PARMANU : The story of Pokhran Movie Review | Best Thriller of a REAL story whose end is known

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PARMANU Movie Review | Best Thriller of all time

I mean, are you kidding me? I can't believe PARMANU : The story of Pokhran was THIS good. I dismissed it as yet another John Abraham patriotic film in 2018, shelving it to watch later. I was terribly disappointed by the sad ending in RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter). But PARMANU : The story of Pokhran is a FEEL GOOD MOVIE, with a ton of suspense. 

They should have an option to ask for rescreening of films (I'm dying to watch RRR in theatres). Similarly, some way to give money to a movie that deserves it so much, especially as John Abraham has produced PARMANU on his own. 

Director Abhishek Sharma is coming up with Ram Setu with Akshay Kumar which has the most killer background music you ever saw in a Hindi movie.

PARMANU : The story of Pokhran keeps you on the edge of your seat through out the movie!

You've to understand that in movies where the END is so very well known, the suspense of the end is completely lost. You still go watch a movie. But you usually give up on expecting ANY adventure whatsoever. Real life movies have become a cliche with a standard formula of say, sports person origin story, some problem, and closing act gives you the fruitful rewarding gold medal or whatever you knew the person won. While some like Mary Kom, Poorna have still succeeded given how painfully ignorant most of us are about Sports, PARMANU : The story of Pokhran end result was known to all, I guess. 

Movies where you KNOW the ending already keeping you hooked is TOUGHER

Movies like 83, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag were ok. You KNEW they are going to do it. Watching it on screen in a cinematic experience, was probably your only reward. 

I mean, I, existed in 1995. I remember seeing the Pokhran Nuclear test in the news. But once you start the PARMANU : The story of Pokhran movie, it is so perfect that you forget everything. You've to constantly remind your heart, it's all gonna be ok.

Now the suspense is not WHETHER Pokhran Nuclear tests will succeed but HOW on earth will they now succeed?

That's handsdown the best approach a movie can take, where the end is known. Parmanu: Story of Pokhran's end is a historical event known to all. But they add so much suspense in the process that you're constantly on the edge of your seat thinking, Now what will they do?

The conflict in the story at each level was phenomenal. What a pay off, my God! What a pay off.

Using real footage was the best decision Parmanu: the story of Pokhran did

Although technology has improved and our screen ratios have gone bigger and wider, there's something about old footage that no one can beat. 83 had used real footage, whatever little was left.
Similarly, adding the original footage added SO MUCH authenticity and credibility to PARMANU: the story of Pokhran. You remember seeing those clips vaguely. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the prime minister when I was a kid. It just makes it all so real. 

PARMANU : The story of Pokhran: The Acting 

How can I possibly not mention Boman Irani. He just nails the Boman Irani in suit look. There's something about him that I can't put a finger on, the effortless, strong, intimidating, yet intelligent bureaucrat.

John Abraham and all supporting cast were perfect in their own roles. John Abraham does what he does best — deliver the patriotism with utmost conviction. 

I could feel the vertigo guy. He did it too real. But being a scientist, wasn't it too stupid to be drinking tea at the time of the blast? Or maybe it was just to add drama. Loved the old PCs but ofcourse, it adds to the reality check of what we could achieve with such less tech in 1995

You're only as good as your villian IS

The Pakistani ISI guy nailed it. For the first time in cinema, I've seen ISI being shown as so intelligent. But with the apt competition both in the terms of Parmanu's story and execution in terms of acting, it was a convincing villain.

The minor problems with PARMANU : The story of Pokhran

  1. PARMANU : The story of Pokhran was very well executed. My ONLY complain was them forgetting they were supposed to use ONLY CODE NAMES. Had they always used only code names, the one miss would have been a serious impact. John Abraham's Krishna calling Ambalika as Ambalika wasn't helping. Even in secured lines I doubt if anyone uses real names. The old guy getting angry at John Abraham was still ok in the end, where he spelt it out for us that it's a secured line. Mobiles however, are not, right?
  2. Why did Ashwat Raina not get paid any salary? Granted, even Ambalika won't get any medal as she's from RAW, India's secret service agency. But Ashwat really needed the money in addition to his goal of doing something for his country.
  3. Why on EARTH would you not mention this was the Most secretive mission in the world FIRST? Putting such a vital information in the end and in those terrible fonts wasn't helping. But, the English and Hindi both being there must have helped all.

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