When it comes to being hurt....I guess nearly everyone would have been hurt once in life. Infact, I feel this is what is common across generations, cultures…nationalities…countries…boundaries…and separations of all sorts…; sadness
Everyone would have cried once…these pangs of hurt…grief…trauma..can always be identified with…as can be happiness. When we are in trouble, we often question “Why me?”

We do not like it, when someone gets rude with us or treats us in a bad way. But are we always at our best behavior? Well…..…maybe not. No matter how much we do not want to answer this question…..even we lose our temper, get rude with people or sometimes unknowingly hurt people. 
And it’s all a vicious cycle. You may have never done anything bad to the person who hurt you but you may have neglected some other person. It’s not necessary that it comes back to us as revenge from that very person,…but…it comes back…as a boomerang.
Now, does that mean that we should always try and please everybody?
Well, that’s just not possible…if someone loves you ,there’s bound to be someone who doesn’t ….especially when we decide to shut out all negativity out of our life….we may just stop anything bad coming to us….in the process hurting some people or neglecting them.
If there’s someone who is not interesting and you do not want to talk, maybe you do not want to say it on the face, but that’s it…or you may choose something over other…depending on what you need at the moment….we all choose….we choose which friend we would talk first to….we choose if we would give our time to our family or friends….but then someone may choose others above us too.
Rules are somehow not the same for others as they are for the people who make them. It gets all the more difficult to be in others’ shoes when you are extremely irritated about something. We may think it’s ok to cut someone’s call, because we are angry with them, but when someone cuts our call repeatedly, we may get mad as well.
So, this happens alright. We all know it happens…it happens all the time….somebody hurts us, we are not able to release our emotions & maybe we end up releasing our frustration on somebody else…..who may not have deserved it at all. Or…later when you think about it, you may just realise that the mistake was not that grave, after all….and just maybe the person didn’t really deserve the amount of scolding or rudeness. That is…..if we think about it…….at all.
So the next time we feel really sad about something let’s try to remember how much sadness we have added to people’s lives even if it was unknowingly…and the next time we are about to hurt somebody, we can just try not to….
PS: Do not refer to this the next time I am yelling at you !! I know it’s not easy…..of course….i said “try to”

DISCLAIMER: I do not hold copyright to any pic!!....they are from the same old place,.....internet.....but you could give me credit for the choosing of it...lol


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