Rapes allowed but protests NOT ALLOWED
Being the same age, being a 23 year old Indian girl and a student, very likely to be in a similar condition, the more you are able to relate with it and gut wrenching heinous crime that took place makes you shudder even more.........
You can read the older post on HORRIFIC details of what exactly happened that night in the Delhi gang rapecase in my last post(click here). if you have guts!!

UPDATE2: BOYCOTT REPUBLIC DAY - I agree. Let no one reach to celebrate Republic Day.What celebration are you talking of?Gang rapes continue to happen despite protests and people continue to use MC(MF), BC as they protest also, as if it was ABC. What MINDSET change are we talking about then?

I request the protestors again NOT to assemble outside the hospital as doctors have warned of increasing infections due to people outside.

UPDATE:  One needs to vomit.....pulling out her uterus and throwing it out????????KILL that man!! Oh dear God!!I added the pic later on, as i am sure you might need time to digest this.Warning:It's too cruel, you could vomit.

( Six men assaulted her and her friend with iron rods, savaged and took turns to brutally rape her in a moving bus  and with iron rods in Delhi as it fearlessly circled five different police check points. She had bite marks on her body. One of the accused persons who were brought to the hospital for a medical examination on Tuesday confessed to having seen a rope-like object — likely her intestines — being pulled out of the girl by the other assailants on the bus. After all this cruelty,theystripped them and threw them on the road, with blood and intestines pouring out, they went back to their NORMAL lives, very normally. What kind of monsters are they? What creature does one call them? Calling them animals shall be extreme insult to civilized animals!! Beasts rip apart their food…not their species!! Her intestines have been removed now and despite all this, she has the spirit to live and wants them to be punished.)

What’s the use of asking for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT? Do you think it would be given? Capital punishment is there for murders right now in the IPC. Tell me, how many are GIVEN capital punishment? How LONG did it take to hang Kasab till death?
What do we want from all these protests? Would we really be heard in this deaf country where everyone speaks but nobody does anything!! Where people are arrested for liking fb status but NOT FOR RAPE; where Delhi streets allow rape but NOT PROTESTS!
And it is not about Delhi alone. It is about India. It is about humanity. Crimes keep happening and we KEEP forgetting. We have become so used to it. There is an agitation, a protest, anger is pouring out. Rang De Basanti taught us to speak up and actually do something about our situation if we don’t want to be in it. It didn’t provoke to but showed what the 50% of youth would do if their voices are unheard. Sec 144 banning 4 or more people to assemble, police force to stop protests are everywhere. WHY? Why were they not there to prevent the crime?
The protesters, most of them students, who spent a chilly night in the open after they fought pitched battles with the police throughout the day yesterday at Raisina Hills, were taken into a bus in an early morning operation. 
 They also punctured the tyres of the bus which was carrying them while a group of girls lay down infront of it. (WOW) Women protesters alleged that they were manhandled by male police personnel though women police were present at the spot.
They are saying that protests are turning violent. You cannot become Gandhian here and say, “Oh, you raped me? Rape me again!” It is not equal to a slap that you show them how much you can tolerate. We women have tolerated ENOUGH. And it is high time, the officials listened and MADE REAL CHANGES IMMEDIATELY or I tell you, you REALLY CANNOT stop the youth. We are huge. Look at our numbers. If we all come to streets, there’s going to be one more freedom struggle to be etched in history books for the next generation to read. There’s going to be one more Egypt Independence.

