Best & Worst Essential Oils Set on Amazon India

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So, I've a long history of experimentation and ruining my life so that you don't have to. Because, I've tried everything there IS available. Essential oils is a journey. And, if you're new to essential oil & you want to buy from Amazon, I'll tell you the best and the worst essential oils you can ever buy on Amazon India.

The best Essential oil combo on Amazon

Buy Essential Oil on Amazon

Lavender,Rosemary,Peppermint,Lemon,Eucalyptus,Frankinsence,Basil,Orange,Tea Tree ,Clove,Lemongrass,Turmeric,Ylang Ylang,Cinnamon,Citronella,Mandarin,Neroli,Thyme Essential Oils

Dève Herbes Essential Oils Combo Review

Deve herbes is the brand that has so far turned out to be the most satisfactory for me. I can literally vouch for Rosemary Essential Oil that does grow back hair if you follow the exact set of guidelines — castor oil + Rosemary Essential oil, then mandatory heat compress — warm towel on your head for atleast 30-40 min & the compulsory dropping your head down to have blood flow to the scalp everyday. More on that later.

How do you choose which essential oils are the best?

It's extremely overwhelming when you start out with your essential oil journey. Naturally, to save money you want a budget purchase to just try out. And you are looking for an essential oils combo. But again, a combo, means a lot of commitment. You can go totally wrong!I did too. 

Essential oil combo set of 18

But if you are really new & don't even know which essential oils you might like, & which not, you can literally try from the samples.

Buy on Amazon

If you want to have a decent amount you can go for 10ml each, for nearly the same price.

Buy on Amazon

Natural Essential Oils Set. of 8 - Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender,Frankinsence ,Basil,lemon and Rosemary Essential Oils. On the same link, you can choose your quantity — 2ml/10ml/15ml. I purchased the 10ml essential oil combo in 2021 and it lasted me till now. We are more than one person using it, and it helped in Covid too. And, we have run out of Tea Tree oil & Rosemary oil as we use them a lot.

Worst Essential Oil combo on Amazon ever

My worst purchase ever was the Essential Oil combo was this one. Something you should NEVER buy because amazon doesn't even have a refund policy for these essential oils! When you don't have a refund policy, and you cannot lie  — your dOVERanalyst has a problem — she's too honest; then you never get your money back! The problem is these essential oils came without any leakage or breakage. Precious Aroma Essential Oils did have a good review, high rating. Either 2503 people have very low standards, are too new to essential oils that they will take whatever is thrown at them, OR, they are purchased.

But sadly, they did not seem fine AT ALL. With all these years of experience, I can tell you the smell seemed not authentic. It could be used for just aroma, maybe. But I won't trust these essential oils to work on skin, hair, face or anything else!

Other GOOD essential Oil combos on amazon

My first major combo was not even from Amazon. But my first essential oils combo purchase from Amazon was Allin Exporters Essential Oils.


My review for Allin Exporters Essential Oils is tarnished with the first delivery leaking some of it. Amazon did refund for it. 

Can you consume a drop of essential oil in tea?

You should never try consuming any essential oil that's not marked as food grade / edible.

Yes, they can be lying. But they'd be lying more if they didn't even claim to be edible, right? Now, Allin Exporters never claimed to be edible but to confess, we have consumed its peppermint, lemon essential oils in green tea and survived. (DO NOT try this though).

But, it just feels very relaxing to have a drop in your tea. Haven't done that for a while now. I try the lemongrass plant leaves (I planted it from store purchased lemongrass!), and it feels heavenly with that kick. If you don't know how lemongrass feels, it's like a sister of mint. 

Other Essential oils from Amazon I've tried

So, I've also tried Ryaal Frankinscence Essential Oil too. But just a single purchase. You know that time when you keep using just one essential oil of the lot and run out of it, while the rest of the combo waves hello to you. Yeah. That's when you again sort price low to high, but give a filter of 5 star reviews. 

Ryaal Frankinscence Essential Oil Review

I couldn't really see a difference to be honest. The essential oil did come in a nice glass jar WITH A GLASS DROPPER too!

But did I feel any significant difference on my skin? No.

I'd also bought combo essential oils and single essential oils from Joy By Nature in 2016. They were ok.

But Dève Herbs Thuja Essential Oil does work on skin problems for which Thuja is prescribed!

Buy on Amazon

Because I saw Deve Herbes Essential oil working on a serious disease, I then went ahead to buy the entire combo set of 9 essential oils.

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