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Every time you actually think that these people at Balika Vadhu will actually get some brains and make the show a little more believable or likable, they just do the opposite....yep...they prove you wrong.

Indian Television | Balika Vadhu joins the army of multiple marriages

This time, just as I had lost all hope and had read that Gauri will be the one who will be with Jagya, in that car that reaches the badi haveli in Jetsar. ……seeing Gauri react so violently had given me some hope that maybe this time Jagdish would be punished for doing all he has done.

Emotions, love, and forgiveness?

But, no,….to my utter horror, Gauri has forgiven Jagat and is pleading in front of his parents, not to ruin three lives, and let her be with Jagat, and so it happens eventually, despite all those warnings from her parents of not stepping into the same past, Gauri marries Jagat!!!
Whether or not, she would actually turn negative and take revenge from Jagya’s family remains to be seen.

Adultery and forgiveness in Indian TV

Why do women forgive their husbands cheating on them?

Maybe I have missed a bit, but can anyone tell me, exactly what caused the change in events? I mean just one night, he sits without food in rain outside her house….and she forgives?? At least in the movie, The Last Kiss, it was better, he had sat like that for ages….!!

And Jagya was taken to hospital for that, and then Gauri forgave him like nothing had ever happened or does she have a grey shade here…

But, whatever insane things are happening in Balika Vadhu, twist after twist…and insane twists…..I had come to like the Gauri character a bit, her strength, and the way she had not given in, the way she cried was much better acting than Anjum had shown till now. But, alas…..the turn of events……and what do they say in the end message?? When tears wash away the torment, the spots of deception, a woman’s love starts blossoming again….huh…is it so easy?? Just crying out and then you are done? Wow, then every guy would simply wait till her love has cried and finished crying.
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What is the Balika Vadhu Story summary in short? 

For those who don’t know, here’s the 

balika Vadhu story so far in short.

Jagat(Jagya) was married to Anandi as a child and they both loved eachother truly. He went out of village to study medicine. During the journey he met another medical student, serendepitiously who landed in his own medical college and he married her. Jagat was ashamed of his village roots and enamored by the city girl, he even introduced his wife Anandi as Nandini to Gauri, lying about their relationship.

Finally in May 2011, truth about the name Jagat, about Anandi, about his lies, came out as Gauri rushed to meet his parents without telling him, without seeing the letter he had written already telling her all about it. She went to Lal Singh’s house where he and his wife gave the address, and then Gauri reached Jagya’s house. On the way she learnt that Anandi was actually Anandi and not Nandini, as Jagat had lied so beautifully. She saw the family photos and she even realized that it was she who was the wife of Jagat.

She was shocked, tormented, cried the hell out of herself. Jagat came running after her, when she told him on the phone that she hates him(after 68 misscalls,……….can't help my attention to detail…lol)

She confronted him,when he came running after her(And they had even forgotten to take out the water pipe, that was creating that artificial pond,….lol).

Gauri threw her payal in the water…cuz Jagya had given it to her. I wonder, now that she has forgiven him, would she go back and get it?? (The payal, I mean.)

She yelled so much, showed such determination to wave him off, but if she eventually forgave him and married him. What's the use!!!

Even Rhea (Preity Zinta) from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna had showed more conviction by slapping, Dev Saran (Shah Rukh Khan) across the face, not forgiving him for cheating on her, while she, being an actress, in the tempting industry had never thought of ever cheating on him.

Edit: Dadisa would let Jagat and Gauri stay in their house after they treat her, guess she has an ulterior plan??

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