Having said that, we should be violent to the criminals NOT to the POLICE. It is not going to help to have a constable battling for life. For his family you are the criminal. Let not any vested interest spoil our youth mania. Let us be focussed at WHAT we want EXACTLY.
I do not know if anything will be done, but AT LEAST I can TRY. At least I can put in my voice. I hope. I hope the government bows down to at least AMERICA’S pressure if not of the opposition and the people, it is supposed to serve!
"Clashes Break Out in India at a Protest Over a Rape Case," headlined The New York Times, stating that thousands of protesters streamed into the heart of New Delhi to demand justice and better policing. "But India's criminal justice system, riddled with incompetence, corruption and political meddling, seems unable to respond effectively," The New York Times said. Official data show that rape cases have jumped almost 875 per cent over the past 40 years -- from 2,487 in 1971 to 24,206 in 2011, it said.
New Delhi police fired water cannon at protesters when it doesn’t have enough water for the city. "Thousands of people demonstrated outside the Indian president's residence in New Delhi on Saturday, breaching barricades and clashing with police over the brutal rape of a 23-year-old girl before authorities drove them back with sticks, tear gas and water cannons," The Los Angeles Times reported.
I liked this comment there: Thanks to the effective handling of the issue by the Government India is getting a lot of negative publicity in the outside world.
Authorities! Anyone listening? What about your votes? You are in REAL DANGER if you DON’T do anything FAST. I agree that PM or someone should have come to address hell lot sooner than this!!
Let’s look out at the solutions now.
Talking of mindset change, sex education, grooming with morals and values is all ok but ALL SLOW. Immediate results can only come from a trend setter for such horrific crimes. A punishment for which we SHUDDER as much as we shuddered for the crime itself!! AND MORE.
1.    TORTURE them till the point they BEG TO DIE, but do not give them death, keep torturing…..Torture till they get back their soul. Brutalize with iron rods, make them feel the same pain and torture. What kind of life imprisonment is being talked about? Revisit why law was created! To protect the society from anti-social elements who pose a threat to our security. If they are left alive without being CASTRATED, don’t you know what will happen? Obviously you don’t have 31 crores again to protect them from not entering society like Kasab, and we know how great our jails are! So, they can escape any moment and rape again!

