenching Delhi rape case. Yet we retaliated.
Education is not the reason because our entire education system is flawed where no values are given to students. Although the cruel monsters in this case were all uneducated, slum dwellers or the like…every now and then you hear of cases of IIT, IIM Ahmedabad grads who torture for dowry, female infanticide, female foeticide and what not! Degrees are NOT EQUAL TO education. One NEEDS VALUES to be given. And COMPULSORY MARTIAL ARTS training to girls too!! Starting from 2 year olds……(Come, on! They get raped too!)
Having said so, how do we do it, really? Any ideas? How to imbibe in a person that men and women are equal and one should not exploit women. In a culture where nobody speaks of sex which is a taboo, families would change channels if an awareness ad is there, how can one talk to somebody on this matter? I teach a 13 year old boy. I do not know how to exactly teach him never to rape. Any suggestions? I hope he never grows up to anything evil.
You saw my bold font yellow for ‘onlookers staring at her assaulted body’, right? We as a people have failed. We are LAZY, insensitive, we do NOT have a heart, we do NOT move to action. We just WATCH. Ask me why I didn’t go to Delhi to protest? Can you guarantee going to Delhi and returning back would be Safe? No, right?
I DO NOT know if anything will happen.But I hope. I hope CASTRATION becomes the punishment. I do not know if fb dp changes can affect anything, if facebook will ever share aggregates of how many people changed their dp to black in 2012, making of a history, of a revolution! I hope this war against crime on women doesn’t fizzle out as Anti-Corruption movement did. If I have to sign any real petitions, tell me, I am here. I openly support and give my consent to the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT in the world,that cannot be imagined, for those criminals.
Rape is worse than death as many women would choose to die rather than get raped. Hence, the punishment should be MORE SEVERE.
I have put my SOLUTIONS in the next post as this has become real lengthy.What are your thoughts on this?What do you feel after you know what exactly happened that night in the Delhi Gang rape case? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section. There's no text verification. It's easy.And I will definitely reply to you.:)
Thanks a ton for taking the time to read! :)
What's done is done and we successfully got rape law amendments. 

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  1. Very well put. Now, to look for all other pending cases in all Police Stations and various lower courts and higher courts all over the country.

    Pitch for that. Mobilise your friends for obtaining that data as well. Or else, this agitation will remain niche-based due to its genesis, and thousands of rape victims will continue to remain voiceless.

    1. Hi...thanks for commenting...I agree.....I had thought of putting down solutions too, I would do that in the next post.....

    2. start cutting up d men to teach em a lesson

    3. Dear anonymous,

      Thanks for writing in. I feel great when my readers comment.

      I truly agree. Look at the way the police is doing moral policing and not doing anything about eve teasing, rapes and molestations.

    4. Dear anonymous,

      Thanks for writing in. I feel great when my readers comment.

      I truly agree. Look at the way the police is doing moral policing and not doing anything about eve teasing, rapes and molestations.

  2. Great article.

    1. Thanks, .....Thanks a lot for taking the time to let me know you liked it. Means a lot!

  3. liked the part where you said 'real petition'. all these online protesting stuffs are appearing to be so lame, so much lame. there are hundreds of pages, groups screaming in protest and arranging candle march and we are liking their status thinking 'all right..contributed something at least..' which is nothing actually! and the most disgusting part is to see the big feminists and their disciples preaching 'no capital punishment...won't solve the problem..won't do justice..patriarchal state and law..need more deep rooted solution..' quoting bigger scholars with toughest possible English terms! well, if capital punishment can't, can no capital punishment solve? no ans!what should be the action for this time being? no ans! WTF should be the 'justice' for that girl? no ans!you know what I think? no mob beating, no life imprisonment..the victim should Kill the rapist herself..on spot if possible! vengeance? violence? increases the chance of the victim being killed? let it be! how many victims commit suicide after that horror, torture and pain! it won't stop rape!nothing can stop it while girls have to go to husband's house after marriage if you know what I mean! but if it becomes the case 'if you rape you die!' world would get better! how can one desire such a violent world?? like one desires the present world where every woman lives in such violent atmosphere knowingly or unknowingly!

    1. Hey...thanks a ton!! It really feels good when people like you, whom I dont even know,...take the time to pour out their heart in big comments.....

      I couldnt agree with you more.I have signed that petition but havent changed my dp in fb yet. It weird how superstitious people can get. also sent me a mail giving numbers of PM, CM, etc, and asked to tweet, fb and to call the numbers to build pressure.

      Pressure tactics works , yes, when everyone individually eats the head of the head. We recently did that for a reason and it worked.Individual and large numbers sometimes have more impact than a single petition signed by many.

      I really do not know what would work.Somewhere I feel the protests are not asking for anything specific.Though some ar egood,Liked a times post, and a comment in economic times or something.But lost that page.

      I have jotted down some of my demands n solutions in

      Let me know, if you like it....
      Let's pray something substantial happens!!

  4. my only problem is you trying to blame the male companion he did not do enough, you were not there to see what he did. after been hit with rod on the head there is nothing he can do. my point is to stop such crimes its men that has to act not women, women can make noise but men can act

    1. yeh sure...only men can 'act'... simply by Stop Raping!

    2. Totally agree....!! Thanks for posting a great reply!!

      Rapes have increased by 873%.

      No wonder men can 'act' in the negative way!!
      Hoping that they start acting in a positive way too, instead of being the thousand onlookers who kept LOOKING and DOING NOTHING to save her!!

    3. I had typed you a long reply yesterday.But technical error so m typing again.
      See, I was not there, that is WHY I gave him a benefit of doubt.
      I did not blame him.I did not say he did nothing.I only said I have a doubt he could have done MORE.

      Were you there?Were you him? If not, then you do NOT know what happened either and cannot support him pointlessly!

      Thats exactly what I was talking about! MINDSET. Look at you. You yoursef say that if you get hit by an iron rod you can Do nothing!

      He DID came to consciousness later on. What did he do then?

      Point is, he is 28 year old man and she is 23 year old young girl. He should be physically much more stronger to bear the iron rods, more than she did..BUT, she fought to save him and ended up with this tragedy but what did he do?Women can make noise eh? She ACTED to save him. Live example.
      She took so many iron rod assaults even "unnatural sex", if you have understood, they also inserted the iron rod there.
      But still she could take more than him.HOW?

      The injuries that she's had shows what a fight she put up.

      But look at HIM. He gets well in a day!!!

      He wants to leave Delhi cuz his parents wanted him to.

      Why didnt he meet her earlier when she had been asking for him and his well being even in this condition again and again.

      I really hope the men start ACTING.

      I do not condemn him.He tried.All I said was he could have TRIED MORE.

      But I thoroughly CONDEMN the men who kept watching and DID NOTHING.
      I blame them!!!

    4. you were not there i was not there, so dont blame him by assumption, for her to ask about him in the hospital he must have tried his best if we are going by assumption

    5. if women are to do anything pls instead of writting pls go and do something,if not it will just be another sad story. i heard she is in critical condition today. God forbid maybe she is dead and the government is playing it down.
      i not from india but i ll say to the men it could have been your sister

    6. Hi Mr./Ms. Anonymous......I wrote clearly that I am NOT blaming him. I just wondered.I have doubts, is what I said.
      But he is definitely better than EVERYONE who kept watching and did nothing.

