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doveranalyst is everything that's a little #over, #extra and well, deep. 
  • Open the madness.
  • Reveal the fun. 
  • Unleash the mad little me. 
    Put this master playlist on loop and share it with everyone, for some fun dose of comedy videos, real life vlogs, some Indian touch in an English way! Haha
    I swear I'll get better but for now, let's survive & conquer.

    And, if you need a quick link, it's here:

    Comedy videos! doveranalyst RANTS

    doveranalyst believes in anger management. It's called, "film a rant".
    Beware & forewarned of uninhibited expressions, craziness pretty live, on a live wire called doveranalyst. The cracker is ignited. YOU, were warned!
    Earphones advised.

    #Dhome, is a place for wellness, positive vibes & warm hugs! Be a D angel today! Subscribe!
    Heaving out anger that could kill in sarcastic slapstick humor, is also a lifestyle & wellness initiative. Or I like to think so. So, laugh along. Tell me you have experienced the same! COMMENT. I reply!

    Bollywood Trailer Reactions and Discussion Videos

    Also, has some amazing Tollywood Reactions

    #doveranalyst adventures also include reacting to movie trailers. Indian cinema is filled with creativity & innovative plots. New or old (watching & reacting to trailers, after watching the movies), are so much fun. 

    As goes my doveranalyst status, I obviously overanalyze. Expect a different take, you'd have never seen before! What began with love for Bollywood trailers, has also got Tollywood. 

    doveranalyst is a little reactive element. (Ok, make it a lot). Called Na/ K for highest reactivity.
    Also, watch my movie reviews and discussions which is a separate playlist

    doveranalyst HINDI videos

    The 1 min, short videos | doveranalyst promos| Trailers

    doveranalyst Vlogs

    Although, I'd say all of my videos are vlogs, a part of my life, my thoughts, my madness, the chaos coming together, this section describes it the best where I try to put together a day in my life for you.

    Movie Reviews, Discussions, Analysis (Over Analysis)

    doveranalyst is a tall creature usually seen running out of a cab, casually Baahubali slow mo jumping at a signal, or plain running in sliver sandals to make it to a ticket counter, gasp, and ask for ticket.(Too cheap to pay internet handling charges)
    doveranalyst's over analysis of movies she sees, loves, enjoys, hates, gets lost, or just happens to have a camera around her LAST MOMENT MOVIE adventure series.

    How to be Happy

    My attempt at sticking to one thought and one point in my life without putting it on the shelf. There might be an important message I'm driving to drive home. (after I get my driving license, I mean.)
    UPDATE: I got my driving license. Now, I can drive everything home. :P

    doveranalyst reviews Gadgets and everything else!

    This section will have gadgets & beauty products, (well, just about any product that I am fascinated/ disgusted with.
    Eureka Forbes massive XForce, Destroyed Gucci, Nyx Orange color corrector, Aroma Magic n stuff coming up!

    doveranalyst LIVEstreams

    doveranalyst livestreams on YouTube, storytime stories cuz doveranalyst's real life is so lit than her reel life. I love live streams. They're so much more authentic. Happening real-time with you. There's absolutely nothing to be hid in editing. It's right there. I will be doing livestreams on, @doveranalyst. I also go live on and on periscope/fb/twitter @doveranalyst. Catch me wherever you like to see lives.

    doveranalyst Movie Vlogs

    My, my! Did doveranalyst watch a movie, now? Well, here's the rambling on with some other activities of doveranalyst's life. Ta da!

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