There is NO FEAR. Within a week of the fury, protests and outrage over this heinous, gruesome, Delhi Bus gang rape case, a 8 year old Dalit girl was raped in Bihar, a 40 year old was raped in Delhi, a 19 year old and a 23 year old were gang raped in Bhubaneswar and Keonjhar in Odisha.
The nation getting outraged had no impact in pre-planned gang rape where 3 waited to do the horrid act as the fourth brought her. She knew him, fell into the trap. UPDATE: 3 year old raped in Delhi play school.
Agreed that 95% rapes happen like this, through relatives, and acquaintances. But most cases go unreportedBecause a person can EASILY come back after 7 years, and take revenge, most women do NOT report. And the social stigma, of course. Even the police would hold the women responsible for getting raped.
Give them the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT in the world, 3rd degree or 4th degree torture, that cannot be imagined, for those criminals so that no one ever dare to think of it again.
Rape is worse than death as many women would choose to die rather than get raped. Hence, the punishment should be MORE SEVERE than capital punishment.
Actress Juhi Chawla tweeted, “Read the heart rending, shocking & saddening news about the gang-rape on a Delhi bus!’ Sometimes I wish our laws were as simple & strict as tooth for tooth & an eye for an eye. Crimes like this wouldn’t happen! I hope those men are found & publicly punished for this heinous act.”
Publicly tortured, castrated………..!!
2.    ONLINE FIR SYSTEM: We all know how many complaints are transferred to FIRs. India badly needs an EFFECTIVE  online grievance redressal and FIR system, so that people can directly register their cases!
A central online forum for all citizens and the youth to directly voice out their opinions and suggestions should be there.
3.    COMPULSORY MARTIAL ARTS training to girls!! The best-KungFu, or Karate, etc. Starting from 2 year olds, ever since they start to walk ……(Come, on! They get raped too! Take example of the 3 year old just raped.)
Teach the kids, what should they be aware of. How to complain, how to protest, how to resist and how to protect themselves.
4.    High standards of investigation should be the NORM not an exception for which the police praise themselves on national media.
Unless investigation is of high quality, fast track courts can do nothing! What will they decide ON?
Link all compensation and rewards to HOW WELL they INVESTIGATE and HOW FAST!!
Make Indian Police and Security Force an example for the world! I meant positive example!
5.    I liked the idea of 24*7 separate departments, headed by women who can be reached anytime, anywhere. But we all know how less and how corrupt policemen we have! There should be a SEPARATE Women Security Force(WSF) separate from the government, just like our judiciary, highly trained and efficient who can reach anywhere anytime, whenever they are needed. 100 should become as good as 911
(One can at least dream of a quality of protectors as great as Charlie’s angels :P)
6.    Every female in this country should be given toll free number to contact wherever they are on emergency basis, even when they have no balance or no network. Emergency numbers should be KNOWN to ALL, saved in everyone’s mobile. And even if we come up with high-tech chips under watches, to help contact when our mobiles are stolen by the rapists, there’s no point improving the calling for help when the IMPLEMENTATION SUCKS. Help should be available within 2 min of calling. Recruit as many as you want for that. For once use our public money NOT TO stay in your pockets or Swiss Bank.
7.    CCTV cameras everywhere. In every public transport, every public place, on the streets on the roads. It is not rocket science. It is not Sci-Fi. Have buttons easily accessible in all buses, public transport, to be pressed to communicate emergency messages directly to headquarters.
8.    RECRUIT police officers; give them a GOOD ETHICAL TRAINING on how to talk to women. Link compensation with conviction of cases!!
9.    Police Patrolling cars to pass through every location once every 10 min.
10. Recruit more in judiciary!! There is a CLEAR LACK of quality and number of people in the system to handle THE HUGE PILE of cases that remain unaddressed.
11. Sensitize the PUBLIC. Why were thousand onlookers, just looking?? When will the men grow up to DO SOMETHING to help? Can there be awareness campaigns instead of just candle light marches to change the thoughtprocess of people who still think in 21st century educated India, that raped women are ‘bad’. And why only rape. Women are looked down upon, no matter what. A divorcee man is an eligible bachelor...but people would think twice before marrying even a divorcee woman, let alone a raped woman.
Can young India be a trend setter to change the game and change the thoughts and attitudes of people?
I hope this agitation doesn’t fizzle out and I hope people really DO something about it.
12. Pepper sprays should be compulsory and distributed to every woman. All should be taught of various safety tricks they can use.
I know its easier said than done. But, I’m sharing what I read. Elbow is our strength. Use it when close. Always check the rear seat before getting into your own car. Do not sit down in car after shopping, checking things. Drive immediately as that is a very vulnerable moment. If you are at gun point asking to start driving, just start the engine, keep soaring, air bag will come to your rescue to help you escape. Losing your car is better than finding your body somewhere.
13. Lastly, though many reports have proven that guns for women can help prevent crime against women. For a nation like India given the population, there are chances, but let us make sure that it does not go wrong. Proper training is the first step. License can be given to those who have the guts to hit, when it comes to it, not to kill, but to escape, and proper psychological analysis can be done to know that the woman wont just go shooting everyone.
It’s easier to be cynical and negative; difficult to think positive given the realistic scenario. But I hope. I still hope for a better future. Hope is what keeps us alive and kicking.
P.S: This is NOT at ALL exhaustive. Please suggest your views to make it better. What do you think about it?
I had read some other good points in comments, somewhere too. I forget. Do share if you think I can add something! Thanks.