      What do you think can be done by me?

      I can write and that I did.
      I signed online petition.Not sure if it works.Still I put in my bit.
      I try my best to keep the topic trending in twitter so that the authorities cannot think that we the youth have forgotten the topic so that they can relax.
      I am trying to put pressure whichever way I can.

      How else can I do something?

      Post this incident, 4 horrific gang rapes have happened in my city and many in Delhi.

      Do you think we women are even safe?

      What do you expect us to DO? In action?

      So many women and some men have come to streets and protested.An old woman in wheelchair protests, and her pic is trending in twitter.
      What makes you think women are doing NOTHING?

      Writing is a means of voicing out anger!And expressing oneself as an Indian Citizen.

    7. now she is dead, expressing without action cannot go far, i just hope your PMs expression 'I want to tell them and the nation that while she may have lost her battle for life, it is up to us all to ensure that her death will not have been in vain' will hold anything in the end.
      i came to the site three times now first in support of the male companion anyway who cares about him. keep gender aside the whole of india has been raped becouse of this girl. i just hope the government do something to curb this situation, there are many countries without capital punishment but why in india rape cases are so high. i read somewhere that india is the worst country for a women to be born in. its realy sad what happened to her. wish you also best of luck

    8. Best of luck in?Of not getting raped?
      Thanks, I would need it....

      What action can I do?Suggest me.If I can, I surely will.My first step is to ensure, the 13 year old slum boy, I teach should grow up to be a gentleman.If I can teach one man to respect women, no matter what.....I would feel I put in a drop in an ocean.

      "the whole of india has been raped" because of "WHAT HAPPENED TO" the girl.

      Rape cases are so high in India, because .......
      1. Look at the gender ratio....number of women to men! HIGHLY SKEWED.
      Blame female infanticide, female foeticide....nobody wants to give birth to a daughter as they have to pay dowry......bla bla....bullshit

      2.Men think it is THEIR RIGHT to touch any girl anytime they want
      Blame Patriarchal society!! Till now, there are men who think women are their servants....!!

      2.Chalta hai "It's ok" attitude wala society.
      Everyone's immune.
      No matter what happens.The nation has the power to digest and sleep over it.
      We FORGET and LET GO.
      Take the simple example of a girl being groped in a bus.(CROWDED BUS: No space to breathe. Not one man or woman comes up to protest generally.
      Everyone minds their own business!!!!

      You could write a name....any name as u sign in to avoid confusion, when you answer many are giving anonymous comments here.

    9. Hey, heard that she was gonna get married but another newspaper says family denies so, although no one had mentioned being married to "whom".
      I read in another daily that her mother while not eating all these days has been admitted to ICU, the friend has also not been eating properly and is very unwell.
      Felt bad, so thought of sharing.

  5. I was in utter shock after getting to know the insight of this horrific incident. I personally feel ashamed to be in the same race as the men who raped the victim. She needs all our prayers and support to fight back personally and socially.

    we cannot blame the friend of her's who was accompanying her in bus, as we have a very limited perspective of what exactly happened(Except that he was hit with an iron rod and fell unconscious). We can only speak of the pain she is undergoing, but if i were in her shoes i would have prayed god to kill me in spite of bearing all this pain.

    What was going through the mind of these accused? They were not even bothered about police,courts,laws, all the judiciary system because they had that confidence that nothing would happen to them as this is not the first rape incident in India. Like all other rapists we will also be arrested, produced in court, sent to jail(If proved, which doesnot happen 99 % of the times)which would take around 2 to 3 years. It is because of no stringent laws these appalling incidents occur. Had if there were laws as in some arab counties, the accused would have feared that he just would not be hanged but his Penis would be cut off and tortured. It is more shocking that some more rape incidents have been recorded during the course of protests and dharnas.

    Its a serious shame to the country, govt has to act and bring the solution on to the table. Looks like only when the people from aristocratic family(the prime minister, president or m.p's) near or dear are raped then only a bill will be passed in a day until then all the women have to live with fear in what ever they do.

    "Our presence in this world is because of a woman". And woman are no more safe in this country.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi,Presco,

      Thanks for writing.I am not blaming him.I have written this time and again.But however, I feel and wish he could have done more. As we dont know, just as you can make an assumption that he did, I also have the right to make my assumption that "probably" he was the one who insisted for the movie.The girl has a family to support,who need her badly.They eat salt and bread, having sacrificed everythin for her. If the man took her out, he could have arranged a vehicle.He first replied back harshly to the men to mind their own business when they asked why HE was out with the girl so late in the night.He FIRST got into fight and she tried to save HIM and bit the monster's hand..due to which she was raped so brutally.
      It could have been avoided, had they had a vehicle of theirs, rented or whatever, they need not have helplessly get into a private bus, when no public bus was coming.
      I am not blaming him. I wish things had gone differently. But look at you all!! Everyone starts blaming women. Even though u say u respect women, even a mere thought that probably a girl "allegedly" blamed a "man" becomes an outrage? It just proves Mr.Anonymous and everybody's "I'm the man.Men cannot be blamed" mindset.

      Mr.Anonymous who had been advocating him doesnt know what happened either.If not being there is a question, then he also doesnt know and should not claim, he did everything that was possible.

      My point is only the mindset.Look at Mr.Anonymous and probably even you who might think the same. What can one do after an iron rod? Friends, especially men, just "let go". Its like the thought of the viewers....."SIX men!!" "There's nothing we can do!". What about "trying"?? One should try before losing a battle, is all I want to say.

      But this is a very short part of my entire blog.Do read the other parts as well.It is the laws, the police, the system, the people at large and above all the patriarchal society that is to be blamed. As our politicians debate on this topic, we come to know of their misogynistic mindset. They prove that at the top also they are still stooping lower and lower.
      I agree with your other parts, of law and order, implementation.I support castration!!!!!

      It is indeed a shame and I hope people change themselves and their neighbourhood to stop this shame.

      This incident had shocked me too. But 15 gangrapes have occured after that.

      Like I said, every 40 min a woman is raped.

      I wondered too, what can go in the mind of the monsters.How could they be so inhuman?

  6. Strong & the same painful punishment should b given to them 4 their cruel inhuman horrible act wich they had done to her... I donno y some people doesn't consider female as human being... Aree! Female are human being...they have right to live,smile,enjoy.. Why should only men raise question upon women's dignity!! Y shouldn't women? I have just cried of being known abt wat actualy happened to dat innocent girl... For wat they had done this gruesome cruel thing to her?? What she had done? Just watching a movie with her friend became a reason.. I feel ashamed in myself of being a part of this nation..where women doesn't have any respect..they r treated as sex object ;'-(
    & the most saddest part is that i can't do nothing for that brave girl want to live..want to survive..without praying to god ;'-(
    help her women..

