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If you're looking for a quick guide on how to be happy, there are some steps you can follow. Watch the video or go the post on how to actually do it.

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 How to be Happy Video

It all began from a friends’s post. HOW TO BE HAPPY (This is more about the post…later I will write my own tips point wise, in short, so that it helps all in urgent need. You can also check out the video above for a quick short guide and a lot of me.

If you have patience, and a taste for insanity, read on.

UPDATE: For short points click here


HOW TO BE HAPPY...  No really, "HOW" to be happy? 

That’s the question that most people have on their minds. Especially those, who have seriously gone through something seriously serious.

(ok, no kidding here.. I’m all there with you…In fact, I am introspecting. Those of you who have landed here through google, I am sure, you still DO WANT to be happy…..and that’s a very good sign, really….to start off.
You really need to want it. Yes, it is that simple. Go back to all those philosophies we all have heard somewhere, they all tell us, that when we really want something, we get it, right?

Now, why on earth can't happiness be that something? In fact, I would rather say, it is more than everything else we could ask for! A life of peace, happiness, love and joy.“
You’re watching everything pass you by and it’s making you anxious but you’re not quite sure how to catch up.” (Yeah, quite the Train sequence, that most movies have. Simple. You are standing on a railway platform. The metro and everyone else just rush like the world is going to end the next second and you are there; just there as if you have ages and ages to go by. Well, it could have been a happy proposition, if……….you were happy about this leisure. Point is, you don’t want to be left alone. But you are. You want to be part of the crowd and move on as well as any other normal person. See? “any other normal”… it really depends on how we define “normal” after all.To everyone out there, who had been worrying about being insanely insane, just like me, chilllllllllllllll.

Guess what? People who are supposedly normal, and do not end up in an asylum, are generally far away from normal they fantasize, they dream….in contrast to people in asylum who are the closest to reality. If, I am the first one to tell you this, you can thank me tons. Lol.

Even as I blab, I look at my own life. Take today. I saw somethings…. Things I wished I could have , or would have done as well. There was a pinch of disappointment. I was sad. I knew immediately that’s wrong. The moment I know I am not feeling great, I must stop thinking or doing it and end the torture, then and there. Seriously life is all about being happy and keeping others happy, right?So, why waste it, thinking ‘garbage’ as our HR mam says.(Oh, shucks, that reminds me of what she would say after she checks our end sem papers…. “I will THROW YOU ALL OUT OF THE WINDOW for writing such Gaaarbaaageeeee!!!!!”)

Back to story, ………reason why I said it was Vibek’s line “A small part of you doesn’t even want to catch up. You’ve become comfortable in your complacency, comfortable in your own mistakes. You become comfortably uncomfortable. Your slip ups have become some kind of solace. They’re yours to keep. Flaws have become your substitute for almost everything and you take them to bed with you. Yet you don’t feel alarmed when you wake up everyday with the same sour feeling.” 
There's something that everyone has but they never realise.
To be happy, realise what you have, see yourself from others' eyes
and be grateful
 Well………….come to think of it. Yes, I knew I should do something about it, but I wasn’t really doing. I was getting more morose. Day in day out, there’s so much to go through. People getting fed up doing the same thing everyday, people dealing with Alzheimer’s, people who need to do the shit, people who don’t get a hug, starving people who need to cook before they can eat when they are dying to sink in bed. (add to it, cooking for others who take money to work for you, and don’t….if you really want to paint a very pathetic picture.)….people with diseases, suffering, pain, guilt that can never be taken away, people who have felt death, lost people forever, had a feeling they could never do things for those people who are now not there, feeling irritated at what is, because they cannot change it, because life’s such a mess, there’s money but there’s no time, or the fact that you want a clean washroom (or say, jeans) and want someone else to do it for you (ok, that was less)….but then, yes there are so many things to lose and suffer than a break-up.
But yes , getting over people and dealing with it is a part of life. Much of happiness, ironically comes from observing others sorrow, and wondering how happy I should be, atleast I don’t have these. Atleast, I don’t starve out of hunger , atleast I have clothes….atleast I have my cosy bed to fall into……..Well, back to point, a little later in the day, when I really was getting a hang of myself and trying to be back to ‘me’.I had ‘accepted’ life. Yes, you get happy when you first accept what is and then try to change it with positivity. Try finding little things. I still remember a little while ago, after so much despair regarding a lot of major issues, how I exclaimed like a baby” Hey, mom, look!! You see those lights down the streets, they are sparkling so beautifully, and you can see the road for such a distance.It’s beautiful.’Life is all about finding these little, maybe useless but things that make you smile . Fragrance of roses, the enlivening colors of flowers and butterflies, birds, the sound of water dripping down rocks, the touch of nature, or an innocent happy face of a kid, a cute teddy bear, a sexy bike, it could be just about anything that makes you happy.You need to constantly check. “Am I feeling good?”If not,t ehn just don’t think about the matter or do it! If it’s really important, then find a solution. Think out of the box, Think hatke. Everything is possible, only if you think it is.Another major way to be happy is, try solve others’ problems….no seriously, it helps like anything! (P.S I am there for you. You are free to contact me.)
Another quote from Vibek’s post.You’re too young to be completely happy
This completely applies to my mom, or middle aged people, who have kind of stopped being happy, because they don’t have any time to be happy. They think they are too old for it. But trust me, no one is. Like I tell her, everyone has a little kid inside. Ok, we all know that, but even psychologically we all have the child, parent and adult in all . So, see more of mirinda ads. Do something freaky. It’s ok. It’s not out of society. It will just make you feel different and good today!

And yes, being in a mess, often sounds good, in a way that we think we escape everything, as we don’t know what the hell is happening with us. But do we? I don’t know. I agree, when things go spiral, bad morning, bad tea, leg gets hit, you trip, interview screwed, girlfriend taunts, or maybe your dress gets torn, your favourite one, just a moment before the party, what not. OMG. Phew….why did all this happen to me today!What you should do? The moment something goes wrong, don’t let it spoil your mood at all. Not AT ALL. Smile. Try to. Take it easy. Take a deep breath. Everything will be nice from now. And you will see you can prevent a lot of bad things in the day. It is that easy, put on a piece of music, or talk to a friend, do something to change your mood immediately.Another part I liked. “You stop hitting the bottles and start deleting those numbers in your phone that might as well be daggers. 
Yes. It happens, sometimes people who meant so much to you, mean nothing. They do things that completely take you away from them to a point where you just don’t care. It’s good to get out of relationships that are not worth it, that are just daggering you every second , deeper and deeper. Feeling good about being able to distance from bad. I wonder am I overdoing it. There are other people, who might be good or bad, But for the benefit of doubt, I am away. I am not bothering at all. Life’s so good. I am not in charge of everyone’s happiness. Ofcourse, I am relieved. But, if by chance this new person isn’t bad, I could be inviting a lot of unintended hurt, that I may need to pay off later. But, then chillllllllll I am feeling good by chilling, so why not?

You take responsibility for yourself. We often wonder why we do the things we do. But we already know why. Knowing and doing are two different things though. I know that x, y, and z make me unhappy but I guess, in the end, I just don’t care enough to make changes

Yes, or let’s say maybe we are just too tired…………:P 
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