Anupamaa Latest Twist | SPOILER Anuj Kapadia FINALLY tells Anupama Future story

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Anupamaa viewers have been very, very frustrated. Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara moment had been going on with Anuj Kapadia Anupama se milne kyu nahi aya?

So, FINALLY, the reason is out whilst twitter literally speculated if Anupamaa writers even HAVE a reason yet!

As with many stories, it was quite probable that Anupamaa writers wrote the scene as a nice twist of Anuj Kapadia suddenly not coming to patch things up without even thinking what reason they will give! Twitter got better at writing suggesting maybe CA (Chhoti Anu) has a deadly disease & biological mother is needed to save her. But it's not a case of bone marrow etc. as that would be undoable. Also, logically Maaya, Barkha, & Vanraj figuring all of that out that suddenly would be too illogical.  Not that ITV ever cared about logic. But still.

The REASON why Anuj didn't come to see Anu

Anuj Kapadia did not take that flight. Anuj was sexually assaulted by Maaya. He pushed her aside. Saved himself. Took a cab. Rejected all Maaya calls.

Then, the iconic "Ek phone call aya—"

And, we were all wanting to know what was that damn phone call! Say it already! It was of Chhoti Anu. While it sounds completely logical on paper — loophole: CA doesn't have a phone. So, she probably dialed from Maaya's phone. But, Anuj was already rejecting all of Maaya's calls, anyways!

Anyways, for the sake of the story,  Anuj took a U-turn cuz CA was screaming uncontrollably. Understandable. That checks out. Anuj finds CA in blood. Maaya was all in blood. Anuj thinks MAYBE him pushing Maaya hurt her head and thus, feels guilty of hurting his abuser who was trying to molest him!

Anuj takes Maaya to the hospital. Forgets his phone somewhere. Anuj is in a state of shock. Doctor tells him Maaya has gone insane because of the head injury and he must do whatever she says. How convenient.  Even I can tell you, Maaya just paid the doctor to say that! 

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