  7. Strong & the same painful punishment should b given to them 4 their cruel inhuman horrible act wich they had done to her... I donno y some people doesn't consider female as human being... Aree! Female are human being...they have right to live,smile,enjoy.. Why should only men raise question upon women's dignity!! Y shouldn't women? I have just cried of being known abt wat actualy happened to dat innocent girl... For wat they had done this gruesome cruel thing to her?? What she had done? Just watching a movie with her friend became a reason.. I feel ashamed in myself of being a part of this nation..where women doesn't have any respect..they r treated as sex object ;'-(
    & the most saddest part is that i can't do nothing for that brave girl want to live..want to survive..without praying to god ;'-(
    help her women..

    1. Welcome Suman,

      Thanks for pouring your heart twice. I really feel good when people like you come and voice their opinion. It feels good that people I dont know, agree with my views.

      I "totally support" "same and equal" punishment to the rapists. They should be brutalized with iron rods and their intestines should be taken out so that they feel what it feels like!! And they SHOULD BE "CASTRATED". Torture them so much that people start developing a fear. Let every man watch it!!

      You can write.You can create awareness. You can bring people together. Let his not fizzle out.
      And yes, above all you can pray. Prayers can work wonders. Faith is the most powerful thing in this world. If you believe she will survive, she will

  8. All I can pray is god plz save her life and lastly kill those creatures not just by hanging but in some other way which they can not even dream off.... all I can say the pain which she is going through can not be matched but... all we need at least not so easy death...

    1. Hi Indian,

      Thankyou for writing in. I totally agree. They should be TORTURED. Not an easy death, no!!! Let them feel the pain!!!

      Inhuman creatures, they are! The government and judiciary should nto take it easy.The media should not forget the DelhiGangRape case. There should be justice.

      And yes, do pray for her!!! She is a brave woman. She should survive!!

  9. Thinking about their inhuman activity making me shocked everytime... How can they became so cruel!! How can they dare to do they got guts for that..they r not human neither animal..even not monster...they are even cruel than that.. No one can feel the pain she's bearing..but atleast the same pain even more than that should be given to the accused,such that one would think abt the punishment before thinking abt wat happened to that girl & also in future anyone would fear even thinking abt doing such type of things to any girl...
    Anyone tell the govt. Or any extent to bobitise them in front of public & leave them into public for the rest..

    1. I agree!!
      Your comment had gone to spam, god knows why....!
      Voices are like yours are important.

      Thanks for seconding my opinion of torturing them!!

      I can relate with what you wrote!

  10. @ D Overanalyst

    First off all i want to salute the brave heart and may her soul rest in peace. My deepest condolences to her family during this time of bereavement with my saddened heart.

    I totally agree with the guy "trying",that the boy should have tried to save her. But according to what i have heard or read in several articles is that, he was hit with a rod on his head and he fell unconscious and the girl tried to save him . It is then that the accused were angry because the girl was "trying" or save him and provoking the accused that they have decided to commit this brutal act. During the entire life cycle of the incident the girl has shown her nerve. One should salute the girl to have the courage to fight six men who were inebriated, even strong men would fear and send chill down their spine. Right from there till she has passed away today , she was brave and bravely fighting the odds to live. And i hope even the boy would have fought to save the girl if he was conscious(No body has heard the boys story, so i hope that he might have fought and lost to save her).

    Secondly , think that we have met with an accident. Now you cannot reproduce the same going back so that one could evade the accident. Only the next time we ought to be careful about this. similarly they might not expect that dec 16th would be a fateful night for them. Sorry for comparing both the events, i just wanted to tell that they might have gone to movie in the same time, same theatre many times but nothing happened. With the same mindset they might have gone on dec 16 also.

    But i agree that keeping in mid the type of anti woman incidents that were recorded in the national capital , that guy should have planned for private transport.

    And men do "try" to protect women keeping aside self safety. if you could remember last years incident Keenan Santos, 24, and his best friend Reuben Fernandes were out with a group of friends, including some girls, when some men began sexually harassing the women. Keenan and Reuben intervened and were beaten by the men so badly that they died.

    Lastly, please pray for the girls soul , let her rest in peace.

    1. Hi Presco,

      Great to see you again.
      I agree.Truly do. It's all about the "trying". I do not know the exact incident you are talking of.But had seen a similar story on Crime Patrol.3 men, 2 women.All three men fought for just "sexual taunts" only. Nobody had been physical.It was verbal abuse. They fought till their last breath, were hit with iron rods, they kept getting up and fighting again.
      Two men died.The third took them to hospital and took the women back home.

      I salute such men.

      But how many "SUCH" brave men do we have Presco?

      Which of the "THOUSAND ONLOOKERS" who kept watching the duo thrown on the street savaged and battered like this, who did not care to put a sheet on her, or call the police, or take them to hospital..............would you call................"men"?

      This is reality.

      Nobody does anything often.All are selfish. Very few men would actually intervene when a woman is being teased, let alone being brutally assaulted sexually.

      If rapists and perverts knew, that the moment they try, the public would TEAR THEM to pieces, a thousand on a street versus 4 or 6 would be enough.A fifty in a bus to protest a pervert, a single man................would be enough.....

      If every individual swore, he would never TOLERATE any crime against a woman and would rise from his seat and RAISE his voice, we can have a better and safe life.
      Women often dont raise voices, because if they saw what happened.
      But I do not want to weaken or lessen the impact in any way.Truly salute her for her bravery.More so, cuz none of us could have dared to!She is an EXAMPLE. God bless her!!

  11. Its seems like i have lost one of my sister ;-(

    The brave girl united all of us...
    We should not let her sacrifice to b wasted...
    we should fight her battle..
    she's the bravest daughter of india

    1. I agree....this is the third time m typing my reply to u......somethings goin wrong

      Nevermind, I agree, she truly is.We "should not" let her sacrifice go wasted.

      We have more people than any country could bring to streets.Lets hope it does not fizzle out.

      Keep visiting n keep commenting.I will write more on this.

  12. Hi doveranalyst,

    Thanks for going through my views,you can call me pridvi(thats my name). I think you are right , there are men who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of protecting women . But in this country where men dominate women in population we can hardly find the brave soldiers we are talking about. For me the act of respecting a woman begins with us, in our home,school, society . If i can respect my mother i can see all woman at her age group equal to my mother. Similarly i make friends in school,society i know how to respect and treat them , they become a part of my life as we see each others face daily. What i am trying to say is, people committing such crimes have no education(as you have put in your blog .. degrees are not equal to education). They only see women as a sex symbol,they cannot sense whom to treat as a mother,sister,friend. So respecting women or infact everybody comes with age not a nightly job. When we are infants we donot differentiate between man/woman , everybody is equal. We enjoy with innocence , but as we grow our mindset change we start identifying the difference which is the time we have educate and this is the reason why i was emphasizing that awareness comes from our home,school or society.

