Why RamSetu FAILED? Everything wrong with the Akshay Kumaar movie #RamSetu

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I have always loved playing the addictive Rama Setu track on air in my morning radio shows. I couldn't even contain my excitement the first time I played it on radio! I was so exicted for RamSetu. Full of energy, the RamSetu BGM (background music) or the soul of the movie, the high octane, 440 volt track gets you grooving.

The best part about RamSetu is that the song & the trailer REALLY got it sold

I genuinely give my all to a movie as a viewer, and I even like Akshay Kumar. Every time I spoke to him, he was so jovial, always cracking jokes. You kinda root for him, if you know what I mean? I wanted RamSetu to work. I was totally on board!

Good thing about RamSetu before we jump to everything wrong with RamSetu

They really tried to use accurate Hindi instead of Urdu in several instances.

Everything wrong with RamSetu

1. Atheist says, "Oh my God."

Tell me WHY would an atheist say Oh my God? So many times? It's not even AFTER the character has an imaginary invisible arc!

2. Nobody seems to care when people are DYING

RamSetu is not a video game. How cold do you have to be to not show any real emotion? AP was the only actor who knew how to act. His character was completely believable.

3. The Supreme Court of India has hearing in English not in Hindi as shown

Article 348(1) of the Constitution of India provides that all proceedings in the Supreme Court and in every High Court shall be in English language until Parliament by law otherwise provides.
I understand it is a Hindi film but while several dialogues are in English, not a single bit is in English in the The Supreme Court of India.

Terrible Casting : Nusrat Barucha does not go well with Akshay Kumar — not in this look, for sure!

  1. Who cast Nusrat Barucha? And who hired her makeup artist? Making Akshay Kumaar as the archaeologist with a child is fine. But Nusrat? Seriously? You've to be kidding me if you didn't think she was his child too when she was on the bed, getting the child to sleep in that noodle strap dress! Making her the elder daughter would have been perfect.
Even if we do give them one exceptional benefit of doubt thinking it was a Hrithik Roshan & gf or Milind Soman moment where our protagonist married 20 years younger woman, the makeup artist and costume designer could have given it some thought. 

Her PASTED eyebrows were so fake that they seemed worse than that underwater suit. 

They could've aged her or given her some complementary clothing. Even the Drishyam (Hindi) wife seemed comparitively less odd than this. 

Calling Nusrat aka Gayatri "Professor, make me tea" does not make her believable as a professor. (I was raised by a professor in a University full of professors). My aunt was a professor who won the first Young Scientist award from my state. This is really throwing you off from believing the RamSetu universe. 

Nusrat Barucha DOES NOT look the part

It was so obvious they'd to work extra hard to drill it down that she was a professor because she didn't look like one. She seemed the same Luv Ranjan heroine either from Pyaar ka Panchnama or Sonu ki Titu ki Sweety

The ABSOLUTE lack of any detail 

RamSetu FELT as if it was completed in a hurry in 20 days!

How could anyone let this footage pass? In the climax, Nusrat Barucha is bleeding. Moments later, her face is completely clear.

Although technically,  they're back from a huge ordeal with people dying.

Aryan saves Pravesh Rana

WHY would you do that? Because the writers told Akshay Kumar that is the only way you can reach the Supreme Court. But isn't that just too convenient? He was loyal to his master. He knows how powerful he is. Even if he's saved he will die almost instantly if he helps them. It's not even that his master tried to kill him too, so he has a change of heart.  No.

And Aryan decides to risk the last loving memory of AP, his bag, AND the only evidence they have — the palm leaves script to save WHO?

Come again? Who? The man that killed your team mates, your friends? That man who is constantly after your lives? Seriously?

That man who didn't shed one tear or one mention for the nice Afghanistan coworker who died because of his decisions. That same man goes to help the villain.  Sure.

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