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THE ROAR SLOWED DOWN(Selected in National Blogging Competition)

The roar slowed down…the whistle buzzed…His eyes were searching for that familiar face…longing to see even a glimpse of her, in the calm evening…

As he turned left...there in the corner...he saw her…

She was looking so beautiful….like a fairy from heaven….a true angel….her body was glowing….filling the area around her with an enigmatic light…

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12 bajke 36 (Barah bajke Chhatis minute)

It was so sweet I am still smiling. Lying on my bed, on the cozy pillow, taking long breaths, (ok, not like the pic), the cool wind's touch is amazing, as if it is still brushing my cheeks and I breathe in to absorb it.

Innocent— I conclude. Yes, me sitting behind him in the Royal Enfield he was so proud of, gleaming silver, my hand rested on his arched broad shoulders puffing out of this obsessive compulsive disorder of being a fitness freak.

Meeting Protein Shake-Prelude to the backstage preparation

Previously on Ayesha Diaries....Ayesha had met 'Him' and he had said he'd a great time. But they never met again for months and he had been busy. Recently after her many encounters she had thought why not him. They had talked over the phone. Would anything really happen between Him and Her?

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Meeting Protein Shake :When it happened

Previously on Ayesha Diaries....
Ayesha suddenly gets a call from him and before she knows she's fixed everything and enthralled everyone in her team with suspense on who that celeb is. They have to cover up for her. But the sudden entry of her CEO had made her escape to meet Protein Shake next to impossible when she risked everything and fled.Will she be able to meet 'Him'? What are 'His' plans? Is he really the good guy or ......

The misty blue streaks alternating with the golden sparkles glittered over them like a spiral spotlight alternating in blue and golden, as they swayed arm in arms.,..the girl in lacy blue, the guy in shiny golden.......As they drowned in each other's eyes.....lovely roses....blossomed over their head, filling the air with the fragrance of love, enlivening the soft soothing jingling music......of love........
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16 FEB 2010

Her beats were giving way, she was breathing faster, trying each time not to show how nervous she was. This is what happened to her each time she had to cross a crowd with people looking at her.

(She was always full of apprehensions when she entered a school or college for the first time.
The sound was strange & melodious, like water dropping against something. It’d an amazing rhythm, that aroused the senses…one wanted to know….where was it…what was it.
The cool breeze & the slight darkness that came with the setting sun added to the suspense of the curiosity.

....IMAGINATION GALORE ...... Romance in the wilderness) chapter 2

She couldn’t understand a word. So much had happened in such a short while that it was so difficult to take in; her mind had nearly stopped working.

THE MAGIC:A love story Chapter 1

Previously on The Magic:

A 19-year-old girl Tanu is going for her first ever holiday in Delhi with her best friend Sonia and her family. Expectant and full of life, she enjoys every moment that comes her way. In flight two 22-year-old blokes have come all the way from Switzerland to meet their old friend and they don’t know yet where to meet her. Harsh is evidently smitten by a girl on the flight, feeling an unusually strong connection, his first time ever, but before he could catch her, she’s lost like a fairy. Will he ever get to meet her now?

Mumbai Diaries

It's funny even I am writing a post titled Mumbai Diaries!
Hah, it's gonna be one month in amchi Mumbai and today is when I am first getting time to jot down something. But, that's Mumbai now, isn't it?
It is so fast that time flies at nano sec/m here.Before you know the day's over.Ok, I'm not gonna make it boring with my reflections that I earned over the month. Let's save it for later n try to trace back paths as a novice naive girl from a small capital city enters the city of dreams...Mumbai! Yes, I give you Bhubaneswar to Nariman Point uncut.;)

So what happened on Valentine’s Day?

The Astrological Transit has begun.

Since three days. You are very well aware that these three days have already changed a lot in your life. This is the phase of the biggest turning points that will change your life for forever in the next 69 days. 

S01E03 | The Valentine's Day kiss

Read the previous two episodes (if you think it's a Web series) / chapters (if you fancy a book),  here.
Previously on Ayesha Diaries:
S01E01 Day 1: Pre-Valentine's Day with Flamboyance and massage.
Getting lifted in the darkest corners of South Bombay behind trees more... 

S01E02 | Where do you take her out on Valentine’s Day? 

For Ayesha,  it was becoming a dream come true. A chance date. 
Previously on Ayesha Diaries:
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Day 1: Pre-Valentine's Day with Flamboyance and massage.
Getting lifted in the darkest corners of South Bombay behind trees more than the cops you would also expect the guy to be expecting a kiss. But if he lifts you all the way to the restaurant because you are sick,  would you doubt something fishy when he keeps going out on calls? What could it be?


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