    Coming to the Onlookers, Recently i have waiting for an auto and infront of me there was a collision between two bikes. The lady was injured her ankle was bleeding. Even at that time one guy was trying to rob her. Her cell phone and other items were scattered on the road. I promptly picked up and gave it to her. I immediately with the help of other lady took my handkerchief and tied it to her ankle which could help in stopping bleeding. These were my instincts, "Should i help her?" kind of questions do not flash because i was grown up in such an environment where we respect women. There were onlookers who were watching and discussing what happened? Who is this girl? kind of stupid questions instead of coming to the rescue .

    Ill put it straight and frank , every body(Most of us) has become selfish . "If i am happy , nothing will i care" kind of attitude can be seen in people. There are many atrocities committed in our country of large magnitude but none of us come together to stage a protest because everybody else is happy except the victim, their job,family and personel life is important. Why cant we together as a nation protest and in this so called democratic country force the government to amend strict laws for the safety of woman? How many days can the police fire water cannons and stop people protesting when the country as a single voice with millions of youth in our country?

    The solution is that with serious punishment to the accused , the bill has to passed and enacted before another such incident occurs. The government has to act swiftly to bring the law to the table instead of discussing and deciding things under the carpet.

    Rest in peace brave soul.

    1. I wish less people are selfish. If crowds on street swear to teach the rapists a lesson whenever they see one, even a molestation or tease, things could be so much safer

      The laws have to be changed NOW.

  13. Your post is the most comprehensive one and gave a full account of what happened that is really heart wrenching ordeal..what she went...
    I had written so much in your comment box in response to your post, but due to word limit..I couldnt post it i copied it and have posted in my blog as a response to your post.

    1. Glad that my blog post could move you so much that you wrote a blog on it.

      Went through your post.I liked this part.
      "Public have no trust on police.. This is one of the major reasons for the on-goers not acting..apart from the reasons like cowardness etc

      Criminals have more trust on police.. that they can escape easily..."

      and the Sheila DikSHIT stunt.

      I dont agree to your same old "Dont get RapeD mentality though.Teach the wolves to behave.

      You said women should not trust you also.

      You wrote "Not exaggerating but... My heart sank...tears rolled in my eyes reading the ordeal she(Amanat) went through on that dreadful day..I was just aware of such incident happening but not the details..till I read THIS POST, which gives an account of the horrific acts done by the 6 rapists...the act of pulling intestines out is so devilish..

      Then change yourself first.If you truly cried, you definitely are human.People like you should be the ones who would go by Dick Gregory.

      Nevertheless I know people are real bad and nobody walks with a bedsheet on Indian streets, trust me!!! I appreciate how you observed that man raping them with his eyes in protest against rape.

      I liked your punishment ideas. I could take some points from there too.
      I relate with the part where you said one feels good by putting in brutal ideas to punish them!!

    2. My reply to your comment on changing my mindset is posted in detail in my one is born a rapist.. Till he committed it ..he may be one among your clout.. Saying yay to your posts..and being part of the rallies as well.. How do u deal with that kind of people..

    3. next post is gonna be on that............

      I agree to "SORRY WE RAPED YOU" facebook note by a friend's friend.

      Quote: Men rape everyday with their eyes. In 60% he sees a potential rapist from daily life. I guess it should be 95%

  14. --Please delete the previous post, it was only a rough draft--

    They are not the only ones guilty over here. We made those monsters; we contributed to the crime as well. How ? I’d like to discuss over here.

    Firstly, we must remember that one’s character is shaped by what one sees and learns, from his or her surroundings.
    There is no system to support, or educate and look after those who have to live like animals from the day they are born (Eat to live, live to eat), how can we expect that all of the 65 million who live below the poverty line, grow up into fine human beings ? Aren't we expecting too much from those who have been forced to live in abject poverty, just because they're born poor, in return for giving them absolutely nothing? I am not saying that educating them would certainly put a stop on such crimes, it would however, reduce the likelihood of the same.

    I believe that the curriculum of the schools today don’t lay enough emphasis on moral and personality development. And everything, starting from porn, the vulgarity that is shown in movies, the objectification of women by depicting them as trophies, in advertisements and movies, sends the wrong signals to the malleable minds of the youth.
    Also to be blamed is the failure of police in maintaining law and order in the capital, and our tendency to find workarounds, loopholes in the system. The bus was allowed to run on the city roads, because WE have made bribing, a cultural thing. It was OK for the bus to run on the city roads, as long as Ram Singh and others were not raping women, so brutally. We expect the government officials to mend their ways first. We expect them to decline the offers of bribe, but we are not ready to stop bribing them ! We must remember that we weaken our country, its democracy, by a tiny bit, every single time we pay a bribe to a traffic policeman, or a TTE of Indian railways.

    I am not trying to defend those 6 men in any way. They are not fit to love amongst us and I believe that they must be given the harshest punishment possible, keeping in mind, that the sovereign in or country is our constitution, and not the government, not the people, not the police or the army, that we do not make any laws that would jeopardize the lives of the victims of such crimes in the future. So as much as people would want to hang them without any trial, as much as they’d want the identity of the juvenile accused to be made public, it will not and should not happen. India as a republic has stood the test of times. We’ve been through wars and emergencies with the same constitution and by rejecting the constitutional procedures in this case and making an exception, we would only show the weakness of our democracy. I am however strongly in favor of making the laws stricter by amendments in the IPC and the treating this case as the rarest of the rare ones. In short, I think they should get as hard a punishment that can be given to them, going by the constitution and the IPC.

    1. I am glad atleast you said you are not here to defend the 6!

      Had you been, I would not have even cared to argue with you.

      I agree on the poverty to some extent. But let me tell you, we are not taught by our morals to eat each other up if we dont have food.Its humanity we are talking about.
      Rape has NO excuse. I repeat NO EXCUSE.

      Constitution?I wonder, how you talk of it! When you talk of crimes elsewhere...I dont deny, but when you know so much how can you say this!!

      Laws need to be changed NOW.

      What on earth is a rarest of rare incident?
      For those who do not understand rape is as it is, worse than death.

      JUVENILE??? YOU actually wrote that????
      AFter reading what I wrote? "Thesarus says “Juvenile” means ‘childish’ Synonyms: adolescent, babyish, beardless, immature, infant, infantile, naïve. Can you STILL use this word for this MONSTER?"

      Can you call such a monster a juvenile?

      We are socialistic by constitution.
      Men women equal.Since when has that "actually" happened, tell me?

      Read a little history on our constitution. It was borrowed from a lot of places.No book of law or codes is SACROSANCT.Everything needs be changed when it is a threat to society.
      Going by socialism and equality.
      Age no bar, should be the norm. For such a heinous crime, he is a threat to society and deserves to be exposed, tortured and killed like every other accomplice in crime.

    2. The terms in constitution do not mean the same as they do in the dictionary. I think you know that already. I understand your sentiments though. Also, I wish 'monster' was defined in the constitution, so that those men could be called that, legally.
      Being a firm believer of the values of the constitution, I still stand by what I said. The values enshrined in the constitution should not be compromised on, just to reveal the identity of a juvenile rapist.

      As per the constitution, the JJA ( Read,_2000 and ), a juvenile is any person below the age of 18 years.