  1. I used to be hopeful and I was being hopeful before going to bed last night. but today morning, since I woke up hearing the death-news of that girl in singapore, I'm feeling terribly pessimistic! all the protests, candle lights, meetings, discussions are going on, leaders are giving declarations of not celebrating the new year in honor of the victim, protesters are getting violent...SO ARE THE CRIMINALS! Rapes and eve-teasings are going on one after another, not only in other parts of the country but even in Delhi during all these protests. Do you know about the Park street rape case of Kolkata? it was another attention-drawing case of our state while some other cases passed away almost unnoticed: a slum dweller in baranagar was raped almost as brutally as this delhi case, she was out to collect waste papers too early in the morning; somehow she managed to give her statement before dying. nobody knows what happened to those criminals. another one was of a widower who was pulled down from a local train and raped as her child was kept at gunpoint. this last case drew a little attention as some ministers were trying to put some political color and our dear CM was keeping on saying 'all set up!' the main accused of the park street case is still missing, the officer-in-charge was almost immediately transferred as she didn't comply to that 'set-up' story and kept on investigating quite effectively. I saw well-educated established women tarnishing the victim's character with an indicative smile that time as she was coming out from a disco late night. after months, yesterday another lady politician doubted that incident saying 'she was an escort, it was just an argument with her clients...problem with payments, no rape!' The brave woman (who was as brave as this Delhi girl but more fortunate not to be injured that much and managed to survive well today) claimed now she is being raped mentally and seeing suicide as her last option! may be has she been lying in ventilator like this girl people and leaders would believe there was a rape or 'something (wrong) happened'!
    I don't know why but I'm feeling strongly that all these protests will ultimately do nothing because they will do nothing to the rapists! something needs to be done, something bigger..which will directly affect them..just can't figure out what...feeling so blank and obscure!so many laws are there but nothing Is happening isn't it? No. 3,7,8,12,13 can be really usefull.

    1. Thanks for replying. Even I am shaken to the core.We were all dreading it but no one wanted to hear it.
      So sad that she's dead now.Our survivor after getting her intestines pulle dout, uterus thrown out.......ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      The entire shockign reality that has come up post her death is even more shocking............

    2. ya..I saw you shared.another brutal incident happened here, victim got killed on spot and his husband's condition is critical. I'm telling you these protests and harsh laws can never affect those scoundrels cause they know well that the crime may not be reported,police station will refuse to take the complain, law will not be enforced, police may harass the victim more and protesters will protest against government, laws, police and will never do anything to the rapists! vacation will be over in two days, may god bless me..

    3. I agree. Such is the sad state. One after the other, these rapes keep on happening.Every hour one hears a news.

      Even in Delhi, despite, all the protests, the 15 year old on a bus.....who luckily got saved.

      This has become a dangerous society.People need to change.We keep demanding for laws to change,

      But in the mean while lets contribute to change the attitude as well

  2. That's a long list in addition to the punishments I wrote..their faces are to be exposed to people and let them talk..

    1. I wish I had copied the comment I wrote you.

      It was long and given your numerous steps of identifying that I am not a robot I am typing here.Pardon.

      Maybe its not your mentality.But the onus should be on men now, for a change.Let's together identify the wolves within us and others. People like you who write posts in reply to my posts and can cry are supposed to be good men! Dress, alcohol, nothing should be an excuse.
      I hope you had read this part.
      "But, you know you get raped anyways! Because they never teach the men NOT TO RAPE. Each time the victim is victimized further and further. I remember reading a post in The Hindu back when I was a teen, ‘Never go out, you may get raped, Don’t stay home, most rapes occur in your homes, don’t wear short outfits, you may get raped, don’t cover yourself too much, it arouses curiosity and you may get raped, take a man along with you, you might get raped, never be with a man, you may get raped, get married to have a husband to protect you. Oh wait, what about marital rapes! Don’t marry or you might get raped.’"

      So, if you are hinting that good men can rape too and that they dont know they are wolves until they raped.I ahd read a great post on fb, "SORRY WE RAPED YOU", that talked of potential rapists in 60% men he saw in real life...

      So, lets identify them, atleast come together and change ourselves..n then others.!!!!

  3. This is what I tell my sisters (includes u), my wife, my mother and my future daughter. .I agree to your points..this incident is definitely one seeking identify the wolves within us..but till such change really happens..I request you not to trust anyone. .your mistrust itself is a punishment for the mankind..

    1. Thats a great line....your mistrust is a great punishment.but that would be punishment to humans.These aint any.

      Many things need to change.There's lot of anger but no direction.

      P.S:Refreshed your post but didnt find the comment.

