Anupamaa | LATEST twist : Why does Anupamaa slap Pakhi, throws her out of Kapadia Mansion

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Popular TV serial Anupamaa has FINALLY brought in some suspense. Pakhi eloping to marry Adhik track has been going on for a while.

Pakhi's entitled delusional narcissist claims on business tycoon Anuj's money just goes on to prove what happens when you fulfill every demand of a child.

They'd to literally add a dialogue echoing audience sentiments, 

"Why are you so entitled, Pakhi?"

While we were all furious with every display of every single demand getting bigger than the other, Pakhi not realizing the value of money, finally the most awaited promo is keeping us hooked. 

Anupamaa FINALLY slaps Pakhi on her own Sangeet. Throws Pakhi and Adhik out of Kapadia Mansion to the streets.

But this brings us to the question:

But why was Pakhi slapped?

Barkha had called the temple and found out something. Anupamaa didn't show us what. But Barkha did find out SOMETHING. Something really important that she immediately concluded that she will spill the beans and this wedding will never even see the light of day. 

What can possibly be so incriminating that Anupamaa who'd never slapped Pakhi for the WORST of mistakes finally slaps her on her Own Sangeet and calls off the wedding?

I was thinking maybe they never got married which made Barkha so relieved, she suddenly "changed" and tried to show she's accepting the wedding. Others say Pakhi stole a diamond necklace from Anupama and she gets furious and asks to call the cops on her. But that seems a little too far fetched, right?

Update: So, Barkha did buy the diamond necklaces but asked Pakhi to sign on it. The total amount was 60,00,000. Adhik thankfully continuing to be the good guy he has become, shouted at Pakhi. 

Something was seriously off in the last Anupamaa episode. All audio and video was not in sync. So, most of it was muted too. Don't know what he said but he was definitely MAD at his "wife" for spending so much that he can never repay.

But Anupama was still shown controlling that anger. So, what did Pakhi do NOW which was worse than this?

Anuj, Mummy kaka, all are there. So, Chhoti Anu & Anupama's mom & bhai are missing.

So, Pakhi may have asked Nani & Mama to leave?

60 lakhs diamond necklace invoice can't be enough for the rage

Being as lazy as she is, she could have not married and simply acted knowing well the family WILL get them married just the same way they'd done for her elder brother Toshu. If stealing track is to be believed that will alienate Pakhi further. She will think her mom got furious because she borrowed her jewellery.

Sairat outcome was long overdue. Pakhi as a character is one dimensional with no value system AT ALL. 

She was seen a few years ago wasting thousands of rupees as her family had no earning member, ₹5000 on pizzas, cold coffees and shakes for her friends that barely even touched them. Anupamaa had given a boring and long lecture on farmers growing that wheat.

Pakhi, social media wali 'log kya kahenge'?

But obviously that will do no good to Pakhi, so deeply focussed on social media, the new age, log kya kahenge, everything about her is superficial. She cares only about money, but not about earning it.

In showing this side to Pakhi, Anupamaa has completely forgotten that Pakhi used to always top in her class and was a good student. Now, when her mother Anupama lectures her, she says, Pakhi doesn't pay attention to studies. Just a few months ago, she wanted to go abroad to study because, (you guessed it), ALL her friends are going.

Easily manipulated, haughty, and a magnet to money, is Pakhi. Always was. No arc so far. Even the dialogues have become so self aware, repeatedly echoing, her behaviour DOES NOT come as a surprise AT ALL.

What did Pakhi do that Anupama slapped her on her Sangeet?

Anupamaa pushed it AGAIN to promo and this time, they carefully chose words to say " इस हफ्ते" (this week), which means they will prolong it to this entire week. Be ready for every episode's ending promo to be same. The editor must be so happy, he has to do less work.😝

Pakhi disrespected Anupama's mother, aka, her own Nani and her mamu, Anupama's brother. 

Disrespecting nani and mamu as "Some relatives" as if they're distant relatives, infuriated Anupama the most. Kavya tried to pacify her but Anupama took Pakhi inside a room where Pakhi kept being more unreasonable, superficial and shallow with every incoming sentence being infinitely worse than the former.

Pakhi asked Anupama to make her mother come in better clothes to her wedding and not wear such cheap clothes to her wedding events. Pakhi had the AUDACITY to say "I'm stuck with stupid old women". While Anupama shattered bit by bit, Barkha enjoyed eavesdropping to it all.

Anupamaa says "kisi bhi rishte ka mol nahi rakha".

So, it's quite evident Pakhi will continue to disrespect others and maybe even increase her stinging insults to her own nani and mamu. 

  1. My guess is she will insult Devika for her promises of elite rich decor that backfired. Pakhi was already seen upset about the decor. Adhik tried to calm her down as the voice of reason, saying the moment is important. Decor is not cheap. (side note: I still can't believe ADHIK is the voice of reason. He's got a 180° arc, these days, which is welcome).
  2. But the father, Vanraj had insisted on increasing the lights, etc. and changed everything. So, indirectly she will be insulting the same paapa she was begging for forgiveness from. That's when it really crosses all limits. The same father she's so fond of, who she JUST sang a song to get forgiveness. Insulting him for being "cheap" would be stunning. If you look at Anupama's character, she gets infuriated when her kids disrespect their father.
  3. Maata chadh jati hai, when Ba was disrespected. Always. Both Vanraj and Anupama.

So, finally seeing Anupama go Ata majhi  satakli on Pakhi for disrespecting her OWN MOTHER was so good!! Maybe Pakhi disrespects them even further.

And ofcourse the fake marriage 

Barkha's twinkle in the eye & saying this even won't GO TO the wedding stage & would shatter before in the preliminary events was quite right. Wonder what she'd found out from the temple she called? What can it possibly be other than them not even being married?

Is that why Adhik made Pakhi sleep separately so they don't skin him alive later?

Anupmaa seems to be cashing in the cash cow till it lasts. But it gets infuriating when you keep delaying the grand promo from next episode to On Sunday, and then "This week". The suspense of what can Pakhi possibly do EVEN MORE WORSE than what she's already done, is getting high. What do you think Pakhi did? Comment below.

Personally, I feel the disrespecting all elders, loved ones and lusting for that international trip with kitty group members, is right on point. Pakhi IS like that.

Stealing the diamond necklace doesn't seem more like her.

But, OMG, Adhik is a completely changed personality, trying to be responsible FOR Pakhi.

Never in a lifetime, had any Anupamaa viewer imagined they would feel for Adhik, the character that was a mastermind and wanted to take over the Kapadia empire. But the change is extremely welcome, even if temporary.

While Pakhi's behaviour and karma makes it obvious, Adhik will cheat on her at some point, given the way he had justified Toshu's cheating on Kinjal. And Pakhi's grand challenge to Anupamaa that she can solve her problems on her own, and will not seek anyone's help if her husband cheats on her. That HAS to be foreshadowing. But since when was Anupamaa logical, anyways?

They JUST forgot she was the 1st rank holder and now they tell her she never paid attention to studies. She was great at dancing and studies.

As we've forgotten everything else, we'd be happy to forget Adhik was supposed to be bad. His change is a VERY WHOLESOME contrast to Pakhi's narcissim, where they show their own daughter is a curse to whoever she marries.

While Adhik is trying to suddenly be self aware as if his eyes just opened in an epiphany they didn't show us, he goes to office even on his Sangeet day. Which, is essential. After being thrown out of the Kapadia mansion, I see a Sairat like situation, where Pakhi knows nothing. And Adhik can't provide for her with just one job. And Pakhi longing for kitty parties and realizing she can do nothing for her husband should be devastated.

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