      Also, I understand that an occurrence of a single incident of rape alone is sufficient to shatter the life of a woman. And I agree that stricter laws must be made. But when we are making laws 1.2 billion people we must keep in mind, that not every time ,is it easy to establish that a rape has been committed.

      So we must not decide the punishment of rape on the basis of a few cases. And hence this case will be treated as a rarest of the rare case (visit the link below). Sometimes, the current act is used as an instrument to threaten people. Many a times, a couple may do something which is punishable by law (visit the links below).
      The definition of rape is not gender neutral, which prevents the female sexual predators from being prosecuted.

      When we are speaking of changing the laws, I suggest that you go through the law, as it is now.

      What i believe you are trying to say is, pretty close to what they says below:

      " While a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female." - Justice Arijit Pasayat, Supreme

      Court, India "When a woman is ravished, what is inflicted is not mere physical injury but the deep sense of some deathless shame… judicial response to Human Rights cannot be blunted by legal bigotry." -Justice Krishnaier, Supreme Court, India

  15. About the protests, I feel that the movement in Delhi was a rather a shallow one. Had this happened in any other place, say, a town in UP, the protests would not have been at such a huge scale. People in Delhi wouldn't have cared to come out of their homes in such a chilling weather had this been the case.
    And why am I saying so? Read about the rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama. Read about the nude protests that were organized by a few women from the north east to take back AFSPA, after this rape. They did not get any support from the students of JNU or DU. She does not have facebook posts being made about her. Just because she did not survive to tell about her ordeal, does not mean that hers was any less ghastly. People did not change their dps for her, or sign any petition to take back AFSPA.
    Read about the inhuman rapes and tortures of women that were committed by the Bhumihars and others in Bihar (Tortures during communal riots are almost always as brutal as those). Read about the inhuman torture of women during the Gujarat riots.
    I believe that while it was the right time to force the government to bring justice to other women who had been raped elsewhere in the country, the same was not done. At least the cause of the park street rape victim could have been taken up.

    However, had it not been for the protests in Delhi, the culprits would not have been caught, and the girl would not have got the medical attention that she got. I have deep respect for those who went out to protest for the cause of the girl, but I wish they had been more informed and concerned about the other "Nirbhayas" of the country.

    You are being too judgmentalwhile saying "Be careful the next time you get a gym instructor or buy fruits. They are everywhere" and also, while saying, " I fail to understand where we are heading as a nation". The crime is heinous, but , similar crimes have happened almost everywhere in the world (read about Junko Furuta, I will not name others over here, because i couldn't read any further, after reading about her ordeal). We should rather ask where we are headed as human beings. Also, such twisted minds as those 6 men, hardly contribute to the growth of the country. Why judge where we are headed as a nation, from such crimes? I do understand what you are trying to say here is that the country is increasingly becoming a dangerous place for women to be. But that is bound to happen when the population is 1.2 billion. Yes, we should remain vigilant, but we shouldn’t be so judgmental, because being so, would only give rise to over simplified conceptions (read regionalism).
    So, though we’d like to dream of a utopian society in which women are not judged on how they dress, and where they are not objectified, we’d have to settle with the fact that it cannot happen, at least not overnight. What we need to do at this hour though, is to focus our energy for developing a fool proof emergency alarm and rescue system, which would entail electronic devices, thorough patrolling of streets and ability to dispatch the policemen to any vicinity where such an alarm is raised.

    In the nutshell, they've not only let the country down, they've let the whole humanity down. And this is not the first or the last time that it has happened. It happens, some place or the other, every day. We can only reduce the chances of such occurrences in the future, but we cannot stop them completely. A few deranged and twisted minds will always remain amongst us. For those that are sane, only the certainty of punishment would deter them from committing such crimes. I am still not sure about castration being an effective punishment for rapists.

    1. "Be careful the next time you get a gym instructor or buy fruits. They are everywhere" Why I said has already been reaffirmed in other comments.A man who understands still says, but do not trust us, there are wolves within..

      What I meant was,one who looks so well-behaved prima-facie could be a rapist.

      Like I have already quoted pragyan's fb note "SORRY WE RAPED YOU", where he says he sees rapists in 60% he meets everyday!
      The so called good men can also rape.
      Trust no one.Be careful.Is what I meant to say.

      and also, while saying, " I fail to understand where we are heading as a nation".ThankGod you understood what I meant eventually.
      Yes, where are we heading as humans?
      I agree!
      But I am an Indian.I live in India. There have been other crimes.I never say there havent been.
      People forget.
      People like me always ignore to survive.
      Check what I have written in the post.
      So being the same age( I dont know how by serendipity ) but I became aware of this one!
      Being the same age, really is a pathetic thing.

      Arguing here on why I have not highlighted other cases is useless.You are weakening the cause.
      On what we came forward.Where were we in other crimes is not important.
      If all are united by this, so it be.Let the protest begin.Let the revolution begin.
      You already say it is shallow.Why weaken it, further?

      Let us look at solutions.Let us not argue why we said nation and not humanity(I have written at some places "humanity")

      Being a citizen, I have the freedom of speech and expression to condemn what happened in my country.
      So much so for our bright future given our demographic dividend, young India, I highlighted the age, your so called "juvenile"!

      You are not able to understand.Thats your problem.Either you have become immune or been used to it.You have more than me you say.
      How come it doesnt affect you.Feel, for a change.
      It can help.
      There comes a time in life, when one has to speak.When one relates and feels the pain.

      If you think this case is being hyped unnecessarily, thanks for proving again there are people like you.

      The docs said in 20 years they had not seen such brutality in sexual assaults.
      You have read of more heinous ones? You know what, I cant read further.
      I know crimes happen everywhere.I have mentioned the 19 year old cases, cases that happened a few km from my home, from where I write this.

      I, as a student and an Indian, I demand my safety.If you call feeling insecure, and feeling the need to do something about my own county "judgmental" I am sorry I am judgmental!

      Are you with me, or in the other party, of "blaming, analyzing"

    2. I never said that the case was being hyped unnecessarily, you've got me completely wrong there ! I clearly mentioned that i respect those who came out to support her cause and because of whom, justice will be handed out to those 6 men, and because of whom, stricter punishment will be handed out to rapists, in the future.
      When I said that you shouldn't be judgmental, i just meant that you should not form stereotypes and start categorizing every vegetable vendor or gym instructor as a rapist. Though you misunderstood me, we are on the same page here. I believe that you cannot tell a rapist by face. I have seen pretty learned people behave like animals and that's why i wrote that education may not be the ultimate solution, but it'll help (read between the lines).
      I am of exactly the same age as the girl was. (serendipity ??).
      I am just trying to be a bit practical over here. If you will start looking at how the world really is, you'd realize that it is a pretty unforgiving place. I am not amongst those who put the blame of such occurrences on the victims, but you cannot let your guard down. I don't let my guard down, when I have to visit the places where I can get mugged. That's the least I can do, to ensure that i reach home safely.
      DO NOT relate my statement with the 23 year old girl or with any other rape victim. She took every precaution she could, and even if she had not, I would not have blamed her. Neither will I blame any rape victim, ever. We have seen babies getting raped as well, just because they don’t have a ‘guard’ does not mean that they should be raped.