  4. open a zoo and put those inside the bone and place them in all the circles/toll gates around delhi till they die feed them with intestine of dead rats etc.......etc etc.....


    1. Thanks for writing in.

      Ah! we wish. Here....people are not agreeing to castration and iron rod torture too!!
      But they should

  5. Hi D,

    Why dont they ship the perpetrators to Saudi and the arabs will take care of them. By the way, I read in the news that no lawyer in India wants to defend them. Oh well, thats good news. I seriously hope the India
    goverment will punished them accordingly. Also there will be a new law named after the late Damini for those convicted of rape. May god blessed the women in India.

    Lynn - Singapore

    1. Hey Lynn,

      This is the third time I'm typing this. I've no idea why my replies to my reader won't appear here.

      Pls get in touch with me @ThoughtXpress or

      I agree with your views. There were law changes but well...
      Thanks so much for blessings :)

  6. now a 5 year old little innocent girl!! shame on their mentality.... the girl even didn't know or understand what just happened to her!!! :(

    1. This keeps happening and we keep getting used to it. I liked the Akshay Kumar initiative for free martial arts training though. But couldn't find how to. Lol. Pls guys, let me know if you know of some free martial arts stuff I Mumbai.

  7. On one hand,you indian ppl govt. and society give shelter to PORN STARS likes sunny leone and make them participate in
    films and on other hand you talk about banning rapes.........!!!hMN..MOFOS....losers...
    On one hand...sunny leone is shltered in india ,a porn star,and do flims....and you talk about hanging rape victims

    IS govt.....blind?

    On one hand you ban MAGGIS......NOODLES..saying its harmful.....and other and you don't ban CIGGERATES...and alcohol
    FUCKING INDIAN SOCEITY,PEOPLE AND GOVT....which shelter these things...and have fun with it,,and when something goes wrong,,they blame someone else,

    atleast TERRORISTS ARE MORE NOBLE THAN YOU GUYS....IN THIS RESPECT...they atleast show themselves as bad openly...and not unlike you DUAL FACED LITERATE MORAL PRETENDING,MOFS LOSERS....DAMNIT..IDIOTS...

    yOU PROTEST ONLY WHEN girls get raped,,,you don't fucking protest about porn and giving sunny leone shelter in india,who is a slut or pornstar.......fuckin losers..

    1. Firstly, dear Mr.or Ms. Anonymous,

      Thank you for writing. I believe the other two comments are also yours. (as the language used is similar. Same F word and sake bold) I'll reply separately.

      1) Why do you think porn is bad? Porn if done by consenting adults (without human trafficking or forcing either women or men to do it) is just another profession.
      People are paid for work.
      Secondly I feel porn let's these horny rapists take out their perversion in some manner.
      Even ancient Indian tradition has a master piece of Khajuraoh. And as Nitin Gupta says, instead of raping one can build more masterpieces that are creative works of art or can at least get more tourism, or if that seems very difficult take a room for self entertainment.

      For those who watch porn, at the time of consuming the porn content, it is not necessary that they are raping someone.

      (rest of reply in next comment.)

    2. Lack of talking about sex or considering it a natural phenomenon, making it a taboo and especially considering sexual feelings as crime leads to this entire vicious cycle where people feel they achieved power over a woman by raping her. They think they violated her.

      But how is that related to porn?

      What existed before porn?
      Some claim that it is all Western culture. I'd like to quote Nitin Gupta again, (Google him, he's an IITian turned stand up artist)
      If sex is Western culture, how were Indians born? By photosynthesis?

      Then, let's come to. Sunny Leone.

      Here is a woman who worked in her job, performed so well (her life story movie said she wasn't just popular but also awarded)
      Though it might seem easy (as in Ragini MMS, She so beautifully portrays) it is not easy to do it that mechanically in front of camera.

      It could be any job. If you can't do it, or even if u can I guess one should respect every job.

