Chapter 1.....IMAGINATION GALORE ...... Romance in the wilderness

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The sound was strange & melodious, like water dropping against something. It’d an amazing rhythm, that aroused the senses…one wanted to know….where was it…what was it.
The cool breeze & the slight darkness that came with the setting sun added to the suspense of the curiosity.

The rustling of leaves was diverting her from the sound & as the leaves touched her skin, she stopped to feel how gentle & soft the leaf was…lush green….brimming with life…it looked so happy.She held the baby leaf in her hand for some time.Even thought of plucking it & taking it away with her,then thought better.Its good for the leaf to remain with the others,it will die anyways if she plucks it.
The fragrance coming from the wilderness was alluring…the flowers were opening up to her face, a deeper shade of pink.She bent over a flower & took in the scent…it flowed through her body…enlivening each pore.
She just realized, she’d let the strangeness of the sound, she was seeking,skip her mind as she got engrossed with the flowers.And as she came back to reality…she heard the sound getting more clear.
She turned to her right & moved a little further……& then,she saw it.
She saw what she’d never seen before…
.a world…that she didn’t know…existed…right there………. infront of her eyes…..a world that seemed like having been crafted out of imagination.

Water kept flowing over a sloped rock, that was an unusual color of purple & black….the water droplets…fell on the leaves in turns in a sequence.Each time the water droplets danced through the leaves & twigs & the multi-colored pebbles, this amazing sound was created.
She moved by the sloped, twisted rock, touching a leaf that looked even more lush ,enjoying its bath in the musical water.

The soil seemed to be made of golden dust, sparkling yet puffy… the purple sky was laced with clouds so intricate, she’d never seen……that gazed on the pond that had water as clear as glass & yet seemed to have stolen the ocean green.Water droplets shone like crystals on the water surface.She could see till the end, there was the color of life inside.Blue water horses,pink & red starfishes…pearls, yellow & purple shellsorange fishesgreen tweeds…but what was it there on the shore?

It looked like an animal, but gleamed of gold…white feathers stuck to gold.As it turned she saw it wasn’t one but two…one of them seemed more like a horse, with the smoothest white hair…& eyes so deeply outlined ,the other seemed more like a huge bird with a pink beak.
She sat on the shore & it felt so soft like heather.The peace was gripping her.She was lost in the rhythm when she heard footsteps…
She turned around to see a man,moving towards the horse like creature.
He was a tall man with an amazing pair of deep eyes like that of his horse.He mounted on top of it & there it moved in a flash of a second.The horse just rose & it covered a leap of a distance.
Suddenly she felt a restlessness.She was going to lose it, & she ran.She followed them but they were too fast for her.The horse was nearly flying with its huge leaps that smoothened in the sky.They passed like a wave leaving her behind.

‘Who was he…who also knew of this dream destination?’ She didn’t know if she should have been happy to see another human soul or sad cuz her secret had been shared.

As she was lost in thought, something gripped her feet…& suddenly she rose miles above the ground & got stuck to a huge tree.She yelled out of despair & then remembered that there was no one who could save her.A branch was clutching her.gripping her tight..the rough edges of the strong branch were dugging into her flesh, hurting her more with every second.
But in a flash again, came a white thing…she closed her eyes & she heard a clang.As she timidly opened her eyes, she saw the glazing steel next to her cheek.He’d cut the branch with a glazing sword that looked like glass but worked like steel.He held her waist.In seconds they were leaping back to the ground on the horse like creature.
Her eyelashes were touching his cheek,she drew herself a little backward to look at the man.It was him.
‘Who are you?”she breathed.
He gently moved strands of her hair from his face & looked at her for the first time.There was depth in his deep sappy eyes.
‘I should be asking you this question’
Suddenly it took another huge leap & they were flying back in the air.The speed shocked the hell out of her & she realized she was clutching his vest coat so hard,that her finger nails could have dug into his skin. She lifted her eyes & looked apologetically at him.
‘We need to get down now.’
He thumped on the ground & gave her a hand.They were back at the same pond from where she’d first seen him.

Things change so fast.A little while ago she’d just seen him from a distance & now…he was with her.
It was a dark night now.The stars were shining & the pond was sparkling with their reflection on the little crystal droplets.
He bent over the water & washed his face.
She hadn’t got the time to even look at him till now.He was dressed in a white shirt with a velvet brown embroidered vest & golden silk trouser like thing that was tied at the ankles
He turned with an amazingly fresh face ’Want something to eat?You must be hungry’
‘Oh….I’d been so lost in the beauty of this place…I’d quite forgotten that!’she giggled.
‘Hmm…you ………are you all by yourself?’
‘Where should I drop you then?’
‘I don’t know ……….I don’t know where I am’
He came closer & moved his hand through her hair. The touch of his fingers on her cheek made her skip a beat.It felt so caressing,she kept looking at his eyes to see what he was thinking..But he said abruptly
‘You got memories from your ordeal’ & gave her some dry leaves that were stuck to her hair.
‘Oh…I never realized ….things happened so fast’
‘Never mind…remember not to get into that part of the woods…the trees are tricky out there,….lets get something to eat for you …Wana leap or fly?’
Before she could understand what he was asking, he held her hand & took her till the feathery bird with the pink beak.
‘This is Chrilosta…’ He held her hand & caressed the bird..with her hand.
‘Hii…oh, my god…her pink beak is so lovely’
‘Oh…don’t mention that, it gets her angry…’
‘Oh ok…cholly…’she grinned.
‘May I?’
She once again gave him a strange expression cuz she couldn’t understand what he was saying.He took her in his arms & she felt he could hear her throbbing heart.He placed her on Chrilosta & glanced over her.
She lifted her head to get up & her lips touched his cheek.She immediately sat up but as she sneaked a glance at him,she saw color flushing his cheeks.
‘Err….its so soft….chrilosta’s feathers….isnt it?’
‘Ya they feel like silk…so pink & …’
‘Pink? …They are white..’
‘Ya…they are indeed’ He relaxed near Chrilosta’s neck & told her to move’
They rose magically & fortunately this time it was a smoother journey.
‘By the way you didn’t say whats your name, beautiful!’
‘ I beautiful?’
‘Umm…why,yes you are!’ he laughed…as he copied her style.
‘You didn’t tell your name or anything about you’
‘Ah,here we are….food ….food…..come to us!’
She thought he was kidding, but as he did say…& they alighted on the ground…tables were set, & food came flying on to the tables… the three semi-circular tables kept moving like a wave & the chairs rose up in the air
‘Oh,my god….how did this………….happen!’
‘This is how we live...’ he smiled ‘you are not from this place, are you?’
‘No…’ she managed to say, as she still looked dumbstruck at the candles lighting themselves & arranging their positions next to the food plates….the table cloth trimming itself….’Am I in a magical world?’
‘No, its where your heart is’

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