    3. Jai,

      I understood what you meant but I didnt mean what you thought I meant.
      I now get how wrong you have got me.
      GOOD HEAVENS. .......Oh, God......I "NEVER NEVER" meant to say go to every fruit vendor or gym instructor and call them rapists. HELL, NO!!
      All I meant was. Be careful. Common people in common roles you meet everyday could be the one cruel monster they dont seem to be.

      We are both on same page.

      Glad to know you dont blame victims.I was just reading youtube comments where one was. Mnay had fought against him and replied back.So I just took a deep breath.

      Didnt get the part about "same age"

      I had written it in response to you asking why I havent highlighted other cases here.
      You spoke of so many.
      I said, somehow, by chance I got to know of this and Delhi Gang Rape case shook me..................being the exact same age as the victim makes you relate more, I what I said.

      "Serendipity" means "accidental discovery"

      I have also mentioned how I got to know of this, in my post already.

      A man in B-School GD (Our youth) says, "They were in a situation...It was justified, they were drunk..."

      Burning with anger I searched the whole thing and put all the ghastly details here together with my outburst for the benefit of people who do not know exactly what happened that night to her and want to know the deadly story at one go.

  16. I chanced upon your blog. Its a good read I must say. My deepest condolences to the victim's family. Not only India but the whole world is saddened by this brutal and sadistic act. The perpetrators should be hanged in public. Rest in peace Nirbhaya. May god bless you my dear one.

    From Singapore.

    1. Thanks a ton, Lynn.

      It's great to see that people from outside India are supporting our cause.

      Thanks for mentioning where you are from.
      And you didnt even hear from what happened in SIngapore but you chanced upon this.
      Thanks for commenting.

    2. Much welcome dear. In Singapore, the local media does cover about Nirbhaya's case.Every now and then my family and friends would watch the news to see if theres any updates about the killers. We really hope justice will be served. Its really heartwrenching to know what actually happened to her. Looking forward for your next post.

    3. Whats worse is that despite all these protests, people coming out to streets, the government has put a deaf ear to everything.
      They are responding so late, and too little.
      Nor are the men fearing even a bit as they keep on repeating the crimes.So many gang rape cases have been reported in so many parts of India AFTER this heinous crime and despite the protest.

      Because they know nothing will be done.But lets hope for a better future.

      My next posts are:

      How to change the mindset: A step towards prevention of crime against women

  17. Though, you are not wrong in 'ignoring to survive'. I wouldn't suggest that you do that. I must repeat that I feel sorry for the girl, and it was not her fault, not in least. And I agree with you that the city is not safe for women, even when they do everything they can, to ensure their safety and that includes not going out un-accompanied. I strongly believe that everything must be done to one, her/his natural rights (the rights that you inherit when you are born as a human being) and that according to me includes the freedom to visit whatever place one wants to. Of course we deserve much better policing, we pay taxes , it’s our right. But let’s face it, we don't have that. And till we get that, we should assume that we are pretty much on our own, as far as our safety is concerned.
    I cannot comprehend how bringing other cases of rape in the forefront, to highlight that this has been a lingering and serious issue, would have weakened the cause (of the protests, not of your blog. I am not sure if they are one and the same). In my view you (I am assuming that you were one of the protestors) could have garnered more support from the other parts of the country.
    You wrote "Arguing here on why I have not highlighted other cases is useless. You are weakening the cause. On what we came forward. Where were we in other crimes is not important."
    I am trying to highlight the cause of other women ,from other parts of the country as well as of women from Delhi itself, who have been raped in the past, while you are ready to leave them out of the picture as it would weaken 'the cause'. Yet you are accusing me of being insensitive.
    There are women who are still waiting to get justice. While their rapists are roaming free, probably traveling in the same buses as you do, eating in the same restaurants as you do and yet, waiting to get their hands on their next victim. And yet, voicing your concern about them would have weakened the cause ?

    1. You are getting me all wrong.
      I never meant that.

      Weakening the cause of "Fighting for crime against women EVERYWHERE in India".

      I dont live in Delhi.

      If you read my other comments, I have mentioned that.
      I am bothered about the gang rapes that happened a few km next to where I live.

      I meant, lets not fight for whom this youth uproar "started". WHy it was not parkstreet, why it was brave heart

  18. I strongly believe that the sovereignty of the constitution should be upheld, and i stand by it. We MUST not compromise on the values of the constitution, just to reveal the name of a juvenile rapist.
    You say "If all are united by this, so it be. Let the protest begin. Let the revolution begin. You already say it is shallow. Why weaken it, further? "
    Care to elaborate what you mean by "All" ?
    If you are looking to turn the protests in a revolution ( I wish that you do), you should speak about more cases. You cannot build a revolution around a single case, and you cannot have a revolution, just in Delhi. I am writing this assuming that very rape is a brutal act.
    Read about the ITI revolution and the revolution for the Lokpal bill. They were not based on a single case alone. You NEED to highlight the plight of all women across of the country, and have/to have support from people all over the country, to start a revolution. Believe it or not, you neither have 'ALL' nor a 'Revolution' nor can you begin one with just widespread protests, they will die out in a few days, eventually (I am sorry for being a realist. I am not a pessimist though, and that is precisely why we are arguing over here).
    I am not blaming, but as you pointed out, I am trying to analyze the protests. And as a free citizen I know I can do that. I want to do so, to make them more effective. The least I can do, if I am not one of the protestors, is analyze it.

    1. No, I am not neglecting anyone's cause AT ALL.

      Everybody knows about all other rape cases.

      My point is "we know".Let's not stick to "what was" but on "what will be".SOLUTIONS. "What exact justice we want".

      Lets talk on that.

      You can do a lot more than analyzing.

      I felt I could do nothing.

      But having talked to many, when so many are saying I am their inspiration, feels good.
      I will write.
      More than writing thinking will help.Positive thinking.
      Yes, we will.We will change,

      This time the protests wont die out.
      This time, there will be change.

      The least you can do is STOP analyzing and START thinking and feeling EXTREMELY positively that this time THINGS WILL CHANGE

  19. You say “The docs said in 20 years they had not seen such brutality in sexual assaults. You have read of more heinous ones? You know what, I can’t read further.”
    By mentioning the other cases, I only meant to tell you that such incidents will keep happening, we can minimize the number of such incidents, by developing a system, being vigilant, educating people, etc. but we cannot stop them completely (again I am just being a realist, though I wish that they stop completely). We are in fact, very violent animals. We have been violent, and we will continue to be that way. And that is why I mentioned humanity. I believe that our animal instincts can be controlled (not eradicated) only through good education and that is why I mentioned the school curriculum, in my previous post.
    I am an agnostic atheist. The reason why I am so is because I believe that if there were a God, he wouldn’t let such things happen, and that happened when I read about the other crimes that were committed in his name, or by, so called, his creations. These are realities that I cannot turn a blind eye to.
    Yet, reading about this crime, made me start praying for the life of the girl. I was ready to trade my belief with faith. I thought, “God if you do exist, please spare the life of this girl, and you’ll have my faith for my whole life”.
    Again, I, for 10 days, I was fooled into believing that there is a God. I wish there was a God. I am not insensitive.
    I have not been able to participate in the protests yet, and that is why I have used ‘you’ in my post, everywhere. I wish that the protests spread, and the will of the protestors, strengthens. I wish to participate in the protests, I will, as soon as I can. Rest assured, we are in the same team.