      And that in no way takes away her respect.
      A porn star is not a prostitute. FYI. One does not have a right to rape a prostitute either.
      Just because someone decides to have sex for money just as someone decides to make balance sheets for money or do pedicure for money, it gives no one a right to rape them.

      Nothing gives right to sex, other than consent.

      So, I don't understand why watching Sunny Leone is degrading.

      India is a country that gives shelter to everyone since forever.

      I don't think Sunny got 'shelter'.
      Every country has a foreign policy and allows people to come in and have citizenship. I guess she's a Punjabi, her Dad is probably of Indian origin. We welcome foreigners and people with some Indian lineage. There are many such people in Bollywood.

      Today Sunny Leone is a Bollywood actress.

      If men flash, touch, grope, they are not perverted? A man who sleeps with many women is a playboy and to be respected but a woman is called a slut? Why because she's a woman?

      So, yes on MY BLOG, I DO NOT PROTEST. Because in my opinion I've nothing against Sunny Leone. She has the same right to stay in India just as any half origin or foreignor has.

      I WOULD NOT RESPECT CONTINUOUSLY ABUSING on my blog. Let's see if you know some other words other than 'Fuck'.

      Precisely the point that I was making guys, that continously using these words as euphemisms are making me feel it is as OK to fuck a girl, if they found her slutty or not as to just shout FUCK YOU

      Coming to banning. Cigarettes and alcohol are both injurious to health.
      Cigarettes at least come with a tagline that they are injurious. There is age limit for drinking.

    3. No one was aware of the lead content in Maggi. There was no information to ensure the buyer knew he he's dying, who could also be a 3 year old as there's no age limit to consume Maggi. Even Bollywood shows Cigarettes are injurious mandatorily but it doesn't say so for Maggi. Guess what. No one knew about it. Makes sense? Lead is also present in Lakme lipsticks. I'm going to write about it in my next post.

      Banning anything creates more of it.
      The idea should be to educate people so they themselves choose not to.
      Banning rapes won't stop rape. A harsh punishment might. Like castration.

      P. S: I'm a proud Indian. I know we as a nation have flaws and accept them. But I do not share your opinion in any manner.

  8. Jyoti's rape doers.....some of them...are still not punished......what is this,,some kind of joke?
    FUCKING INDIAN this some funny shit joke?
    Is this govt....or what fucking retard..?
    This fucking govt. thinks only of itself......POLITICS AND CORRUPTION GO HAND IN HAND
    things which are to be done LIKE NOW,are to be given first prirotiy,but no fucking govt. is...damnit

    1. I agree that rapists should be punished and whether or not they are juveniles it does not discount them of the gruesome acts of crime.

      Not just this but so many rapes happen and so many rapists go unpunished. We need a change in mindset.

      Though I assume you are the same person who wrote the above comment, I still replied. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  9. A small amout of lead is present in every food how fucking come its preset in maggi,onlyl,,,its only coz ,nestle diden't get enough funding.......which brands maggi,,,,maggi which is used in 130 countres,,,is banned in india.....only coz of fucking money...........but now its banned is renounced in mumbai and singapore,they passed it saying its not harmful...bnut delhi govt...fucking food inspectors didn't get money to fuckk their stomach,,so they banned fucking it,,fucking SYTEM,,,,WHERE SYSTEM PREVAILS ,THERE PREVAILS CORRUPTION...AT EVERY FUCKIN LEVLE FUCK ALLLL...AND EVERYTHING.

    1. Alright. I very much get it that you are spamming off topic because you are paid for it. But while you do it, do take a look at the typo. Because it won't help you in your SEO.

      I agree lead is present in a lot of things. A lot of harmful substances are present. My next post is about safe make up and how many well known brands have lead. But this post had nothing to do with it. So why spam here?

      Any reader at any point of time can reach out to me.

      I won't comment on rest of your comment as I'm not aware. If and when I write about Maggi I'll address this issue. And certainly include your point of view.

      P. S: Everyone I know (including me) loves Maggi and we hate that it has lead.


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