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Anupamaa is a TV serial on starplus streamed on Disney Hotstar that has broken all rules of writing. It used to be a good show. But when an imaginary universe you're immersed in pretends to have rationale & logic & then it does the most bizzare character arc changes, even the the over analyst calls it quits. 

15 times Anupamaa shattered all hopes of logic

Most outrageous plots that have NO justification in Anupamaa

"This did not just happen! No way!" is exacctly what you feel like yelling. SEVERAL times. 

1. They really did Kavya Ugly : Kavya's character can NEVER do this

Kavya gets an entire character arc. Gets out of the pangs of jealousy, ultimately realising several times how much she has hurt Anupamaa, wife of the man she cheated with for 9 years. Now married to Vanraj, she never finds love. All these years, she keeps repeating she wants a child. A marketing genius unable to find job after a break, even gets two amazing jobs for unemployed husband & herself but he denies to go to Delhi. So, in a nervous breakdown change, Kavya starts modelling. Excels in it. But message driven Anupamaa throws in several scenes of Kavya begging her husband & family to trust her she's LOYAL. She'd never ever cheat on her husband no matter how terribly he treats her. Kavya even brings her ex husband Aniruddh home, saying he's her only friend. Aniruddh MUST not be doubted at all, as her own husband Vanraj lived with ex wife Anupamaa under the same roof. Kavya constantly exposes Vanraj's hypocrisy in doubting her when he even expressed his love for ex wife Anupamaa AGAIN. Kavya was so hurt she told her father-in-law, currently there are no feelings for Aniruddh, but if there are, she'd HERSELF inform Bapuji.
Kavya is completely separated & even leaves the Shah house. Suddenly she's pregnant. 
  1. Kavya didn't want to tell Vanraj but Anupamaa insisted as father of the child he deserves to know.
  2. On Anupamaa's insistence that father of the child should know Kavya tells Vanraj that she's forgotten the terrible todic marriage they'd, all his atrocities just because he gave her what she always wanted : a child. 
  3. Vanraj never wanted a child with Kavya but he did accept this child & even defended infront of everyone that it was indeed possible. (They actually threw in a dialogue with Ba infront of everyone to address that they did what had to be done amidst all their fights).
  4. Vanraj never doubted Kavya for even a second now that she's actually pregnant although he was extremely suspicious of not just Kavya's ex-husband Aniruddh but even her modeling colleague Mohit. He'd walk in several times, only to see Kavya just working. He'd create a havoc at her workplace so much so that she was fired because of it.
  5. Audience hoped it was a track to justify pregnancy in middle age. How Anupamaa had been bashed to be wedded as a grandparent. The infamous, annoying "Daadi ki Shaadi" repetition. They threw in a single dialogue to mock, Dada (grandpa) becoming a dad.
  6. In the MOST BIZZARE & OUTRAGEOUS turn of events (after writer of Anupamaa had short term memory loss, lack of any rationalising power attack, smoking up God knows how much, & mixing how many drugs), after so many repeated pleadings "Believe me, I'm loyal, Believe me I'm just working. Working bahus should be trusted", the flag bearer, champion of insane loyalty to Vanraj, KAVYA declares it's Aniruddh's child.😱😳🤯

2. Dimpy hates Anupamaa who protected her, provided for everything, including job, a mansion, after gang rape, including risking her own children for her justice in court.

For the uninitiated, titular character Anupamaa along with her husband helped a hitchhiker couple in the middle of a road. Anupamaa & her husband Anuj Kapadia failed in saving the girl from a gang rape. They brought her to their mansion. But the husband fled. They helped the deserted rape survivor with no just treatment, care, love, understanding, defending her at every stage. Anupama EVEN RISKED security of her OWN CHILDREN as rapist was a major politician's son who constantly threatened her & her kids. Anupama's constant Maa died during that time. So, Damini plot went even overboard as Anupamaa went to the politician's house, protested infront of it, to finally get him jailed (after a slap). Anupamaa even gave Dimpy a job & let her stay in billionaire Kapadia Mansion forever & included her in all family events. 
When they show someone doing SO MUCH, Dimpy hating Anupamaa just because the writers smoked up something & had amnesia of the past, doesn't work. Currently if ehsaanfaramosh had a face, in the history of Indian TV, it's Dimpy. Seriously. That was a white character turned to Black in a second.
Character motivation? Barkha just provoked her ONCE saying Anupamaa gets all credit for Anupamaa Dance Academy while you put in so much work. Well, it IS STILL Anupamaa Dance Academy, remember? Dimpy threw her out of her own Dance academy.

Audience is left yelling: How? How? How? 

Result on Society: Any effort of "women empowerment" Anupamaa wanting to show rape survivors under a positive light, to help inspire kindness has gone down the drain in the worst possible fashion. So many are yelling "This is why you should never help ANYONE today".

3.Adhik changes from a spoilt brat to extremely responsible, tolerant & supportive husband & suddenly back to evil

Anupamaa really took time with Adhik. Anupamaa's son-in-law was a spoilt brat playboy who suddenly changed when he fell in love with Pakhi. He left his mansion, took a job, cooked, cleaned dishes, did every single household work, while his wife kept wasting his money & didn't help in anything at all. In short, he did anything any husband could've possibly DONE only to be hit by his wife.
He was bleeding but Pakhi lied he hit her. So, an entire drama of domestic violence started. It was finally revealed that it was Pakhi who hit Adhik & all fell quiet.
Men's domestic violence could have been a great cause to take up in Anupamaa. But they ignored it.
Now, tables have turned 180°.
Adhik who even decided to take time to ever trust Pakhi's sudden transformation, has turned evil overnight. Now, he is abusing Pakhi physically. But now who will believe the once liar Pakhi that now she's genuinely getting domestic violence?
Adhik, a character that had the most beautiful arc, changed dramatically for so many months consistent at good behavior, perfect husband, perfect son-in-law role, how can he SUDDENLY change back to evil?

3.Barkha arc crushed into the drain

Barkha character changed completely! She had become good & now back to evil!! What is even going on?

This post has been written by Radio Host Rj Mrunmayee 

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