    1. One advise: Research states people in asylum are much more realistic than we normal people.
      Since, then I stopped being realistic.

      Do that. Life will be better.

      Call me insane.

      I believe in a better tomorrow.I believe 5000 years of mental conditioning will change in 5 days

      Lets start believing.

      Together by spreading awareness, sharing in social media, increasing the reach, we can bring a change! Positive,
      Lets deceive realism!

      If you are in the same team.
      Least you can do is start believing, and spread the belief.

  20. I should have been brief, I am sorry for spoiling your page.

    1. I have never been brief myself.What can I respond to this?

    2. You have not spoilt my page. You have added to the anger.

      Thanks for taking the time to write such long comments....I have replied to all of them




    1. Thanks for writing in Hitendra

      Good to see that people from all over are expressing their anger. I agree to your points.DO suggest how the change can be brought within the youth.
      You may like some tips on how young minds can be conditioned.

  22. Dear all,
    it's New Year's Eve in the UK and I'm sure everyone here doesn't need to be told of whole tragic story that's unfolded since first post.
    Seems everyone here is pretty young, so I hope no-one minds an "elderly" contribution.
    I have spent the afternoon with dear friends and their three small children after too long a gap and in between games and food and catching up you can guess the main and very shocked, angry and sombre conversation among the grown-ups.
    They don't know I'm writing this so I can't give you their names without asking -we are a nurse, 30, originally from Kerala, her husband, 40, who is English, and me, Alison, an angloIndian 65 yr old woman born in UK, but been to N India a few times and have relatives, friends and work colleagues there.
    My friend has worked at the hospital thru the holidays, & heard the whole story from a patient she was tending earlier today, so comes home mid-afternoon shaking with rage and grief and naturally with first thoughts of extreme retribution on the perpetrators, then anger at politicians and wanting action.
    ..and indeed action has been promised. But if this time is to be truly different they must be held to it now and also made to sustain future promises - so one suggestion if I may is to keep the pressure on and back Hazare's pressure for an anti corruption bill, get "Gandhian" political and be a regular presence - street theatre, silent demos, lie down in the road, social media, film, whatever it takes without inciting violence against you. That way there are no excuses for brutality and hopefully keeps it in the news when the water cannons and lathis are again wheeled out.
    Yes, the police too need to be cleaned up and perhaps more young women joining up would help? Not easy, not well-paid, probably dangerous but this is inevitably going to be a long-term battle - why would those who have power - largely men (in UK & most other places too) voluntarily give up that power after all?
    But what next? After much talk to identify the roots of this sadly-increasing use of rape, in wars, in the streets, in homes, everywhere - and truly not only in India, where everything is extreme compared to this small island, we three feared that this would fade off the news agenda after sentencing and change nothing.
    So the outrage and determination has to be kept alive but it has to be used constructively now that so many people have come together to protest.
    Most important - crucial - is the a massive change of mindset, at individual, family and community level so that women are valued and respected equally with men. Each person needs to look into their own heart, their homes, their own attitudes as men to women, women to men, women to women, men to men, and treat each other as equals, with respect and kindness. Resolve to not pass by, to not accept that it is OK for a brother, a father, a son to be better fed/educated than his sister, wife or mother, to not accept that a father must near kill himself working to raise (illegal) dowry money, and feel his daughter is so valueless that he has to pay to get rid of her.
    Like UK in the 1960s India has a majority young and increasingly educated population, many with experience of life outside India. Young women are gaining money, independence and power - in a male-dominated society some men will resent that bitterly and brutally. Like here it will take massive effort to really change attitudes and behaviour, probably more evolution than revolution and there will be unintended consequences as freedom brings new problems and responsibilities.
    But with determination from the young women and the young men who were with them in solidarity on the vigils and demos in Delhi and elsewhere it will start, with perseverence it will continue and it will be worth it.
    If I can help in any way I will and thanks for allowing me space (lots, sorry!) on here.
    PS: D Overanalyst did I see you in the posts on BBC Soutik Biswas piece about treatment of women in India?

    1. Thankyou Alison, for writing to us from the UK. Nobody never said that 65 year olds cannot contribute dear! My blog is open to all. Thanks a lot for putting in your perspective.
      I agree to a lot there. I strongly believe this protest should continue. The masses need to be sensitized. As the anger against the government, police and the mindset at large continues, an awareness will be inevitable.
      The only point I had said being gandhian wont work, was because of two reasons. One, (that I believe in )....when someone is raping you, you cannot say, Rape me again! It's not equal to a slap.
      And while I also feel that the Police should not be doing lathi charge on young women and old people who have come out with so much difficult out on the streets in chilling winter to protest, when they CANNOT protect THESE VERY WOMEN. They cannot DO for what we PAY them FOR, in massive taxes.

      That being said, although we would want everyone to take the pain and still keep standing. Let's face it. It's not 1947. Its 2013. Its an unstoppable, raging youth we are talking of. Impatient.They want quick results. Intolerant, they are. We can tell them not to, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Young people go and damage a police van in anger for lathi charge, water cannons, and tear gas, irritant tear gas.I would request them NOT to, as we already have LESS Police patrol cars! Thats irony. But, we cannot do a Chauri Chaura stunt of banning the movement in any way.Things have changed from 1857 to 2013.
      All we can do is urge everyone to be PEACEFUL. But, the demand for JUSTICE REAL FAST, NOW and AGAIN in the cases that keep on repeating should NOT die out AT ALL.

      Check out the government side reactions too.You would be shocked.

      At times, when we are experienced, we have seen a lot, things dont move us a lot. We get immune. I dont blame you. Even we get immune at times. But if the humanity has woke up, FINALLY, so it be!! Let's wake up!!

      My other posts on Delhi Gang Rape:

      Do subscribe by email and stay connected somehow. I will be glad to involve you, if I know how to contact you.
      You can like me on facebook.
      I am trying my best to put pressure for safety and justice without being arrested.

      P.S: I'm not sure dear.I had read Huffington and BBC posts, might have commented.I'm not sure.

    2. And hey! You dont need to thank me for space. It's all yours. You are free to comment as much as you like. :)

      Welcome, Alison.

  23. Thank you for your kind words D!!
    Of course you can't be Gandhian if you're being raped but there are plenty of so-called experts who advise not to resist in order to minimise injury - hmmm.
    But my point about Gandhian political was that it's going to be important to keep the pressure for change in the news media, not only in India, and if it's blatantly obvious that excessive force has been used on people whose protests are serious and peaceful it's more likely to attract attention. (I was a journalist for many years)
    And age doesn't bring immunity, or I wouldn't have made the effort to write. What it does do perhaps is to bring a little more realism - or cynicism - about the forces the protest is up against and about how long it takes to change a collective mindset. So yes the energy and impatience of youth is vital, but it needs to be sustained and not give up even when it seems to be getting nowhere.

