Best non-stick frying pan on amazon India

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I'm in the same boat as you — trying to figure out the best frying pan. Who wouldn't love a non-stick cookware? But this entire awareness about Cancer causing non-stick coating has troubled me a lot. It's so hard these days to even figure out what's good & what's not. Not just the product, there's also the country of origin dilemma. I always tell you what I've bought, what you should safely buy, but this time tell me what I should buy. Please comment.


So you know the old style cooking is coming back & cast iron is quite the rage. Growing up, we did have iron kadhai which we gave away. 
In the Rock tawa cast iron I find many negative reviews as well, although over 3000 people have reviewed. Most of the reviews say, it is not pre-seasoned. And, I chanced upon this Amazon brand Solimo cast iron skillet.

What is the difference between cast iron & just normal plain iron?

Apparently, iron is made of thin sheets and in cast iron, scraps of iron are melted and — well, cast into a said shape!

So which do we buy — cast iron or normal iron?

Apparently,cast iron releases more iron than normal iron cookware. And senior citizens have iron deficiency. So, I'm choosing cast iron. But I do need a wok/kadhai like thing too? Because we are incorrigible deep fried stuff lovers (it's better to deep fry at home than buy it. We use olive oil/mustard oil). But if you don't want iron in your food, you could use an enameled version.

What is pre-seasoned cast iron?

They season it FOR you, so that it is non-stick, behaves like a non-stick frying pan, but literally every comment says, they seasoned it TWICE before they used it. So, how do we even judge if they took extra money for seasoning and didn't season it?


I just can't get over how everyone is cooking in earthenware these days. I mean, I love me a kulhhad and I couldn't be more for seasoning and didn't season it?


Well, well, well, stoneware seems like impossible to find. You can sure get a stone bowl like this one.

But usually, what you end up with is granite coating. Now, problem is you cannot use granite coated cookware even a little, after it cracks, because it becomes poisonous.

So, you want a coating that lasts, or preferably complete stoneware.

Although some reviews can be here and there, I did get a first hand review from another youtuber who certified, it is good even after two years of posting her video about it.

Carote has 6 layer coating.

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There's also this cute detachable combo, which saves space. Awesome idea while storing. But, doesn't have a beak to pour out the excess oil.

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