Chapter 2 IMAGINATION GALORE ...... Romance in the wilderness

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..Chapter 1...IMAGINATION GALORE ...... Romance in the wilderness)

Chapter 2

She couldn’t understand a word. So much had happened in such a short while that it was so difficult to take in; her mind had nearly stopped working.
She gave a quizzical look. ’You mean, it’s all my imagination, is it?’
‘Why, then… does it surprise me when it’s my own imagination’ she wondered quietly in her mind.
‘Don’t you think this is real?’

‘This is magical and………you did say it’s in my heart…or my mind…’
‘It’s in your mind doesn’t mean it’s not real.’
There was the glow in her eyes, the kind that little kids have when they see something new. She had heard this before and it seemed believable.
‘So shall we?’ he crossed his legs and held out his hand ‘I guess we should help our starving selves…’
She timidly let in her hand into his and nodded with a smile. How beautifully her hand fitted in his, she thought….as if both the sets were made together to fit.
She knew not what was to happen next….it was better not to wonder or expect, she decided as she was sure, she was to face many more surprises and this was just the beginning. It was good to just move with the flow.
In a split second he had lifted her as well, beside him, flying a feet or two above the ground, and there, they were seated in the semi-circular cushioned chairs.
The candle light reflected on their faces and shone on the dark red velvet of the chairs.
Both kept gazing at each other wondering how beautiful the other looked glowing in the dim light in the backdrop of the dark starry night.

Brought back to senses, they were….by the sudden jingle of the crystal bell hangings that sprung from nowhere in the sky right above their heads…
She giggled with awe….
He smiled, let out his hand and blew softly and winked. The next second, tiny purple sparkles were all around them, dancing in the air.
‘Wow, this is so beautiful…how did you…?’Even before she could finish a tiny violin popped up and started playing by itself….a soft enchanting note.
Her cheeks were nearly strained with her constant grin…but she couldn’t stop being so taken aback every second…her eyes glowed with happiness and excitement.
He held out an amazingly weird lamp shaped crystal glass to her ’Try this, it’s our best’
She looked at the sparkling purple liquid inside. ’Wine?’
‘Nectar……..umm…what you would call a juice, maybe…Everything in here is edible..’he giggled looking at her expression.
‘Oh, sorry…I didn’t…….’her cheeks flushed with color. She took in a sip and it felt magical.’It’s amazing…’
He had held a chicken piece, roasted to a lovely golden brown.
‘Is that sparkling too…or am I imagining?’
‘A lot of things sparkle here…..but it’s food…munch on’ He grinned.
She smiled back, looked at what resembled potato chips in sauce…and delicious it was….everything that was there, soup, curry, noodles…enormously puffy toasts….Each time she would look at a dish, it would come in front of her and she would raise her eyebrows in surprise and joy.
‘Do you like Maershilina cookies?’
‘Uhh, what?’
Suddenly he held out, what wasn’t there, or she hadn’t noticed on the table, a crispy brown muffin shaped cookie.
‘It melts in the mouth in a Maershilina way’
True he was, whatever he meant by that Maershilina, but it ,melted in such an amazing fashion, the delicious liquid went all corners of her mouth pleasing every sense, she could think of.
‘You must be tired and you don’t know anyone at our place, right?, shall you come with me?’
She nodded sheepishly.
He held out his hand again and off they went on Chrilosta.As they moved she looked back at the tables that swiftly wrapped themselves up in the similar wave like fashion and vanished into thin air in a pop.
She looked down at the greenery, the mountains, a river……..and soon fell asleep.
‘It must have been really tiring for her in a new world with so many ordeals…..’ he thought as he knelt beside her ’She looks so pretty sleeping like this’. He softly moved the back of his finger on her cheek, moving her careless beauties to show her face ever more clearly.
Suddenly she woke up and he withdrew and gazed in the opposite direction, slowly turning to her surprised face from the corner of his eyes…….She was mystified.
‘Oh, my………..Oh my god!!!!!!’ she gasped….Still unable to believe what her eyes had seen, she slowly got up, her mouth still half-open.
Infront of her was the most beautiful castle she had ever seen. It was huge and magnificent…there was a beautiful cross over texture at places, and amazingly glazing shine on other walls….the golden borders looked like real velvet. Amidst the lush green spread of interesting trees, the white castle shone like a pearl.As she turned to her right as they were alighting,..she was even more taken aback…on the grounds, went strands of god knows what, entwined and entangled with each other, of every colour the rainbow could have and more, twisting together, moving upward in the shape of a tree with branches, above which what seemed like clouds to be in place of leaves….
‘What happened? Give me your hand’
‘Oh…yeah….’She uttered still spellbound, trying to get back to a state of talking ‘This….all this………is so………different……….it’s such a sight………!’
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