    1. Welcome back Alison,

      I hate that comment.I guess you havent read it in full.
      “Had the girl simply surrendered (and not resisted) when surrounded by six men, she would not have lost her intestine. Why was she out with her boyfriend at 10 pm?” These comments made by an agricultural scientist at a seminar organised by the police provoked an outrage in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday, and demands for punitive action against her.

      Women, Dr. Anita Shukla said in her speech, "had misused the facilities and rights given to them."

      I agree to a part I was compiling, havent published yet.
      London runs more public transport till later hours on festivals and weekends, and puts more police on the streets to protect its citizens. You have a right to let your hair down.

      The government's job is to protect this right, not pack you off to bed early.

      Source :

    2. Hey, I meant about hating comment of that so called expert, the agricultural woman scientist. Being a woman, she speaks as this!

      Why was she OUT AT NIGHT. It's blaming the victim, something that our patriarchal society is so expert at doing!We need to CHANGE this mentality.

      We are asked in job interviews if our boss wants us to stay till 12 and our family wants us back by 10, what do we do?
      The world is changing very fast. The mindset has to change with it too!

    3. Changing 5000 years of mental conditioning in 5 days is not easy. But if we really want justice and a better tomorrow, we have to do it. Cynics and realists tell me, it is NOT possible.

      But, I am taking the challenge of starting to believe that CHANGE can happen. Yes, we will bring about the change!
      Research states people in asylum are much more realistic than we (so-called) normal people. Since, then I stopped being realistic. Let’s dream. Let’s dream of a better tomorrow, where there are no crimes against women.
      Let’s do our bit. Lets deceive realism! Yes, we will.

      Read more:

  24. Hi D,
    yes change can happen - but please don't think it's all good in UK even after the campaigning started here in the 1960s!!
    That was partly why I posted - so you all would know that it can change but takes a loooooong time!
    Still in UK there is a tendency by courts and others to blame the victim for what she was wearing, for being out late, for maybe having drunk too much alcohol and our conviction rate for rape (those that are reported, many aren't) is only 6.4% even now.
    But, having said that, we do have some support for women, more men who do their best to support equality, and to be fair the attitudes embedded in every level of society in India to women's value are infinitely worse than they are here.
    You keep going, girl, it's time voices where raised to say "enough" and be heard.

  25. I do not at all agree with people who find fault with late hours outdoors for womenfolk.

    At the same time, one of the mindsets that needs to be re-examined very closely is to blame the government for everything that goes wrong. Blaming the government is easy because it shifts the responsibility from us common folk. There is truth in the saying "A people deserves the government it gets."

    As of now, one of the undeniable facts IS, that like it or not, shamefully, women in India are less safe than men from personal attacks. But nothing prevents a community from setting up their their own (unarmed) watch. The mere fact that a government is in place does not absolve us from being pro-active in our communities to safeguard our interests!

    In the college where I work, the library is located in the college campus, a few hundred yards from the hostel, and most of the distance is on a well-lit busy road. When a few girl students reported that when they walked back at night, there had been instances of girls being teased by unknown boys riding bikes, male students voluntarily took on the responsibility of escorting girls back, on rotational "duty" basis. In addition, we formed groups of boys who would remain at a distance and try to apprehend such troublemakers once they had driven off. We contacted the local police station and were assured full co-operation and immediate response from them if an instance occurred. They thanked us for our efforts.

    We also requested Delhi Police to teach our girls self-defence and two lady Constables came to our college for two weeks to teach our girl students.

    I share these examples not to suggest that we have done some very laudable work, but to say that we did not sit back and wait for a government response to an attack on of our girl students. I think it is unrealistic to expect any government in the world to saturate every bit of public space with deterrent (policemen) to any crime.

    In this particular case, Delhi Police showed its organisational philosophy in that their beat police chose not to respond to the complaint of robbery on the said bus. The girl would have been saved had they reacted. They did not react because the bus owner had paid the local police station bribe-money to allow the bus to run as a passenger bus on non-approved routes and timings. The bus was apparently tracked down by the police using the "hafta" diary. And this is the other face of this tragedy.

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  27. REALLY engrossing words u hv OverAnalyst

    I am not being overreactive but I think we certainly need to take some lessons from western culture...the taboo of dating girls,misknowledge....and a sheer environment of seeing the women
    at a low status from the childhood embeds a feeling of superiority in the indian male....this may seem preposterous but in a way it shapes our society compared to western countries where there is a sense of equality from the beginning...countries like Finland and Netherlands have such low crime more thing is that we have a deep rooted family value system but not a community value system....we think about our families...but as a community....we don't....people frequently say ....."its their business...let them deal".......

    please reply what u think

    1. I'd no idea how this stayed back so long.

      Really nice comment. I hope you get to know I replied.

      I completely agree- not knowing and feeling of dominance rules and causes these problems

  28. After almost 2 years, it still shakes me.. I am still shocked that something like this can happen, and get really frustrated that it really has happened... I have no words to describe the way you have written it... its heart touching.. and overwhelming! Being a girl myself... I can relate & understand. I hear ya girl!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks so much! Would love to see you back. I hate it when people like my work and are then lost.

  29. Dear D Over Analyst

    Please share thoughts abt the Statement said by Asa Ram Bapu " If the Girl requested that night then what ever happened with her could be avoided"

    Waiting for ur reply

    1. Hi Anonymous...(pls do share some contact info and keep visiting)

      I just wrote a long outburst to your comment as you wanted to hear my view but the net connection made it go.

      I'm writing some again.

      There are two kinds of people.

      Progressive and respecting every creation of God equally

      These kind of people would believe that even if a woman walked naked on street no one has a right to rape her.

      The other kind would justify rape in every situation. Not just rape. According to this class of people with narrow minded outlook anything and everything is correct if it's a man and anything and everything is wrong if it's a woman.
      A woman is degraded by such men NO MATTER WHAT.

      Most shocking fact is the mm OTE educated, (loaded with post graduation degrees)India claims to be ....the more are such backward mentalities found lurking and pretty much alive in today's men.
      Yes the same men we everyday work with.

      My boss tells me I know 50 different women on Mumbai who travel daily at night and don't get raped.
      He tried to justify just cuz they weren't I wouldn't be if I was late!
      50 men are not yet dead. Doesn't mean they won't die ever.

      In a country where there are rapes every second, it troubles to see men who instead of understanding the trauma of a victim find fault in her as of course they can never find a fault with a man(Yes, you guessed it! Because he's a man!)

  30. school denies admission of a rape survivor girl . This is a insane thing, this school management from delhi is money minded humanity is dead here. This school should not even get the bad name they are not even qualified to that, the girl should be motivated by the teacher and the management instead the management doing wat some uncivilized human being will do. they are not qualified to run schools. Every student should boycott this school.


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