Gulaab Gang - Official Trailer DAMN GOOD!!!

Creations as this make me really proud and make me fall in love with Indian Cinema all over again!

Madhuri Dixit | Gulaab Gang

And top it all, a concept of gvs evil, the daring dialogues that have now made a trend and a place in Bollywood in mainstream Cinema along with performance of some of the best actors that we have today - Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla and the supporting actresses - I forget the name but I can recognize them as amazing talents in TV and Cinema.
Here's my Madhuri Dixit pictures collection assorted from different places.

Serious Indian Cinema

It is an awe inspiring moment, whenever a movie like this comes. Something with substance and acting and not just a typical re-make and wahi ghisa pita masala movie formula which is always supposed to work.

Though everyone escapes with the reason that given the stress in our lives, we long for a happy go lucky movie that just makes us smile and entertains us, at the end of the day Cinema or any art work for that matter is supposed to aggressively drive home the message through flesh, blood and brain, when you get goosebumps and totally understand a deeply rooted problem a few hours of multi-sensory impact.

A movie is a lot more than just 3 hours in a hall or being glued to a laptop or phablet.

Gulaab Gang Official Trailer | First Impressions

Hope this stands up to the expectations that the official trailer is creating. And thinking it as a duty to promote and share such content unconditionally and selflessly I'm trying to do my bit. Three of us watched it thrice in a row and each time had goosebumps. Listen with full audio and love it.

And I've got a feeling I'm gonna see it for sure and buy the tickets! What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in comments :)


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