How to be Happy IMMEDIATELY | QUICK Guide

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How to be happy right now? How to be happy immediately? This post lists the super-quick fix to human emotions

Well, as promised in my earlier post,HOW TO BE HAPPY I am back with my post that can serve as an instant guide to be happy IMMEDIATELY or URGENTLY.

You have had enough.

Now, you have decided, that you will not waste your tears anymore for something that’s not worth it. Or maybe you are still not sure yet. You don’t think it is possible but you are tempted by the sheer thought of being happy. It’s been a long time feeling miserable, shedding tears, cursing your fate, confronting God and what not! Let's do it!

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How to be Happy Quick Guide Video

You are actually waiting for someone to come and tell you it is possible to smile again…:)๐Ÿ˜Š

But all you need is…YOU. Yep, you heard it. 

You need to tell yourself that there’s a chance. You look beautiful when you smile. (OK, if not like Mr. or Miss Universe, at least hell lot better, right?) And you need a quickie guide… Here you go!

How to be Happy QUICK guide

Steps to be immediately Happy Right Now

1. Stop it! ๐Ÿ›‘

The moment you start getting sad, know that something (or maybe everything) is not right. If you are lucky (which you may be as that is the majority case), you probably even know what is making you unhappy.
And yet you are unable to distance yourself from it.
Give yourself a pep talk. You are awesome. You decided you want to be happy. That's why you googled this.
First step accomplished! Hurray!
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9. Find devastated and sad people or stories:

Ironically, sadness helps here. You see them not having food, no one to hug or call own, inability to see this world , unable to stand on their feet…n what not and then suddenly you realise there’s so much you are blessed with, so much you have to be happy , to be grateful for.
You even look at your legs and feel great.
At least you have them! If not that, then something else you have that others don’t!

Divert your mind

I know, easier said than done. But we have to do it. Right?
Don’t keep clinging to what is making you unhappy!

The question is how to divert your mind when you are sad?

Do something absolutely out of the world. Get out of your comfort zone. When you can't face the issue, you need a distraction; like exercise or music. 
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2. CHANGE it or accept it or avoid it.

Change the situation

If it is that urgent and unavoidable, do something to change the circumstances. Chill. Take it easy, Think.
There has to be a way. (No, I meant other than running away).

If something or someone is giving you constant negative energy and decreasing your morale, it's time to move on, Champion.

Accept it, then!

If you can't change, accept. I know you are one of those cowards, who won't even try. But then, accept and know you got to live with it. The more you stop expecting or lower your expectations, the more you can appreciate what is.
We've all had horrible relatives or bosses or neighbours or whatever. Certain things that you can't change. Sooner you accept, better it is.


Fake it till you make it
It is scientifically proven that when you put on a smile, some vibrations automatically make you feel happy on some level. Method actors actually get into the feel, don't they? Imagine you've to convincingly play a part that's happy. If you were already happy what would you do? Don't wait for that cause for the effect to happen. Pretend some happy event has happened or pull a happy memory from past,  and do what you'd if you're happy! 
That’s the best to work for a temporary and immediate smile (You needed to fake it, right?) Someone must know you are not that sad! But you are not that good at acting, right? Well. Here’s your help then. Immediately divert and go to the next step.
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3. Music:

Put on a lovely piece of music; happy music, (stuff like gun gun guna re…not Zindagi ne zindagi bahr gam diye…lol). You might like my translation at
Sab Kehte hain marne se jannat, Meri Zidd hai JEENE ki
No matter how much you may like sad songs, now is just not the time, dude! Although a lot of us know of this step, we rarely do it. Actually listening to a song and getting involved with it, often takes you to that world, with the lyrics, to feel what’s said.

4. Stunning happy Images:

See some great pictures like these. Amazing fresh flowers that soothe your soul. If you love nature, that’s great. All you need to do is google! Or go to Pinterest and type 'Stunning'. Visual imagery that comforts you has a great impact on your feelings.
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5. Videos/ Hilarious Movies:

Funny videos are a quickie to change your mood. When was the last time you really LAUGHED OUT LOUD? 
UPDATE: Kapil/Bharti /Krishna. Try VirDas / Russel Peters/ Funny home videos or watch Hera Pheri
Watch what you like. ( Iff you don’t prefer gloomy sadness and despair videos, of course. If you are one of those 'I’ll never be happy types', you will need company to help you choose what to see).
And if it's comedy circus, you just could end up laughing.(especially Mantra).
(That's a 2012 entry).

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6. Dance:

Like there's no tomorrow. No not literally! I mean put on Auntyji Anuntyji get up n dance…or something like that and move it!

It doesn’t matter how bad a dancer you maybe, No one's watching you.

If you are that afraid of yourself, avoid mirrors. It’s not about the choreography (Remo isn’t coming to judge you!) Everybody can dance once they are into the flow of their favourite music. The idea is to have lots of sweat, exercise and de-stress yourself ! Well, sad songs can help too.But don't be a Dev Das. Often we suppress so much that heaving it out and expressing it, helps a ton!

Hit the gym or try running if you are not a dance lover.
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7. Exercise

While it is extremely unwanted in life. But if you can't or don't want to dance, even seven-ten minutes of some form of workout that releases some sweat helps.
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8.Solve others' problems:

We seriously have no idea how much power this has. You begin counselling someone n you immediately get engrossed in their problem so much that you forget yours!

Reach out to me personally for counselling.

Count your blessings!

You think you are depressed and probably have nothing in your life.
No roof, no job, no girl, no date, no family, no friends?
But hey, you do have an internet connection. That's how you are reading me now!
There's a lot like these that we overlook. Thinking about what YOU HAVE makes you happy.

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10. Create something:

Anything you like. A drawing (no, not that scribbling) Seriously sit down to really make something — a DIY piece of craft, arrange fresh flowers, if you happen to know tailoring, or cooking, (and you also happen to like it) there cant be a better day!
It's time you posted on Pinterest.
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11. Friends:

What the hell are they for! Talk to somebody close or maybe an absolute stranger. (Try the app called Listen?). Leave the computer, go out and meet someone.

Heave it out of your heart but don’t feel sad as you do. Just say it normally. Or if all those idiots are busy (Someone’s got an interview, someone an exam, somebody’s first date, someone’s sick— Arghhhh!!! Happens with everybody!)

You can yourself go out solo. No alone is not the word. Look at the possibilities. Who knows, who you will meet!

You can also pen down your thoughts in a diary and forget it (Or better burn it, I would say). Blogging a rant helps. Period.
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12. Imagine (Law of Attraction - Think it's fixed):

Tis my favourite part. Requires good imaginative powers though.
Sit down relaxed.

Day dream

Day-dream in 3d with color and sound. See what you want most and act like it’s already happened…..Get that smile on your face! You are worth it!
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13. Meditate & Pray


Tune in to Hynosis and try to get some sleep.
Try Michael Sealey or Jason Stephenson on youtube! Great guided sleep meditations.


Actively think of happy situations, how it makes you feel.
Feeling is the most powerful thing. The intensity of the feeling even more. Language doesn't matter, when you can clearly imagine the good side of things and circumstances in your head, as you pray for it.

Get some peace and then see all those prayers coming true.

Motivational and inspirational quote of the day:

(It’s really true. If you first try a fake smile. After a while your muscles automatically adjust in a way that you do feel better)

Kal Ho na Ho Shahrukh Khan was not completely kidding!

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